TL: Krrizis

Editor: Puissansa

First published on Ainushi



「In this world, apart from the two genders – male and female – there is another gender. I’m sure everyone already knows, but the population in this world consists of twenty percent dominant-type Alphas and eighty percent of the average-type Betas. Of that, those who can reproduce are the rare Omegas, who account for less than ten percent of the entire world’s population」


In a health and physical education (P.E.) class in elementary school, ignoring the teacher that was reading from the textbook, Naruse Yuzuki was absentmindedly gazing out the window.


「Understood? Those are the 『characteristics』that you were born with. Alphas, you must never discriminate against the other sexes」  


At the teacher’s words, half-hearted voices simultaneously said 「Ye~s」.


It was a special class that consists of nothing but alphas. Most of his classmates were hiding reference books from other subjects underneath the P.E. textbook. Yuzuki, too, was secretly in the midst of grappling with his maths homework.     


The fact that the matter of his sexuality would greatly dominate his life did not occur to Yuzuki at that time.




Inside a silent room, an obscene wet rubbing sound could be heard.


「S, Stop … Aa …!」


His uniform’s trousers were removed save for the underwear on his knee. There lay the figure of a man with his lower half exposed. He was held from behind to make sure his legs were spread out, exposing his contracting, dripping wet hole.


「You want to stop? When you’re this shamefully wet? Come on, Naruse. Let’s show him how good you’re feeling」



As his movements were tightly restricted, he looked at the boy who stood in a daze. Yuzuki’s eyes were wet with shame as his knees were further spread wide open.




Albert Davis, the boy before his eyes, called out Yuzuki’s name in grief.


Tall, with a muscular body, he had a masculine look that even a boy of the same sex like Yuzuki was charmed by it. His gentle chestnut colored eyes were gazing concernedly at Yuzuki.


Unable to endure the honest look in the other’s eyes, Yuzuki averted his eyes but was pierced by a pair of cold jade green eyes.      


In contrast to the half-naked Yuzuki, clad impeccably in his uniform on top of the bed was the boy who dominated him – the most brilliant student in the entire Gymnasium boarding school – the head representative prefect, Jeremy Douglas.    


As tall as Albert, he was slender with sharp, bright features. His glistening blonde hair smoothly swayed against his milky white skin. There was a faint sweet scent that drifted from him. Yuzuki turned away as though he could escape from that scent.   


 「Who said you could look away? Come on, look in front」


Grasping his jaw, he forcibly turned Yuzuki’s head. When he closed his eyes tightly and covered his face, his earlobe was bitten as punishment.  



「Don’t close your eyes」


Commanded by that chilly voice, he timidly open his eyes.


「That’s right. Don’t look away from him」


This time, his earlobe that had been stinging was kissed tenderly. As Jeremy stuck his tongue in, the insides of his body begin to ache sweetly.      


「Look at how wet you are even though you’re a guy. You’re impatient for a man, aren’t you?」

「N, No–…」


In order for an Omega’s rectum to accept a penis easily, their hole will self-lubricate, even if they are a man ── This is the phenomenon that they were taught about during sex education in elementary school. However, he never expected that a day would come when his own body would be like that.


「What a vulgar body. Naruse, how much more are you going to stain the bedsheets until you’re satisfied?」


His body contracted from the teasing, making the secretion leak, his face flushed red.  


「I haven’t even laid a single finger on you, yet you’re soaking wet」


 He spread open the other’s small butt exposing just the sore bud.  


「Aa… ngh, mnh–…uu」


  Jeremy had thoroughly played with it last night till it had become a sexual organ, completely ready to receive a man. As his thick honey trickled down, he squirmed obscenely when he realized Albert’s eyes were on him.  


「D, don’t, look–… Bert」


He didn’t want to show such an indecent appearance before his beloved Albert’s eyes. Seeing Yuzuki’s cheeks tinged with shame, Jeremy spread Yuzuki’s butt even wider.


「Aa, aa, aa…」


   From the gaping hole, a fresh drizzle of honey began to pour out. Jeremy dipped his fingers into them and pinched the tips of Yuzuki’s chest with his wet fingers.


「Aa …!」


Unconsciously raising his voice, he quickly bit his lips to hold it in.


 「What’s the matter? Does it feel that good here?」


He tightened his grip and dug his nails in, causing the other boy’s body to jump from the pain. The places where he had been tightly pinched had swollen red.


「Ah, you sure love being in pain, don’t you? Look at how delighted you are as my nails dig into you. Just how indecent are you?」


His nails dug simultaneously into Yuzuki’s nipples.




Albert rushed over, as Yuzuki unintentionally let out a scream and bent his body backwards.


「Stop it! Can’t you see he hates it?」


He flung Jeremy’s arm away and glared at him.


「Hates it? Are your eyes bad? He’s enjoying it. Naruse is writhing from my loving caress. Aren’t you, Naruse?」


Although he tormented him, Jeremy would never forcefully cause Yuzuki harm. He would always release Yuzuki before he was in great pain, gently kissing the places he had punished.  


  「What’s the matter? Do you want me to lick you?」


   Jeremy whispered in a deep voice close to his ears, having seen through Yuzuki’s desires.


 I mustn’t demand for it in front of Albert ── He reasoned, but even then his body yearned for the sweet release he would be granted from that man’s rod, and by nature, he needed him.   


Satisfied when Yuzuki nodded his head in silence, Jeremy embraced him and stuck out his tongue, tracing Yuzuki’s chest. Gradually, the places where the nails had hurt him became numb from the pleasures bestowed to them.  


Gently softening them with the movements of his tongue, he lightly nibbled on the swollen tips.    


