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Warning: BL, R18, Tentacles

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elf xiu

Chapter 78.1 Reader: Why give up treatment?

He likes Xiu so why not take the initiative?

Du Ze reached out to embrace Xiu.

Just like now, he wants the two of them to be closer and it’s better for them to act as equals. Then, shouldn’t he do something to dispel this bit of uneasiness?

Du Ze pushed Xiu away. A silly, cute person wanted to take the initiative. He wanted to speak but did not know what to say; because he cares so much, he became too nervous and tongue-tied.

What should I say? “Come at me right now?” That doesn’t seem quite right …This young man has seen a lot of things online. In this case, well, he should say, something like –

Gazing into Xiu’s eyes, Du Ze, with an impassive face, uttered the first line that came to his mind.

“Fuck me from the front.”

(TN: 正面上我 – it’s a meme, please don’t ask me and don’t google it because the pics you will get … Anyway, it means exactly that, “fuck me.”)



…… WTF!!!

Once, Du Ze thought that “meow” would be the biggest failure of his life, but now he knows that stupid people can become even stupider. Du Ze was almost ready to cry as 100 million grass mud horses shouted inside his brain “you’re sick, why did you give up treatment?”

(TN: “grass mud horses” is a popular expression that I kept in since it’s widely used as a form of symbolic defiance of China’s censorship laws. It’s a homonym of “fuck your mom” but metaphorically the grass mud horse is a cute animal that looks like an alpaca. “Why give up treatment?” 为什么放弃治疗 is just a colorful way of saying “you’re sick in the head, you need treatment!”)

Xiu reacted before Du Ze regained his composure. The silver-haired elf stretched out his hand and tangled his fingers in Du Ze’s hair, forcefully pulling his head closer to Xiu’s.


Xiu’s face was reflected in Du Ze’s dark eyes. His skin was covered with a layer of light like exquisite, delicate white jade. At this distance, the beauty of Xiu’s face was greatly magnified and made Du Ze breathless.

Xiu’s tongue invaded Du Ze’s mouth, as hungry and intense as a man who was lost in the desert for a long time and desperately craved the manna inside Du Ze’s mouth. This ferocity was hard for Du Ze to bear so he closed his eyes. His tongue was licked and his entire mouth was ferociously invaded so that he even had difficulty swallowing his saliva. All of the elf’s actions revealed longing and affection. Xiu kissed him harder and harder until Du Ze was pushed back. Du Ze’s hand on tree began to quiver and he was almost unable to hold himself up.

Wanting to fall…

His lips were seized so Du Ze could only make a few soft sounds. He raised his eyes in a panic, looking into the clear green eyes like autumn water. In the moonlight Xiu’s expression was cold and indifferent, as though this person stood high above common folk, lofty and hard to reach. However, all his actions spoke of desire that formed a striking contrast with his refined and unemotional appearance. This contradiction in his looks and actions was quite thrilling, unconsciously inducing others to lose control and fall.

A moment of inattention led to Du Ze losing his grip. His body fell backwards and a sense of weightlessness flooded his whole body. He instinctively hugged Xiu so the two of them fell down from the branch together.


In midair, Xiu used plant magic.

Tendrils sprouted from his skin and extended outwards, slowing their fall. The two men fell to the ground, making countless tiny glowing spores fly up. There were numerous luminous fungi under the elf forest with umbrella-like caps, paving the ground like the stars in the Milky Way.

Amidst the swirling dots of light, Du Ze lay on thick, dry moss. He looked up at Xiu with amazement – he hadn’t thought they would really fall from the tree. Although Xiu summoned the plant tendrils in time, the thought that he and the Moe Lord had fallen down was unbelievable.

It’s like losing your composure.

Xiu bent his head down. His long hair streamed down like a waterfall as he kissed Du Ze, pressing him against the ground, reluctant to leave him alone even for a second. The crystal clear moonlight on the elf’s flawless white skin and dark green tattoos added an air of mystery and bewitchment to Xiu. Faced with such a beautiful creature, no one could even think of rejecting him.

His lips were repeatedly kissed. Du Ze felt his pants were being untied and the dazed Du Ze didn’t understand – Xiu’s hands were above him so pulling down his pants were …?

Du Ze’s outstretched hand touched the tough skin of a plant. He realized that those plant tendrils had not disappeared. The vines wound up along Du Ze’s arms like snakes and climbed over his shoulders.

… He suddenly had a very bad premonition. Is it you, my companion?!

Hardcore Gay Doujinshi: Some people have to be pushed for them to take action.

