Waiting Upon You – Chapter 1 Act 3

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Act 3, Picture

“You want to continue working under me? Okay, ” Feng Hao spread his legs widely, “ Just crawl through my legs and you will still be my dog.”

Ling Lang had never experienced such a great humiliation, right at this moment, he could have stood up and took the completely unguarded Feng Hao as a hostage. It would allow him to retreat safely from the green dragon gang and go back to being a cop.

However for the sake of eradicating the evil forces, for the sake of avenging the wrongful death of his girlfriend, he trembled as he made the first move, then the second…

Everyone in the hall laughed loudly without restrain.

Ling Lang had just crawled a few steps, but without any warning, Feng Hao firmly gripped his legs, causing Ling Lang to be unable to advance nor retreat.

Feng Hao ‘s charming voice slowly resounded throughout the huge IMAX theatre, “Did you think that it would be so easy to be my dog?”

A close up of Ling Lang’s face was being broadcasted on the screen, he had his eyes closed, brows furrowed, with an expression of pain. A moment later, he slowly lifted his head, as he opened his eyes, within them you could see unwillingness, humiliation, forbearance, determination, all the inner turmoil that an undercover cop would go through was brilliantly displayed in this scene.


“——What are your thoughts and views towards this movie?”The reporter stopped  some moviegoers that had just watched the movie premiere for a short interview.

“It was brilliant, the confrontation between the 3 men was an aspect worth watching.”

“The ending was like a joke, however, I like it.”

“This is the first time in 10 years that I watched a movie and did not fall asleep.”


“——What are your evaluations towards the actors acting?”

“Ling Lang is indeed the King of the Silver screen, he does not disappoint with his acting.”

“The actor for the superior was also good, acting against the King of the Silver screen and holding his own without the slightest bit of disadvantage.

“The triad’s young master was a new actor? I couldn’t tell at all.


“——Which scene left a deep impression on you?”

“The part that the superior accidentally injured his own daughter?”

“The scene at the ending where the superior pointed a gun at the undercover cop’s head, however the undercover cop hugged the young master and fell off the cliff with him.”

“No, it should be the close up of Ling Lang having to endure the shame of crawling through the thighs that had an impact, leaving a lasting impression. I think that scene was the one that moved me the most throughout the whole movie. After watching that act, I could sympathize with his difficulties, as though I am the one kneeling there and bearing all the difficulties. A grown man is able to give and take, the myriad of acting skills Ling Lang had was astonishing.

“Senior, the movie has finished it’s screening, we should head off to the celebration dinner now, if we delay we will not be able to leave,” Feng Hao’s face appeared right before Ling Lang’s line of sight, the latter looked at him practically with abhorrence.

Ling Lang did not have any prejudice towards Feng Hao, however he had just finished enjoying a 120 minutes long movie, he still wished to savour the feeling of being immersed in another world only for Feng Hao to appeared with that young master’s face in a bright and radiant manner. Anyone who saw that moment would have felt the image being destroyed.

Ling Lang slowly adjusted his mood, only then did he get up and leave through the vip passage.

There was a bunch of reporters clustered all around the exit of the passage, seeing that Ling Lang had exited, the majority of the people clamoured around and surrounded him.  

“Are you satisfied with your performance?”

“We heard that you have expressed your dissatisfaction about the newcomer that was supposed to act the role of the triad young master, is that true?”

“Someone spilled that the scene in which you had to bear humiliation had to go through several NGs, is it because of the incident which caused problems between the both of you?”

All along, towards this type of interview Ling Lang would not answer any questions as that was his usual way of doing things. Today however for the first time he had actually answered one of the questions, he even gave his manager that was currently creating a path for him a shock.

“There are no problems between me and Feng Hao, in fact he is pretty good for a newcomer, he has the potential.”

The media was in a state of shock, these type of perfunctory words if it was spoken by other people it would just be courtesy, however these type of words being spoken by Ling Lang carried a different weight, ever since Ling Lang made a name for himself, he had never publicly praised any newcomers. Immediately after, all the questions asked was about Ling Lang’s views or relationship in regards to Feng Hao, they tried to pry more words out of the King of the Silver screen that had rarely accepted interviews in the bid for more scoops.

Ling Lang clearly did not have any indication to continue, the questions that the reporters had asked thereafter was as though it had been for naught, all they got back was silence. Just when the reporters were about to become thoroughly disappointed, Feng Hao, a friend of the media, magically appeared behind Ling Lang.

 “In regards to the NG…..”

All of the reporter’s microphones changed direction, even the hand used to press the shutter button was about to cramp.

Feng Hao continued to say, “ As this was my first time working with teacher Ling I was so nervous that I continuously made mistakes. However Teacher Ling would patiently coach me during break time, he would even make small talks with me to calm my nerves, only then did the filming progress so smoothly. In fact Teacher Ling is a warm hearted person in private.

