Chapter 22

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“Hehe… hehe…”

I giggled nonstop as I laid on the sofa.

“Senior, what’s so funny?” Zhao Yi Bo leaned close against my body, and inappropriately extended his large hand underneath the hem of my dress, and continued to ascend improperly. Zhao Yi Xuan’s hands also entered from the top of my dress, and began to explore under my undergarment. We had already returned to the Zhao residence, which is why they dared to be so unbridled.

“Don’t call me Senior, it’s too funny…” I giggled as I allowed their hands to ravage my body. To be honest, I didn’t know why I was laughing either; I just wanted to giggle.

“You’re drunk.” Zhao Yi Bo lightly licked my ear and enticed me with his deep-pitched voice.

“I’m not drunk… I’m not drunk… I just drank a bit too much… hehe…” I firmly denied my intoxication, but the words that came out of my mouth were without rhyme or reason.

“Right, you’re not drunk.” He dutifully played along as he lifted a cup of some kind of drink to my lips and said, “Be good. Open your mouth and drink this.”

Almost as if I were hypnotized, I obediently opened my mouth and allowed him to pour the liquid inside the cup into my mouth. In the next second, I spat it out.

“So spicy…”

“Sweetie, you’re wasting such good stuff. This is 1925 premium Scottish whiskey.” Zhao Yi Xuan lapped up the little bit of alcohol that dribbled from the corner of my mouth.

“Don’t wanna… tastes bad…” I mumbled incoherently with my head in a daze.

“You’re just not used to the taste. If you drink it a bit more you’ll be able to appreciate its charm.” Zhao Yi Xuan poured another cup and brought it to my lips.

I twisted my head away, determined not to drink this brand-name alcohol that painfully set my throat on fire.

Zhao Yi Xuan reached out and grabbed my face that had turned elsewhere, clamping my jaw down to force me to open my mouth. He ruthlessly poured the deep and rich colored spirits inside. The painfully hot feeling made me choke and want to spit it out, but he immediately covered my mouth with his lips, making me unable to do so. My only choice was to swallow it bitterly.

“Wahh~~ It’s so spicy~~”

Only after he had ascertained that I had swallowed all the alcohol in my mouth did he move away from my lips. I immediately began to whimper and cry.

“Here, have some more.” Zhao Yi Bo also closed in as he used one of his hands to grip my head and the other to squeeze my jaw, forcibly separating my mouth. Zhao Yi Xuan followed by using one of his hands to restrain my arms that were resisting, as he took the slender, transparent neck of the bottle of whiskey and shoved it down my mouth with his other hand. He used too much force and the opening of the bottle practically entered my throat, giving me a powerful urge to throw up. However, I had no way to get it out, and fiery burning alcohol ruthlessly irrigated my throat.

I could only helplessly and painfully swallow it, but there was too much. It was impossible for me to take it all in; a stream of gold-colored alcohol overflowed from the corner of my mouth, spilling over onto the mounds of my chest and seeping into my clothes.

My soaked white dress became transparent, and my delicate, bright-colored nipples were faintly discernible under the white cloth. This erotic scene drew out the animalistic sex drive that had been suppressed within them. After having me drain the entire bottle of freshly opened whiskey, they zestfully pulled out four or five more bottles of alcohol from the strangely-shaped liquor cabinet.

Completely devastated by the alcohol, my body wouldn’t follow any commands. I even became dizzy. However, the depths of my throat and stomach were on fire, causing me to weep painfully. However, I continued to be involuntarily manipulated by them.

They picked up my limp body from the sofa and placed me in the exact center of the spacious and empty living room. I immediately felt the ice-cold sensation of the marble tiles on my skin, and I shivered slightly.

“Cold… waaa…” I whined like a small animal.

“You’ll feel warm in a moment.” Their voices felt like they were coming from very far away, and their voices sounded very hazy.

My head was suddenly soaked with a freezing cold liquid.

“Ah!…” The sudden sensation caused me to shriek out in surprise.

“Make sure to enjoy the luxuriousness of this fine wine.” A large hand forcefully lifted my downward hanging face, and a shower of fluid immediately assaulted my face. Some drops splashed into my eyes, causing them to burn with pain. I immediately shut my eyes, but the brutal upset that my eyes received only caused them to flow even more intensely with tears.

I wanted to duck away, but the large hand that kept my chin fixed made me unable to achieve this.

“Hurts… wahh… so cold…” I cried helplessly.

Another large hand crawled up my cheek, and it wandered all over my face, eventually stopping on my rosy lips. It pried apart my tightly clenched teeth as it began exploring my oral cavity, caressing every extremity inside of my mouth. It chased after my tongue, and started to stroke back and forth rhythmically inside.

Those slender fingers forcefully spread apart the inside my mouth, leaving me with no choice but to open my mouth. A flood of water gushed into my throat, and the familiar burning and suffocating taste told me that it was alcohol — very concentrated alcohol.

The liquor mercilessly soaked all of my clothes, making it all transparent. They tightly twisted around my torso as if they were my chains and shackles. I uncomfortably tried to to struggle, wanting to break away from the restricting feeling that they gave me.

Rip— Along with the sound of cloth tearing, I was finally relieved of the bindings on my body. My moist skin was plastered directly against the cold marble floor, causing me to break out with tiny goosebumps everywhere.

“Sweetie, you are so irresistibly beautiful. You make a man want to ruin you.” A wicked voice cooed into my ears.

Just as his voice died down, a thick and scalding rod was ruthlessly plunged into my body. The intense pain pierced through the haze in my consciousness, and I screamed.


An onslaught of violent and maddened thrusting began to assail my vagina.

I was helpless as I swayed under the pounding of its movements.

He lifted me and crudely flipped me around, making me ride on top of him with the private parts of our bodies still tightly interconnected. With the shifting of our positions, his thick and long rod slid even deeper into the depths of my body.

The opening at my rear end suddenly felt an acute pain. Another scalding hot and identical shaft entered me from behind, and began its unbridled assault on the insides of my body.

“N-no…” I cried out uselessly.

But their motions did not slow down. They only went deeper. Faster. The fiery arousal and pain continue to build up, until it finally drew out violent twitching from my body. My vision went black as I collapsed forward, feeling like I could die from the intense pleasure that exploded from within me.


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