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Note: This chapter is NSFW. Contains R18 content.

Chapter 64.2 – Reader: Coach, his equipment is not the same as mine!

Not waiting for Du Ze’s reply, Xiu immediately took hold of Du Ze’s body. The demon did not have the patience to take off Du Ze’s clothes properly. There was a “zap” sound, a small energy arc flashed, and Du Ze’s pants were heroically martyred, becoming the first casualty.

Xiu caressed Du Ze. Xiu’s long fingers gently rubbed Du Ze’s sex; his black nails were a particularly vivid sight. Du Ze’s whole body was stiff. Xiu noticed this so he licked Du Ze’s ears and whispered: “I’ll make you very comfortable …”

Du Ze’s sensitive ears were licked until they were red. When Xiu finished licking, Du Ze covered his red ears and watched as Xiu knelt in front of him. The demon grasped the thing that was gradually waking up. Xiu lowered his eyes and stretched out his red tongue, giving the top of Du Ze’s sex a lick.

“Xiu …!”

Du Ze’s voice was shaking. He gasped, only able to speak a name. The demon bent down his head. Whether physically or visually, the stimulation was too intense. Du Ze instinctively tried to shrink back but Xiu opened his bat-like wings, wrapping two people up and blocking Du Ze’s retreat.

Xiu sucked on Du Ze’s sex. Grasping the root with one hand, his movements were a little awkward at first but soon became skilfull. The damp, hot tongue was attached to Du Ze’s sex, sliding back and forth like a snake, finding Du Ze’s most sensitive place and rubbing it.

Du Ze’s toes curled up from the stimulation. He bent down, trembling, and gripped Xiu’s hair. His fingers tightened.

Wet, ambiguous swallowing sounds could be heard clearly as Xiu pleasured him. Du Ze was quickly pushed to the brink.Unable to bear it, he tried to push Xiu away.

“… Let go …”

Du Ze’s voice was soft with a hint of vibrato.

Xiu caught Du Ze’s powerless hand and did not stop the movement of his tongue. Instead, he increased the intensity of his sucking. Du Ze saw the demon looking up at him with a provocative look in his eyes. The two of them stared at each other; the demon’s purple eyes were filled with indescribable temptation and desire.


Du Ze closed his eyes for a moment. Xiu smiled as he stretched out a finger to clear the cloudy, white liquid from the corners of his mouth. The white liquid and black nails formed a strong contrast. Xiu stared at the dazed Du Ze. That person was still feeling the aftereffects, panting slightly, his face no longer impassive and giving off a different air. Xiu moistened his middle finger with saliva. He lifted up Du Ze’s leg to the explore his rear.

When the finger was swallowed up to the first joint, Xiu stopped his action. A pair of purple eyes stared fixedly at Du Ze who seemed short of breath. The slight trembling of Du Ze’s body revealed his hidden fear.


Xiu folded his wings and withdrew his finger from Du Ze. He stood up then placed his head on Du Ze’s neck, whispering: “When you say you want me, I’ll come in again.”

Du Ze was stunned. It’s true that there was a shadow in his heart from what the dragon form had done but the Moe Lord had apologized and he did not mind. He hadn’t thought that Xiu would restrain his desire.

“But now …” The demon took Du Ze’s hand and placed it on his own heat, his voice heavy with desire: “You will also help me with this, right?”

…. Well, the demons are not the type who will deny their own desires.

The silly, cute reader weighed his options and decided to reciprocate. When Du Ze took off Xiu’s trousers and reached out to hold the big thing, a silly, cute person belatedly reacted – isn’t there something wrong?

With an expressionless face, Du Ze looked up at Xiu and asked in a flat, monotone voice: “Why did you think of this?”

“I read it in your book.” Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly. He said meaningfully: “I’d love to finish reading it.”

Doujinshi: I can only help you come here.

Du Ze was deeply shocked by the doujinshi’s fighting power. Even though it was sealed, the influence of this devil is very strong. Some silly, cute person just realized that Xiu read the doujinshi and had used his body to put everything he read into practice. Should he be glad that Xiu only read the parts with the pistol firing, mouth x, and the human form play? If the Moe Lord read the props play and tentacles play, Du Ze thought he would probably die – well, the Moe Lord would not kill him but he will surely be wrung out until he was dry. Some silly, cute reader wanted to burst into tears. More than once he had felt the malice of the universe. Why did he travel with such a dangerous thing without destroying it? In the end, how intense was the great god’s desire to get revenge on him?

Seeing that Du Ze was pretending to be dead and did not answer, Xiu put the topic of the doujinshi aside. He stroked the back of Du Ze’s neck, silently urging him on.

Du Ze accepted his fate. Dropping his eyes, he held Xiu’s sex in his hand. He licked the top. Suddenly, Xiu’s breathing became heavy and his hand on the back of Du Ze’s neck tightened as though to express his pleasure and encouragement. But Du Ze was taken aback. Some silly, cute person stared at the huge thing with the blue veins coiling around it. His grief and indignation were immeasurable – Coach, his equipment is not the same as mine!

“You can do it…” Xiu saw Du Ze hesitating so he gently stroked Du Ze’s neck and drew Du Ze closer to his desire.

The tip touched Du Ze’s lips. Du Ze took a deep breath and opened his mouth, trying to contain it. Xiu’s smell filled his senses. Du Ze first took in the tip then pushed more of it in until the had swallowed half. It felt like his mouth was already stuffed full. His tongue could only helplessly slide over it, wandering around trying to find a good place to stay. But it was this soft sliding and squeezing that brought an unparalleled stimulation to the invader.

Xiu’s eyes were narrowed and were full of intense desire. He unconsciously pressed Du Ze’s hand with some force. That person’s mouth was so hot and wet and couldn’t help but want to go inside more deeply. Du Ze wanted to retreat to catch his breath but was forced to swallow more until it was almost in his throat. Du Ze whimpered. He really couldn’t help it when his teeth rubbed the thing in his mouth. The slight pain stimulated the demon even more. Du Ze felt the thing in mouth becoming bigger and bigger until his tongue could barely move.

Xiu looked down at the person whose head was raised, black eyes helplessly pleading. Xiu was unable to bear this additional stimulation and pumped in and out slightly. The top of Du Ze’s throat was touched which triggered his gag reflex. The throat’s movement squeezed the top of Xiu’s sex.

Xiu sighed. He was about to burst so he pulled himself out.

Although Xiu’s retreat was very timely, some cloudy, white liquid still splashed on Du Ze’s face. Du Ze did not pay any heed to this as he tilted his head to the side and coughed. The cough made tears leak out. Xiu removed Du Ze’s glasses and wiped away the transparent liquid from the corners of his eyes. He pulled Du Ze onto his bosom. Lying on the bed, his low voice was soft with satisfaction and indolence.

“You did well.”

Du Ze was unable to express himself with words. He just felt that his mouth was sour. He buried his face in Xiu’s chest, abandoning his worries as Xiu’s wings wrapped around the two of them as they slept in each other’s arms.


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Sorry, the rotten author is now caught up in procrastination, every time I try to write a word it’s like squeezing the toothpaste out TT.

Thanks for coming here. *bows*

(TN: The author said there are around 10 more chapters but I didn’t include that because it is not true. There are 30 more chapters to go.)


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