Mob: Chapter 23 – Ehh, is this person dangerous!?

Editor: Evangeline Stark

QC: Kai


Even after Captain-san left the room, I stayed to talk but I temporarily decided to go back to the Agency, as I thought I would be a bother by staying here. When I told them[I still have work left to do], Suzuella-san for some reason made me rest today, tomorrow and the day after too. When I tried to refuse, he grasped my hands with teary eyes and desperately begged [Please let me rest my mind and body!] so I was made to give in…I give up.


It’s not that much of an issue for me to take days off to rest, but I would be thankful if I had work to do though. This feels like confinement! Then Suzuella-san returned to the company, while apologizing till the end. Why did he apologise so much?


Thinking it’s strange, I looked up to Mooks-san, and he sighed and said a few words [I’ll explain once we return]. I guess it means there is something I need to get an explanation for. He did tell me to wear my robe in the morning, I guess it might because of those reasons.


We talked as we walked and when we reached near the station’s gate, a man leaning on the wall came into view. It’s that guy with crimson red eyes! His wounds must have been healed at the station, the visible external wounds had disappeared. The moment I saw him, I unconsciously ran close to him and complained!


[You! Even if you couldn’t win, you didn’t have to tell them what I said word for word!? This traitor! Thanks to you I might be banned from taking on subjugation requests, let alone going out!! If that happens, what will you do for me!?]


Immediately, I regretted saying anything at all. The word regret is a perfectly fitting phrase! I regret it…it’s an accurate word. Fuu. Right now is exactly that. Doesn’t it seem like I haven’t reflected on myself at all like this!? If it’s like this I would seriously be prohibited from going out!! With one person flustered, timidly…slowly looked behind me and naturally Mooks-san was there.


However, when I looked back, it was different from my predictions. Mooks-san, who I thought would be mad, looked at the red-eyed man and turned stiff. Is there something wrong with the red-eyed man? An acquaintance? He was still for so long that I became worried and tried to pull his arm, but there was no reaction.


Incidentally, when I looked back at the red-eyed man, who should have been the main cause, Mooks-san called out to me.


[Az, there’s something I want to check. By any chance…Is it by any chance, the man Az helped, the person currently leaning on the wall behind you…that man?]


He repeated ‘by any chance’ twice…is this red-eyed man a man with circumstances!? I’m getting a bad feeling looking at Mooks-san? My feelings ended up appearing in my answer.


[Ye…s. That man leaning on the wall was chased by the men in black, full of injuries, it was coincidental but I helped him.]


The red-eyed man was looking at us with interest. Even though the man had covered both his eyes with a bandage, I could somehow understand his expressions. With the shape of his mouth I guess? Mooks-san seems to be stunned, I wonder if he is alright?


But this man, he doesn’t look that dangerous, so the way Mooks-san has hardened makes no sense. The guy looks like he is always in a daze anyways and when he became sane again, he asked a barrage of questions I didn’t understand. Ahh! Is he all right in the head!! If it’s like that then I can understand. Un Un.


[…Is that so. That’s right. Un…well, there were other as well, guys with black bandages covering their eyes. There should be many others. Moreover, he was full of injuries…it’s impossible. Az! I want to further check, you haven’t looked at this man’s eyes right?]


Nn? I looked at the guy as Mooks-san asked me. Even now the man’s eyes are covered with a black bandage.


[Eyes? I saw them? When we met, he wasn’t wearing a bandage. They were a really beautiful deep crimson colour! For some reason, when the Knight Corps came he wore the bandage, such a waste. Even if he is crazy, his eyes are very beautiful so he should be able to boast what he could boast about. But it’s strange, covering both his eyes…!?]


I looked up at Mooks-san as I kept talking and became lost for words. Because, Mooks-san’s face was pale. Really what is happening? It’s scary.


[Moo-Mooks-san?…are you alright?]


I became further surprised once I held onto Mooks-san’s arms. Because, Mooks-san was trembling. Instinctively, I clung onto his arms and Mooks-san turned his eyes this way.


[You!…haa. that’s right…Az is, whatever happens it’s still Az. That is always stable. Yeah, I knew it from the start. Anyway, you wait over there for a moment.]


When I thought he seemed to be grumbling and muttering to himself, he caressed my head and gently pushed my back to move me away. Mooks-san headed towards the red-eyed man and called out to him, then moved further away from me and the two of them started to talk about something. I watched them in a daze~.


