Mob: Chapter 22 – Please no prohibition on going out! Hey, someone listen to me!?

Editor: Kai

QC: Rin Lee


While I was surrounded by the people from the Agency, the Knights tied up the men in black and dragged them back here. At this time, the wounded man also came over. Being surrounded by a large number of people, the sense of oppression was great, but if I lose here I will definitely regret it later! Pull yourself together, me!!


[Why is Az here?]


One of the subscribers from the Agency asked me and I unconsciously swallowed my saliva but I told them the same thing I told Captain-san. However, they all put on strange faces. Wuu…I have a bad feeling.


[Let me check for a moment. So Az was saved by this man here? Really…? It wasn’t Az that saved him??]


I listened to the pause with the slow tone of their voice. Moreover, the gazes hurt a lot. I’ll vomit blood!! But I won’t lose! I will do my best for the future me! I can do it! Only I can do it!!


[Yes! I was saved by this person!!]


I spoke as I pointed to the man who was somehow next to me, but everyone from the Agency and Captain-san tilted their heads. Only the remaining Knights were nodding their heads. There was a subtle air flowing around my surroundings.


[Captain. Was there any points of suspicions?]


As one of the knights called out to the captain upon noticing the Captain’s behaviour, Captain-san approached the men in black. After confirming the situation, he headed towards the place where the men in black had collapsed. The people at the Agency also did the same…so inevitably everyone moved in succession.


[You know, I think it’s strange. Notice that there are blood stains sticking to the lower side of the wall and on the ground? The bloodstains are quite new. I can’t see any bleeding on the attackers or on Asnord-kun. Then, whose bloodstains are those? If you think logically, it is reasonable to believe that the man who saved Asnord-kun was sitting there.]


Captain-san, who was looking at the bloodstains, suddenly turned around and flashed a great smile. However, all I could feel was horror!!


[It’s strange. If he was sitting over there, then how could he have saved you Asnord-kun?]


Hii! I should have erased those bloodstains. I didn’t notice it until I was told though! I could have erased it with purification magic. I don’t have the time to discuss these arguments that I don’t understand!! But still, this is a battle I can’t afford to lose here!!


[He most likely sat down after saving me! Since he is covered with injuries!!]


As I said that, Captain-san’s smile widened even further. Wuu…I want to escape. I want to run away!! There, a lifeline!!


[This… amazingly, only the vital points of the men in black are injured. Apart from the vital points there are no traces of a fight. It was all decided with a clean hit to the vital points. It truly is a merciless strike that was made brilliantly. When going against these kinds of people you need not only knowledge, but also skills. And I know a person who often gives such damage very~ well. Moreover, that person is here at this place?? Right, Az?? Also, when we ran over here, this onii-chan, he was close but he was sitting at a different place?]


Noo!! He wasn’t my lifesaver!! Unintentionally, my face stiffened. Moreover, Captain-san showered me with questions and pressed me for an answer with his forceful grin.


[Besides, there aren’t any bloodstains on the injured parts of the attackers or elsewhere. I believe you’d realize it if you see him wounded with the injuries, but if he fought in that state, I think that blood would also splatter onto the opponents. It’s not like there was a fight with weapons….What do you think? You over there who’s covered with wounds.]

On top of being pressed for answers, he changed targets~!! I unconsciously looked up towards the man next to me. Match your story with me!! While I removed the grudge, I don’t believe I can communicate with a man wearing a bandage over his eyes. After thinking for a while, the man opened his mouth.


[“You escaped from the men in black, but on the way you, who happened to be present, saved me from the men in black. Match your story with mine!” is what I was told to do.]


I was betrayed so soon~!!


[Hey!! Returning evil for good hii!!]


I started to complain to the man but stopped in the middle. It was because Captain-san struck my shoulders with a great smile.


[Now then, Asnord-kun. Shall we talk for a little bit? Of course, that goes for that man as well.]


[Ah umm, I’m, in the middle of work…]


[Ahh, you did say something like that. It’s okay. Was it Suzuella Company? I will send someone to the company to explain. Please rest assured.]


At the same time, Captain-san looked towards one of the knights from the Knight Corps, and the knight nodded as he started to run. What a great subordinate. Now I feel like I will remember my hate in such excellence.  


[Um~m~ If it could be a secret from Mooks-san…]


I’ll try to ask with my last hope!! Not losing hope is my good point!!


[That, I think it’s impossible. It’s because we have to make a report. This time, it’s a request. If we report falsehood there will be difficulty in future requests, just give up! It’s not like you did anything bad, just accept the Chief’s love!! Ahahaha!!!]


Not Captain-san, but my comrade from the Agency delivered the final blow, what!?


[I tried hard because I didn’t want to accept it~!! Mooks-san is really merciless. If it goes bad, I’ll be banned from going on subjugation requests. If that happens, what will you do!!]

I instinctively collapsed on my knees and my eyes became teary. That’s right! If I meddle in dangerous things, he will restrict the requests!! It’s an abuse of a Chief’s authority! If I complain like this, the restriction on my requests would only become heartlessly extended. He’s really merciless. That’s why I tried to trick them….I unconsciously glared at the man I saved and as if he sensed something, he looked towards my direction. This fellow, it seems that he moves well even though both his eyes are covered. Just now, he walked normally together with the knights.


[In this current situation, you have no chance of winning. I don’t lend my hand to those who have no chance of winning. It’s more important to live.]


