TL: Krrizis

Editor: Kai

QC: Lady Blue

First published on Ainushi


An unfamiliar ceiling greeted Yuzuki when he opened his eyes.


Large polka dots, tessellating the ivory wallpaper on the wall, dimly filled his vision. Yuzuki blinked until his eyes adapted to the fluorescent light in the room.   


「This is…」


He wasn’t in his room at the dormitory nor was he at home. As he curiously surveyed his surrounding, Albert’s appearance caught his attention.


「Have you… woken up?」


The gentle tone in his voice made Yuzuki’s face flush instantly. Recalling the exceptionally disgraceful state that he had exposed to the other man whilst he was in his embrace, Yuzuki hurriedly hid under the sheets.  


「Don’t worry about it, Yuz. You did nothing wrong. Everyone becomes like that when they’re in heat.」


Albert gently patted his back through the sheets. His body throbbed and leapt from the sensation. However, it was strange that earlier his body had flared up and cum had begun to leak out of him.    




Timidly, he looked at his groin. No matter how times he had cum earlier, it had easily sprung up again, but it was now completely back to it’s usual state.     


「Sorry, I carried you out whilst you were asleep. I had a doctor inject you with an anti-estrus drug so it’s alright now.」



He timidly stuck his head out of the sheets, and there, beside Albert, was a man in his mid-twenties. Tall, with chestnut colored hair, there was an aura about him that somewhat resembled Albert.  


「This is my cousin who works as a doctor in this hospital, Doctor Jasper.」


When Yuzuki had lost consciousness, it seemed Albert had brought him to the hospital. However, to get an immediate effect, he had been administered with an anti-estrus drug that was for emergency use, so his condition had settled down for the moment.      


「Um, if the anti-estrus is effective, wouldn’t this mean that I really am…」


There had been rumours that amongst the Alphas, that there were extremely rare cases, where some turn into Omegas. He did not believe it, however this was the most likely scenario considering the situation from a while ago.


「It’ll take time for the results of the full examination to come through, but it is likely that you have turned into an Omega. I collected your bodily fluids earlier. They were the secretions of an Omega in heat.」


He felt devastated upon hearing the results of the preliminary examination. Yuzuki staggered and just as he was about to collapse, Albert moved over to support him.  


「For now, I’ll prescribe one week’s worth of estrus suppressant drugs. Regardless of whether you have an attack or not, you must take the pills four times a day. It’s too late if anything happens. Even if it doesn’t happen, it’s still better to take them.」


When an Omega enters estrus, their heat which occurs at regular intervals doesn’t stabilize. Yuzuki found it difficult to take in the results of the examination. Before taking the medication, he wanted the hospital to re-examine him again.   


「──Is there basically… no means of treating it?」


The doctor calmly shook his head as Yuzuki inquired with a quivering voice.


「The transformation mechanism itself has yet to be elucidated. It’s regrettable but── we haven’t discovered any methods to revert a transformed Omega back into an Alpha.」


Even under normal circumstances, the number of birthed Omegas were scarce. Furthermore, in recent years, the scarcity of these births led to the anomaly of Alphas abruptly converting to Omegas. This can only be conceived as mankind’s preservative instincts kicking in to compensate for the insufficient population.


「Don’t be so discouraged. While it may be true that you’ve become an Omega, as long as you take your medication regularly, you will be able to perfectly lead an ordinary life.」


「『Ordinary』, huh?…」


For a long time, an Omega’s social position was restricted solely to the confines of their calling -『reproduction』. However, in recent years, by using an expensive drug- the estrus suppressant – they were able to move up in society.  


「However, even if I do take the medication, I’ve heard that it’s difficult to maintain concentration around Alphas.」


At Gymnasium, the prestigious high school that Yuzuki and Albert attended, there were virtually no Omega students there.


It was because of their occupations. Unlike in the past, you could easily get a job now, but even today, to receive certain privileges, such as to be considered for a high-ranking position in the government or any company requiring sophisticated expertise, those were still dominated mostly by Alphas.  


「Certainly, compared to Alphas, you may be at a disadvantage. However, I believe that there’s nothing that can’t be compensated by an individual’s effort.」


The doctor himself was a very unusual Beta. Albert was the same too. There were those amongst the Betas that, through great effort, were on equal footing with the Alphas.  


However, those were an overwhelming minority. Much less can be said for the Omegas. No matter how much effort they put in, they could never rival a Beta.


「Betas and Omegas are different.」


The unintentionally harsh tone in his own voice took Yuzuki by surprise.


「──I’m sorry. I…」

「No, it’s alright. I know you’re disappointed. But I want you to place your trust in me. I will support you as best as I can, so you can lead an ordinary life, just like how you’ve always had.」


Feeling emotional from Doctor Jasper’s words, he shed a tear.  



「It’s going to be alright, Yuz. You have me. Let’s give it our best shot.」


Even though he had witnessed him at his lowest state, why was Albert still treating him so gently? With the same smile like always, Albert wiped Yuzuki’s wet cheeks.


「You guys better head back soon. Your dormitory should have a curfew, I believe?」



Tightly clutching the bag of medicine that was given to him, Yuzuki gave a slight nod.  


When they got back to the dormitory, standing in front of the door, was a tall boy.


「Just where the hell have you both been?」


The stern and demanding voice, made him quiver from anxiety. As though to protect him from the owner of that voice, Albert hid Yuzuki behind him.


「He wasn’t feeling well, so I took him to the hospital.」



With a calm but reliable tone, Albert emphasised those words. Hearing that, the tall boy glared at him with a chilling gaze.  


