Chapter 47 – CuteTL: Adzzz

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「Good morning, Asakura-san.」

「A, Andou-kun! Good morning……」

Eh? To think that Andou-kun would take the initiative to greet me first today…… No way, it’s just like a dream! (Asakura)




Asakura-san, she’s already using the bookmark we bought yesterday…… Why is she grinning happily while holding onto the bookmark?  Does she like it that much? By the way, the class is quite noisy today…… Oh, somehow class rep is making a beeline for Asakura-san with a grim face. (Andou)

「Asakura-san, can I have a moment? 」

「Ah, good morning class rep. Ehehe ~ ~ Listen, listen ~ ~」

「We’ll talk after this, just come here for a minute」

「Huh? What’s the matter……」

What is it? I wonder, what are they whispering about at the back of the classroom? (Andou)

「Asakura-san, it’s terrible! 」

「Eh ~ ~ What is ~ ~?」

「That’s…… Asakura-san, you were on a date with Andou-kun yesterday, right? 」

「Yeah! That’s right! We were! 」

「Ssh—! Your voice is too loud!  I’ll listen about your date later, okay? To tell you the truth…… There were people who saw you two on your date yesterday so there’s been rumors going around about the two of you in the classroom. 」

This is bad…… I honestly thought that if Asakura-san and Andou-kun ended up together, she would be grateful to me, and as her trusted friend, my position in school would be safe too…… or so it was supposed to be, but, if this rumor complicates things between them, it would also affect my relationship with Asakura-san…… Rather, there is the possibility that Asakura-san who’ll be heartbroken from this would mistake me as a love rival. That’s why, I have to get rid of this rumor somehow…… (Class rep)

「What! Then, the thing that’s being gossiped about in class is……」

「That’s right…… It’s you, Asakura-san.」

「In other words, our relationship is being officially recognized! 」

「Asakura-san, calm down…… Hey, why do I feel like you have your head up in the cloud since the beginning? 」

「Ehehe ~ ~ That’s because― today, Andou-kun was――」

「Aah, I know so enough already! 」

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Andou-kun, why are you pointlessly acting to please Asakura-san at a time like this! As a result, your attack as usual was so swift and heart-throbbing that it left Asakura-san melting as a puddle of goo, you know! (Class rep)

「He, hey…… Say, Andou? 」

「Hm? 」

Wait, shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! While I was preoccupied with Asakura-san, some boy started talking to Andou-kun! Somehow, I have to keep their relationship a secret! (Class rep)

「You…… Is it true that yesterday you were with Asakura-san at the department store in front of the train station? 」

「Eh! 」

Aah, I see…… So that’s why I feel like I was being glared at today. Someone spotted us yesterday, huh? But I wonder how should I answer them…… (Andou)

Andou-kun, don’t do it! Just dodge the question! (Class rep)


「I saw it myself! Hey, Andou! Weren’t you on the 9th floor of the department store with Asakura-san yesterday? 」

「Eh, you are…?」

Who is this guy……? I’m pretty sure your name is――

Yamadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You’re the one who spread the rumors! What are you doing, you idiot! Because of you, I,  the class rep, am the one who’s going to have to take the heat, you know!? (Class rep)

「Yamada-kun! I’m certain it’s just a coincidence! 」

「Ah, class rep.」

Class rep, did you come to save me…… Alright, I wonder if it’s okay to just go with that excuse? (Andou)

「Yeah, that’s right! It’s just a coincidence.」

「Lo, look! Andou-kun said so as well! Right!? Right!? 」

「Whaatー So it’s just a coincidenceー」*whisper*

「That’s right ~」*whisper*

「It’s simply inconceivable for them to be friends.」*whisper*

A, alright! With this the rumor about those two will―― (Class rep)

「Eh, but I swear I saw Asakura-san and Andou getting pretty cozy with each other at the bookstore though? 」

Yamadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Even though I almost succeeded in misleading them, you just had to add fuel to the fire instead! (Class rep)

「No waay! Are they really that close!? 」*whisper*

「Moreover, it’s that Asakura-san and Andou-kun?! 」*whisper*

「It’s big news that they’re friends right?! 」*whisper*

Aaaaaaaaaahhh! It’s hopeless! The rumor has already gone out of my control! Then, the only way left is for the persons involved to deny it themse―― (Class rep)

「He, hey! A-a, Asakura-san! Yesterday, the one with Asakura-san…… That’s, umm, Andou-kun…… Wasn’t it? That is, the rumor that you guys were on a date at the department store……Is it true? 」

Alright! Asakura-san, you just have to brilliantly deceive them here and then―― (Class rep)

「That’s right! 」

Asakura-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! Oh bollocks! It seems that Asakura-san’s head hasn’t returned to normal yet, huh! Her head is still so full of Andou-kun, there is no space left for other things like lying! (Class rep)

「Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 」

「It’s really true! 」

「No wayyy! 」

「It’s the end of the woooooooooorld! 」

「Our savioooooooooooooor! 」

「Oi, Andou! You, are you really dating Asakura-san? 」

「That’s why, I said I saw them! I’m serious! Asakura-san and this guy really were on a date at the department store! 」

Yamada, shut up! Zip it, you! Andou-kun, please! I can only rely on you! Anything’s fine, just divert them! (Class rep)


Hey, Andou-kun…… Why are you looking at me? (Class rep)

「I’ll leave the rest to my secretary, the class rep, to answer your questions.」

「Hah? 」

A, Andou……kun? (Class rep)

「Class rep, what’s the meaning of this! 」

「Class rep, do you know something!? 」

「What is this about being his secretary! Class rep! 」

「Please tell us, class rep! 」

「Wa, wait!  Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! 」

Wh, who the hell is your secretaryyyyyyyyyyyyyy! (Class rep)

Sorry, class rep…… It’s impossible for me, a loner, to stop this uproar…… (Andou)

Even so, I can’t stop it eitheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! (Class rep)

「Tell us, class rep! 」

「Was it really a date? 」

「What’s Andou-kun’s relationship with Asakura-san? 」

「Are they really ‘friends’? 」

「You’re the secretary, so answer us! 」

「Th, that’s――」

Aah…… Why do I, the class rep, have to suffer something like this……  Alright, I’ll definitely kill both Yamada and Andou-kun later. (Class rep)

「All those rumors are true! 」


This voice is…… (Class rep)

A, Asakura-san? (Andou)

「Asakura-san! If everything is true, then, about the date with Andou-kun……」

「It’s true! 」

「Then… Andou-kun is…? Are you saying that you guys are friends――」

「That’s right! 」

「The official name of Okinawa is Okinawa――」

「That’s officially correct!」[1]

Fufufu…… For some reason, it seems that the topic of my relationship with Andou-kun has been exposed and it has caused an uproar in the class, but isn’t this my chance? If I deliberately confirm everything they’ve said here and somehow everybody in class could accept us, then from now on I can talk to Andou-kun openly without sneaking around! It, it’s perfect…… (Asakura)

「In other words if we put two and two together, then……」*whisper*

That Asakura-san is……」

「With that Andou-kun……」

「…… They’re friends? 」

『EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!! 』


That’s not…… Or rather, why haven’t any of the other classmates besides me noticed it…… (classmate)

Translator’s Notes:

[1] The original dialogue is :



The word 本島 (hontou) means main island, or in this case refer to okinawa island, it’s a pun of 本当 (hontou), a word that’s usually used in confirmation.

With this chapter, there are only 4 chapters left till the end of arc 1 of this series.  Sorry for leaving you hanging, but we will work on it as soon as we can. Stay tune, folks!

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