In his heart the manager felt like he was about to vomit 3 litres of blood. Warm hearted! I had followed him for almost the entirety of his career and I still don’t know what is called warm hearted!

Reporters grasped the gap in time to repeatedly asked questions, “This is the first time that Ling Lang had praised a newcomer publicly, as the recipient being praised may I know what are your thoughts regarding this?

As far as I know you should be the first person to use the word warm hearted to describe Ling Lang, what is it about you alone that made him treat you differently?”

“Do the both of you get along very well?”

Feng Hao once again showed his signature smile, “ Teacher Ling is my idol, I had admired him for many years, to be able to get his acknowledgement, it is my greatest honour.

“If I may ask, would the both of you still look forward to working with each other again?”

“It is exactly what I hope for, but I do not know if Teacher Ling would still be willing to guide a junior like me?”

The reporters uniformly turned their gaze towards Ling Lang, for a moment he hesitated before saying, “If there is a chance.”


All of the reporter’s eyes glowed, in regards to the manner in which Ling Lang gave his commitment, his manager could predict the front page headlines for the major media companies, it would definitely be, King of the Silver screen shows support for newcomer, it could even be said that Feng Hao’s road to stardom would be promising.

He felt like complaining when he thought up to this point, there were so many newcomers that seeked for such an opportunity, yet they had all retreat in defeat under Ling Lang’s aloofness, he did not know what kind of abilities Feng Hao possessed, he had manage to change the previous attitude of objection that Ling Lang had about him, in a blink of an eye the attitude coming from him differed as if the judgement came from 2 different people.

Although he was busy thinking, his movements were not delayed in the least bit, the professional habit that he had developed over the years had transformed him into an invincible way making machine, clearing any obstacle in the path, using the fastest speed possible he sent Ling Lang up to the car.


Only when the car started moving did Ling Lang question the extra person in the car.

“Don’t you have a car of your own?”

Feng Hao laughingly said, “My manager asked me to take a taxi over, however this venue is not a good spot to get a lift, please let me take this free lift instead.

The manager sitting in the front seat almost froze to death from his cold joke, however he still had to struggle over it to smooth things over, “That’s right, since we are all going to the hotel, having an additional person will not matter, after all teacher Ling is a warm hearted person in private.”

Ling Lang was not in the mood to pay any attention towards his manager’s sarcasm, he leaned his body back and closed his eyes,”I do not want to attend the celebration dinner, send Feng Hao to the hotel, after that go home.”


His manager helplessly said, “What?”

“Just say there is a traffic jam, we will not be able to make it.”

His manager was flabbergasted, even a 3 year old kid would not believe this excuse  alright?

“You are the lead actor after all, it will not be appropriate if you do not attend this occasion, even if you attend just to show your face it would be good enough…” In his heart the manager knew that it was hopeless yet he still wanted to persist in trying.


“Isn’t this just a formal dinner? We eat at the start of filming, end of filming, premiere debut, we still have to eat when we get the box office record, I am here to act and not to eat,”Ling Lang firmly refused.

Feng Hao burst out laughing, “Since senior is not going then I shall not attend, could I trouble you to help me apply for a leave as well, the reason…….just tell them that I am stuck in the traffic jam with senior.

The manager felt like weeping but had no tears, do the people from this school all have IQ problems?

Ling Lang slightly opened his eyes after hearing what was said, “ everyone’s evaluation of me will still be the same regardless if I attend or not.”

There was implications, people would say that he was being a diva, but there were comments like these all along as such it did not bothered him, however towards a newcomer such as Feng Hao, this type of accusations would have a huge repercussion.

Feng Hao laughingly said, “ Senior of such a good character and prestige did not bother about those shallow evaluation by others, all the more it would not bother me. “

Once again his manager was helpless, just within these few minutes there was another f*cking adjective, good character and prestige, he must jot it down in a small booklet, next time just in case if someone were to ask him what is Ling Lang’s good point, he would at least be able to say a few.

“Moreover, I am a nobody, no one would realised I am not there even if I did not attend,” Feng Hao added on mockingly.

Out of the three male leads there would only be two missing, it would definitely not attract other people’s attention, the manager was grumbling in his heart while on the other hand he was sending a message to the assistant waiting at the meeting place, telling her that these two masters would not be attending, after that he swiftly switched off the phone, to avoid the predictable harassment that would ensue..


“Senior since you are not going to attend the dinner party, do you want to come over to my house?”In a moment of spontaneity Feng Hao enthusiastically invited him over.

The manager thought in his heart, he had never once came to my house.

Ling Lang stared at him without making a single sound.

“Let’s go to my house and watch《The Brave Lives Forever》okay? I have been busy recently, it has been quite some time since I have watched it.

“I have came, I have lived, I have died. No one would be able to escape a fate such as this.”

“One day all of you would perish, where else I, today, right here, would live forever.”

Gunshot rang out, lights dimmed, curtains dropped, 10 seconds of silence, followed by a thunderous applause.