The boy donned a prefect badge and golden buttons on his vest, symbolizing that he was the head of the dormitory. He was Jeremy Douglas, the top student with the best grades in the entire school.



Whilst Albert was also tall in stature, the other was equally towering. Compared to Albert’s masculine build, he was slender and proportionate with long limbs. Overall, he looked dignified. Jade green eyes, his shiny golden hair glistened under the illumination of the light outside. Like a blade that had been sharpened, his cold features was arranged in a way that took Yuzuki’s breath away.    


「If he’s ill, have the school doctor examine him. Still, without the school doctor’s permission, you should have been prohibited from going into the hospital.」


The boy’s gaze as he faced Albert washed over Yuzuki. The instant he caught his gaze, Yuzuki felt goosebumps.     


(No way, why…)


He had been administered with the anti-estrus drug. Furthermore, he had taken the estrus suppressant medication. Even if he was surrounded by Alphas, he shouldn’t be in heat.




Flustered Yuzuki corrected his posture when Albert glanced at him worriedly. But he simply couldn’t muster any strength, and collapsed on the spot. The fever building up in the centre of his body spurted out, dripping along his inner thighs.  


「Aa…ah, nnn…」


Yuzuki’s body began to tremble, he was shaking so uncontrollably that Albert hurriedly carried him in his arms.


「For now, he’s got to lie down!」

「Hold on, I haven’t finished yet… Shit…」


Trying to restrain Albert, Jeremy furrowed his temples and let out a bitter sigh. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Albert quickly rushed off to their rooms, with Yuzuki in his arms.


「Yuz, are you okay?」


Even as he was gently laid down on the bed, his trembling didn’t stop.  




The medicine should have taken effect but since a while back, the heat in his had body flared up and searing hot fluids began to overflow from his butt.  


「No, I’m… going crazy … Bert, release me……」


Before he laid a hand on Albert, he must escape. As Yuzuki tried to rise from the bed, Albert hugged him and planted a gentle kiss on his forehead.


「Yuz, don’t move. I’ll calm it down.」



Unfastening his belt, Albert smoothly removed Yuzuki’s trousers and slipped his hand inside his underwear, touching the boy’s manhood.


「No, I don’t–…」


When he felt him touch his soaking wet penis, for some bizarre reason the image of that cool-headed prefect from earlier rose in his mind.




Though it was disturbed by the strong arms that embraced him, his mind was filled completely by that man before he knew it.


That chilly gaze that held him in contempt. Despite knowing that he should be the most difficult student to deal with in the entire school, he didn’t know why but he couldn’t wipe that man’s image from his mind.


「Bert…Please… Not your… fingers… I want…yours… in me.」


What a lascivious way to tease him. Unconsciously spreading his legs, Yuzuki pressed his butt against Albert’s groin, rubbing his hips against it.


「No, Yuz. If I do that, you’ll definitely regret it. Come, scoot over. I’ll pleasure you with my fingers.」


He shoved his fingers inside Yuzuki, stirring them up.


「No… Not the fingers…Bert…Please… Give me yours…」


Even he himself didn’t understand what was happening to him. This strange impulse stimulated him to wriggle his hips obscenely.


In his mind, was the image of Jeremy, the prefect, thrusting into him. Pinned down against his will, he was ravished senselessly by the other. As he pictured this in his hallucinations, Yuzuki was on all fours, intently dangling his hips in a vulgar position.  


「Yuz, stop it. Don’t struggle like that.」


No matter how Albert chided him, Yuzuki didn’t stop his rash actions.


「I want it… More, more… Fill me to the brink…」



As if driven by his uncontrollable carnal desires, he fervently continued to swing his hips.


「Yuz… It’s agonizing, isn’t it? I understand. I’ll get you off.」


With three fingers, he lubricated them and thrust into him. Pushing and spreading his insides, Albert relentlessly shoved them in, stirring his insides.




Spurt. His hot semen vigorously spurted out. Even so, the heat in his body did not settle down. Until Yuzuki lost consciousness, he kept greedily indulging in the pleasures that Albert conferred to him.  



When he woke up, he found himself inside Albert’s warm arms.  




Recalling the events that happened last night, he really wanted to run away and disappear. With his cheeks flushed red, Yuzuki tried to escape but Albert gently held him in his embrace.  


「It’s okay, Yuz. No matter what happens, I will never hate you.」

「But…I’ll just be causing problems for you if this goes on……」


To prevent him from escaping his arms, Albert held onto him tighter.


「I never thought you were a bother. Instead, I wish you would rely on me more. I love you, Yuz. It’s because I love you. I don’t want to see you suffer, I want to protect you.」


Even though he had seen his shameful appearance, Albert was still gentle to the bitter end with him. He was glad of such affections and so unbearably apologetic that Albert had to put up with a person like him.


Transforming from an Alpha to an Omega. If this was his reality, then Yuzuki’s entire life ahead of him was shaken.


In Yuzuki’s family’s lineage, starting from his grandparents, every relative was an Alpha. If they knew he had transformed into an Omega, he couldn’t imagine how disappointed they would be. He might even be disowned.


Overwhelmed by his thoughts, he started crying. Albert wiped Yuzuki’s tears off with his large, thick palms.


「Yuz, don’t cry. It’s going to be fine. I’ll be here.」


Albert hugged him tightly, gently brushing his hair. With his face buried in Albert’s sturdy chest, Yuzuki stifled his voice and continued to cry for a while.

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