Ossan Idol : Chapter 22 – The Second Advent of Evil and Miroku Giving His Best.

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22. The Second Advent of Evil and Miroku Giving His Best.

In the sea of office buildings, they turned towards Shishinomon Hills1, which had recently been trending.
The location of the shoot was inside the Café Terrace. The terrace seats were halfway up the building, it was a green space just like a midair garden, and events such as open-air yoga classes were also held there.
Today was just Miroku’s shoot, and they also planned on participating in the meeting with the publishing house. Lately, Miroku had been growing in popularity because he had to give light interviews too; jobs having him doing shoots plus something kept on increasing.

「This is the first time I’ve entered this building! Isn’t it amazing!?」

「There’s so many escalators here, I feel as if I’d get lost if I came alone…」

「Ehh? Don’t tell me…… Ah, but at the restaurant just now, Miroku-san turned towards the kitchen asking to go home,, right? The shop assistant ended up stopping you.」

「Please don’t say that……」

Fumi turned back while leading in front of Miroku, and laughed like a mischievous child.

(It’s humiliating. But cute.)

Miroku who felt slightly humiliated, patted Fumi’s soft hair that was lightly bouncing about. Fumi, who voiced out an enigmatic「Nyooooooooo!」at her messed up hair was too cute. But even while his heart was in agony, Miroku strengthened his penance of feigning composure.
(I need money)
「Huh? Those people……」

The two women they had seen many times and two men who seemed as if they were surrounding them were at the meeting spot before the shoot.
Toward the men who were saying something, the women replied, 「Please stop it」,「I don’t know if that’s the person in charge」. If you looked long enough, you’d see that they were the other party at today’s meeting.
In any case, they thought that you ought to call out to an acquaintance whenever you see them in trouble, them — thus they turned there.

「Miroku-san, those men are from before……」

「Hm? Ah, Gesuda and Ahōya2? What are they doing………」

When Miroku got close, the two women seemed relieved. Seeing that look, Gesu-Aho looked at Miroku in a loathsome manner.
At last, the moment had arrived. Miroku was thinking ,‘Should I use the Eight Extremities Fist3 I have thoroughly practiced from the video?’……and dangerous things like that, but he was at a loss after seeing the faces of the two who suddenly seemed be elated.

「You, aren’t you from the other day?!」

He flusteredly pulled Fumi back, who seemed to be trying to protect Miroku with her small body. Fumi, who was like a small animal too, was a woman of action. A slight feeling of anxiety floated across, that she might have been slightly influenced by Mihachi. Anyhow, Fumi was eager to protect Miroku. Gesu-Aho ignored that and targeted Miroku.

「Oh, fatty Ōsaki, how many times will you get in our way? We’re talking about work so get lost you jobless bastard!」
「At best you must be having a part-time job, right? Aren’t you acting haughty when it’s only a part-time job?」

「Wh-what are you saying! Miroku-san is our magazine’s model!? There’s a limit to being rude!!」

The women from the publishing house pressed Gesu-Aho for answers.

「What are sayin, this guy’s a model? You’re old, what’re you doing? Are you an idiot?」
「Do you know that this guy was fat? And that he was fired from his company? He’s thin now, but he was fat and ugly before.」


The two women fell silent, and Fumi was trembling with a bright red face.
Miroku just looked silently at the two.

「Eh, isn’t it shocking that such a handsome model was fat and ugly…… the magazine’s popularity would also plummet.」
「If that happens, recommend some of our health foods. It’s fine even if you regularly subscribe at our company.」

One of the women turned to the two men who were laughing in a vulgar manner and took a step forward.

「We know.」


「I’m saying we already know about it. We signed the contract for an exclusive model while knowing that. There’s a photo of the sports gym he goes to in the pamphlet. So what?」


「Gesuda-san, Ahoya-san, if we do not end this here, there might be legal action taken by our office. Moreover, this is not the place for sales of health foods. Do you understand?」

As expected, Miroku persuaded both of them. Immoral actions that are unpardonable as a person will cause trouble to the people around……but it was Gesu after all.


The moment Gesuda reached out to grab Miroku by the collar, Miroku grabbed his opponent’s wrist and brought it down while twisting his little finger.

「Ow-ow-ow!! Ouch!!」

Gesuda, who was unable to bear it and fell on his bottom, similarly brought down Ahoya while slipping on the floor.
Seeing the guards arrive at the same moment, Gesu-Aho ran off in a hurry. As expected, they thought it’d be bad if someone contacted their office. But the women from the publishing house were brimming with complaints against the health foods office. Their circumstances were heard by the guards, and as Gesu-Aho’s identities were also confirmed, a complaint from this building would also be lodged.
…………There was no hope for them in the future.
「Haa……I was of no use again ……」

「What’re you saying? Just with Fumi-chan backing me up, I received considerable help.」

After the shoot ended, on the way to the car, Fumi let out a huge sigh.
Miroku placed his hand on Fumi’s head, as she seemed dejected.
He patted her saying ‘well, well’. If it were Nina, her mood would improve in a blink of an eye, but Fumi’s spirits didn’t quite lift up.

「I was helped out? I’m grateful for everything, do you wish for anything from me?」

「……A hug or a kiss.4

「Eh? What?」

「……Sorry, it’s nothing.」


Miroku, who had been silent for a long time, paused.

「Huh? What happened Miroku-sa……!?」

Fumi was hugged by the tall Miroku as if she were being completely wrapped.
For a moment, she didn’t realize what had happened. But when it continued for long time, she soon was dyed in red up to her ears.


「Thank you, Fumi-chan.」

Whispering in Fumi’s ears while hugging her, he brushed his lips lightly by her earlobe with a kiss.

(Nevermind the hug, but a kiss!!)

Not losing to Fumi who was feeling dizzy with a bright red face, was Miroku who also had an equally flushed face.
In the end, the both of them reached the office unable to pull back their blushing, and they were cross-examined by Yoichi’s smile.


1. It’s probably a parody of Toranomon Hills. 獅子(Shishi) means lion, whereas 虎(Tora) means tiger. It’s also the third tallest building in Japan.

2. The reappearance of past characters! They’re Miroku’s former (scum) colleagues. You might remember them (or not) from chapter 6.

3.Bajiquan is a Chinese martial art that features explosive, short-range power and is famous for its elbow and shoulder strikes. It originated in the Hebei Province in Northern China but spread to Taiwan and other places.

4. Sfx for Hug(ギュー) and Kiss(チュー)

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