Chapter 36

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By the time I woke up, the sun was already scorching in the sky. I crawled out of bed from exhaustion, and my entire body ached unbearably. It almost felt like I had been torn apart and put back together again.

My god, last night was too intense.

Since the day I tried killing myself, they hadn’t touched me for a whole month. Having their passion explode out all at once was simply too much for me to take. From what I understood, they hadn’t gone looking for any other women during the period of this month, and acting with such self-restraint must have been  difficult to bear for two adolescent and energetic boys like them. However, they endured it. Even though my body had recovered long ago, they didn’t force me to do things against my will like they used to.

This was one reason why I didn’t immediately jump to ruin them after I obtained the thing I wanted last night.

I leisurely made my way down the stairs, thinking about rummaging for something to eat in the kitchen to replenish my lost energy. What I didn’t expect was for Mrs. Zhao to be sitting in the living room. It looked like she was waiting for me. The ashen color on her face immediately told me that she wasn’t pleasantly seeking for me.

I walked around her and headed straight for the kitchen.

“Stop right there!” She stood up and shouted at me.

I turned around and looked at her with scorn. What did she want to say to me this time? She probably wants to take advantage of the fact that the twins weren’t here to take her revenge on yesterday’s affairs at dinner.

“I had always assumed that you were Xuan’s mistress. I’d never imagined that you were more shameless than I had ever dreamed, in bed with two men simultaneously at night. You don’t have the slightest drop of modesty.” She mocked me with the stone look on her face.

So it turned out she had found out that Zhao Yi Bo, Zhao Yi Xuan, and I had slept together last night. No wonder why she looked so distressed. She suddenly found out that both of her sons were completely smitten by me, so she must have been shocked furious.

“It’s true that I don’t have the slightest bit of modesty. I’m still young and not married yet, so what’s wrong with comparing how good two men are in bed for a bit? Saves the trouble of regretting it after getting married and raising an extra-marital mongrel out of lust.” Modesty? Wasn’t it ironic for a woman who was having an affair and even gave birth to an illegitimate child to discuss modesty with me? Did she seriously think she was a saint of modesty?

“You impudent bitch!” Hearing the implied undertone of my words, her face reddened and she burst out in anger. “Who do you think you’re are? You’re just a prostitute that will sleep with anyone who pays money.”

“Getting paid for sex? Doesn’t sound bad at all. At least it’s better than a certain somebody who can’t get anyone to sleep with her unless she pays cash.” I shot back without the slightest reservation.

After spending so much time with the Zhao brothers, I knew all about the Zhao family’s deepest secrets. For instance, I knew that after Mrs. Zhao separated with Mr. Zhao, she was now financially supporting a man who was slightly more than a year younger than her. Furthermore, she had two kids with this man. I found it hilarious that this kind of woman would have the nerve to criticize someone else for modesty.

“You foul-mouthed woman, just wait and see until I rip apart your mouth!” I had pushed her over the edge, and she pounced on me furiously with her claws and teeth bared.

Looking at her warped face unable to keep up its grace, I thought to myself that despite how elegant she had been before, right now she wasn’t that much different from a cat that just had their tail stepped on, bristling and ugly.

“If you dare touch me, I’m immediately going to the newspapers to reveal your scandal to the media. You should know that after sleeping together with your sons for so long, I know pretty much all the bad scoops on you. I even have pictures.” I threatened flatly.

Mrs. Zhao rigidly froze in place, not daring to move another inch towards me. She even stopped all her hooting and hollering. However, her eyes were still filled with hatred, and they were so contemptuous that I felt like they could carve me to pieces.

I stopped paying attention to her and I turned around to enter the kitchen to find something to eat.

After casually digging out something to satisfy my rumbling stomach, I went back to my room. I took out the digital camera that I had hidden in the flower vase and I uploaded the contents to the expensive laptop that Zhao Yi Bo had given me.

The laptop screen started playing scene after scene of passionate sex that was embarrassing to even look at.

Using a screenshot tool, I took a couple pictures of the spiciest shots, and prepared to have them developed into photographs. [1]

To the high society of wealthy aristocrats, a man playing with a few women wasn’t a big deal at all, and it wouldn’t raise much of an uproar. But what about two brothers engaging in risqué sex acts with the same woman at the same time? How much of a clamor would such a taboo relationship cause? It was even possible that it would involve other scandals that the Zhao clan expended great effort to conceal.

As I thought about how much of a controversy I would cause for the Zhao family, a cold smile emerged on my face.


Translator’s Notes

  1. TL: The setting of the novel is the early 2000’s [back]


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