FRS: Chapter 15 – Unknown Truth (6)

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Bian Feng asked, “Or, do you really want to bring the Jiuhua Sect to greater heights?”

Fan JiJing said, “To have this sect reach greater heights, isn’t it a good thing?”

“It’s a good thing, but not necessarily something that everyone would like. Then again, what everyone likes is not necessarily something that you would like.”

What Bian Feng said was rather roundabout, but Fan JiJing actually understood his words.

He asked, “How would Shishu know that I won’t like it?”

“Because you definitely don’t want to become the second Bu LouLian.” There was obviously not much respect for the deceased zhangmen in Bian Feng’s words.

Fan JiJing fell into silence.

“I grew up together with him on Mount Jiuhua ever since I was a child. He was once an intelligent, sanguine person, full of fighting spirits — definitely someone totally different from what you have seen.” Bian Feng let out a sigh. “The reason that he ended up like this was nothing more than having picked the wrong path.”

Fan JiJing’s body suddenly jolted. A grim light flashed across his eyes, as if millions of needles were darting out from his pupils. “He first killed my parents, then he tried to kill me. If it wasn’t for Shishu who had been secretly protecting me, my head would have parted my body long ago. Such a deranged person like him was just an absolute scum in the human world. How can a few words like ‘having picked the wrong path’ be enough to justify him!” His voice sounded deep and hoarse. With each syllable resounding powerfully, the hatred rolled and rushed forth like a surging river, much so that even Hua HuaiXiu, who was standing outside the door, could not help but shiver. However, what shocked Hua HuaiXiu the most was his words. Rumors had it that the tragic deaths of Fan JiJing’s parents were caused by them accidentally falling into a ravine. Who could have thought that there was such a secret hidden behind everything!

Bian Feng said, “I’ve already told you all about it from the beginning to the end. You should know that everything he did was because of love.”

“Love?” Fan JiJing sneered, “If he really liked my father, he should have left Mount Jiuhua together with him at that time and lived happily ever after. But he feared that his reputation would be ruined while coveting power and authority at the same time. Therefore, he chose to give up my father for the position of zhangmen in the end. Afterwards, my parents fell in love with each other. They should have been an affectionate couple, only if he had not come to ruin it, causing the tragic death of my parents and leaving me as an orphan. As if even these were not enough for him, He even blamed me for all the hatred! If not for Shishu promising him that you would not leave seclusion nor would you inquire about the Jiuhua Sect’s business again, he would not have let me off at all.” Having said this much in one breath, his chest could not stop heaving.

These words had been buried deeply inside his heart for more than ten years. Now, he could finally let them out.

His decade-long life living under humiliation and feigning dumbness were finally repaid as well.

Bu LouLian was dead.

He became zhangmen of the Jiuhua Sect.

There should be no regret in his life now, but why was he not feeling happy at all?

Fan JiJing turned around and looked at the window.

Even with the window paper separating them, he could still feel the heartbeat, which was accelerated due to astonishment, of the person outside the window.

All of these were his darkest words, the hardest thing for him to talk about. He never thought about exposing them in front of that person. Fan JiJing only wanted that person to see his simplicity, honesty, kindness, and tolerance.

Unfortunately, things turned out contrary to what he had wished.

Hua HuaiXiu’s persistence was well beyond his expectations, compelling him to solve the puzzle personally in such a way. At least he didn’t need to face that countenance, thus didn’t need to see the expression on him that was filled with disappointment and despise.

“You have already taken revenge with your own hands,” Bian Feng consoled.

“Perhaps this was the Will of Heaven.” Fan JiJing said, “Back then, he taught dad the Xianlian Sword in private in order to win dad’s favor. And now, I used this very set of sword arts that my father taught me to kill him. Karmic cycle is sure enough a judgement that never fails.”

Bian Feng did not reply him directly. “You are truly a genius in martial arts.”

Fan JiJing was only six years old when Fan Ying had died. At that time, he had been learning the Xianlian Sword for no more than a few months. But those few months alone were enough for him to memorize all of its sword-plays by heart and then successfully grasp it later at the age of thirteen.

Casting aside all the rights and wrongs, or the past grudges, Fan JiJing was the best candidate to succeed as the new leader of the Jiuhua Sect in all regards: martial arts, calculations, and wisdom. Since Song BoLin, Wu ChangBo, Guan Xing and the others’ abilities were almost on a par, none of them were able to convince the others.

Bian Feng asked, “What’s your next plan?”

Fan JiJing turned back his head to look at him. Then he piously answered, “Welcome you out of seclusion.”

Hearing the two words of “exiting seclusion”, Bian Feng was somewhat at a loss.

So many years had passed before he was finally able to hear these two words from the mouth of the zhangmen of the Jiuhua Sect. When he entered seclusion, he was right at the prime of his life. As someone who had quite some ideals and ambitions, if it was not to atone for the crime of standing by without lending a hand due to a moment’s hesitation when the Fan couple was murdered, and if it was not to save the last member of the Fan Family, there was no way that he would agree to be put into this place. For countless nights, he kept thinking even in his dreams about leaving this room, or even leaving Mount Jiuhua for a life that would be free and happy, paying no attention to the Jiuhua Sect ever again. But in the end, he simply couldn’t do so.

