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Feng Jing woke up sprawled on the top of the hotel’s big bed.

He turned off the alarm on his cellphone, noting the time to be exactly six AM.

Feeling muddle-headed for two seconds, Feng Jing suddenly opened his eyes before staring at his hands and feet.

“……” Everything was exactly the same as they had been before he went to sleep, except for the slight pain at the back of his head.

He let out a breath before toppling back onto his pillow.

Sure enough, it was only a dream.

Inexplicably, he once again remembered that woman’s slim neck and beautiful collarbone.

No no no, he wasn’t a person like that. Only, that woman’s beauty really aligned with his tastes too well, so……did he create such a woman for himself in his dream?

……He began to seriously contemplate whether it was time for him to find a partner.

Feng Jing glanced at the front of the room, where he saw his assistant appear in the open doorway, before closing the door behind him.

“Mi XianEr,” he called lazily before rubbing his hair and sitting up. Mi Xie Er was his assistant. His last name was Mi, his first name was Xie Er and he was Chinese. Let’s not talk about why a Chinese person would want to give himself a foreign name, but every time he said that name ‘Mi XianEr’, he would have a sudden craving for rice noodles1.

“Mi XianEr, last night I had a very strange dream. I dreamed that I became a dog,” Feng Jing said to Mi Xie Er as he changed his clothes.

Mi Xie Er stood at the door and had a complicated look on his face as he stared at him. Feng Jing put on his shirt before giving the other a weird look. “What’s wrong?”

Mi Xie Er walked forward quickly before he tapped-unlocked the cellphone he held in a death grip and showed its screen to Feng Jing. He said, “It wasn’t just a dream, you actually became a dog!”

Feng Jing froze for a moment before his attention was quickly drawn to the video playing on the cellphone. The video  was obviously recorded last night, since he could see that he was wearing the same set of pyjamas. But the him in the video ran around with both his hands and feet on the ground. His mouth kept yelling ‘woof woof’ nonstop, as if he was……someone retarded.

Feng Jing: “……………”

He must have not woken up yet.

“I know that you actors have a course called liberating your nature, but this……you liberated yourself way too completely!” Recalling the scene from last night, Mi Xie Er still had some lingering fears. “You transformed into a person who seemed to have no reason and it was impossible to communicate with you. In the end, I had to knock you out before you stopped.”

“……” Feng Jing raised his head to look at him. “No wonder the back of my head hurts. So it was because you bashed it?”

“……I, I too had no other choice!” Knocking out your boss, what kind of action was that? Mi Xie Er’s heart was still a bit weak at the thought. “If I allowed you to stay crazy like that, what could I do if it attracted the attention of the other people in the hotel? Fortunately, it was only me who saw this!”

Feng Jing pressed his thin lips together and pondered this bizarre situation. Right now, the most scientific explanation for this was that when he had became a dog in his dreams, he had acted out the actions in his dream as he slept.

However, he didn’t have a habit of sleepwalking.

Mi Xie Er saw that he didn’t put any importance on how he had knocked him out and secretly sighed in relief. “Mister Feng, have you been feeling too stressed lately? I know that after you received the title of Film Emperor, some of Emperor Mo’s fans have been somewhat aggressive. How about you just stop surfing the web for now?”

Feng Jing sluggishly nodded his head. “En……”

Mi Xie Er saw his distracted expression and his heart became even more worried. “I’ll go report this to Supervisor Qin now.”

Feng Jing immediately recovered his thoughts. “There’s no need, I’ve just became a bit too engrossed in acting. A small matter like this doesn’t need to be reported to Qin Fan.”

“No way,” Mi Xie Er shook his head firmly. “Before we left, Supervisor Qin specifically instructed me that, regardless of importance, everything concerning you needs to be reported to him.”

Feng Jing: “……”

If Qin Fan had so many actors to supervise, where the heck did he get the free time to be so concerned about him?

He placed his hand on Mi Xie Er’s shoulder before revealing a smile. “Mi XianEr, I hope you can understand, but I’m the one considered to be your immediate superior.”

“……But, but my salary is paid by Supervisor Qin,” Mi Xie Er said, refusing to submit to his threat and holding onto his bottom line.

Feng Jing increased the strength in his grip as his smile took on a sharper glint. “But the person who decides whether or not to continue paying your salary is me. What do you think about that?”

“……” Mi Xie Er swallowed. “I think you’re right.”

“Very good.” Feng Jing released the other’s shoulder and continued to change clothes.

Mi Xie Er spat out a ‘phew’ sound as he sighed in relief. Film Emperor Feng’s aura was simply too overbearing.

After eating breakfast in the hotel, Mi Xie Er drove them to the movie set for that day. Today’s act was to be shot in a castle, and make-up for a vampire had to be applied onto Feng Jing.

The make-up artist was still the girl from yesterday. As she helped Feng Jing put on the fake fangs, her hands couldn’t stop trembling from excitement. From the side, Mi Xie Er watched them nervously. “Little Xu, be more careful! Stop your hands from shaking!”

“Ah ah ah, I’ll try my best!”

Mi Xie Er: “……”

After Feng Jing’s fake fangs were put on, Zhu Shuyan arrived at the movie set. When she saw him, she was almost blinded by his profile. This man was truly the epitome of extreme handsomeness and sexiness. His facial features were so perfect, nobody could find any faults. No wonder fans always liked comparing him to Mo Zhen. However, after last night’s events she couldn’t avoid feeling embarrassed. Ignorant of her discomfort, Feng Jing still politely greeted her, as if nothing was wrong. “Miss Zhu, good morning. What was the matter you were looking for me last night? I’m free to talk about it now.”

Zhu Shuyan: “……”

Was he doing this on purpose?

