4-2: The Magician Lacks Common Sense

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Shirani

QC: Lady Blue

First published on Ainushi


「Leonard-sama, don’t you think it’s about time you let go of me?」


Right. Leonard-sama is still holding on to me! That must have surprised him~ ……


「Oh, sorry」

「No, it’s alright. Thank you for protecting us」




Midway through our conversation, the boy reacted suddenly as though he had seen something unbelievable.


「What is it?」

「Uwaa! Eh, um…」

「What’s this? Did you just fall for Leonard’s maid?」

「N, No!」



Ah, the conversation’s derailed since the men are poking fun of each other. Haa~ Well, whatever. Leaving that aside, there’s one thing that’s on my mind.


「Um, Leonard-sama. What does he mean by layers?」


「I don’t quite understand the mechanism. If when the barrier is destroyed, it sends out a response. Then why didn’t it do so when Amdo-san did the same thing yesterday?」



After he nodded his head and pondered for a bit, he suddenly traced a drawing in the air. With his fingertips lit by a faint light, the lines he drew remained transformed and remained there. Leonard-sama drew a simple house with an arch overlaying the top of it.   


「This is the barrier」


「I erected it with my mana. Hence, it accepts my contractees. But when Amdo-san flew in with his wind magic, it deemed his magic as a hostile attack. However, as it must accept Amdo, it was unable to deal with the logic so it disintegrated」

「So it’s different from breaking the barrier forcefully. Because it disintegrated, Amdo-san wasn’t harmed?」

「Correct. Once Amdo-san had entered it completely, the barrier automatically restored itself. As long as there’s a single contractee, it’s mana will replenish」


So yesterday, by leaving it be, the barrier restored itself?


「Then, what about Milis-san and Sid-san? Both of them suddenly sprouted out from the ground and suddenly materialized in front of us」

「In Milis’s case, she was able to pass through the barrier only because she didn’t use any power. If she had been covered in water, it would have turn out the same way as Amdo. Sid… is an exception」


It’s probably best I don’t look deeper into the meaning of that. Seeing Leonard-sama smile looking somewhat troubled, I decided not to press further.


「What about me and Jill?」

「You’re both fine. The both of you were included into the barrier’s structural formula so you won’t be repelled by it」


Ah, that’s a relief. Although, I don’t fundamentally put anything to use except the entranceway, I was worried about what might happen to Jill.


Yup, I won’t be surprise even if she were to fly in the air like Leonard-sama.


「Excuse me, Mariel-dono」



After listening to Leonard-sama’s lecture on magic, the boy from earlier timidly addressed him.


I mean, it’s fine, but why did he collapse on to his hands and feet? Just what in the world happened?


「If it’s alright, would you mind introducing those two people over there?」

「Nn. Lily and Jill」




Yeap, Leonard-sama. There’s a limit when it comes to giving a concise explanation.


And when I saw that Jill had been quiet for a while now, I knew it was time for Jill’s much-needed afternoon nap. It’s no wonder my arms felt heavy.  


「Leonard-sama, how about we put Jill to bed first?」

「Okay. Sid」

「Affirmative, master~ I’ll carry her to her room」


I left Jill in Sid’s custody when he appeared all of a sudden.   


… It was likely that Sid-san had tidied things up as before I knew it, the picnic basket was gone.


「Sorry to trouble you, Sid-san. Thank you」

「It’s fine. Please help master with this in exchange, alright?」


   Ah, yes. I can see that he can’t hold a decent conversation.


Now then, we have to get the greetings out of the way first.


「Nice to meet you. I am Lily, Leonard-sama’s maid. The child you saw earlier is Leonard-sama’s adopted daughter, Jill. If I may, may I know your names?」

「Oh… I’m Cedric Aspha, a court magician. This is Willem Bortok, my senpai and partner. Willem is Mariel-dono’s contemporaries」


Even though the boy was a little nervous, he quickly replied me. Okay, I’ve got it memorize. You’re Cedric-kun, and the other man is Willem-san.


「Cedric-sama, since a while ago, was there something you wish to talk to me about?」

「Eh?… Uh, no. I was simply surprised in more ways than one…」


He’s not making himself clear. He looked at Leonard-sama as though he was thinking of popping the question to him, but unsure of himself. Instead, his eyes turned elsewhere.


Hmm~ I wonder what could it be?  When he locked eyes with Leonard-sama who looked confused, once again, Cedric-kun raised his splendidly loud voice.  



