Chapter 20 – This means I can use all my strength right!

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The aristocratic and rich areas have very little people around during the day, unlike the commoner area. Even if there were people, it was sparse. That is why it is very quiet. I guess the only time it is actually lively is when an aristocrat’s carriage passes through.


But, right now there are nine people including me here. It is unthinkable on a usual day, nonetheless it is enshrouded with silence. There is not even one sound.


That is, rather than just a normal silence, it felt more like something in the shadows was controlling this place…a tense air was flowing.


Though I said that, actually it’s not that bad for me. Rather, the sense of tension when dealing with magic beasts is much worse.


There are seven opponents. Standing in rows of three by 2-3-2, it kind of looks like a hexagonal shape. The cursed men are the two guys in the front and two guys on the side of the second row. I’m confident they will make a mistake. Maa, I won’t count on it though, I can still win without it.  Reading the situation I strengthened my physical enhancement magic even more, and increased my agility with wind magic.


The road isn’t that wide. If the road beyond here is where the carriages can pass through, then it would be a little wider, but only five or six people can line up in this place. So they won’t spread around pointlessly. The most troublesome thing would be an attack from both sides with incoming support. I should clean up before that happens.


Let’s see, how should I attack? I guess the early bird gets the worm, the one who makes the first move will be the winner. I was thinking this while watching the opponent’s movements, when one of the men in black (Ah it’s the cursed guy!) stepped on his foot.


That robe and that height…you’re the guy from the slum quarters from before, right?


You said from before, but I don’t know what you are talking about?


He only stepped on his feet and there wasn’t any more movement after, so I decided to wait and see a little more.


Don’t joke around! If you hadn’t gotten in the way that time, our master would have achieved his longtime dream! Everything in this world was going to change!?  The world our master would create…. the task assigned to us for that sake, something like you! That Shut up!!! You, saying needless things!! ugh!


Ohh, Cursed no.1-kun said something uncalled for! Is this also an influence from the curse? I would be happy if it was.


But “our master” huh…so they aren’t just moving because of money. What’s with everything in this world, that’s scary. Moreover, “the world our master would create…” it’s not my imagination is it? Somehow isn’t this guy really sick in the head? In the first place, I don’t know anything about that, and it has nothing to do with me at all.


Besides, if it’s a dream you can’t achieve unless Kei-san and Ani-san are killed, it’s better off to stay as a dream.


Somehow you’re saying some unpleasant things, but it doesn’t have anything to do with me at all. I don’t understand either. Just that master guy, letting people do these things and while he just watches, he’s underestimating us. What the heck do you think life, human life is! We’re not living for your sake! If you’re saying it’s for your own dream, then come do it with your own hands! I’ll beat you up while you’re at it though!




The men in black all started to give off murderous intent. Though I don’t care. Because they irritate me.


Nn? Wait…I can’t beat them while they’re at it since it’s not like I’m the one they are targeting!? Well whatever! It doesn’t change what I have to do now.


Though the men in black started to move, the anger caused their movements to be more violent. That’s a disqualification as an assassin…not that I know their line of work. But, they shouldn’t expose their emotions like this.


Two people in front are heading this way holding a short sword. I also started to move accordingly. Putting power in my legs, I circulated the power in my waist, and jumped forward. Planning to draw my sword, I turned my hands to my waist…but my hands cut the air. I couldn’t draw my sword.




I’m not carrying a sword!! It’s prohibited to carry swords in the royal capital without authorization. Since there wasn’t any subjugation quests today, I didn’t carry my sword since I wasn’t permitted to.


Kuu, well it’s okay. Even if I don’t have a sword, I can deal with them. Yup. Rather, without a sword I can rampage around more as much as I want.


What do you think people’s lives are!


I hit the wrist of the two people charging in with the short sword, and knocked it out. It appears that the other party aren’t idiots, they seem to be guarding their vital points…but it doesn’t matter to me since I’m using physical enhancement magic, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the impact of the blow I give using my whole strength. Leaving it to the flow, I got closer to one guy, struck his neck and threw a kick from behind. Taking advantage of the reaction of the kick, I stepped in towards the person’s chest, struck his neck and delivered a kick to the guy.


