Hey Ainushians,

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year~~~

It’s been a wild ride this year. From just a 3 man team with 2 collaborators, Ainushi has swelled to a huge number of 20++ people. (You can check almost everyone out on our Team page).

This year, I had the honor of playing host to people like Xhu & Reika (BC Novels). Their R-18 works have shocked and titillated readers. They’d paved the way for us to release our first R-18 doujin book a few days ago plus my new yaoi smut-filled release, Estrus Gymnasium.

I’m also grateful to Manic Josei (Hanabashi Obasan) for two lovely one-shots from the same universe as Tower Girl.

Then there are the new members that have just joined us and are here to help usher in the new year with new projects! Please join me in welcoming:

Cici – CN translator for Silent Reading. Mystery, dark, danmei. Check! Mmmhmm~

Lilina – CN translator for Stop Bothering Me, Emperor. A romantic, comedy, light-hearted reincarnation danmei story, it’ll tickle you and leave you feeling all warmed up.

PKitty – CN translator for Waiting Upon You. Another danmei. Think BDSM, sexy words, acting. Hnngh~ This project has been sitting in our vault for a while. Kudos to MoMoe for introducing it to us.

Kelaude – CN translator for Open Sea. Danmei, futures trading, hot brainy guys, misunderstandings. Kelaude has introduced me, and hopefully to all you, Ainushians to the world of finance. Danmei and finance? Oh my~ And if you’ve been wondering why Kelaude’s name sounds so familiar, she’s also the translator for Soaring the Heavens on Qi.

Sakhyu – CN translator for Midnight Cinderella. A Chestnut novel. We see Chestnut going back to her old roots with a body swap, comedy, slow fluffy romance filled with doggies. Yep, doggies. Sakhyu’s the owner of Sakhyulations but I’m so happy that she’s joined me to bring one of my favorite CN author’s work to life.

Toyo & Forseti: Editors for Midnight Cinderella


Some of our classic projects are also scheduled for release throughout this week too. Tune in to our site daily to check em out~


And if you’re in need of some teaser snippets, check our Facebook page out~ If we hit 500 likes, we’re going to do another mini batch release celebration. Come check us out! Spread the word. Bring the Ainushi revolution to your friends. Fufu~


Till next announcement~

Peace out,

Krrizis & the entire Ainushi team




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