TL: Krrizis

Editor: Kai

QC: Kitts

First published on Ainushi


Because he ended up sharing a room with Albert, life at the dormitory was really pleasant.


Aiming to be a doctor, being in Science meant that many of the lectures Albert took did not match up with Yuzuki’s whose goal was to be an architect. Though thanks to him, Yuzuki was slowly able to get used to his current school life bit by bit.    


「Your next lecture is on the second floor, isn’t it, Yuz?」

「Yeah, it’s bible studies so it’s in 2C.」

「Swanston-sensei, he’s a talkative person. I’ll come get you after classes are over. Let’s go to the cafeteria together.」

「Sure. I look forward to it.」


Parting ways with Albert, he made his way down the stairs amidst the students rushing up and down it. There was only a few more minutes till his class began. When he opened the door to the lecture room, he was met with the painful, piercing stares from the people within.   


(As always, it seems like … everyone hates me.)


Under those flagrant gazes, he felt like succumbing to the urge to run away from them. Avoiding their eyes, he looked down towards the floor and proceeded to take the furthest seat at the back of the classroom. As he made his way, he noticed that the looks they were giving him were slightly different from usual.    


「Aa …」


What’s this feeling──


His body was warm. It felt like it was somewhat burning hot. Deep within his body, there was a searing heat that seemed to ache bewitchingly. When he became aware of it, he fell to his knees, sinking down to the floor on the spot.      


(What’s going on? Why am I suddenly…)


Of all things, his health got worse when Albert wasn’t around.   


His heart beat furiously. There was a tightness in his throat. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t breathe. Gasping in pain, something warm began to gradually ooze from within Yuzuki’s body.


「N, No, This… W, Why am I…」  


A viscous dripping nectar soaked Yuzuki’s bottom. That strange sensation caused a shiver to run down his spine. Suddenly, his knees weakened too. Tried as he might, he couldn’t stand up. Without mercy, someone ran their fingers on Yuzuki’s back as he laid on the floor.  


Is someone going to help me up? As he was about to thank whomever it was, the person seized Yuzuki by the arm, forcefully bending him over.  


「W, what are you…」


In a panic, he tried to push him away but regardless of his efforts, there was no way for him to escape when the boy was bigger then him. Seized by the jaw, he was forcefully kissed.


「S, Stop i-…!」


When he pushed the other boy’s face away and covered his lips with his arm, the ribbon tie and buttons on his shirt were forcibly ripped apart.  


「Stop it, what are you trying to… Nngh!」


In the blink of an eye, everyone surrounded him, pinning down both his hands and feet. Making sure he was held firmly from behind, they lifted him up, removing his jacket and belt off his trousers.  


「N, No, Stop …!」


With his trousers pulled down, he was left in a deplorable state in just his underwear and his bare open shirt. To prevent him from naturally resisting, he was kept in restraint by hands from all sides.  


「I’m first.」

「Don’t be an idiot. I zeroed in on him first.」


Arguing over Yuzuki, they swarmed around Yuzuki and coercively kissed him.




I don’t want this. Even though he had never kissed anyone before, to have it snatched away from him,  he could only squirm about and bore with it even as he tried to resist. He tried desperately to close his mouth by biting hard on his bottom lip however he was immobilized, both sides of his cheeks were squeezed, prying his mouth open against his will.  


「Nn, Nn ──」


He never expected his first kiss to be taken away in this manner. Taking turns, his classmates assaulted him with kisses.  


(No, I don’t ── want this…)


Tears streaming down his cheeks, he couldn’t stop shaking. Before he was aware of it, his white shirt was pulled till it was at his joints with countless palms gathering on his naked skin. He unconsciously let out a scream when the pointed knobs on his chest were squeezed.



「Amazing. I only touched his nipples but he’s wet himself this much.」

「Is he really an Alpha?」

「No matter how you at look at it, that can’t be right. I’ve never heard of an Alpha male getting this sopping wet.」


As Yuzuki’s body bent backwards, the trembling of his body made the boys jump, scrambling to stir him on. In their struggles, they licked both his nipples, sucking fervently on them.    


「N,No, Stop …」


When they lightly fastened their teeth and nibbled on them, a strange sensation that he had never felt before coursed through his body. It continued to spread feverishly throughout his body. Thick, melting hot honey began to pour out from his hot throbbing cock.  


「Woah. He’s soaked through to his underwear.」

「Quickly take it off.」


A group of hands grabbed onto Yuzuki’s underwear, forcefully removing it. Even though he wanted to stop them, it was impossible for him to free his hands and legs. There was nothing he could do.