The ears of the little make-up girl and Mi Xie Er perked up. Did Zhu Shuyan go looking for Feng Jing last night??

Their small actions didn’t escape Zhu Shuyan’s gaze. She pressed  her red lips together before facing Feng Jing and saying with a smile, “It’s fine now. I was just too immersed in my character yesterday, and staying in a hotel room by myself made me a bit scared.”

“Is that so. You can try listening to some music or drinking some warm milk to help ease your mood.”

“Alright, thank you very much.” Zhu Shuyan forced a smile before walking to the side to get her make-up done.

Mi Xie Er moved closer to Feng Jing before lowering his voice and asking, “Last night, Zhu Shuyan went looking for you?”


“And then?”

“I didn’t open the door for her.”

“……” Mi Xie Er went silent for a moment as he pondered whether he should report this to Supervisor Qin. “I think it’s inappropriate for you to ask her that question like that. So many people are listening, and it’s easy to misunderstand.”

Feng Jing said, “Whether it’s appropriate or not, I do know for sure that she will never come looking for me again.”

Mi Xie Er: “……”

Film Emperor Feng’s methods were truly profound.

Because the advertisement had a vampiric theme, most of the shooting was done at night. When the crew got off work, it was already eleven o’clock. Feng Jing washed off his make-up and directly returned to the hotel. Today, he did not go online.Instead he took a bath after which he immediately lay down onto his bed——and even drank a glass of warm milk on purpose.

With this, he wouldn’t have another weird dream, right?

Drowsiness quickly pervaded his consciousness and Feng Jing sluggishly closed his eyes. Suddenly, a woman’s sharp scream beside his ear snapped him out of his lethargy.

……What is with this situation?

He furrowed his eyebrows and opened his eyes, before the corner of his eye twitched subconsciously.

He was here again. He was once again in the living room from yesterday night! He didn’t even go online, so why was he having this dream again?!

This time he was no longer lying in his dog nest and was instead curled up on the sofa. Not too far from him was a LCD television that was currently playing a movie.

“Ah!” Following the figure that had suddenly taken up the screen, the person behind him once again shrieked a bit.

Feng Jing turned around, and the face that met him was indeed the woman from yesterday.

The television probably showed another scary shot since the woman hugged him even tighter. His back pressed against a soft, marshmallow-like object.

Feng Jing: “……”

“Ahem.” The voice drew Feng Jing’s attention again. He turned his head in the direction of the television, and as expected, he saw Mo Zhen’s face.

It was “Ghost School”, a movie with a distinct theme that was said to have been specifically chosen by Mo Zhen in order to make his breakthrough. Feng Jing watched for a bit. Though this movie had become black and white in his eyes, it didn’t prevent him from studying Mo Zhen’s acting.

Mo Zhen debuted at only sixteen years old, while he himself had graduated with an acting major. Naturally, Mo Zhen didn’t undergo long professional courses, and so his acting skills were almost all tempered with real, authentic experience. You had to admit that he was an actor with heavenly talent.

Some people in this world were born to be on the stage.

The hair-raising soundtrack filled the room as the movie pulled out all its stops to create a frightening atmosphere. The emotions of the woman behind him were quickly influenced by the movie, and she hugged him with a death grip. Those mounds of softness became even more distinct as a faint scent from her hair filled his sensitive nose. They spared no effort in stimulating his nerves.

“……” He was a young, vigorous and normal man. Even if he became a dog in his dream, he was still a young, vigorous and normal dog.

In order to not have a reaction he would regret, Feng Jing began struggling in her arms.

“Don’t move, Dog Egg.” The woman unhappily rubbed his head.

Feng Jing: “……”

Yesterday he was still Er Huang, so how did he become Dog Egg today?

Women were really quite fickle.

However, it was imperative to escape from her hug immediately, so Feng Jing began struggling even harder.

“Woof woof!” He gathered some energy and jumped out of her lap. The woman looked at him with slightly furrowed eyebrows. “Why are you running? It’s almost done, and if you leave I won’t dare to finish it.”

Feng Jing: “……”

Then you should go to sleep earlier! Is watching a horror film in the dead of the night all by yourself  so exciting?

En, it seems to be a bit exciting.

But excuse him for not accompanying her, he only wanted to quickly wake up from this dream.

When the woman saw him lie down there and become motionless, she pouted and grabbed the cushion beside her to hug instead.

Once again, Feng Jing fell asleep dazedly. When he opened his eyes again, he was woken up by the six AM alarm he had set on his cellphone.

As he stared at the ceiling of the hotel room, Feng Jing’s expression was a cloud of confusion.

Why did he have this strange dream two days in a row? Was it to give him some kind of sign? Then, should he go find someone to help him interpret these dreams?

“Mister Feng, did you wake up?” Mi Xie Er knocked on the door before walking inside. Feng Jing sat down on the small sofa in front of the window, staring at the other person without saying anything, his hair dishevelled. Mi Xie Er sat down across from him and asked, “Did you dream about becoming a dog again last night?”

Feng Jing’s thin lips pressed together. “What did you record this time?”

Mi Xie Er opened his phone and handed it to him.

This was a new video. Like yesterday, he was wearing pyjamas and running around on four limbs before sitting on the sofa and scratching himself.

“Last night was a bit better than the night before. I was actually able to coax you to sleep. I stood guard here until you fell asleep, before leaving.”

Feng Jing’s face darkened. He threw the cellphone back to Mi Xie Er before leaning on the sofa.

What exactly is going on?


Translator’s Note:

1. Mi Xie Er is basically the phonetic way to say the name Michael in Chinese. For his nickname, Mi Xian means Rice Noodles while Er is means ‘Child’, (usually an endearment for a kid)”


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