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The moonlight was gentle and charming, basking the surroundings in an ethereal glow.

A long-haired woman was walking in an alleyway by herself, her exquisite figure wrapped in a red dress. Suddenly, a man appeared and blocked her path. The woman stopped walking in a panic as the man with the bent back raised his head slightly to look at her.

His eyes glowed with a faint red hue as he opened his mouth to reveal a pair of sharp fangs.

“Ahhh——!!” The woman’s shrill scream pierced the sky, her horror resounding in the night.

Footsteps could be heard getting louder as an elegant man strode towards them. The man wore an exquisite black ceremonial robe which made him look like a medieval aristocrat. He only needed to glance at the other man once before the bent-backed man quickly turned and fled.

The frightened woman turned her head and her attention was immediately captured by the man.

The man was really too handsome.

“Cut!” The director raised his loudspeaker and shouted before instructing the crew on the scene to move. “This is a good take. Take a few more close-up shots of your expressions and we can wrap up for today.”

Everyone on the set sighed in relief and began preparing for the next shoot with more motivation than before. Feng Jing walked to the side by himself and drank a sip of the water his assistant handed him. He hadn’t even rested for two minutes when the director told him to take his position once again.

“Film Emperor Feng, please wait a minute! You just had water, so let me fix your make-up!” A short-haired girl holding a make-up kit ran towards Feng Jing. Feng Jing gave her a nod before saying, “Thank you”.

The girl visibly missed a step, stumbling slightly as she tripped over her feet. Taking out a stick of lipstick from her bag, she slowly applied color to Feng Jing’s sexy lips.

Ah ah ah! He’s really too handsome! Her ancestors must have done many virtuous deeds for her to be able to touch Feng Jing’s face like this!

The director waited for her till he could no longer stand it. He said, “It’s good, it’s okay now. Do you think you’re painting a wall, ah?” These young girls really didn’t know how to act reservedly. Look, her desire to run up to him and kiss is written all over her face!.

The girl pulled back her hand reluctantly before hugging her bag and walking to the side.

The close-up shots went very smoothly and Feng Jing was able to wrap up in one shoot. After work, he didn’t accompany everyone for supper and instead took his assistant’s car directly back to the hotel to rest.

Although it was only an advertisement, after a whole day of shooting, he was inevitably a bit tired.

Looking back, this advertisement was quite interesting. This was an ad for Bunny’s latest lipstick and his character was a vampire. It was his first time playing such a role, so Feng Jing found it rather refreshing.

When he came out of the washroom, Feng Jing toweled his hair as he booted up the computer on his desk.

It had been ten days since he was awarded the Golden Pine Film Emperor Award, but the heated online discussions were still going on——though most of that could probably be credited to Emperor Mo’s fanatic fandom, his poison fans.

“If it wasn’t that ‘a particular actor’ couldn’t take part in the Golden Pine competition, how could Feng Jing ever become the Film Emperor? [:-D].”

“If you say it like that, then that ‘codename Omega’ wouldn’t make it in time to enter this year’s Taurus Awards. [:)] Don’t have such double standards.  [:)]”

“Stop arguing, I’m at my wits’ end with all this hypocrisy…”

“There’s actually a double-standard fan? Haha, you must have all climbed over the wall from Emperor Mo’s side, and you’re actually not embarrassed to say it. [:)]”

“I’m not just saying this but Emperor Mo isn’t that much older than Feng Jing. It’s already been fifteen years since he debuted and many stars are also his fans. Feng Jing might just be one of them.^_^”

“Haha,” Feng Jing leaned onto the sofa, the computer screen’s cold light reflecting off of his sharp face. He was Mo Zhen’s fan? What a joke. If one said that Mo Zhen was a milestone in showbiz and everyone’s goal, he could accept it. But to say he was Mo Zhen’s fan? Sorry, but there’s no such thing. ^_^

But he rather liked seeing netizens fight each other on Weibo because one could learn a lot of new things; ‘poison fan’ in particular was a word that he had just learned. In addition, some of the netizens had unnecessary ideas (for their entertainment), for example, the people who blogged here——

“Have Mo Zhen fans and Feng Jing fans fought today? [Eating popcorn]”

Frankly speaking, Feng Jing was also a bit surprised at the thing he was being dissed about by Mo Zhen fans. Mo Zhen debuted much earlier than him, and based on their current statuses, Mo Zhen wasn’t somebody he could compare to right now. But ever since he was awarded the Film Emperor award, a part of his fandom had never stopped fighting. Was it because the time between him getting that award and Mo Zhen having received it was far too close?

Feng Jing was still reading the blog when someone suddenly knocked on the door to his hotel room.

He subconsciously raised his head to glance at the clock on the wall. It was already 11.40 p.m. Who would come looking for him at this hour?

It was definitely not his assistant because he had the keys to the room.

He sat on the sofa and thought for a bit before deciding to get up and walk over. “Who is it?”

“Film Emperor Feng, it’s me, Zhu Shuyan,” a tender voice came from the other side of the door.

