Chapter 25 – The result of Suzuella-san’s excitement and rampage

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I pondered on Mooks-san’s words for a moment. I thought for a bit but it was a result of Suzuella-san getting recklessly excited and reckless splendidly in every way. All I contributed was just the bento box…and the rest fundamentally doesn’t concern me.


Firstly, the bento box. This, I worked hard on it as well but I didn’t start it to make it into a product at first.

The bento boxes of this world simply involved wrapping rice balls and breads. Even when bringing side dishes, it was just lumps of wrapped up meat or fish. That’s why most of the townspeople just dine at a food stall or restaurant. Although it is a digression, it is a medieval like world and it was surprising that there were rice balls and proper rice.


So I just used an appropriate wooden box to make into a bento box and handed it to Mooks-san. At first he was like [What is this?], but once I explained, I remember him being very happy and satisfied. Since then, I have been continuously making bento boxes.


I was sidetracked for a bit, but anyways Suzuella-san saw this bento box and got extremely excited. While he was excited, he tried to sell the bento boxes at the Company and the problem started from here. He couldn’t sell it because everyone’s image of the bento box was like the one I said earlier.

Even if you tried to inform everyone of the usage of bento boxes, paper was expensive and it was not feasible to print. Also, the image wasn’t conveyed well through words so it was ambiguous. So, for a certain period, instead of selling normal bento boxes, I decided to sell bento boxes filled with food. Naturally, it was decided that I was to make the food. If it was like this, they would be able to understand the usage of it; and once they are aware of it, they can use it. It didn’t sell well at first, but it gradually spread and now it’s become a big hit to the point that bento boxes were synonymous with Suzuella Company. Suzuella-san happily gave me a report but it was vague for me. Because there were many more better things…it can’t be helped that I think like that!


The surprising thing here was that as my special bento boxes were sold, the sales of the surrounding restaurants and food stalls decreased and complaints increased. So, how about sending home delivery from the restaurants? Speaking of it, it seems that they were pleased with this unprecedented system. Since my bento boxes were only made for a fixed period, it was decided to sell them at food stalls instead. And if we spread the idea of mobile catering, this again was an unprecedented new system so they were pleased…consequently, a large order of bento boxes to be used by both sides came in. Suzuella-san was very excited and happy.

As they were things I said without permission, I remember being relieved that they weren’t angry with me.


With regards to the black wooden board and white soft stones, it was supposed to be the blackboard and chalk. Though it was only an imitation of it.

To practice writing, I get tired before I even learn how to cut wooden boards, and writing on the ground is also troublesome. Also, paper was expensive…but someone like me who remembers by writing really wanted to write so I remembered the blackboard.

I made black stones into fine powder and adhered onto the wooden board, then I also made the white stones into fine powder and mixed it with water and made it into the shape of a chalk when it’s hardened, that was when Suzuella-san coincidentally witnessed it when he came over to the Agency and earnestly requested it so when I handed over the pseudo-blackboard set, it was sent to the development department straight away. Then it was commercialization. Since I used magic to crush the stones, I only remember being anxious on how to respond if they asked me how I crushed it into fine powder. Though in the end, I wasn’t asked.


With the pen, I didn’t even make an imitation of it. Only, I had muttered about it.

While I was writing, I wasn’t used to dipping the feather pen into the ink bottle to write and when it was a bother and annoying, I had suddenly/casually remembered about fountain pens. So unintentionally, when I mumbled [If only there was ink in the pen holder], Suzuella-san who was listening to me got excited and rushed to the development department and after numerous trial and error, successfully commercialized it. Now it’s become a popular product along with the other related products.

I was also really saved by this! Because, with the ink bottle, ink drops, spills and becomes dirty…well, I was speechless at my clumsiness. Many times I felt like breaking the pen…now it’s just a nostalgic memory. I don’t ever want to experience that a second time.


The alcohol lamp…it was also an imitation of an alcohol lamp.