Was it about 5 minutes? It seems like they finished talking as Mooks-san came back.When Mooks-san returned, his face looked like he had lost his soul. What on earth happened in that short time? While I was worrying, Mooks-san wore a wry smile and stroked my head.


[Well, let’s go back. Az, you’ll be returning with me. Don’t you try to run away! I won’t leave you alone.]


Ahhh…it’s like that after all! The issue of prohibition on going out is still left, I wonder what will happen. Ahh, I don’t want a prohibition on going out or on subjugation requests. Why did this happen, I feel like crying.


[I’m also going together. I decided to register at the Agency.]


Just when we were about to return, a voice from behind us could be heard. To the red-eyed man’s words, the two of us looked back at the same time and became surprised as the man was right behind us. Though Mooks-san was stunned.


[Yo you! Weren’t you returning back to the inn? Also, you, registering? Are you serious!?]


As Mooks-san started to ask questions, the man laughs away. This guy, he seriously only likes making a fool out of a person!!


[I’ll return to the inn once I take care of the business. Unexpectedly, it seems I have decided to stay here in this capital. If I think of the future, it’s better if I am registered. Don’t worry, you can check/investigate all as much as you want. I won’t interfere at all. Though I don’t think anything suspicious will appear, so it will be a waste of time.]


Mooks-san became speechless at the man’s words. What is it from a while ago? Would he tell me if I asked about it later? At any rate, it’s difficult calling him the red-eyed man. If he’s coming to the Agency, I can at least ask his name right?


[You, what’s your name?]


The man turned his face my way as I asked. Though our eyes didn’t meet!


[…I’m called as Latu]


I lost my words at the man’s reply. Because, the word Latu is an ancient word and it meant demon. Is he being called by this name knowing the meaning? I know the meaning.


[That, is that your real name?]


Just to be sure, but he gave a short answer of ‘no’. If it’s not his real name, I can’t call him as Latu. I don’t want to call him that. Suddenly, the man’s hair colour comes into my view. Red hair…tinged with the colours black and brown. In my previous life, I feel like this kind of hair colour was called sappanwood (suou-iro). Now that I think about it, I feel like it perfectly fits the man. Mooks-san seemed to be making a lot of noise from a while ago but I’ll listen to his story later…


[Then, I’ll call you Suou. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to call you Latu]


I hope that he doesn’t know the meaning of the word Latu, but I’m sure he probably knows. Because, this guy looked surprised at my words and bit his lips. After that, for a moment, really just for a moment, his face looked like he was about to cry. I didn’t miss it. Mooks-san standing next to me surely didn’t either. Strangely, I could understand just by looking at his mouth.


[Shi…Shii…Shu~su… ou, Suou. Ahh, so that is my name.]


After saying so, this guy…Suou certainly smiled. Mooks-san was hanging his head down as he deeply sighed. Did I do something bad? Rather, before that!


[Hey you! You do have a proper real name? Then Suou is an alias…a nickname!?]


When I said so to the strange man, he started to laugh, I said something stupid again.


[I don’t have a real name. Even if I had one, I have forgotten it so Suou is now my name. Take responsibility, okay?]


I don’t understand! What did he say? Where is the fool who forgets his real name? Ahh, right in front of me…the idiot. That name is only a hair colour to me. Isn’t there a better name!? Moreover, ‘take responsibility’? You’re not a pet…and I didn’t pick you up in the first place!! What kind of responsibility are you telling me to take!?


[Such an idiot!? You really are a fool! Isn’t it your name? Treasure it!! Also, take responsibility in regards to what? I helped you and properly handed you to the Knight Corps, didn’t I!? Seriously it’s impossible!]


Mooks-san who was in a small panic suddenly tapped my shoulders. When I looked at him, he laughed without any strength and said a few words.


[Give up. I gave up. …Un. You are as expected, you are still you, no matter where you go. I’ve already given up….]


Why is he saying such sinister things? What on earth are you giving up on? And why are you repeating that you are giving up twice!? Because it’s important? Or rather, what did you give up on!? Mooks-san!?


Honestly, what is happening. Without understanding the meaning, I was confused and Mooks-san looked like was in resignation, like his consciousness had flown far away, and the red-eyed man was looking at us with interest and laughing.




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