「Like I said, why are you acting so perplexed, Cedric-sama?」


Seriously, not again. Stop saying “Um…” and get on with it. Just tell me what it is.


「But it’s Mariel-dono?」

「Come again?」

「Aren’t you afraid of him?」


When I casually said “Why? What is it about Leonard-sama, that I should be afraid of?”, Cedric-kun’s eyes widened in disbelief.  


「He has black hair!」



Cedric-kun was caught by surprise by Leonard-sama’s quiet voice, his hands clasped against his mouth. No, even if he did that, it’s not as if he can take back the words though.


「Yes, he has black hair. What about it?」


As soon as those words slip out of my mouth, everyone was silent.  


Eh? Why has even Leonard-sama clammed up?


「… Black hair is a trait that shows someone has potent mana. There is also a high chance of them losing control of it, so they are often avoided」


I was unsure with where Leonard-sama was leading with the few words he mumbled. When I tilted my head because I couldn’t comprehend it, he continued speaking.


「If a black haired child loses control, the scale and nature of its’ magnitude are pretty nasty. That is why, people with black hair are avoided」

「I see. But that’s sacrilegious when it’s so pretty」


Quietly, I reached out my hand to touch Leonard-sama’s hair. With the tip of my fingers, I felt the extra smooth texture. What did he put on it that it’s become this silky?


「I love Leonard-sama’s hair」



Leonard-sama had a delighted expression when I spoke my honest feelings to him, coming closer to get me to stroke his head some more.


Although he expects it, this is not something you would expect a maid to do for her master. He looks happy, so I’ll just do it this time round.


Then, there was Cedric-kun who had stopped looking away and was blushing red. His reaction made me feel embarrassed too.


「B-Both of you get along so well. It’s as if you’re lovers. But you’re not, are you?」

「Indeed, although there’s no credibility with me saying this in this situation, but Leonard-sama is my master after all… Ah!」


In that instance, poof, I was struck with an idea. A word that signifies whom we are as Jill’s parents even if we’re not lovers or a couple.


「I just thought of a perfect word to describe us」

「What is it?」

「We’re partners」


I smiled at the surprised look on Cedric-kun’s face. Leonard-sama too stared in astonishment, but when he thought over it, this really was the case.  


「We both love Jill with all our heart and wish to be her parents. To achieve that desire, we comfortably work side by side with each other. However, as we aren’t doing it out of love, wouldn’t the most fitting word for us be “partners”? 」


There were many words that came to mind – family, friends – but as we were working towards the same goal without any emotional ties to each other, then wouldn’t “partners” fit us?  


「I don’t wish to get married and Leonard-sama isn’t good with women. So we’ve come together to avoid all that. As long as that point remains necessary for us, we will both exist as parents for Jill」


When I said it with pride, Leonard-sama agreed with me.



「B-But won’t your relationship fall apart if one of you falls in love with someone?」

「That’s a given, but that doesn’t mean we’ll have to stop being partners」


Cedric-kun, who was staring blankly at me in puzzlement, seems younger than he appeared to be.  


「After all, you don’t stop being friends when you’ve made a lover, and this is no different」


「Though it may be presumptuous of me to call myself your partner, but that was the easiest way to describe us」


Right, Leonard-sama. When I looked back at him, Leonard-sama was standing there,flashing an overjoyed smile.


「Partners, huh」

「Was that too much?」


I knew it, it was presumptuous of me! As I was feeling remorseful, his hand plopped on top of my head.


「You’re always doing everything you can for me and Jill. I’m proud to be your partner」


“I also have to work hard on it.”, Leonard-sama said with a lovely smile.  


「To do my best so that I can call myself your partner with pride, Lily」

「You’re already a partner I’m proud of, Leonard-sama」


That’s not all. People may have differing opinions of him, but he’s gentle, kind-hearted, and truly understands what’s important. A master that I take pride in.    


Leonard-sama shyly mumbled a thank you, then casually turned to look at Cedric-kun.


「Your face is red again.」

「Just whose fault do you think that is? Whose!?」


When I looked over there too, Cedric-kun glowered at us.


「…I’m embarrassed just looking at you. It’s like watching an ordinary couple flirting with each other」

「Isn’t that a bit much?」

「I mean, it’s like you’re in your own little world, and it feels like I can’t come anywhere near it」


Haa~ Cedric-kun let out a sigh. He slightly shook his head and regained himself.


