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Seeing Feng Jing frowning across from him, Mi Xie Er couldn’t help but repeat his past words once again,“I still think it’s better to report this to Supervisor Qin.”

“No need,” Feng Jing said, immediately rejecting the idea. He didn’t want this matter to become even more troublesome. “I just felt a bit emotionally unstable recently. If you tell Qin Fan, not only would it be pointless, but it would even make me feel pressured. Wouldn’t that be counterproductive?”

“But……” Just when Mi Xie Er was hesitantly offering his argument, his cell phone started ringing.

The caller ID showed that it was Supervisor Qin.

Spotting it with his sharp eyes, Feng Jing tried to snatch the phone from Mi Xie Er’s grasp. However, Mi Xie Er was one step faster, he picked up the phone at lightning speed. “Good morning Supervisor Qin, may I ask if you have any instructions for me?”

Feng Jing narrowed his eyes and glared at him, the warning in his gaze as clear as day.

Mi Xie Er could not help but swallow, as he listened to Supervisor Qin on the other end of the line say,“There’s nothing particularly special. Has Feng Jing gotten up yet?”

“He’s already up. Everyday he gets up on time. Actually, there’s no need for him to get up this early for this shooting, but he’ll exercise a bit in the morning.”

“En, not bad.” Qin Fan was extremely satisfied with Feng Jing’s performance. “How has the shooting been?”

“It’s been going very smoothly. The director is extremely appreciative of Feng Jing’s acting.”

“That’s good then. Oh right, keep an eye on the lead actress, Zhu Shuyan . Don’t let her get too close to Feng Jing. Feng Jing just became the Film Emperor, so I don’t wish for any detrimental rumours to spread.”

“Supervisor Qin, you can rest your worries. Feng Jing truly minds his own business, and keeps out of trouble. Last night, Zhu Shuyan knocked on his door, but he didn’t even open the door for her!”

Qin Fan laughed, “Alright, keep it like that. Make sure to take good care of him.”

“I will, Supervisor Qin.” Mi Xie Er finished talking, before he hemmed a bit, as though he wanted to say something more. Feng Jing could see him hesitate. So, he abruptly snatched away the other’s phone before he put it near his own ear. “Supervisor Qing, already checking up on me this early in the morning, ah?”

Qin Fan noted the phone had now passed to Feng Jing, and thus added two more remarks. “Of course,, Film  Emperor Feng Jing is currently our most popular cash cow. We have to be concerned about you at all times!”

“Haha, you have the nerve to actually say that out loud.”

“It can’t be helped. To be in our field of work, one must have a thick face.”

Feng Jing: “……”

That’s right, there was no one else.

When he heard Qin Fan’s secretary talking from the other end of the line, Feng Jing seized the chance to hang up. “Supervisor Qin, you should go back to your work. I’ll stop bothering you now.” When he finished speaking, he simply cut off the call and stared at Mi Xie Er who was sitting across from him.

Mi Xie Er was momentarily rendered speechless.

“Uh, Mister Feng, I didn’t plan to tell Supervisor Qin about the video matter, really!” Mi Xie Er pledged, his face the image of sincerity.

Feng Jing smiled darkly before saying, “That’s great then. You don’t have to worry too much either. After I finish shooting this advertisement, I’ll take a temporary hiatus. I’ll also take this time to adjust my condition, and I believe I’ll get better very quickly.”

“Alright then.”

“Also, all the videos in your cellphone, delete them.”


After dealing with Mi Xie Er, Feng Jing finally got up and went to the washroom to freshen up. When he sat in the car as they drove to the studio, he didn’t close his eyes to rest like he usually did and instead took out his phone before opening a webpage.

After he typed in the phrase “dreamed of turning into a dog” into the search bar, Feng Jing patiently waited for the page to load as he drummed his fingers lightly on his armrest.

There weren’t many results from this keyword search. After he looked at them for a bit, he clicked on the first link explaining the phenomena.

“In the very near future, the reader’s horoscope will be bleak. Every matter will be unfavorable. When you do things, you must absolutely abide by your ethical bottom line. Take care to not be reduced to a black sheep that will corrupt your family’s reputation, resulting in your ancestors turning in their graves.”

Feng Jing: “……”

This site was certainly not reputable or reliable.

Mi Xie Er watched him play on his phone the entire trip and became very worried about the shooting. Fortunately, Feng Jing had always been an actor who acted professionally. When he was faced with the camera, he detached himself from his personal emotions and devoted himself solely into acting out his role.

After he was finished with the day’s work, Feng Jing sat on the hotel’s big bed and became lost in thought. As time slowly ticked away, his drowsiness became increasingly heavy. However, he couldn’t fall asleep.

For the past two days, when he slept, he would dream of becoming a dog. Thus, as long as he didn’t sleep, he wouldn’t dream either, and thus, he could solve the problem at the source.

Seeing how the clock’s arm was about to hit twelve, Feng Jing thought he should find something to entertain himself. Or else, it would be really easy for him to fall asleep if he simply sat there. Then……he could just go and look around online!

As he got up and turned on the computer, the pointer of the clock hit twelve.

The scene in front of his eyes suddenly flashed, so Feng Jing subconsciously blinked——but in the time it took him to blink, he once again appeared in that living room.

Feng Jing was too shocked for words.

He really couldn’t relax or lower his guard!

Feng Jing’s mood felt unprecedentedly heavy. Why was it that, even while awake, he still ended up dreaming this dream?

