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(Warning: BL, NSFW content)

Note: This translation is by Reika of (me). Ainushi is helping me out with the NSFW chapters by letting me publish it on their website.


Chapter 73.2 – Protagonist: Are you comforting me?

He found Xiu at a corner bookshelf, holding a book in his hands and reading it very carefully. Du Ze glanced at the title – “A Guide to Fusion Magic.”

Aware of Du Ze’s arrival, Xiu closed the book and put it back on the shelf. Seeing that Du Ze was staring at the book in puzzlement, Xiu explained: “I read the book at school before but left before I could learn it.”

Xiu’s voice was expressionless but even though it did not show any emotion, it made Du Ze felt very uncomfortable.

That first time they couldn’t answer the sphinx’s question, Xiu didn’t know the answer because he left school. The people there could not accept Xiu when he became undead. Even though Xiu’s nature did not change much, everyone there could only see Xiu as an evil undead and opted to expel him.

–He isn’t one of us; his heart will certainly be different.

Du Ze felt a pain in his chest as if a needle had stabbed his heart. Du Ze enthusiastically grabbed Xiu’s hand. The skin of Xiu’s palm didn’t have even a hint of body heat which made Du Ze’s distress even more severe. He could not help but squeeze that hand, wanting to warm it up.

“When we leave this tower, we can go back.” Du Ze earnestly said to Xiu: “Whatever you haven’t done, I will do it with you.”

If you haven’t finished learning, go to school and learn it. Going back to finish what you haven’t finished – even if you can never go back to the past, we can still make up for some regrets, right?

Xiu lowered his eyes and stared at their clasped hands. The soul flames in his dark eyes flared up.

“Are you comforting me?”

Hearing Xiu’s hoarse voice, some silly, cute person’s social barrier started acting up – is he going to blow it?

The Lich’s expression was very gloomy. Du Ze eyes widened as Xiu placed his pale fingers on Du Ze’s face and lifted Du Ze’s chin.

“Then comfort me a little more,” said Xiu softly; the sound was almost a whisper. Xiu bent his head and pressed his bloodless lips on Du Ze’s.

Du Ze felt as if snow had fallen on his mouth softly. It was ice cold at the entrance of his mouth, about to melt. Du Ze could not help but stick out the tip of his tongue to lick the other’s lips. Xiu took the tongue into his mouth and gently sucked on it as though it was a bit of honey he has reluctant to swallow.

The kiss went on for a long time so even though it was not intense, Du Ze finally felt out of breath. Xiu, holding Du Ze whose mouth was open wide as he gasped, slid his hand into Du Ze’s clothes. Du Ze felt as though a piece of ice was suddenly attached to his navel. He shuddered.

Xiu felt the delicate quivering. His eyes were very black, the kind of black that had sucked out all the light around him.

“No breathing, no temperature, isn’t this form very scary?”

Du Ze embraced Xiu tightly and shook his head.

“You are Xiu.”

That’s enough.

Xiu closed his eyes. How can he describe this person?

He thought of a ray of sunlight that he had seen in the orphanage. It melted the ice on the window little by little, until it shone on him and it was if it warmed him to the center of his heart.

This presence is more dazzling than the brightest light.

From the first time they met until now, only this person has ever been able to redeem him.

Du Ze felt Xiu’s hand sliding downward. Though he did not mind doing it with Xiu, isn’t the location a little inappropriate?

“Someone will come …”

Xiu cast a spell. A few ghostly wisps of light appeared and drifted away.

“I’ll know if somebody comes.” Xiu pressed Du Ze against a bookshelf and his cool hands wandered all over Du Ze’s body. “You are very warm …”

That’s because your body doesn’t have any warmth. At the thought of what Xiu said before, Du Ze felt uncomfortable. He even wanted Xiu’s body temperature to be normal when Xiu touched him.

Cautious because of their location, Xiu only took off Du Ze’s pants. After he prepared Du Ze’s place, Xiu lifted him up. Du Ze put his arms around Xiu’s neck and wrapped his legs around the Lich’s waist. He felt the cold, hard thing squeezing into his body inch by inch – compared to the intense heat from the previous times, this intrusion made him feel a bit strange, as though a popsicle was invading his body. Du Ze could not help but cling to Xiu. Whether it was the thing in body or the man he held, all he could feel was a coolness.
That’s the temperature of the undead.

“It hurts?”

Xiu wrote a magic charm on Du Ze’s skin. It instantly burned then enveloped Du Ze and the pain from the invasion of a foreign body immediately disappeared. Du Ze recognized this as the undead magic that Xiu once performed on him in the Lost Land. To think that it would be used again in this situation! Du Ze did not know whether he should laugh or cry. In the beginning, he never would have expected that Xiu would ever do this. Now, not only does he want to find the author to talk about life, the author must also want to find him to talk about life – the protagonist and the reader have become gay, how can he endure it!

Now that the pain is gone, his other senses are particularly intense. Stimulated by the cold temperature, his inside walls became slightly numb. Xiu slowly thrust in and out several times with his cold sex. The friction on the inner walls finally brought his temperature up. Xiu held Du Ze up and forcefully pressed him against the bookshelf.

Because of their position, Du Ze always felt that he was going to fall down so he had to use his arms and legs to hang on to Xiu as Xiu moved him up on down with rapid, forceful, jerky movements. Du Ze’s tingling inner walls gradually relaxed. A sweet, sharp feeling spread from his back and diffused throughout his body. Du Ze’s couldn’t stop his toes from curling up.

“Ah …”

The foreign body inside him gradually warmed until it matched his internal temperature so that Du Ze cannot distinguish it from his own body. Du Ze moaned softly. Even knowing that this was not a real library, he still instinctively lowered his voice. His nerves were still tense.

The soul flames in Xiu’s dark eyes flared fiercely; it was so tight that even he could not bear it. His sex has become hot and he pumped in and out repeatedly. The walls squeezed around his sex so hotly and tightly that he felt like he was going to melt inside the walls that wanted to keep him inside.

Embraced by Xiu for such a long time, Du Ze buried his face in the hollow of Xiu’s neck and panted as he came. His inner walls contracted during his orgasm. Xiu did not hold back and climaxed at the same time as Du Ze, shooting a cool liquid inside Du Ze. That icy cold feeling in his body excited Du Ze and some more white liquid spurted out of him.

When Xiu put him down, his legs shook and he almost fell down on the floor in a heap.

“I’ll help you out.” Xiu, holding du Ze, inserted his fingers into Du Ze’s rear. “It’s not good to keep that in your body.”

The cold liquid dropped down to the floor and, after a while, it dissipated into the air as smoke. The undead have no real physiological mechanism; that was just a simulation. After being cleaned up, even leaning on Xiu’s arm, a silly, cute person had difficulty walking. However, Du Ze was not given time to rest since the magic sphere they used for communication started flashing.

This was the signal that meant there was some kind of trouble and everyone has to return to the statue right away.


Translator’s note:

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I particularly like this chapter because of the fluffy part where Xiu compares Du Ze to ray of sunlight melting the ice. *sobs* I’m so touched! It’s rare that we get Xiu’s POV.

Ever since Xiu appeared in his undead form, people have been asking me questions like: Why does an undead skeleton have a tongue? How do the undead “do it”? Will the Lich still have a gloomy face when they have sex? Does Du Ze’s face stay impassive while he is being topped by Xiu? … and so forth.

Well curious readers, today is your lucky day when your “undead sex life” questions were all answered! What do you think? Are you satisfied with these answers?

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