Zhu Shuyan! His pupils contracted ever so slightly. She was the heroine of this advertisement, a Chinese-Russian mixed-blood model who had risen in popularity recently.

“Miss Zhu, is something the matter?”

The person outside the door was silent for a while. When she spoke her voice was sexier than before by a few degrees. “There is something I wanted to discuss. Is it convenient for you to open the door for us to chat about it?”

Feng Jing spoke, “I’m sorry, I’ve already gone to bed. If it isn’t something extremely urgent, let’s talk about it at the studio tomorrow, alright?”

“……” This time Zhu Shuyan was quiet for an even longer period of time. She was holding a bottle of red wine in her hands as she looked at the closed door in front of her with disbelief. This man didn’t even open the door for her? That was the pinnacle of being ungentlemanly!

Or perhaps saying it was way too unromantic was more fitting.

Her heart had complaints and was quite unwilling, but she didn’t dare to thicken her skin and persist in staying in front of the door. Telling the person behind the door good night, Zhu Shuyan turned around in her ten centimeter high heels and left, her heels clicking against the floor. After hearing the fading sounds of her footsteps, Feng Jing returned to his living room. He yawned, turned off the computer on the table, and then lay down on the big hotel bed.

With the clock on the wall ticking softly in the background, Feng Jing dazedly heard some noises in the room.

Was the assistant here?

He subconsciously frowned before opening his eyes.

His viewpoint was unexpectedly very low, as if he was lying on the ground. His surroundings were also very unfamiliar——a fairly spacious living room, a low coffee table made out of glass, and a sofa that looked quite comfortable. The room looked to be fairly new and it seemed to have been carefully refurbished. Both the furniture and the hanging chandelier reflected the fashionable style of the inhabitant.

It was extremely clear that this wasn’t the hotel room his assistant had helped him book.

No, wait, why was everything painted in black and white???

He blinked his eyes hard, but the scene in front of him didn’t change. The world was made up of the three shades of black, grey, and white, as if it was a scene on a television from the sixties.

Feng Jing: “……”

He must have slept so much that he became muddle-headed.

He closed his eyes and prepared to sleep some more when he heard the soft click of a door opening.

Then there was a ‘bang’ that made even his heart jump slightly.

Alright… He struggled a bit, but in the end still decided to open his eyes.

It was still the room from before. The only difference was that a woman wearing pajamas had walked out of the bathroom.

A light-colored towel was wrapped around her head while a slender and long neck was exposed. Droplets of water rolled off her hair and onto her beautiful collarbone, before finally sliding under the collar of her shirt.

Feng Jing: “……”

This picture was too erotic……did he dream this up because Zhu Shuyan had been looking for him?

“Er Huang,” the woman walked over on slippers with big bows. “What are you looking at? Shouldn’t you be sleeping?”

She squatted down before reaching over and bending her back to rub the head of ‘Er Huang’.

Feng Jin: “……”

He realized suddenly with a slight sense of excitement that his line of sight was quite good since the lady’s shirt collar opened as she bent over.

…Feng Jing sunk into a contemplative state.

He was always a self-disciplined person and his springtime of youth had long since passed. Why would he, have… this kind of dream?

After the woman rubbed his head, she turned around and entered the kitchen. After she washed her hands, she took out a facial mask from her fridge.

Feng Jing raised his head to size her up——she was around a meter and sixty-eight centimeters in height and her face had gentle contours. With delicate facial features and skin that seemed as if it would break if a mere breath were to touch it, she was a beautiful woman. But he had never met her before, so why would he dream of her for no reason? And according to his past experience, the face of a person in a dream would be shrouded in uncertainty. Why was this woman’s face so clear?

Speaking of that, the things in this dream felt really real. When that woman had touched his head before, he could even feel the heat from the woman’s palm.

En, even the freshly-showered aroma from her body tickled his sensitive nose.

After the woman carefully placed the facial mask on her face, she walked into another room to the side. Feng Jing subconsciously got up before following behind her. He didn’t know why, but there was a scent on that woman that made him want to get closer to her. As if she was aware of the movement behind her, the woman turned around to look at him. However, because she had the facial mask plastered to her face, her enunciation became stiff: “Er Huang, why are you following me? It’s already past twelve, go to sleep ah.”

“Woof!” Feng Jing opened his mouth and unconsciously spit out a ‘woof’ sound.

Feng Jing: “……………”

This dream really went beyond his expectations. He turned his head calmly and saw his reflection in the living room’s glass table.

A handsome Chinese domestic dog.

His tail was even wagging.

Feng Jing: “…………”

It was definitely because he had been too immersed in his vampiric role, that he dreamed this kind of fantastic and somewhat charming dream.

En…! It had to have been that.

He glanced at the woman again before he turned around and returned to the pillow bed he had been lying on earlier.

Let’s sleep. That way, he could wake up soon. Although this woman looked quite pretty, he still didn’t want to become a dog——even in his dreams.


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