Chapter 35

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After finishing dinner, I went back to my room to make preparations, while the twins went to the study to begin working. I heard from Mama Yu that recently the Zhao family business was undergoing some internal corporate restructuring, so their workload had become immense all of a sudden.

In my bathroom, I took a sumptuous bath filled with fragrances, and changed into the pair of red erotic lingerie that I had already set my mind on. I casually covered myself with a suggestive lace robe, and went downstairs to the kitchen to brew a pot of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Soon after, I walked into the office.

Inside the office, Zhao Yi Bo and Zhao Yi Xuan were each sitting in front of a computer. There were several open documents next to each computer.

“Lately you two have been really busy, right?” I casually pushed these documents that I didn’t know if they were important or not off to the side, and cleared up a space for myself on the messy table. I put down the coffee that I brought, and asked them tenderly.

“Mhm. We’re going through internal restructuring, so we’re a bit busy.” Zhao Yi Xuan glanced at my actions, but didn’t criticize me. All he did was collect those documents into a pile and pick them up. Then he placed them onto the floor.

“Restructuring? Why is the company going through internal restructuring?” Wasn’t the Zhao family business always very successful in its business operations? I heard that within the few months of this year, they had already made 12 million in profits. What was the rationale for undergoing major restructuring that could potentially disrupt the company morale?

“There are many officials in the Zhao family business that support either my father or mother. These people are obstructions in our path to acquiring full control of of the company, so the internal restructuring process is the perfect opportunity to dispose of them.” Zhao Yi Bo did not even hesitate to tell me information that practically should be classified as a company secret.

I blanked out for a moment. I uneasily teased them: “Why are you telling me something so critical like this? Aren’t you afraid I’ll tell your enemies, and allow them to seize this opportunity to launch an attack on you?”

“If that is what you want, then by all means go tell them.” Zhao Yi Bo laughed, and then lowered his head and continued to read the document in his hands.

I felt extremely astonished about this. Did they really trust me that much? Or were they saying that they were willing to give up everything so long as I wanted it? No! This must be a trick of some kind! They must be whispering sweet lies to me! I berated myself silently. Don’t be swayed! Don’t be soft! No matter what, I had to return the suffering they gave me a hundredfold!

“Then stop working. You’ll never finish your work, so spend time with me. Earlier I watched a very scary movie, and I’m too scared to go to bed by myself.” I spoke with a cutesy voice, and my tone laced with enticing allure.

Their eyes left their documents and landed on my face. They blazed and flamed with broiling fire.

“Is this an invitation you’re making?” Zhao Yi Xuan stood up and slowly approached me.

“What if I said no?” I tilted my head and pointedly asked this.

However, he didn’t respond to my question and descended with a savage kiss in response to my flirting. Zhao Yi Bo also embraced me from behind and passionately nibbled on my snow white neck with his teeth.

“N-Not here… let’s go back to the room…” I used my last bit of reason to squeeze out a suggestion. I didn’t come here to give them free lunch. I needed them to pay the price, which I would depend on a trusty little apparatus I had set up in my room to use to negotiate.

“Okay,” they answered. Zhao Yi Xuan picked me up easily and strode towards my room. Zhao Yi Bo followed us from behind.

As soon as we walked inside, Zhao Yi Xuan impatiently put me down and crudely ripped off the the robe that was a lattice of lace, revealing the erotic underwear underneath. The scarlet silk fabric made my skin look even whiter, and my plump breasts were thinly wrapped in silk. My nipples were erect with excitement, forming small protruding mounds on the fabric. My vulva was faintly discernible below the silk covering. Starting from my knees, two sets of thin red ribbons twisted up my thighs and joined at the confluence of my hips before continuing to coil around my abdomen in circles like a constricting vine. It gave the impression of a slightly ravish but beautiful painting.

This scene cause the flame in their eyes to burn even hotter with passion, and they ruthlessly feasted on me with their hungry eyes, as if they wanted to swallow me whole.

I swallowed my saliva, slightly afraid. From the corner of my eye, I glanced at the large vase that was full of fresh flowers in the corner of the room. Following my line of sight, Zhao Yi Bo also looked at the vase in the corner of the room, and something peculiar flashed through his eyes. However, any trace of abnormality very quickly disappeared from his eyes, and his passionate gaze once again descended on my beautiful body.

“Sweetie, you’re too beautiful. So beautiful that we can barely hold back from eating you up.” While whispering this, he lightly nibbled on my delicate earlobes.

“Stop!” I struggled to free myself from the torment of their large hands, and under their dangerous look of displeasure, I declared: “If you want to keep going, listen to what I say. Otherwise, you’re going to be stuck being best friends with your right hand tonight.”

They looked at me with slightly astonished looks, as if they were shocked by the unrestrained and shameless words I uttered. In the past, I was always embarrassed, timid, and passive in receiving everything that they did to me. Apart from the time that they used aphrodisiacs on my body, I had never moved of my own accord, and I had never kissed them willingly during sex. This 180 degree turn in behavior was bound to surprise them.

However, letting go of the tasty dessert that was already in their mouths was not their style. Their bloodthirsty and belligerent personalities caused them to eagerly push the limits, even though they knew that this might be a trap.

A night of passionate bodies entwined with each other thus began.


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