Chapter 34

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Xia Mei Wei’s words kicked up an existential crisis inside me. I loved them? I truly loved them? I didn’t know, but one thing for sure was that I didn’t appreciate being toyed with here and played for a fool there. I did not want them to pick up an adorable wife without a snitch and live their lives happily ever after.

Envy and hatred are really terrifying things.

I decided to listen to Xia Mei Wei’s advice. Even though I didn’t have the courage to murder a person, and I didn’t have the self-confidence that I could make them love me unconditionally, I did have one thing up my sleeves that I could use. In society’s eyes, their relationship with me was taboo, and didn’t all rich and powerful families fear scandals? They always meticulously hid these ugly and repulsive activities in the dark. Even though they did it, they couldn’t say it.

At this point, there was nothing I was afraid of. Even if I was willing to withdraw right now, Chen Yan Mei and Mrs. Zhao wouldn’t let me off so easily. I had lost my chastity and thrown away my dignity. What else was there to lose?

Grasping my resolution, I decided that starting tonight, I’d begin to carry out my plan of revenge. I wanted them to pay the price equivalent to my suffering, and I wanted them to know that even if I was a nobody, I wasn’t an existence born for them to toy with or humiliate. I wanted them to feel the same pain of having their heart broken like mine.

From the wardrobe, I took several pairs of sexy lingerie that I had never worn before, and stood in front of the mirror comparing them. Weren’t they obsessed with my body? Well then, how about I use this tainted body as a weapon?

“Miss, what would you like to eat for dinner?” Mama Yu knocked on the door and entered my room, asking what dishes I wanted for dinner.

“Mama Yu, it’d be great if you could prepare some light and plain-flavored dishes. Also, you don’t need to send dinner to my room today. I’ll come to the dining room myself.” I gave a rosy smile as I answered her.

Mama Yu stared blankly for a moment, as if she were confused by the unexpectedly cheery look on my face. However, she quickly recovered and gave a smile.

“Miss, I’m glad to see you’re doing better. Seeing you like this makes me feel at ease. These past few days, you’ve been looking so down that I really have been so worried. Even though the young masters don’t say it, they’re also very worried about you. These past few days, they haven’t been getting home from work until very late, and even after they return, they don’t say a word. The atmosphere in the house is very heavy, and the Madame doesn’t dare speak very much with them.”

“Really? I’m sorry I made everyone worry. I was mostly worried that the bruise on my face would scare people away, so I didn’t want anyone to see it. We girls have to take good care of our skin, right?” I pretended to act spoiled as I responded to Mama Yu.

“Right, as long as Miss is happy, it’s all good. Tonight, I’ll prepare a few more dishes.” Mama Yu laughed as she left and went downstairs.

I immediately wiped the spoiled look off my face and looked at my reflection in the mirror. The woman in the reflection had an icy expression, and her eyes were laced with a strange gloominess.

Was this me?

At dinner time, I punctually went downstairs to the dining room. Mama Yu had already prepared a table full of delicious food, including things that I liked as well as the things that the twins liked. They had not yet come back, but I knew they would be back soon. In the afternoon, I made a phone call to the Zhao family business and they were in the middle of a meeting, so I asked their secretary to tell them to come back home on time for dinner. I believed that they would not refuse my request.

Mrs. Zhao was not in the dining room. I didn’t know whether she had gone out to tea parties with rich women or if she had actually gone to do something useful for Taiwan’s economy. However, I didn’t care if she was alive or dead. After being repeatedly insulted by her, I couldn’t wait for her to disappear off the face of the earth. I really regretted being so soft-hearted that day. I should have let Zhao Yi Bo chase her out of the house right away.

However, I was no longer a pitiful thing that was going to take everything quietly. Even if I didn’t have the strength to fight her face-to-face, the Zhao brothers did, and was confident that I could trigger an intense standoff between the mother and sons. Would she suffer more when her children rebel and strike back at her? I really wanted to know.

Hearing the sound of a car in the driveway, I hurried to straighten the pretty dress that I specifically picked out, and got up to greet them at the door.

“Welcome home.”

I threw myself into Zhao Yi Xuan’s arms, who was the first to walk in. Standing on tiptoes with my arms stretched out to wrap around his neck, I kissed him on his cheek.

Because of my enthusiasm, he froze in place. His deep and bright eyes looked at me doubtfully, as if trying to guess what kind of game I was playing at.

