Chapter 21 –Why are we having this kind of discussion?… I guess it’s too late to regret.

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The vicinity is wrapped in silence. Meaning, it is the same kind of feeling as before, but this is obviously different. The air makes it so that I can’t say a thing. I wonder what this is…this subtle air. It is clearly because of the man in front of me. When I looked up, I was asked the same question again.


Who do you live for? For what do you live?


If I don’t answer this, he probably won’t let go of my shoulders. This also makes me subtly feel a déjà vu. Recently, there’s only been trouble. Ahh~ it would have been better if I just escaped without dealing with him.


Isn’t it obviously myself that I live for. Also, you don’t need a reason to live. I do the things I want to do and live for myself. Isn’t it normal?


The man is surprised by my answer. What the hell are you surprised about? As expected, this man is weird! The hands grasping my shoulders also became stronger…this also intensely feels like déjà vu!?


What is it you want to do? Is there hope? Is it money? Status?


Really, what is with this person. I have no idea what he is trying to say, and I don’t feel the need to answer him. Should I run away…did he read my thoughts, the hands grasping my shoulders suddenly became stronger. This is extremely bothersome!! But, this person somehow seems really desperate. So, it’s like I can’t seem to ignore him. Since I was absorbed with the men in black just then I just realized this… here is another ikemen. Besides his eyes were impressive, so I only looked at his eyes. Are ikemens normal in this world? Or is that all the guys I happen to meet are special.


Even when I walk through the street, the ikemen rates aren’t that high so it’s probably the latter. Keh. I’m not happy or anything even if I meet an ikemen!! It’s only a demerit for someone average like me. Kii!


What is it you want to do? Is there hope? Is it money? Status? Authority? Power to fight?


He asked me again. Moreover it somehow increased. As expected, it’s no good if I don’t answer.


I don’t understand the meaning…. Well you can’t live without money so I don’t want it. But the amount I earn by myself is enough. In some way I will manage the money to live by myself. Was it status? Asking that to a commoner like myself won’t understand it. It’s the same with authority. Though I would be genuinely happy if someone recognises the work I do and my rank goes up. Power to fight? Ha, I already have it. If I have more power than I do now, I wouldn’t wish to improve myself more or anything.


What is it you want to do? Is it to help others? Make money? To indulge in greed?


I’m getting tired…seriously what is with him? What does this person want to hear. Is there any meaning in hearing?


Haa…. helping others is ambiguous. If I’m safe and have the energy, then I guess I would help others, but basically I don’t think I would do anything. If I get involved, well I’ll think about it. Also, I can’t say that I don’t have any greed for making money or other desires. I think everyone has it, since we are living, it’s natural to have it.

What I want to do above that…there isn’t anything special I can come up with, but if I had one it would be to live life like myself. I want to normally live a peaceful life without being disturbed by anyone. I want to reach a relaxing old age.


Hearing my answer, the face that seemed desperate became blank. It’s kind of cute…though he is a man. I didn’t say anything weird, did I? I only answered to his questions though.


To normally live a peaceful…life…a relaxing…old age!? What is with that ridiculous answer!


Haa!? What a fellow!! Continuously asking me questions, and when I answer, saying it’s a ridiculous answer!! I can feel blood rushing to my head.


I’m not messing around in the slightest!? Where am I messing around!


Humans desire wealth and power, and desire status along with it. Then, even if they acquire them, they would further wish for more and their greed never ends. They desire it one after the other. The humans I saw were all like that. There were some who sought eternal life as well…do you want an eternal life?


Did this guy not hear what I said? If I wanted an eternal life I wouldn’t use a word like ‘old age’!! This guy is stupid!! An idiot!!


You must be stupid. Who said I wanted an eternal life! Don’t put me together with the kind of humans you saw! This idiot!!

In the first place, isn’t it because there is an end or stop that I think about now and treasure the moment more? Even if it’s the same days you can feel the difference! You think you should do your best. If you say doing your best is greed, then humans can’t live without greed.

Only, it’s different from the greed you’re talking about!! The desire I’m talking about is appetite, sexual desire, desire to sleep, and a little bit of money and materialistic desire; these kinds of things. I don’t wish for overloading money, materialistic or prestige. I don’t want to spend my whole life endlessly like an idiot. It’s because there is an end, that I want to spend a life that makes me feel that I was glad to live at the end. Do you understand!?


