Chapter 46 – Cute

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「Andou-kun, look! There’s a lot of light novels here!」

「Yeah, this whole 9th floor has just been renovated into Hinokuniya [1] Bookstore recently. Surprisingly, they have quite a good selection of light novel.」

「I didn’t know there was such a lovely bookstore on the 9th floor of this department store! 」

Asakura-san, I’m glad that you’re having fun. It’s been two hours since we’ve entered this department store after lunch but we’ve been going around window shopping starting from the lower floors…… Aren’t you tired…… (Andou)



Second Floor Shoes Department

「Andou-kun, look, look! Aren’t these shoes cute!」

「Yes, they are.」

……Cute? Aren’t those just plain white shoes? (Andou)

Fourth Floor Ladies’ Wear Department

「Andou-kun, look, look! Isn’t this dress cute!」

「Yes, it is.」

……Cute? Isn’t it just a plain black dress? (Andou)

Fifth Floor Ladies’ Wear Department

「Andou-kun, look, look! Isn’t this dress cute too!」

「Y, yes, it is.」

……Cute? What’s the difference with the previous one? Rather, why are there two floors of ladies’ wear anyway? (Andou)

「Fuu…… With this we’ve roughly seen everything, huh.」

「That’s right.」

Ooh! Asakura-san, are you finally satisfied? Any longer in this ladies’ wear department and I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold on to my life. Let’s see, the next floor is―― (Andou)

「Well then, shall we take a look around from the fourth floor again?」


Seventh Floor  Tableware Department

「Andou-kun, look, look! Isn’t this tea cup set cute!」

「Yes. It. Sure. Is」

Asakura-san…… I’m already tired of seeing all this tableware…… Really, even if you look at it many times, the pattern on these tableware won’t change you know? (Andou)

Eighth Floor Furniture Department

「Andou-kun, look, look! Isn’t this sofa cute!」

「It’s cu–te, how ama–zing」

Cute…… What is ‘cute’ really? (Andou)


――you know, while being dragged around by Asakura-san, I had a feeling that she was probing my opinions on all kind of things. For example, what kind of furniture I would buy if I bought a house and things like that…… (Andou)

Ufufu♪ Today, I can go shopping with Andou-kun. What a great date it is! By asking him many things, I can use his answer as a reference on what to wear on the next date…… or if, we…… that is, what kind of furniture we would use if we lived together…… something like that! Because Andou-kun was here, I could imagine a lot of fun things! Moreover, we could visit such a big bookstore for our last stop! (Asakura)

「Andou-kun, look, look! They had a『Narou』[1] dedicated titles corner on these shelves!」

「Uooh, unbelievable! There’s the new volume of 『Mushoku-tte, sore wanaideshou!』[2]!」

「Andou-kun, you also read『Mushoku-tte, sore wanaideshou!』?!」

「Yeah, I read most of the top ranking works. 『Mushoku』is really interesting, right!」

「That’s right! It’s very interesting! I like this series the most on『Narou』!」

Aaa….. Even though just a while back, I wasn’t able to talk aboutNarouwith Andou-kun like this….. But now, if I want to talk to him about something, he will answer me properly! Uu….. only he could have such conversations with me! Haah, from now on, I want to be close with Andou-kun….. (Asakura)

Which reminds me….. On her memo, my sister said to find a present for Asakura-san in this department store, but in the end, what should I do? As I thought, something like clothes would feel like a sexual harassment, but furnitures are too expensive….. Jeez, I wonder if giving her a light novel would be alright? (Andou)

「Andou-kun, look, look! Isn’t this cute?」

It’s here! Asakura-san’s ‘cute’ attack!? (Andou)

「Hm? Is this ….. a bookmark?」

「That’s right! A metallic bookmark with an engraved owl mascot character, it’s very cute!」

「He~~ A mascot character, hu–!」

–uh! What is this weird thing! An owl!? Is this really an owl!? Eh….. Why are there a pair of hands and legs growing on the owl…..? Or rather, is this guy a bipedal? (Andou)

「U, um….. Yeah. It’s cute.」

「Right?! This mascot character is very popular among girls recently~」

「He, Hee….. This thing is popular among girls huh…..」

I, I don’t think I can understand girls’ taste after all…. Ah, that’s it! (Andou)

「Asakura-san, this bookmark…. If you’re okay with it, may I give this to you as your reward?」

「Eh! Andou-kun…. Is it really okay?」

「Of course! After all, our initial purpose of going out today was to search for your ‘reward’, weren’t we? Besides, I think this bookmark is cute.」

「Andou-kun…. Un! I want this bookmark!」

Alriiiight! With this, the present is decided! To be honest, I don’t have the faintest idea what part of this mascot character is cute, but Asakura-san seems to like it so it’s okay! Also, a bookmark won’t be that expe—-, why is it so expensiveeeeee!? 800 yen [4] for a bookmark!? Are you kidding! You can buy two second-hand light novels with the same amount of money! (Andou)

「Andou-kun, thank you for today!」

「U, un….」

Ah well, it can’t be helped…. If Asakura-san’s happy with this then– (Andou)

Ah, I’ve got a good idea! (Asakura)

「That’s it! Then, I’ll buy this bookmark too and give it to you as a present!」

「Ee, why!?」

「Because, Andou-kun, you got a perfect score on the mathematics test too, didn’t you? That’s why, I’d be a bit bothered if I was the only one to receive a ‘reward’. Besides, I had a lot of fun today, so just consider this as a thank you from me…. okay?」


I honestly do not need that bookmark. But this is not the time to say it, huh…. (Andou)

「….Well, I’ll accept it then.」


Haa, I guess I have to use this bookmark from now on…. (Andou)

Ufufu, with this I have a matching bookmark with Andou-kun! (Asakura)

「「Excuse me, this one please.」」

「Thank you for the purchase!」

It would be nice if I could go on a date like this with Andou-kun again…. (Asakura)



Hmm? Aren’t those our classmates over there– (Andou & Asakura’s classmate)

Translator’s Notes:

[1] Refer to『Kinokuniya』: A Japanese bookstore chain operated by Kinokuniya Company Ltd., founded in 1927.

[2] Refer to『Shōsetsuka ni Narō』: lit. “Let’s Become a Novelist” is a Japanese user-generated novel publishing website created by Yusuke Umezaki. It was launched on April 2, 2004. Users can upload their novels free of charge and the novels are also free to read.

[3] Refer to『Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou!』: lit. “Hachi-nan” is a light novel title written by Y.A and illustrated by Fuzi Choco. It was published in 2013.

[4] 800 yen : Around $ 7.11

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