Before he had the time to think, I had already let go of him and pounced on Zhao Yi Bo’s chest, who entered the door soon after, and similarly planted a kiss.

Zhao Yi Bo also froze.

I took the high-class leather briefcase that was filled with documents and textbooks from their hands and tossed it without a thought into the living room. Then I grabbed their hands and pulled them into the dining room.

“You’re in luck! Mama Yu prepared lots of yummy things today.”

However, their eyes didn’t even shift towards the delicious food on the table. Rather, they were closely fixed on my face, and their watchful eyes seemed like they could penetrate my skin.

I felt little flustered on the inside, but I immediately pushed it down.

“What’s with the weird looks? Is it because you’re getting engaged, so you won’t look at me anymore?” I looked at them while pouting, looking upset.

“Not at all.” They answered, and shifted their gazes away from my face.

Not at all? Was that referring to not getting engaged? Or that they wouldn’t look at me anymore? I didn’t want to think about it, and I wasn’t willing to think about it. Thinking would just make it harder for me, and right now there was only one thing I was settled on — revenge!

“I’m hungry, so let’s eat.” I intentionally left out Mrs. Zhao who hadn’t yet returned, and directed my suggestion to them. That damned witch, it’ll serve her right if there’s no dinner left for her.

“Sure.” They agreed with my proposal and sat down at the dining table. They gracefully picked up their chopsticks and started eating.

A small amount of pleasure welled up inside. It seems like I was more important to them than their mother.

While we were in the middle of eating happily, Mrs. Zhao returned.

As before, she still had that dignified and noble look. Her face was exquisitely made up with cosmetics, and her hair was gracefully coiled into a bun. She was wearing an elegant and rice-colored suit. Frankly, she truly was very beautiful, and her mannerisms were very polished. You faintly could see her looks in the handsome faces of the twins, but the haughtiness and disdain in her eyes ruined this sense of beauty.

She was carrying several shopping bags from various boutiques, which probably contained an afternoon’s worth of “luxuries.” I don’t think I guessed wrong. Besides from window-shopping, chatting about the weather, and obsessing over her beauty, what else could a rich housewife like her actually do? Why did useless rubbish like her always look down on ordinary people who worked hard to survive?

I minded my own business and continued to eat, and didn’t greet her [1]. The Zhao brothers also did not take the initiative to greet her.

That familiar anger crawled up her face.

“You little bitch that doesn’t know manners, how can you be so shameless? The host hasn’t even come home, yet a freeloader like you starts eating like that?” She shot her cannon at me.

I leisurely swallowed the food that was already in my mouth, and then put a pitiable expression on my face. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Zhao. I didn’t grow up in a rich family, so I don’t understand proper etiquette. Please don’t blame me. I just haven’t eaten properly in days, and when my mood became better, I felt like I was starving. Also, they didn’t say I couldn’t.” I prodded her lightly. Didn’t her two upper class sons also begin to eat with a ‘little bitch that didn’t know manners’ without waiting for her to come back?


She understood the underlying taunt behind my words, and her fury burned even stronger. She glared at me as if she was about to tear me to pieces, thirsting for my blood. However, she didn’t have the courage to do this. The bruise on her wrist that was hidden behind a scarf was still there, and it was obvious that she had gotten her own lesson on that day.

She angrily spun around and left the dining room.

I continued to eat the delicious food, and a certain degree of understanding appeared in the twins’ eyes. With their astuteness and experience, they should have been able to hear the ridicule in my words, but they did not intervene in this quarrel between women. I actually felt like they seemed pleased that I had bared my fangs like a little lion and rebelled.

I thought to myself that with my exquisite performance and life-like acting, perhaps one day I could make my debut in Hollywood, and even win Best Actress at the Oscars.

Translator’s Notes:

[1] Ah, I kind of sort of didn’t think of this until now, and I wasn’t sure if this was obvious or not. In Chinese culture, greeting people is a huge thing, and failing to greet someone is really bad and considered to be really impolite! [back]

TL: And that’s our final release for this week! The next release date will be January 21st (“National Hugging Day” lol)… mostly because I struggled to find a holiday in January. In either case, expect around 4 chapters on that date — a smaller release this time, but it’s an appetizer for another big one to come on Chinese New Years in February. Cheers to 2018 and a brand new year!

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