So many months ago, Wafflez and I had a discussion about some of our favourite H-mangakas such as my personal favourite, Mizuryu Kei. There’s actually still quite a few of Sensei’s works that haven’t been commercially available in English or translated yet. One such was the Sukebei Douwa series. In fact, did you know Sensei did an illustration for an R-18 adventure novel from Nocturne? I’ve been sorely tempted to translate it but I haven’t got the time.

Anyway—— TLDR; I promised Wafflez to translate something of Mizuryu Kei’s work for his birthday. It’s been months since I’ve agreed to do it. I’m super blessed that we got this out in time. Kudos to all the contacts that Lexi (Alexfilia of NUF) hooked me up with (Some of which I knew from my ex-manga translation days) and for typesetting. A shoutout to Momiel for cleaning and creating the credit/disclaimer pages, Leha for QC-ing and Mztlplx for proofreading my shoddy translations.

This was a really tough one to work. Definitely showed me how difficult it must be for people like Saha to crack this. I mean, did you know there are numerous ways to describe an SFX in sex? No wonder most groups just skip translating it. Can’t do it for this though due to the format.

One thing to note is there is no feasible way for us to combine the illustration pages without slight distortions. So please don’t be too quick to judge us, aye!

Will we do manga again? Yes. If given the opportunity. I won’t touch hentai again though.

Click me!

P.S. Password is the birthday boy’s name in small letters.


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