「Anyway, it’s about time we take our leave」

「Oh, I see」


Hmm? For some reason, Leonard-sama seems lonely?


Although he nodded his head, somehow he looked like he wanted them to stay just a bit longer.


「Come on. Let’s go, senpai. There’s work left to do」

「I know」


I don’t know when, but Willem-san had reclined on the griffon.  


Floating around him were these shiny powders of light. Despite it resembling a scene from a fairy tale, in my heart, I felt it was awfully out of place against his macho looks.  


「Leonard-sama, I see the area around Willem-sama is lit up」

「Healing magic. Have you never seen it before?」

「No, I’ve only ever heard of it」


The attribute for healing magic was light. Unlike the attributes that we’re born with or the knowledge that can be acquired through studies to a certain extent over the four attributes – fire, water, earth and wind, light and darkness were considered God’s divine protection, rare attributes that were only obtainable if one had undergone various hardships one after another. People that held the light attribute were prone to being prey to demons so it was necessary for them to seek shelter from the sanctuary. The sanctuary is an institution in the royal capital where the gods of this world are worshipped.


In any of the sanctuaries, an outrageously strong barrier was affixed around it that was borrowed from the powers of the gods. The demons won’t be able to pursue you if you enter it. So it was developed as a means to keep demons out.   


I heard the gods in this world do not reside on Earth but in Heaven, and basically do not have any influences over the humans, merely standing watch over them. But it is extremely rare that they bestow their divine protection to help a human.  


If I’m not mistaken, the god that grants protection to the sanctuaries is Lutèce, the god of justice and peace. He is not the supreme deity; however, it is said that he is second most powerful god. Deified and worshipped together with him is the goddess of benevolence and harmony, Lispea. Accordingly, it is said that healing magic is this goddess’s divine protection.


「Willem is the sort that specializes in fire magic, but because his healing magic has grown considerably, he’s able to conjure it. That’s why for magicians, it’s rare that anyone is able to use healing magic」

「… In other words, Willem-sama is able to use both fire and healing magic」

「By the way, the only reason he’s started using it is because of Mariel-dono」


Cedric-kun began to speak, adding to it.



「It was a result of him being hellbent on breaking Mariel-dono’s barrier back then」


Ah, um. Sorry, Cedric-kun, for causing you to have that distant look.  


Be that as it may, what kind of pretext is that? Isn’t that like saying he could have nearly died several times?


「When I first met Leonard, he ignored me even when I called out to him~」


The corner of Cedric-kun’s eyes twitched at Willem-san’s words.


「Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you have to fling advanced level magic at him suddenly each and every time! When I was made your partner, I heard everything from the chief! Moreover, you said with a smile that since you had a partner, you were going to stop that」

「As long as it gets Leonard to notice me, it’s not a problem」


Ah, you didn’t have to declare that so decisively. Cedric-kun’s speechless.


「It’s fine! This time, when he noticed I was the one charging at the barrier, he erased the barrier. That’s why I only broke my ribs」


… Wait. If he hadn’t noticed, wouldn’t you have died?


That’s not good! Even if you have healing magic, that’s still dangerous!


「U-Um, please come in normally through the entranceway next time」


「It’ll put me at ease that you won’t sustain an injury, Willem-sama.If you do, I’ll have tea and some snacks prepared.」


When I looked at Leonard-sama, he had a delighted smile.


「Thanks, Lily. I’m sorry that I keep forgetting to mention it to the both of you. The barrier will recognize you now so you can come in normally next time. Although there’s not much I can do at this moment, but since Lily’s here, she can serve you tea」

「Oh. Can’t you make tea, Leonard-sama?」

「… Whenever I or Sid makes tea, it somehow always becomes tart」


Seeing Leonard-sama grumbling, slightly embarrassed made me instinctively smile. After that, when I mentioned the tea that had been brewed earlier with magic was good, it must have surely embarrassed him further as he went silent.    


「Come visit us again next time」

「Okay, got it. I’ll enjoy eating and drinking them then」

「I’m sorry for all the troubles. We’ll be going now. See you again, Lily-san」


Making their move, Cedric-kun supported Willem-san,as he sat on the griffon. We waved goodbye to the both of them as the griffon stood up and stretched its wings before soaring high up into the air with all its strength.  


It’ll be good to see them again. When that time comes, I’ll love to hear more stories about Leonard-sama in the past with Jill.  

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