“Shishu?” Seeing him lost in thought, Fan JiJing called him softly.

Bian Feng recovered himself, then waved his hand: “Nevermind. I’ll leave when it is the time.” In fact, what had been restraining him had always been his promise with Bu LouLian. Now that Bu LouLian was dead, the shackle was gone, and leaving or not was no longer important.

Fan JiJing said, “If that’s the case, then I’ll wait for Shishu’s return in the Jiuhua Sect.”

Bian Feng nodded and said meaningfully, “You don’t have to worry about me. Take more time to think about yourself. Think about which way is the right way to choose after all.”

Fan JiJing accepted the words in silence.


The door opened with a sharp squeak.

Fan JiJing stepped outside while facing inwards and closed the door.

The candlelight inside the room passed through the window and was casted on Hua HuaiXiu, revealing the expression on the side of his face clearly.

Distressed, shocked, disappointed…. It was too complicated for Fan JiJing to tell.

His heart sank suddenly, but there was not even the slightest change on his face. “Let’s go,” he said as he turned away his head. Staring at the tiny houses of the Jiuhua Sect lying in front of him, he walked forwards steadily, step by step, on the path paved with uneven stone slabs.

Hua HuaiXiu followed after him without a word.

Shoes brushed against the ground, producing some rustling noises now and then.

Much like a file, pulling back and forth incessantly between their hearts.


It was midnight.

Fan JiJing’s room was still in the Leyi Residence. He did not move back to the rear residence.

Walking up to it, he pushed open the doors, then turned around to look at Hua HuaiXiu.

Hua HuaiXiu also stopped to look at him.

“Cousin, you should sleep early,” said Fan JiJing indifferently. After finishing these words, he turned back and went into the room. However, just as he was about to close the doors, Hua HuaiXiu blocked him with his hand.

“There’s something I want to ask you.” Hua HuaiXiu’s eyes gleamed in the darkness, black as ink.

“Cousin.” He sighed softly.

Hua HuaiXiu humphed coldly, “You are letting me know about these because you want me to leave the Jiuhua Sect. If you want me to leave, then you should let me know everything clearly.”

Fan JiJing lowered his eyes and quietly stepped aside.

Hua HuaiXiu came into the room, making no secret of his presence, and lit the lantern.

Fan JiJing was leaning against the door, appearing as if he was ready to see him off at any time.

“Let me ask you. When you left, you intentionally traveled together with that Zheng Feng from the Yinshan Sect. Was that an act to infuriate me so that I would tail behind you as the witness of your absence?” Hua HuaiXiu glared at him with a stare as cold and sharp as a sword.

“Yes,” Fan JiJing answered calmly.

The stuffiness that was already stuck inside his chest started to ram around even more frenziedly. Hua HuaiXiu continued, “Hence, the reason that you disappeared right after entering Jiangzhou was, instead of having a serious illness at an inn, that you traveled day and night to Mount Jiuhua and killed Bu LouLian before rushing back to Jiangzhou to appear sick in front of me on purpose?”


“You planned everything. You knew I would come to Mount Jiuhua, and you knew I would certainly testify for you, didn’t you?”

“No, I didn’t expect that you would come to Mount Jiuhua.” At this point, there was no need in trying to cover up anything anymore, so Fan JiJing frankly and sincerely said, “But even if you didn’t come, I could still ask Shishu to send disciples to the Hua Family to ask for your testimony.”

“You knew for sure that I’d testify?” Hua HuaiXiu humphed, “Don’t forget that we were not together during the twenty days while you were missing.”

“You will.” Fan JiJing replied without the slightest hesitation.

Hua HuaiXiu’s teeth chattered from anger.

“Cousin.” Fan JiJing sighed, “I swear that ever since our childhood all the way till now, this was the only time that I lied to you.”

“Was it not enough?”

Fan JiJing lost his words.

Hua HuaiXiu turned around abruptly and supported himself with his two hands on the table. “You are not afraid that I’ll expose you?”

“Even if you do, I won’t blame you.”

Hua HuaiXiu sneered.

This sneer from him was not just to Fan JiJing, but more to himself. The other person had already made it plain and clear that he was using him, yet not only was there no hatred stirring inside him, but why did he even feel grief and sadness for the other?

Damn it!

He himself insisted on making the blood debt of his parents a secret, and he himself decided to take everything on his own shoulder, then why should he feel grieved and sad for such a person?

“I see. Don’t worry. I’ll go the next morning, and go far away!” Hua HuaiXiu hammered the table with his fist. “Now, get out!”

“Cousin, this is my room.”

Hurried footsteps and a loud slam from the closing door was the reply.

Leaning against the other half of the door, Fan JiJing, while staring at the dim light of night outside, let out a faint yet deep breath.


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