Chapter 24

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My premonition turned out to be correct. When I saw Zhao Yi Bo standing before my eyes, I knew that my journey had ended.

“Let’s go. We’re going home.” He spoke flatly as he stood next to his flashy black sports car. His appearance was extremely calm, but based on what I knew about him, I knew that his insides weren’t anything close to how peaceful he looked. His heart was probably surging with fear and urgency.

The inhabitants of the village had never encountered a luxurious sports car that cost tens of millions of dollars, so they all put down their work and came to watch with intrigue. Even the apathetic doctor squeezed his way into the crowd to get a good curious look at Zhao Yi Bo dressed in an expensive suit.

“Lil’ Sissie, is this your boyfriend?” Aunty squeezed her way to my side and whispered inquisitively.

“Mm.” I responded with a quiet sound. I didn’t want to leave a bad impression on the villagers. If a man who wasn’t even my boyfriend drove such a long distance to this remote and tiny village to find a woman, it would definitely start very many bad rumors.

“He’s such a great man, and you want to leave him?” Aunty asked with shock.

A great man? What exactly was a great man, anyways? I didn’t know. All I knew was that Zhao Yi Bo definitely was not a good man. One shouldn’t only consider a man’s wealth when assessing him.

“Let’s go home.” Seeing how I was standing in the same place, Zhao Yi Bo walked forward and pulled tightly on my arm, staring at me with his sharp eyes.

“Okay.” I replied with a quiet voice. Since he had already found me, there was no other choice but to go back with him for now. But I will run away again, even if it becomes more difficult next time since I had failed this time.

I walked to the small room on the right side of the clinic and retrieved my belongings. I took out the remainder of the money in my wallet and left it behind. I hoped that this little amount of money was enough to be of use for the simple villagers who lived here. These people had accepted me during my most desperate time, and they were all good people.

I walked out of the clinic. I saw Zhao Yi Bo and the doctor in some sort of strange confrontation. As I approached them, I noticed that Zhao Yi Bo’s eyes were laced with dangerous threats, while the doctor’s eyes looked deeply mysterious.

“Let’s go.” Seeing me return, Zhao Yi Bo took the luggage in my hands, and walked me to the car. I reticently followed behind him.

While I was walking past the doctor, the doctor who had never expressed any intimate actions towards me suddenly reached out and hugged me at my shoulders. “Qing Xia, if you ever feel like anything is wrong, you’re welcome to come back. I’ll be here waiting for you.”

I looked at the doctor who had made such out-of-character actions with confusion. Why would he abruptly say something so vague in front of everyone? Out of courtesy, I still acknowledged him ambiguously.

I glanced at Zhao Yi Bo who had stopped beside the car, waiting for me. Although he ostensibly looked cool-headed and composed, the depths of his eyes were clearly raging. His hands at his sides were curled into fists, and his blue veins were bulging with pressure.

I didn’t dare loiter around for any longer, and I hurried to the car. As soon as I got on, the high-performance sports car immediately sped off, and I nearly fell over since I hadn’t even fully sat down.

Very soon, the car was on the highway. The inside of the vehicle was filled with stifling silence. Zhao Yi Bo’s hands tightly squeezed the steering wheel, and his blood vessels were prominent from constriction. It was almost as if he were strangling me with his hands, not the steering wheel. I remained silent.

“Is that man your seducer?” He finally could not hold back his question. Even though his voice was level, his language was especially uncouth.

“He’s just the doctor at the clinic.” I quietly responded.

“How long have you known him? Did you run away specifically to look for him?” He continued to press onwards.

Even though I was reluctant, I still responded honestly. “I never met him before. I just ended up there because I randomly sat down on a bus that was headed anywhere. The village lacked a nurse, so he employed me.” If he didn’t obtain the answer he wanted from me, he was bound to use the power of the Zhao Family Corporation to trouble the doctor. It was even possible that the innocent villagers would get caught up in the mess. I knew this was something that he would definitely do.

He did not ask any more questions, but I wasn’t sure if he completely believed my responses. He was probably going to use his own methods to verify my statements. If he concluded that I was lying to him, both the doctor’s fate and mine were bound to be miserable.

The car very speedily returned to the Zhao mansion. He parked the car into the garage, got off the car, and paid no attention to me as he walked into the house.

I sat inside the car for a while. Then I reached over and pulled out a sharp letter-opening knife from the small amount of luggage I had brought with me. I put it into a pocket in my clothes, got off the car, and walked into the house.

Zhao Yi Xuan was also home, and from how neat his clothes looked, it seemed like he had just returned from outside. The two of them were sitting on the enormous and cozy sofa in the living room.

Perhaps I would have been afraid of this oppressive atmosphere in the past, but right now I was not afraid.

I carried my luggage and started heading towards the stairs.

“Stop!!” An explosive roar came from behind me, and I turned around just in time to see a flying object streaking through the air straight towards me. I shut my eyes instinctively, waiting for the painful impact to happen. However, it missed my face and smashed viciously into the wall. The poor shattered cup!

“You dare pretend like nothing happened?” Zhao Yi Xuan came charging towards me, simultaneously tearing off the tie around his neck.

“Why shouldn’t I dare? Why do I have to deal with your manipulation and toying?” My expression was apathetic as I responded quietly.

“You…” Zhao Yi Xuan angrily raised his hand.

I instinctively closed my eyes, but I didn’t try to dodge or block.

However, the blow never landed on my body; it slammed into the wall with a bang. Zhao Yi Xuan angrily kissed me, and his dauntless tongue savagely wrecked havoc inside my mouth.

“No… stop…” I vehemently tried to push him away.

But my resistance only caused him to grow more angry. “Rip—” He tore my clothes.

“No…” I don’t know where I got the strength from, but I managed to shove him away. As I looked at the hysterical expression on his face and at the menacing look on Zhao Yi Bo who stood not so far away, I desperately whipped out the knife from its hiding place. Without a second thought, I sliced it across my thin wrist as hard as I could.

Bright red blood immediately spurted forth. Amidst the fog of red, I saw deep remorse, regret, and fear in their eyes.


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