Like a string snapped cleanly, his cock bounced up as his underwear was pulled down. The overflowing liquid spilt all over Yuzuki’s skin, even his inner thighs were soaked wet.    


「Both his front and back are a mess. We don’t even have to do anything to put it in.」

「Hold it, I’m first!」


Watching his classmates vying to remove their belts, he was overcome by despair.     




When Yuzuki yelled out, someone sealed his lips with theirs. He could no longer tell how many kisses he had. Nor could he possibly distinguish how many people there were. Taking turns to kiss him one by one, they licked his nipples, the sides of his chest, his thigh, his fingers and toes. His entire body was covered in their saliva and his semen.  


「What are all of you doing?」  


He raised his head at the sound of the hard footsteps and found Swanston-sensei standing there.


Thank god, I’m saved  ──  His hopes were quickly crushed.


「What is an Omega student doing in this school? Furthermore, looking this dishevelled. Aren’t you aware that by law you must have your suppressants with you if you’re walking around during your heat cycle?」


Grabbing him by the jaw, he jerked him up. Closing his lips on him, even though he hated it and shouldn’t find it tolerable, hot pre-cum began to spill out again.      


「Irrespective of your estrus, you’ve fanned the carnal lusts of all the students around here. Just what do you take this school as?」


Rebuking him with a rugged voice, the teacher scooped up the overflowing honey from Yuzuki’s contraction. Dipping his fingertips with it, he lifted his wet fingers up to the boy’s mouth and gave him a taste of the sticky fluid.  


「You have no right to complain about us raping you when you’re walking around defenselessly during your heat cycle. Things like this should have been made clear when you were taught as a child in elementary school.」


Using the precum on his fingers, the teacher stretched out his hand towards Yuzuki’s contracting hole and deliberately plunged his fingers in.




With sensei’s fingers stuffed in that soaking and dripping wet spot, it further ignited the heat in his body and his nectar spurted out. The smell of his mass overflowing semen slowly permeated in the air leading the boys to sidle up to Yuzuki with hunger glinting in their eyes.   


「I can’t hold it any longer. Excuse me, Swanston-sensei.」


Pushing the teacher aside, one of the boys threw himself onto Yuzuki. Taking that as a sign, the classmates leapt onto him at once.


「D, Don’t … S, Stop…」


Pinning him against the floor, they rubbed their boiling hot libido against his cheeks, lips, nipples and thighs. His legs that had been grabbed were spread wide open, exposing his lewd ripen butthole for everyone to see. Everyone of them surrounded his rear. Almost all of the boys competed with each other to be the first to rub the wet pointed tips of their cocks inside of him.  


「No… Aa, Don’t…!」


Squelch squelch. When his semen frothed while it made a filthy noise, the ragged breathing from the boys in heat was accompanied by an obscene sound as they rubbed against their shafts echoed inside the room.


(No. If this keeps up…)


The very moment he realized his insides would be stuffed with someone’s penis, the door of the lecture room slammed open.  




Usually gentle, Albert threw himself at the boys with his face distorted with anger. One by one, he tore them off till he held Yuzuki’s body in his arms.


「Hey, Bert! Wait a minute-」

「I’m not waiting. Yuz, grab onto me tightly!」


Shouting that, he carried Yuzuki and started running off at full speed with him in his embrace. Rushing out of the classroom, it was only after he had ran down to the first floor that he removed his jacket and put it on Yuzuki’s naked body. Then embracing him once again, he ran non-stop until he reached their room in the dormitory.


「I heard your screams so I rushed over… Yuz, are you hurt anywhere? Are you alright?」


Being looked upon with those gentle eyes, Yuzuki kept silent and nodded his head.


Albert retrieved a handkerchief from his pocket, wiping the tears, saliva and precum that dirtied Yuzuki’s cheeks.   


「I’ll dirty your handkerchief…」

「It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Hold on, I’ll get you a wet towel right now.」


Although he was unaware that Yuzuki had fought desperately for his life, upon closer observation, he realized it was not just saliva and precum. He had clearly been violated by the other boys and was covered in their cloudy-grey substance. Laying Yuzuki down on the bed, he was about to leave the room when he felt Yuzuki reflexively grabbed onto his arm.



「It’s… nothing… I’m sorry.」


Though he answered in a hoarse voice, the fever in Yuzuki’s body rampaged, fighting against his will. Just being stared at by those clear eyes was enough for his contraction to begin excreting fluid.


「Then, I’m going to head off now. Just to be safe, I’m going to lock the door but if anyone comes around, don’t let them in.」


His body was scorching hot, yearning for it. Unable to respond back clearly to him, the moment Albert left the room, Yuzuki plunged his fingers into his contracting hole.


