Chapter 19

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Time flew by, and before I knew it, half a year had passed. I had moved onto my sophomore year in university. The twins also passed their certification exams and skipped grades to enter NT University’s business school, becoming my juniors. It was only then that I realized that these two boys were geniuses with outstanding IQs. As before, I was still caught in the midst of our forbidden love.

After experiencing these series of events, I no longer dared to resist their cruel yet passionate lovemaking. Because of this, my life became much more peaceful and steady.

However, I could not calmly face other people. This was why I got them to promise that they wouldn’t publicly display our relationship while at school. At the time, they unhappily listened to my request and mercilessly disagreed with me, but after I went on a hunger strike, they had no choice but to compromise. Their agreement had a provision: after they turned eighteen years old, I would publicly become their girlfriend.

I did not carefully think about whether they wanted me to become the girlfriend of only one of them or both of them. In fact, I didn’t want to think about it. There was a little over a year before they would reach eighteen, and it wouldn’t be too late to worry about it then. Right now, I only wanted to solve the crisis in front of me.

After living like this for half a year, I realized that I’d changed a lot. I could no longer find the optimistic, energetic, warm-hearted, and headstrong me of the past.

“Shi, let’s go out together tonight. Today our informatics department and the business school put together a mixer. The guys in the business school are all pretty hot, and they all have bright futures in front of them. Besides, you don’t have a boyfriend. Who knows? You might run into your ‘fated one’ tonight.” Xia Mei Wei took advantage of the time after class to come to my side and chatter enthusiastically.

“With the business school? Does that mean those celebrity twins will be going?” I asked. This year, they had tested into NT University with perfect scores in every subject. They had faces as handsome as celebrities, diamond-class social status, and incredible academic performances. This immediately caused them to garner everyone’s attention. Even though they were new students, there wasn’t a person in NT University that hadn’t heard of them.

Would they attend a mixer, where the point was to hook up with someone? Would this signify that they were already tired of me? Did this mean that I was about to gain my freedom?

“The celebrity twins?” Xia Mei Wei suspiciously narrowed her eyes, and shot a weird look at me. “Missie, when those two first entered the school, all the girls were crazed and desperate to pursue them. You were the only one who seemed to be disinterested. At the time I thought you were a vegetable when it came to guys, but I never expected you to be cold on the outside but passionate on the inside. Are you really thinking of going for them? They’re only sixteen y’know? Going for the fresh meat?”

I’m interested in them? Heck no!

Even though I had no choice but to be tangled up with them right now, if I had the freedom to choose, I’d definitely steer miles clear away from these popular prince-charming-school-type of guys. I simply couldn’t understand these types of people, and they weren’t my kind of ideal partner anyways. I had always hoped to find a more reliable and intellectual type of boyfriend.

Even if I were actually interested in them, I wouldn’t waste my time attending such a boring mixer. If I told Xia Mei Wei that I rolled around with the celebrity twins doing exercises on the bed every night, she’d probably faint right on the spot.

“Don’t you have a boyfriend? If you go to the mixer, aren’t you afraid your hubby will get angry?” I didn’t want to linger on this topic so I changed the subject.

“It’s just to fool around a bit~ It’s not serious. Besides, how is he supposed to know?” She gave me a threatening look.

“I won’t tell on you.” I hurried to make my promise.

After hearing that, she immediately switched to a sweet and innocent smile. This left me a bit dumbstruck. Did she go to Sichuan [1] to learn this kind of expression-changing skill?

“I’ve always known that I could count on you as a friend. Let’s go together.” She grabbed my shoulders and shook me to the point that the swaying made my head dizzy.

“F-Fine… I’ll go…” Stop shaking me; I’ll throw up.

“Tonight at six, at the Man of the West Bar.” After telling me the time and the place, she cheerily returned to her seat.

This left me alone with the burden of figuring out how to tell the twins that I was going to a mixer tonight.


Translator’s Notes:

  1. Sichuan — [back]


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