I accidentally hit the man’s lower leg but I’ll definitely be forgiven! I was dragged like this to the Knight Corps station.


* * * * * *


At the station, I recounted the story from the part where I delivered Gordo-san’s goods.

It’s not like I did anything bad so I told them everything that happened. Before,  I just didn’t want Mooks-san to find out. If it’s certain that it would be found out, then there’d be nothing for me to hide. However, I kept quiet about the event that happened near the slum’s quarters.


While I was talking, the door of the room I was in opened up loudly…the door didn’t just open — it looked like it was about to fly off. Yup. To the extent that it would be strange that it didn’t fly, the door hit the wall and bounced back. I’m glad there wasn’t anyone nearby….




The person there was Mooks-san. For some reason, Suzuella-san was behind him too. What the heck happened!? While I was bewildered, the two rushed over and Mooks-san held my shoulders to make me stand. The two looked around me in all directions respectively as they continuously scrutinized me many times. After doing that, Mooks-san hugged me.


[I’m glad. You weren’t injured. Seriously, why are you so…. Moreover, you! It seems like you tried to hide it. I heard it from the guys at the Agency!? Doing useless things!!]


Noticing Mooks-san’s body slightly trembling, I couldn’t say anything. Even Suzuella-san who I could see over the shoulders was nearly in tears.


[…I’m sorry I made you worry.]


I somehow said this to the two, but they didn’t say anything.


[You, do you really understand? I don’t know why I made you wear a robe…no, I heard you wore your hood so I guess it was somewhat useful. But by any chance, if something happened and you  weren’t carrying your sword, I thought that you would call for help or run away, but with bare hands. You! What were you thinking? In this case, it would have been better if you carried your sword around!! Moreover, when this happened you tried to conceal it, but it’s impossible that I don’t know when something happened to you!!]


[I should have made him work in the office by all means. Either I should have gone to Gordo-san’s place or asked others to help. I’m really sorry.]


Surprised at Mooks-san’s angry face and Suzuella-san bowing his head, I couldn’t say anything.


[N-no, there’s no need for Suzuella-san to apologise. Why is it? Just because I went to deliver something to Gordo-san’s place, such…I just happened to encounter the men in black.

Also, Mooks-san, I tried to hide what happened because I didn’t want you to say that I’m not allowed to take on subjugation requests again so…I’m sorry.]


[No, I knew there was something happening at the aristocratic town today. That is why I should have been more careful. Especially if it’s in the same area as Gordo-san’s house.]


[That’s right. I shouldn’t have let you out of the house even though you got involved in troublesome things. Therefore, you are forbidden from taking on subjugation requests! Do you understand!?]


Ehh? Was I ever involved in something before?

[I wasn’t really involved in it though? I only did my job from the Company as usual and completed a one-off request.]


When I looked at Mooks-san, he heaved a big sigh. Why!?


[You are…do you not have any self-awareness!? Listen, you are strange. Listen carefully. When you go to collect herbs you come across dangerous animals, when you go on dangerous animal subjugations you encounter unexpected demons, when you go on demon subjugations you happen to come across magic beasts which normally shouldn’t appear, you pick up a dying young master of some aristocrat, when you walk in town you pick up a person full of injuries, when you go to magic beast subjugations you also subjugate a group of thieves…it’s the same this time! When you’re walking in town you encounter a group of assassins…seriously, please have some self-awareness!!]


Umm~. It’s not like it happened because I wanted it to so I don’t have any awareness….Suzuella-san and the knights became speechless.


[Until now, you stayed alive well…amazing.]


Suzuella-san cautiously opened his mouth. The knights around me also nodded their heads strongly. It feels like they can’t mindlessly believe it only by knowing about the dangerous animals, demons, and magic beasts. But it’s Mooks-san who is saying it, so it can’t be a lie….


[But, it’s not like I’m poking my nose into those affairs or meddling with it on my own accord…]


[That’s why it’s a problem. If it’s you yourself who is poking your nose into those affairs and meddling voluntarily, wouldn’t it end if I just warn you? It’s troubling because that’s not the case….Rather than prohibiting subjugation requests, it might be better to prohibit you from going out…]


[!? What are you saying!? Mooks-san! Prohibiting me from going out would trouble me! I won’t be able to work. It would also bother Suzuella-san!]


I heard terrifying words come from Mooks-san’s mouth! Words that were impossible!! Prohibited from going out, what!? That’s confinement!?


[I am fine. Compared to Az-kun’s life, it’s not a big deal. Please be relieved! I will cooperate with all my strength!!]


Nonononooooo!! Someone! Someone stop them!? Compared with my life, there’s no need to compare isn’t there? What are you saying Suzuella-san? While I was huffing to myself, Captain-san entered the open door.


[Oh, it seems like the both of you came. You’re being loved~ Asnord-kun. Have you finished questioning here?…It’s over, right? If that’s the case, it is fine for you to return home today. We’ve finished questioning the man Asnord-kun saved as well. Again, if there’s something we would like to ask, we ask for your cooperation. Asnord-kun, well, do your best from now on. Well then, please excuse me.]


Captain-san…he left after only saying what he wanted to say. He didn’t even lend a helping hand. It seems like he’s mad about what just happened !! He was smiling widely when he was saying the final ‘do your best’ part. Wuu. Please do something….about this situation. I absolutely don’t want confinement!!




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