「Haa…Haaa… Nn, Haaa…」


(It’s hot. It’s so hot, I’m going crazy. I don’t understand why I’ve become like this. I don’t get it but  … no one can put it in if I do this.)


His sticky insides coiled around his plunged fingers covered in lubricating liquid. He flinched at his first contact with the soft wet flesh but he couldn’t stop feeling his insides.


(No, if Bert sees me like this…)


Even if he had already seen him in such a state, Albert must surely scorn him right now and consider him disgusting.


As both Yuzuki’s parents were Alphas, also based off the postnatal examination and the health examination when he was fifteen years old, Yuzuki was deemed as an Alpha. Yet even though he was not an Omega, his hole was wet and his body was in such a chaotic state…


In spite of himself desperately wanting to be done with it, his body wouldn’t listen.


「Haaa… I’m going crazy……」


Stuffing his face into the pillow, he resolutely stuck out his butt. Poising on all fours, when he thrust his fingers into his ripened bud, an intense feeling of pleasure shot through him all at once from the back of his spine to the crown of his head.


「Aaa… Nn, uhm, Haa…」


He heard the sounds of someone’s footsteps walking down the hallway.


Oh no, Albert was coming back!


Don’t be a fool. You’ve got to stop. He told himself that but he couldn’t stop.


「Haa… Aa, aah…」


He finally came to when the door opened with a creak. Pulling and hiding under the sheets, Yuzuki trembled as Albert gently called out to him.


「Come on out, Yuz. I’ve brought some warm water for you. There’s a wet towel that you can wipe yourself with. If you keep staying there, you’re going to dirty the bed sheets.」


He flinched when he felt Albert touching his back through the sheets. He wasn’t even touching it but his cock twitched, throbbing obscenely. Don’t be a fool. Despite those feelings, his body refused to function according to his wishes.


「Sor… ry… Bert… Leave… M-me… Alone…nngh」


Before he could finish his words, the bedsheets were gently pulled away from him.


「I’m not leaving you alone. Come on, let’s get you cleaned up. I’m not letting you stay like that. Not when such a terrible thing has been done to you.」


He said it in an unusually hard voice and wiped Yuzuki’s face with the warm towel.


「Stop, it, Albert. Don’t touch me…」


Even after he had removed his fingers around it, Yuzuki’s cock jerked indecently, his viscous honey kept spilling out. One spurt after another, it fired off till it dripped down his thighs. The choking fragrance of the liquid began to snatch away Yuzuki’s senses.


「No buts. We’ve got to clean you up.」


Barely functioning, Yuzuki’s inhibitions crumbled away the instant Albert grabbed him by the arm and pulled the boy towards him. He didn’t know where on earth he got his strength but he threw himself onto Albert, pushing him down onto the bed and straddled him. By the time he was aware of it, his cock was pressed up against the other’s groin, his hips grinding against it.




When he heard his name called out curiously, what was left of Yuzuki’s reasoning returned.


「I’m sor, sorry…」


In a panic, he jumped off him and was about to rush out of the room when he found himself locked tightly in the other’s embrace.


「You can’t! If you go out looking like that–」

「Let me go…」


No! If this keeps up, he’ll end up doing the unthinkable.


Albert was the only friend he had at Gymnasium. The one thing he didn’t want was for Albert to loathe him. Nevertheless, he couldn’t stop the aching that was involuntarily happening in his body.


「Release me. I want to disappear … I don’t want to bother you, Bert…」


As he tried to brush his hands away, Albert came at him at once and pinned him down on the bed.


「All the students living in this dormitory are Alphas. It’s not just the students. The teachers, the housemaster – all of them are Alphas. If they see you looking like this, just like what happened earlier, they’re going to attack you.」



No! He didn’t mind any form of suffering so long as Bert doesn’t see him looking like this.


Yuzuki beseeched Albert to let him go but he adamantly refused.


「It’s alright. I won’t hurt you. Relax. I will definitely protect you.」

「That’s not it… It’s not about… being protected… Bert, I…」


He was at his limits. He couldn’t endure it any longer.


「I’m… Sorry…」


Tears rolled down his cheeks. He frantically bit on his lips, trying to suppress his raging carnal desires. It was difficult for him to hold on to his consciousness no matter how hard he tried.


「Bert… mm, haaa… c, can’t… I’m s, sorry…!」


Stirred by an intense impulse, his body began to move on its own. Moving in a trance, his butt protruded vulgarly, his cock grinding against Albert’s crotch.


「It’s going to be okay, Yuz. I’ve taken the P.E. classes before so I understand what the heat does to you. ── It’s just surprising to know that you’re an Omega … But it’s alright. I’m sure you’ll feel better when you cum. I’ll do whatever it takes for you to calm down.」


He hugged him tenderly, planting a gentle kiss on his nape.