He lay flat on the ground for a while to organise his feelings before he raised his head to look at his surroundings.

Today, the living room didn’t have its lights on. It was dark in the room, and the only fragments of light came from the room attached to the corridor. The only sound was the tapping of keys on a keyboard every now and then. Presumably, that woman was currently in the room and using the computer.

The slightly cool night breeze entered the room from the window. Feng Jing glanced at those half-open windows and started walking in the direction of the balcony.

This balcony was sealed with glass. There were even some clothes hanging there, drying in the wind. Feng Jing stuffed his head between the crack in the fence before looking down. The view didn’t seem too high, so it could be estimated that this floor was only the seventh or the eighth. Below was a neighbourhood area with ponds, a pavilion, and greenery that looked pretty good. Under the streetlight, a man and a woman were pulling and pushing each other. They seemed to be a quarrelling couple. Feng Jing tried listening carefully and found out that he could actually catch parts of their conversation.

“Lili, just listen to me……”

“Scram, I don’t want to listen!”

“It’s not……”


Feng Jing: “……”

Judging from the crispness of the sound, that slap must have carried quite a bit of force.

When he removed his gaze from this small couple, there were also two tall buildings within the area he could see. He counted the floors with extreme patience; there was a total of twenty-one floors. Further down, there was the door to a little neighbourhood. Outside the gate was a road. On the other side of the rood was a river with water that flowed slowly. There was probably a barbeque stand beside the river, because he could smell the scent of roasted meat even from this great distance.



Boom Gate


A car was parked in front of the small neighbourhood’s gate. The security gatekeeper helped them raise the boom gate before the car slowly drove in. It’s headlights swept through the grassy field and alerted a stray cat. With a “meow”, it tunneled into deeper depths.

Feng Jing’s expression looked grave. If it was a dream, could it really be so detailed? Did he build this many details in this dream?

A meticulously planned out neighbourhood environment, a young couple arguing under the streetlights, stray cats in the grass, and the smell of roasted meat in the air——these things all plainly told him that this wasn’t a dream, it was reality.

He stood alone on the balcony where he withstood the biting wind for ten minutes before he finally shook himself and returned to the living room.

He was someone who didn’t believe in spiritism, he was firmly of the belief that  reality is solely determined by what you can sense. Ever since he was young, he was taught according to the logic of scientific thinking. This absurd thing of becoming a dog, if it was the past, he would have never believed it. But now that he had the facts laid out in front of his eyes, it was impossible for him to continue deluding himself. He did not know how this thing had happened, or even why it had happened. Perhaps he should wait until he had returned to City A before finding a heavenly master to take a look at him?

This idea made him feel a bit self-deprecating. The kind of person he hated the most before was probably the only individual who could help solve this dilemma. The only fortunate thing about all of this was that he found out that he only turned into this dog in the middle of the night.

According to what had happened in the past two days, he should have switched bodies after twelve. So if he set twelve o’clock as the first point of body-switching, when did he switch back the next day? His alarm clock was set at six AM, so this switch should happen between twelve o’clock and six AM.

In order to clearly find out when he switched back into a human’s body, Feng Jing lay on the sofa and stared at the clock on the wall. When he was brought out of his thoughts, the alarm clock by his ear was already ringing.

Feng Jing: “……”

Last night, he still fell asleep.

He remembered that his last memory was at three thirty, which meant that before three thirty, he still hadn’t switched back.

Faint footsteps could be heard from the direction of the door. Feng Jing saw Mi Xie Er’s hesitant expression before he rubbed his hair and climbed out of the bed. “You don’t have to say anything, I already know. There’s also no need for you to film videos to show me.”

Earlier, he had been feeling lucky about how he only switched into the dog’s body at night, but he had forgotten that when he became a dog, that dog became him! Therefore, had he been swapping souls with that dog? He’s seen so many stories with the soul-switching plot device in films, novels, and anime, but those people always switched souls with the heroine. So why was he switching souls with a dog? Who were you looking down on ah!

Mi Xie Er stared at Feng Jing’s face, which changed at least a thousand times. The corner of his mouth twitched, but in the end he only answered with an “alright”.

On the way to the studio, Feng Jing sent a text to his mother. “Good morning ah~ ^_^”

Queen Mother of the West: Did nobody tell you that this smiling emoticon is very unfriendly looking? ^_^

Feng Jing: ……I thought that all of you middle-aged people believed that the emoticon meant a smiling expression?”

Queen Mother of the West: Then, do you feel our middle-aged people’s love for you? ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

Feng Jing: ……En, it’s awfully profound.

Feng Jing: I was wondering, that Daoist priest you had recommended to others before, was he really effective?

Queen Mother of the West: What, didn’t you use to say that all of these things were feudalistic rubbish? ^_^

Feng Jing: I do believe that, but I have this friend who keeps on saying that they met some dirty thing in the studio. He asked me if I knew any effective priests who could help him do a cleansing ritual.

Queen Mother of the West: The person I introduced is very busy. He might not necessarily have time. Also, he’s a heavenly master, not a priest. ^_^

Feng Jing: “……”

Were there actually so many people who believed in ‘heavenly masters’? Feng Jing cringe at the thought.

Queen Mother of the West: I sent the contact information of his secretary to you, go tell your friend to make a reservation.

Feng Jing: ??????

Feng Jing: There are secretaries? You have to make an appointment?

Queen Mother of the West: What were you expecting otherwise? It’s already the twenty-first century, little child. ^_^

Feng Jing: Oh, alright, thank you. ^_^


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