When I was doing small tasks in my room, it was troublesome using a candle every time and I also felt that using a candle just for me was a waste. So, relying on my knowledge from my previous life, I put alcohol of high purity in a bottle at home, opened a hole in the lid, tied it with a rope and used fire to use it. It was then witnessed by Suzuella-san who coincidentally came over to the house to deliver something I forgot to bring, and from the moment it was witnessed, it brought great excitement and huge rampage. He swiftly took the alcohol lamp with him without any room for argument. After that, it was improved at the development department and commercialized. At that time, it was the first time I felt that Suzuella-san was scary.


The “light” in this world doesn’t seem to be that developed so it seems like the difference between the rich and the poor was clearly shown.

The aristocrats and rich people use magic artefacts, but the commoners used candlesticks. However, not all commoners used candlesticks. Candles were fairly expensive and the poorer families couldn’t afford it, and if they needed one they would buy things like pottery lanterns made of earthenware, use a brazier, or light fire on torches but it was normal to be without light. So it seems that the release of the alcohol lamps shocked the whole world. Alcohol of high purity was cheap because there was no use for it and others didn’t know what to do with it, so it was possible to purchase the product itself at a low price, and now even those families who couldn’t buy candles could buy these. Therefore, it sold explosively well and it was adapted into everyone’s lifestyle in no time, is what I feel like Suzuella-san who was greatly excited explained to me as such. Again, I didn’t do such a big deal in this as well.


With the final rolling chair, while I was doing office work at Suzuella Company, small movements were cumbersome so I attached small wheels to the foot of the chair. This again, was naturally noticed by Suzuella-san and was rolled to the development department. After that, I was really surprised when it was actually commercialized.

After it was released, I was curious whether it would actually sell but it seems that the rolling chair was novel and sales were focused towards the aristocrats. It appeared that no one had thought to attach wheels to the chairs. Incidentally, when I also said that attaching it to shelves, making it easier to move and keep things tidy and in order, the development department jumped on the idea and it was also commercialized. It seems that this was similar in structure with the tea wagons/trolleys so it was easy to develop. Well, it’s only attaching it onto shelves. But this again, it appears that no one had the idea to do so. Also, this sold better than the rolling chairs, and the development department seems to have attached wheels to many things for research.


I recalled and thought about it, but apart from the bento box, they were made because I didn’t like troublesome things. How lazy…am I. Moreover, it was knowledge from my past life and not my original ideas, and I didn’t take part in any of the commercialization and improvements and so forth. As I thought, it’s not like I’m amazing. If someone is amazing, it’s Suzuella-san who had discovered the various items and commercialized them. Should I say it’s his sense of smell or the insight to notice successful items. I think his luck in meeting those items is amazing.


[Even if you say [How is it!], as expected the amazing one is Suzuella-san and the people of the development department, and so it’s not me? Basically, I didn’t take part in it. To begin with, the fact that it started from my soliloquy or trial items was kept a secret so there’s no way it’s a reason to be kept an eye on.]


[Something like a secret is bound to be leaked. The more you try to hide it, the more people will try to uncover it. This time, it’s not necessarily bad information commercially, so everyone will speak lighter of it soon. Especially since everyone likes Az-kun. And it also seems like they want to brag about it.

Besides, anyone can understand if they investigate a bit about it. What has changed in the recent Company. Anyone can predict it if they investigate from the day the Company met Az. Especially, the people of the same trade, they probably have considerably investigated already?

Also the main issue is that you, from the earnings of the products how much do you think you have received? That’s why you get traced.]


Ehh? From something I’m not aware of, that’s scary!!

Actually, when it was commercialized and the products started to sell, Suzuella-san drew up a written contract for me. Because the items were my ideas he said. I refused since I wasn’t involved in the process of commercialization, but Suzuella-san was a person of firm character and did it properly. I also became somewhat apologetic, but I got the fundamental earnings, and my shameless heart decided to accept it and signed it!!

Thanks to that, my migration funds accumulated at once and my future had opened up! Even now I’m still saving up so I’m very much saved. Thank you! Suzuella-san!! I’m sorry I thought you were scary for a second. My head won’t raise.



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