It was the spot where an Alpha bites an Omega to seal their relationship at the climax of their intercourse. He had heard it was the most erogenous spot for an Omega.


(But I’m not an Omega…)


Both his parents were Alphas and Yuzuki himself, since his post-natal checkup and the health examination he had at fifteen, was diagnosed as an Alpha.


「H, Hurts…」


The more he tried to think, the more his head felt sluggish and nothing was materializing in his mind.


「That’s good, Yuz. Move as you like. There’s no need to hold yourself back.」

「Stop, it, Bert. I’m serious… If this goes on, I’m going to end up assaulting you…」

「Go ahead. Rather than letting you having a bad time with others, I’ll be your partner. I don’t like it, Yuz ── I don’t want anyone to hurt you.」



Embracing a mystified Yuzuki, Albert softly kissed his lips.


「Nn… Uu, Haa… Nnn」


As though drinking from it, he savoured Yuzuki’s lips over and over again. Engulfed by the insides of his moist lips, it ignited something deep within his body.




Albert smeared his fingertips with the viscous semen that spilt out. Sliding on the semen, he traced Yuzuki’s inner thighs. Unable to stand, Yuzuki leaned on Albert’s chest.


「Look at how wet you are… It must be painful. I’ll make you at ease right now.」


His hand moved, closer to his innermost private spot.


He wanted to be touched.


He wanted to be touched right now, have it thrust into him and his insides stirred until he became a hot mess.


His instinctive longing ripped apart the feelings of not wanting his dearest friend to see him in this deplorable state.


「No, Bert. You can’t, I can’t any…」


Though he said that, he stuck out his hips coaxing the other’s fingers. Mortified by his own excessive misconducts, Yuzuki felt like disappearing into a hole this instant.


「It’s alright. It won’t hurt. I swear I’ll never do anything you dislike, Yuzuki.」


Planting kisses on his nape, he slowly buried his finger into him.


Technically, that spot shouldn’t be wet. Yet it was dripping wet, swallowing Albert’s burly finger in.


「Haaa… Uu, No more… Your finger, I’ll dirty it…」


I have to stop.


Otherwise, I’ll dirty him if we keep doing this. Despite those feelings ── his heart and his body longed for him.


「Bert … Nn, Ahh, Stop, I’m about to… Aaaah…!」


The moment he started thrusting in and out, moving in a circular motion, Yuzuki’s heat swelled up. Spurting energetically, it stained Albert’s uniform.


「Sorry, Bert. I’m so sorry…」


When Yuzuki tried to wipe it all off in a panic, he found himself in a tight embrace with the other burying his face on the back of his neck.


「It’s fine. Nothing about that is dirty. So you have nothing to apologize for.」


Still clinging onto him tightly, Albert kissed his nape. He lovingly caressed that sensitive spot countless of times with his lips until Yuzuki returned to that soaring state again. With his finger still lodged inside of him, he slowly traced his insides.




Just a slight touch was enough to make him cum. Dripping lewdly, Yuzuki turned bright red as it  trickled down his inner thighs till it reached the back of his knees.


This has got to stop. I mustn’t let him see my deplorable state. ── Those thoughts rang in his head yet his body acted against his will, greedily coveting what Albert had provided with joy.  


「Haa… Nnng, Bert…」


Unconsciously, he longed for Albert’s kiss. Clinging to him for support, he pressed his lips against his. When Albert felt Yuzuki’s arms around him, he laid him down on the bed, conferring a french kiss onto the boy. While their tongues entangled against each other, he continued to press against the sweet spot inside the boy.


「Mm…Haa…No, Bert, stop! I’m gonna, cum…again…」


In the blink of an eye, he was driven to the deepest heights of pleasure. Dropping a kiss on Yuzuki’s cheeks as he cried from the overwhelming sensation, Albert whispered affectionately to him.


「That’s good, Yuz. I’ll let you cum as many times as you want. Until you’re free from your suffering, I’ll keep doing this to you.」


Turned on by his deep alluring voice, Yuzuki’s barely rational mind stopped functioning entirely.


「Aa, Bert …Nn, cum, I’m cumming… Aaaa…!」


Once more, Yuzuki climaxed. His hole clamped down hard, devouring the finger buried till the hilt deep inside of him.


「Haa… Haa… Bert……」


Albert’s warm tongue licked away the excess tears he shed that rolled down his cheeks. Tired from the violent pleasures he had experienced, Yuzuki’s body trembled as he collapsed in Albert’s arms.

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