「Aa…Stop … I can’t…」


Little by little, he bit harder. As his arousement blossomed from the intertwining pleasure and pain, Yuzuki gripped the bedsheets tightly. Unable to keep still, the tip of his toes kicked Jeremy.  


「That’s bad manners, Naruse. Can’t you keep still for a moment?」


Jeremy firmly bit down hard on them as Yuzuki went teary-eyed in surprise.





A warm voice unlike Jeremy’s. However, in the state that he was in, Yuzuki could no longer distinguish whose voice it was.


Writhing from the intense stimulation that was piercing his brain, Jeremy’s warm tongue gently consoled the sobbing Yuzuki’s chest. He sucked on those hard grains, rolling his tongue relentlessly around them till his spirit nearly melted from the intense joy.  


「Haaa… Haaa… Nn, Jeremy…」

「What’s the matter? Your hips are shaking so much. Do you want me to put it in?」


When he nodded his head, he felt a pair of cold palms wrap around his cheeks.


「Is that alright? We’ll be doing it in front of his eyes?」


Grabbing him by the jaw, he made him face the boy that was standing still in front of him.



Stared at by those light brown eyes, it barely awoke what was left of Yuzuki’s senses.   




When he tried to escape from Jeremy’s arms, he was seized by the shoulder and pressed down against the bed. Like a bitch with his butt sticking up in the air, he was made to stand on all fours.   



「You don’t hate it, do you? Look, this here is telling me how much you desire me」


*Squish* His hole contracted at the fingers that filled his insides, no longer able to restrain his moans.


「Aaa… nngh, let me go…」


While exposing him to Albert’s eyes, Jeremy had inserted his fingers in, throwing Yuzuki into disarray. *Schlick schlick* His insides stirred furiously. Tears rolled down Yuzuki’s cheeks.


「How do you want it, Naruse? Say it properly」


The only one I love is Alfred.
I will never yield to an Alpha’s pheromones.  


Despite stubbornly rejecting him in his heart, the caresses he received gradually began to dim his consciousness. He was shrouded by a sweet aroma. Yuzuki firmly bit on his lips, trying to somehow hold on to his senses.


「A stubborn fellow, as always. Even though your body already desires me」


Pulling him by the chin to face him, he forcibly made him look over his shoulder.  


「Hey, stick your tongue out」


He lightly nibbled on the lower lip that the Yuzuki had bit on with his teeth, and even though Yuzuki should have found it unpleasant, he naturally lost his strength against it.  


「Nn… aa, haa …」


Jeremy slipped his tongue into the semi-opened lips, entwining his tongue against the other.


His tongue was melting hot, compared to his pale cold lips. Imprisoned by Jeremy’s hot wet tongue, the insides of his body ached painfully from the sweet numbing pain.   


「St…op, aa…!」


*squish* A large amount of honey overflowed from his contracting hole, fueling Yuzuki’s shame. He continued violating Yuzuki’s mouth while making obscene wet sounds.  


「Fuaa…nn, aa, Aaa…」


Yuzuki’s penis had swelled up energetically the instant he was intensely pumped. His mind turned blank, unable to think about anything anymore.   


「No… P, Put it in already… Hu… rry …put it in」


Placing his lips against the sobbing Yuzuki’s nape, Jeremy laughed in satisfaction.  


「You see, Davis. This is who Naruse truly is. ── He will never again look at a Beta like you. His body, his heart, everything – belongs only to me」


He made a scraping noise as he clung to Yuzuki’s nape, his teeth lightly grazing it. A pointed canine – an Alpha’s peculiarity. The gentle caresses at the back of his neck made Yuzuki’s back tremble.   


「St…op, Don’t bite it …Not…there…please, I beg you…」


He slowly licked his tongue against Yuzuki’s nape as he fretted.


  Just like a carnivorous beast tormenting his prey by deliberately playing with him, he wet the spot with his saliva, lightly sucking and playfully biting on it


「Stop it, Jeremy! Let Yuz go…」

「Let him go? You have no right to say such things. Davis, don’t be ridiculous and face the truth. I’m not forcing him. Naruse himself desires me」


Jeremy’s tongue traced the nape of his neck to his shoulder. Thrusting his teeth into the pale skin there, the strong bite was enough to make Yuzuki high again.  


「Aaaa…nn…It’s, nngh…making me strange …」


In one swift move, Jeremy thrust his fingers inside Yuzuki all the way into Yuzuki’s hole as he cried.




He held Yuzuki as the boy’s body stretched backwards, his lips swallowing the other’s. Yuzuki felt that the blood in his whole body was boiling hot, as though he had fallen into an illusion the moment their tongues mingled together.


I want it. Quickly, inside of me… Not his fingers, his…


Throwing himself on top of him, Yuzuki straddled Jeremy, rubbing his hole against his crotch.




At the sight of Albert looking wide-eyed in surprise, Jeremy flaunted it by clinging onto Yuzuki and entwining his tongue against his.




He could feel through the fabric of the trousers the seething heat of a male. Unable to withstand it any longer, Yuzuki rubbed his soaking wet hole intensely against that spot.  


「Hur… ry, put it in… Please… I’m…」


 I want him to penetrate me now and make a mess out of me. Yuzuki kept shaking his hips as he sobbed.   


「Aa, very well. I’ll fuck you. Let’s show him how much you enjoy my body in front of his eyes」


Seizing his shoulder, he was thrown down on the bed again. Jeremy opened the front of his pants and leaned forward onto Yuzuki.




I felt like I heard someone’s voice ── Swept into the fierce vortex of pleasure, Yuzuki was unable to think of anything except the man fucking him.

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