Feng Hao went to switch the lights on, the sudden brightness made Ling Lang shut his eyes, however the final act was still retained in his eyes, as though it was frozen there, it did not fade away for a long time.

“No matter how many times I have watched it, it is still wonderful,”Feng Hao said praisingly.

“Viewing it based on the current times, the acting skills were too immature, even the lines are crude,” Ling Lang was not being modest when he said that, there were a lot of classic movies over the years, the audience’s taste were always changing, at that time this stage play was capable of causing a commotion in the campus, looking at it now it is just merely an ordinary work.


“Senior you should not depreciate yourself, in my heart it is an unbeatable classic. I’ve even watched it repeatedly especially the part where the lead actor was arrested and led to the execution ground.”

After Ling Lang heard what he had said, his mouth felt parched for some unknown reason, “Do you have any water?”

“Yes, I’ll go get it,”with quick steps Feng Hao walked towards the kitchen.

“Ice water.”


Ling Lang was bored while waiting, a dvd lying on top of the dvd player caught his eye, it looked really new, there were neither words or labels on it, evoking his curious.

The dvd was placed right out in the open, it was probably nothing secretive.

Ling Lang conveniently removed the old dvd, replacing it with the new, he played it after he found the remote control.

After a period of dimness, Ling Lang’s face that was filled with struggle appeared on the screen.

The moment his face appeared on the screen, Ling Lang practically could not believe his own eyes, it was the original clip where Feng Hao had NG 7 times, it was not edited or meddle with. His heart held indescribably complexed feelings as he finished watching the first, only to discover there was a second, then the third…

Ling Lang could recall the scene even when he closed his eyes, 3 video cameras, 3 lined up shots, from every position, every angle was focused on him, all the fine details of his expression was unreservedly recorded and filmed.

This was the first time that Ling Lang saw Feng Hao’s expression during the NG, every time when it was on the verge of concluding the scene, the look in Feng Hao’s eyes in that split second shrink and turn stiff, no wonder the director would call cut every single time.


That last line from the director sounded out, rousing Ling Lang from his reverie, it was only then did he realise that Feng Hao had been standing behind him.

Ling Lang looked at him disbelieving, “How did you get these discarded films?”

Feng Hao glanced at the television, the screen was frozen with the close up on Ling Lang’s face, “Senior are you referring to these? I specially went to the post production company to ask from them.”

“How were you able to get it?”These original films are all copyrighted that belongs to the production company, even if it was not destroyed, it is still strictly prohibited from being given out, even the director is in no position to ask for it.

“I used my connections to secretly get it,” Feng Hao winked his eyes at him, “Senior please do not mention about it to anyone else.”

It was only then did Ling Lang recalled being told that he seemed to be the film producer’s younger brother,  “What did you want it for?”

“I want to improve,” Feng Hao laughed embarrassingly “I wanted to know what caused me to be NG so many times by the director, I wanted to find out what was it about my acting that was inadequate.”

“Why did you have to choose this scene out of all the others?”

“Above all the others, this part left me with an especially deep impression ”Feng Hao lowered his head slightly, “That time due to this I made senior unhappy, I felt guilty about it from the bottom of my heart.”

“I wanted to reflect on myself, so that in the future I would not make the same mistake, as such I requested for the film editor to burn a copy of the DVD ,” Feng Hao cautiously probed, “Senior, do you mind it? I really had no ill intentions.


Seeing that Ling Lang skeptically accepted his excuse, the precaution that he had mostly disappeared, it was then did Feng Hao recalled the cup of water in his hands, using both hands to pass it over, “Senior, your water.”

“……Thank you,”Ling Lang was reminded by dry feeling in his throat, he took the cup of water and drank it in one gulp, yet he still felt unbearably heated up all over.  

“Can I use the bathroom?”

“Don’t be so formal,” Feng Hao pointed the direction out for him, “It’s right there.”

Ling Lang poured cold water on his face, he concentrated on holding his breath reciting the heart sutra twice to himself, it was lines from a part of the script he had to memorize for his previous film, only then did he manage to barely suppress the unexplainable and restless heat in his heart.

Feng Hao’s house was pretty big, the doors of all the room were closed tightly, there was only one door that was widely opened as if it contained magic attracting Ling Lang to check it out.

Although he knew that entering other people’s room without permission was a rude thing to do, however Ling Lang could not help himself from stretching his hand out to seek for the switch on the wall.

Lights filled the room in a split second, Ling Lang’s eyes widen in disbelief, in this room that was obviously the master bedroom, there was actually an extremely huge portrait of himself hung up on the wall.

That picture was none other than《The Brave Lives Forever》,it was precisely the final close up of him being bound and led to the execution ground to be executed by the firing squad.

Ling Lang had still yet to recover from the huge shock, when he heard a soft laugh coming from behind him, “ Haha, you have discovered it.”

He turned around suddenly, what he saw immediately was a different side of Feng Hao.

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