Chapter 30

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“Are you Shi Qing Xia?” A haughty voice suddenly came from my side. I lifted my head from my textbook and looked up at the unfamiliar beauty in front of me. “Yes, that’s me. May I ask who you are?” I politely asked.

“I am Chen Yan Mei.” She proudly declared her name.

Chen Yan Mei? That really was a name that would clap like thunder in one’s ear. She was the number one most influential figure at NT University. Together with the Zhao twins, she had skipped grades to enroll in the business school this year. Her score was second only to the Zhao brothers who had scored full points on every subject. Not only was she intelligent, but her looks were also absolutely stunning. As soon as she entered school, she was deemed the queen of a new era at NT University.

Why did she come looking for me? I glanced at her with mistrust.

“Your looks are only so-so. Ugly and old-fashioned.” She made a contemptuous remark after sizing me up with her eyes for a bit as she haughtily stood next to my seat.

Her unreasonable and arrogant approach caused a flame of anger to boil up inside me. I didn’t even know her. What the heck was her problem, running over here to insult me? Did all rich people have disgusting attitudes like this?

“That’s true, I’m not as beautiful as you.” I suppressed my anger and responded flatly.

“Who do you think you are? You dare compare yourself with me?” She looked at me with disdain, as if there were a cockroach in front of her eyes.

I shifted my gaze away, not wanting to pay any attention to her. If I kept looking at her, I wouldn’t be able able to stop myself from running up to her wicked face and slapping her a few times. What I loathed the most right now was how rich people disdainfully looked down on virtually everyone. I picked up my textbook that I was in the middle of, and continued to read.

“You have the nerve to ignore me?” Seeing how I disregarded her, her anger rose and she hollered anguishly.

Why shouldn’t I? I’m not her servant, nor was I an employee of Heng Yuan Merchandise. I didn’t need to depend on her for food, so why would I have to fawn over her anyways? I was very annoyed on the inside, but I kept my outward expression as emotionless as stone.

“What kind of low class plebeian is as rude as you? Let me warn you in advance: Don’t get any closer to the Zhao family, or else I’ll make you regret it.” After the haughty rich girl left behind her spiteful remarks and threats, she angrily departed.

I lifted my head as I watched her leave, my insides churning with fury. She thought that I actually liked clinging to the two brats from the Zhao family? If she liked them so much, why couldn’t she directly find them and confess? Why did she have to come threaten me? Was it because I didn’t have power, influence, or money, so I was easy to pick on?

I forgot about all this very quickly though, because my marketing economics professor suddenly announced that there would be a pop quiz in the next class, and furthermore it would count for fifteen percent towards our final grade. The entire class immediately cried out in anguish.

The look on my face was especially a shade of wretched green compared to the others. Since I had missed so many classes last semester, I basically wasn’t able to keep up with the current classwork. Even though I had tried my best to catch up, I still wasn’t fully up to speed. If there was a quiz right now, and one that counted for fifteen percent, there’s no way I wouldn’t die!

I wondered if God was intentionally cursing me. Otherwise, why would all these terrible things keep happening to me?


Around six o’clock, Zhao Yi Xuan puzzlingly questioned me when he saw that I wasn’t occupying the super-huge, crystal-clear television screen in the living room to watch cartoons like usual. “Your favorite cartoon show is airing right now. Aren’t you going to watch?”

“There’s an exam soon.” I buried myself in my pile of books, and answered without raising my head.

“Hehe~~~” Hearing the sound of light laughter, I almost felt like they were making fun of me.

In a bad mood, I lifted my head and glared at them. “You think I like to cram right before the battle? Whose fault is it that I missed so many classes? If I don’t pass this time, you two are going to hear it from me.” I angrily shouted at them.

My attitude was absolutely nasty, but they didn’t get angry from this. Ever since the time I tried to kill myself, it seems like their treatment of me had gotten a bit less intense.

“Miss, you have an exam soon? If you have something you’re struggling with, you can ask the young masters. The young masters already completed the university curriculum long ago, and they’ve even gotten academic degrees from America.” Mama Yu enthusiastically advised me.

They already completed the university curriculum? And even got a degree? I looked at them with distrust and surprise. Why didn’t I know this? This must have been something that happened before I got to know them. When I met them, they were only fifteen years old, but at that point they had already completed university coursework and gotten degrees? Why were they looking for private tutors in the first place? No wonder it felt like I was teaching everything I knew to them at that time. They were messing with me from the start!

“I don’t need their help. I’ll solve my own problems.” Thinking about this made me even more exasperated. I collected my textbooks that were spread across the coffee table and sofa in the living room. Striding with heavy steps, I stomped back to my room.

Perhaps because they thought that my slightly childish behavior was really funny, Zhao Yi Bo, Zhao Yi Xuan, and Mama Yu laughed heartily from behind me. Their laughter made me even angrier. I firmly decided that if I didn’t pass, I wouldn’t forgive them for this ever.


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