Both guys flew magnificently towards the back, though they didn’t hit the three guys standing at the back….but, they hit the two guys standing behind them and the four guys collapsed in a tangle. The men in black who were hit shouted What are you doing!? and looked like they were eager to thrash Cursed no.1-kun and no.2-kun, but the two in agony, suffering pain from being struck in the neck didn’t hear them shout. As expected they don’t have any luck! Serves you right!!


Still, being commissioned by moneyOomph! Do they think that I’ll be~~hah! easy to finish off? There we go!


I kept attacking whilst talking. It’s not like the opponents won’t stop attacking me. This time, the guy in the middle of the second row drew his sword and attacked, but I barely avoided the point of the sword, struck his wrist and knocked it down. But he grabbed the hand I struck with. However, don’t be flustered! The moment my hand is grabbed I flung his wrist back, and in a slight instant, removed the hold on my hand.


This time, I gripped his wrist and pulled him towards me. While pulling the man, I put my foot behind his pivot leg and did a foot sweep. It was executed so skillfully that his stance crumbled and I carried out a knee strike to his chest, as I lowered my kicking leg, at the same time put strength into the axle of my pivot foot, turned the force on my waist, and kicked him away with momentum. He’s flying away nicely!! It feels refreshing! The man in black who was flung away knocked into Cursed no.3-kun who was at the right end of the second row, and both of them lost their consciousness. Lucky!!


No no, it’s not a good thing! Funn. These guys who think lightly of human lives, haaaa! Who could forgive them!! Hmph!!


After he flew away, from the left of the second row next to me Cursed no.4-kun started coming this way, but he is really unlucky huh. He collapsed after colliding with Cursed no.1-kun, and just managed to stand up with great difficulty when he clashed with one of the men who was heading this way from the third row. They were both thrown off balance in front of me. How unlucky! Fufu. I didn’t miss a chance even for a moment, and kicked towards Cursed no.4-kun reaching for his knee just before turning towards his temple with a roundhouse kick.  Another guy lost his balance, and towards him, I took a step without stopping the flow of the kick I just did, and stepped on the opponent’s leg with all my strength.  Storing the strength I just trampled the opponent with, I concentrated it onto my waist and executed a knee strike to the guy’s vital point.


Bastards who don’t know the meaning of life and how to treasure life! ~~~~『Thump! Thud.』」


He collided with Cursed no.2-kun and fell while the remaining guy in the third row came up from behind me, to bind my arms. In doing so, he tried to stab me with a short sword, but I grabbed his wrist, twisting it and stomped on his feet at the same time. When he started to become aware of the pain, I threw away the short sword, dropped my waist and bent my knees like a spring, and jumped. My head flew towards the man’s chin standing behind me, and took a mega hit!! Painful sounds rang from his head to the body. Although I casted physical enhancement magic, it would still hurt.


Immediately, strength left the man’s body and so I grasped his right arm, that was binding me, and dealt a one-arm shoulder throw. Even after he hurled to the ground, I didn’t forget to deliver a blow with my whole weight onto my elbow to his solar plexus. Was it called something like an elbow drop? No room for mercy!!


There’s no way I’ll be done in… I guess this ends it.


I stood up from the top of the men in black, and looked around while dusting off the dirt on my robe. The sight of seven unconscious men spread around seemed surreal. When I looked around, I could see Onii-san leaning on the wall looking dumbfounded…. Was he in a daze like that the whole time? Will he be okay? I slowly approached him.


「Onii-san? Are you alright?」


It looks like I’m looking down on him, but I’ll stay standing and listen. I don’t think the men in black will get back up again, but just to be sure, I was thinking about pursuers coming too. Although I’ve already casted detection magic. Onii-san was looking towards me with his eyes wide open when he abruptly stood up. It feels like a big wall suddenly appeared in front of me. The sense of oppression isn’t normal. It was so sudden and the sense of oppression was great so I tried to retreat back a bit, but he held both my shoulders so I couldn’t! What is going on!?


Who do you live for? What do you live for!?


…Eh? You ignored my question, and on top of that asked an incomprehensible question?? What the heck am I supposed to do!?




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