Unintentionally I huffed on my shoulder. Because I was irritated I spontaneously argued furiously. Making fun of people’s dreams! But, how did it become this kind of conversation? Was it like a philosophical conversation? That is what I was thinking when I stiffened at the man’s next words.


What would a brat like you know about the end? That is nonsense. You say big things like that and in the end you wish for a peaceful life? Aren’t you the stupid one?


Can I hit this guy? Can I!? He makes me feel like an idiot!! After I helped him, no, I only wanted to beat those men in black so I guess that’s wrong. Though I did help him as a result…well that’s enough for today. In addition, after seriously answering to the questions of that guy I don’t understand, he called me an idiot…unbelievable! Moreover, a brat. What are you asking questions to a brat for then! He’s seriously an unbelievable guy!!


Who’s an idiot! What’s wrong! Isn’t each person’s sense of value different!? I’m not bothering anyone with what I’m wishing, and they have nothing to do with it? There’s no need to be noticed by other people, nor be conscious of other people. I only want to enjoy a dokidoki and exciting life looking, feeling, and knowing many things I don’t know of yet in this country and world…what is wrong with that! After asking a brat these incomprehensible questions, you, who is saying all these kinds of things to a person, you probably have something even more amazing right! I’ll listen for you so say it!! Ahh??


If it’s even a little bit weird, I’ll thoroughly talk down on you! I’ll make a fool of you!! I slow my breathing and wait until the person speaks but…he’s not saying anything. There’s only a guy who is lost for words. Why is he speechless?? After coming this far making an idiot of a person, he’s really a guy I don’t understand. I tried to call out to him, but I alertly looked behind. Because six people were caught in my enemy detection magic. Meanwhile, though it’s a bit far there is a response of five people, coming from the direction the men in black came from. They are coming towards here from both sides, but they don’t seem to be enemies. If it’s not an enemy…I think over and look up at the guy. The man was surprised, but he didn’t look dumbfounded so I think he’ll be alright.


People will probably come here. You escaped from the men in black, but on the way you, who happened to be present, saved me from the men in black, is what happened. Match your story with mine!


At the same time I said that, I shook his hands off my shoulders and tripped his legs and he fell over. With that, I looked back and began to run. Then, I was surprised by the people coming from the other side.


Isn’t this Asnord-kun!


It’s been a long time! Captain!!


I was familiar with the head person. Although I don’t remember as far as the group of the Knights Corps, I know he’s some captain. The moment I said Captain-san the knights standing behind suddenly let out bloodlust. Hii! I shouldn’t have called out to him!! Was it because I was acting overly familiar with him!?

One of the knights standing behind asked Captain-san about me.


Everyone, please don’t intimidate him so much. I am familiar with this child. Don’t we often have a joint magic beast subjugation practical exercise training with the Agency? He is a child who often participates in that training. Even like this, he is an amazing high-class subscriber. I believe you can’t beat him even with those knights.


With the Captain-san’s words the knights’ gazes pierces me. Captain-san~!! Saying something unnecessary at the end!! The bloodlust disappeared…no, it hasn’t disappeared at all. It feels like only the type of bloodlust has changed! It’s painful. It also includes the feelings like they can’t believe it…I guess they would be. I’m already used to these kinds of gazes.


By the way, what are you doing in such a place?

I come to my senses from the Captain-san’s words!! That’s rights, that’s the problem!!


I was in the middle of a delivery when I came across a strange group of men in black, and I was saved by that man over there, and the man got hurt so…heh?


I look back to point to the man as I talk, but it made feel surprised again. Because, the man full of wounds was certainly on the ground, but for some reason he covered both his eyes with some black bandage. What’s with that!? He didn’t have that before?? While I was speechless the knights at the back gasps.


You say you encountered the men in black!? Do you have any injuries?


Everyone apart from Captain-san headed towards the men in black. It seems like Captain-san will stay with me.


Yes. Because I was saved by that man….


As I approached the man while speaking, a group of five people came running towards here from the other side of the men in black. I become lost for words. Because….




The people were a group of subscribers from the Agency. This again, why at this timing, at this place!? Everyone, ignoring the knights and the men in black came here and surrounded me. I became a little uneasy. This…I feel that things aren’t looking good. Is Mooks-san not being here my salvation? But, with this situation it doesn’t seem to be that different, it’s useless. Unconsciously, I look up to the sky.


As I thought, I should have escaped earlier!!!




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