Chapter 41 – Trash


TL: Agni

TLC: Kriz

Editor: Kai

QC: Wafflez

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「Onii-chan…….that’s a date.」


When I got home and told my younger sister what happened today, she started saying something stupid…… (Andou)


「No no! You’re an idiot, Onii-chan! Listen, think reaaaaally carefully. When a man goes to town on the holidays with a woman he’s close to and buys her a present, what is this called? 」


Ummmmmmm (Andou)


「……….Isn’t that totally a ‘date’.」

「That’s what I said earlier! 」

「Shit! It’s a freaking date! But if that’s the case, why was Asakura-san completely fine with it?! No, hold on……..Class rep! Class rep will be there too! She was the one who suggested this in the first place, so it won’t just be me and Asakura-san alone. She will be with us too!」

「Onii-chan….. That class rep person, didn’t she say that it will only be onii-chan and Asakura-senpai going?」



If I remember it right——……. (Andou)


『Tomorrow is a holiday. So how about the both of you go to town together, and whilst you’re walking about, if Asakura-san finds something she likes, just give it to her as a present.』


「Yeah, she did say that…..」

「Onii-chan,  you’re an idiot.」

「What should I do?! Even if you tell me that it’s a date tomorrow, I have no clue what to do!!」



Nn, perhaps back then Asakura-san was feeling the same way as onii-chan is. (Sister)


「For starters, how about you go buy some new clothes first?」

「Clothes? Huh? Why? My dear imouto, it may be obvious but I do have plain clothes.」

「Haaah…….Onii-chan, I’m sorry but I wouldn’t call your entire top-to-toe black shirt and pants that you usually wear during the holidays as ‘clothes’.」

「What I usually wear during the holidays don’t count as ‘clothes’?! Then, what have I been wearing whenever I go out?!」

「Nnn, aren’t they merely ‘pieces of cloth’?」

「My biological imouto is indirectly telling me that my usual ensemble is ‘trash’?!」


Nope, actually it’s Onii-chan’s fashion sense that is trash’? Besides…… (Sister)


「Hey…….it doesn’t matter even if your fashion sense is like a caveman, but Onii-chan, aren’t you going out with ‘Asakura-senpai’ tomorrow? Does it feel right in your shoes to let ‘Asakura-senpai’ walk alongside a ‘caveman’?」

「What…….? Am I perhaps being treated as a ‘caveman’ by my biological imouto? I can’t make Jomon earthenware though? 」



Jomon earthenware


But, she has a point. Certainly, the person I’ll be out together with tomorrow is Asakura-san. If I were to stand beside her in my usual state during the holidays………

Ah, that won’t do. I’m going to wish I was dead. (Andou)


「My imouto! I beg you! 」


It might be a little late, but I finally noticed the severity of this situation! At present, I have no clothes I can readily wear on a ‘date’! But, if it’s my imouto! If it’s her, she can put together an ensemble that won’t be embarrassing when I stand alongside Asakura-san! (Andou)


「Haaah…..It can’t be helped~~ I really can’t leave you alone, Onii-chan……Aaah, it’s annoying and troublesome, but I’m your ‘imouto’! As your ‘imouto’, I’ll accompany you to pick out your clothes. 」

「Thank you very much! As expected, the most essential thing to have is a reliable ‘imouto sama’. Hehe~~ 」

「By the way Onii-chan, how much is your budget?」

「Tomorrow’s budget is…….Can you get a complete set of clothes for about 5000 yen?」

「So little!? No way! How come you have such a small budget?! Usually it’ll take 20.000 to 30.000 yen to get a complete set of clothes!」

「Haaaaah?! Don’t lie to me! 20.000 or 30.0000 yen…….That’s the same amount I spend on light novels in a month!」

「Onii-chan…….allocate a little bit to clothes, will you…….」


My imouto, you don’t understand~~ Books are nutrition for the mind. That’s why, money is no object when it comes to them……. (Andou)


——–Since it’s Onii-chan, have such a mindset isn’t all that surprising. But, it’s exactly because he unreservedly gave nutrition to his mind that he turned into a ‘loner’…….Haa, Asakura-senpai has to quickly accept onii-chan before it’s too late. (Sister)


「Before we choose which store to buy the clothes from, we need to have a reference for what coordinates to choose. Onii-chan, choose what you like from these male models’ attires.」

「What? Why are you showing me your smartphone all of sudden…….Are these photos of fashion models? Hey…….umm, my dear imouto…….Do I really have to choose from one of these? Every one of them are a kind of high-end fashion that only looks good on ikemens…….」

「All men these days are wearing clothes like this.」



Still, such high-end fashion is a big no-no for a loner like me……..This smart suit style will look mismatched when worn by a student like me. The other one is…….What the heck is this? Why does it have only one long sleeve? Eh, this clothes, isn’t the other side of the sleeve torn up? Doesn’t the long sleeve look like a bird’s wing, like a native dress? The next one is……Why is he wearing a muffler?! Moreover, the shoulders on the jacket are super tapered?! The shoes he has on also have sharp tips like a drill?! What’s with this fashion that seems like it may break through Tengen* at anytime?! (Andou)


「H-hey…… dear imouto. I’ll just be a laughingstock if I wear these kind of clothes.」

「Haaaaah? Onii-chan, are you seriously saying that?」

「Eh, ah…….Nn, yes.」

「Onii-chan, I’ll tell you one good news.」

「Okay, what is it?」

「Certainly, one may feel ashamed wearing clothes like a fashion model would at the beginning. However……..there is no fashion more shameful than Onii-chan’s usual ‘plain clothes’.」

「………….Are you for real?」


After that, I was instructed by my younger sister to buy a complete set of clothes as displayed on a mannequin at UNIQLO. (Andou)


Translator’s notes: 

  1. It may break through Tengan – If you don’t know the reference, check out Gurenn Lagann.


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