Chapter 43 – Dating PlanTL: Agni

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Editor: Kai

QC: Wafflez

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「Then Andou-kun, where shall we go first?」

「Nnn, let’s see……」 *peek*

『In any case, there’s no way onii-chan will ever come up with a dating plan. That’s why, as your imouto, I’ve came up with a dating plan on your behalf so you are going to act according to this plan on the day itself. Do it sincerely so as not to be discourteous to Asakura-senpai!』

She said whilst giving me a memo pad…….First is? (Andou)

Dating Plan ①

『Perhaps Asakura-senpai didn’t eat anything for breakfast? I believe Asakura-senpai would come slightly earlier for the meet up, so the first thing to do is to invite her for a meal! 』

I see, if it’s a meal………then it have to be Matsu*ya(1)! Nn? There is a continuation……. (Andou)


『I think it’s still impossible even for onii-chan, but………please don’t lose your mind and take her to a gyudon shop! Your partner is Asakura-senpai, a woman! So I recommend taking her to a cafe where a woman can eat without any hesitation! There are 3 nice cafes near the meeting point, and if you are at a loss over choosing among these three, I’ve selected it for you!

The way to invite her is——』

Oh hoo……thanks, sister! You’re such a perfect navigation system! (Andou)

I wonder what Andou-kun is looking at……? Huh! D-don’t tell me, did Andou-kun perhaps think up a dating plan for today’s date?! Then that’s most likely the dating plan that Andou-kun made. I’m sure he is checking out the plan beforehand, there’s no mistake about it! I-if that’s so, I should pretend not to notice it to avoid embarrassing Andou-kun! (Asakura)

A-Alright! I’ll invite Asakura-san to a cafe! (Andou)


「Aah– today the sky is so blue—- Nn, what’s up? Andou-kun.」

Here it comes! (Asakura)

「There’s a delicious cafe for lunch nearby. If you’d like, how about we have lunch over there first?」 ← monotone

Andou-kun, why are you speaking like you’re reading it in monotone……..? Huh! Is Andou-kun perhaps nervous?! It does seem so! These days I’ve been crazy about Andou-kun, so I kinda forgot that I’m the most beautiful girl in school! Isn’t it because Andou-kun is having a date with me, the most popular girl in school,  that there’s no way he wouldn’t be nervous?! Yep, that’s right. I’m sure of it! After all, even if I’m desperately trying to endure my heart racing and my face coming loose right now, it’s unfair if Andou-kun isn’t worried at all! Ufufu…….but, if that Andou-kun is conscious of me so much that he’s nervous, as a capable woman, the right thing to do is to pretend I am not aware of it! (Asakura)

「W-waaah! Really? Just right when I was feeling hungry too. I’m so stoked!」 ← monotone

Alright! I successfully invited her! Also, Asakura-san also hasn’t seem to notice that I am reading the cue cards from my sister…..Perhaps, I have an unexpected talent in acting! (Andou)

P-phew……Somehow I was able to answer him normally like I usually do! Andou-kun also didn’t seem to notice that I am almost dying from nervousness. Perhaps, I have an unexpected talent in acting! (Asakura)

「T-Then, shall we head off?」 ← monotone

「A-Alright」 ← monotone

Shit…………I’m not a Pretty C*re(2), but my chest won’t stop pounding. (Andou)

「…………」*thump* *thump*

Uuuh……my heart hasn’t stopped pounding ever since a while ago. (Asakura)

「…………」*ba-dump!* *ba-dump!*

B-but…… holding hands like this, my fucking nervousness is being transmitted…….Please, don’t let my racing heart be exposed! (Asakura & Andou)

Translator’s Notes:

  1. Matsunoya – a famous japanese restaurant in japan, known for their gyudon
  2. Refer to Pretty Cure 😀
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