More branches spread out from the vines and, thoughtfully leaving Du Ze’s headphones alone, pulled his pants off. When he realized what was happening, Du Ze wanted to save himself from the imminent danger by tearing away the twisted tendrils, but his arms were stretched above his head and his hands were covered by Xiu’s. The thin, flexible tendrils crawled up from under his clothes and explored Du Ze’s body. They held Du Ze tightly but not painfully, as if they were happily wrapping up their prey.

The Moe Lord did not read that part of the doujinshi, so how did he teach himself tentacle play? Ah! T口T

Du Ze was crying tears of blood inside when he felt the tiny tendrils touching his sex then immediately climbing it. The soft vines wrapped his semi-hardened thing then started contracting and loosening up around it like a small mouth. The intense stimulation made Du Ze close his eyes. His hips tried to buckle but he was held down on the ground by Xiu so all he could do was tighten his hands on Xiu’s. A tiny twig rubbed against the top of Du Ze’s sex. Right at that moment, Xiu let go of Du Ze’s lips and was rewarded with a seductive moan.


After his climax, Du Ze lay on the ground, gasping for breath, unable to say a word. Xiu opened Du Ze’s legs. A vine crawled onto his fingers and secreted a slippery juice. Xiu used his fingers to smear the slippery juice inside Du Ze.

Du Ze opened his mouth, wanting to speak, but a tendril eagerly stuffed itself inside his mouth, passionately and forcefully entangling his tongue that was trying to evade the tendril. His mouth was filled to the brim. Du Ze was somewhat dismayed and shook his head. Xiu licked off the transparent bodily fluids dripped down from the corners of Du Ze’s mouth.

Xiu took off his robe and he lifted Du Ze up. The elf’s hard and hot thing slowly entered Du Ze’s body and, for the first time after (the silly) Du Ze begged him, Xiu spoke: “I’ll fuck you hard from the front.”

The elf’s tone was very light but the words he spoke were unusually vulgar. Du Ze flushed red to the ears. From his present point of view he could clearly see all of Xiu’s movements, including the place where their two bodies were connected. Du Ze was embarrassed and wanted to turn his head away but the vines wrapping him up wouldn’t let him move. He could only watch as that huge thing entered his body.

Really, really swallowed it all–

The intense visual impact made a layer of sweat form on Du Ze’s body. He has never felt this sensation so clearly – Xiu’s hot sex forcing his way inside, making his inner walls expand to receive him. Much of the slippery juice that was used as a lubricant was squeezed out and slid down Du Ze’s thighs. Xiu held Du Ze by the waist and continued to thrust. Wet sounds came from the place where their bodies merged; the air was filled with a sense of overpowering desire.

The vines tangled up two people. The soft tendrils pushed Du Ze’s clothes up then climbed up his chest. The slightly rough skin of the vines rubbed his sensitive spots; they no longer made him ache and instead brought a strong feeling of pleasure.

Xiu held Du Ze. The elf seemed to love thrusting into Du Ze’s most intimate part. It was more than the impact of the strong hard thrusts; it was more like a sweet torment. Du Ze was trembling all over. All his sensitive points were teased by the plants. He scratched at the vines weakly, like a little kitten stretching his claws.

“Ahh …”

He did not know how long it had been since they started. Du Ze felt as though his body was no longer his own. If the vines weren’t supporting his body, he would have limply fallen down in a puddle. The plant in his mouth has retreated but all he could do was moan.

The lush vines wrapped up two people who were intimately stuck together without any gap. After the intense stimulation of his body, Du Ze was extremely tired but also extremely sensitive. When a tendril moved, Du Ze trembled.

Xiu looked intently at Du Ze with earnest eyes as if he wanted to burn Du Ze’s image into his retina. The black-haired youth looked a little pitiful. His skin was covered with green and red marks from being kissed, licked, and entangled. The deep and shallow bruises on his skin gave him an air of melancholy. Xiu stretched out his hand and his fingers lingered on the red mark; his green eyes were as dark as the deep pools.

This is the mark he made.

Layer by layer he encircled this man.

Du Ze moaned. His insides were not able to hold Xiu’s hot fluid. The white substance overflowed and trickled down Du Ze’s thighs but Xiu showed no signs of stopping.

Du Ze’s vision was hazy as he looked at the elf who was once again raising him by the waist. In his exhausted brain floated words that Yi Ye Zhi Qiu wrote: The elf race are a group of very indifferent people, they gave away their passion …

… Who are you trying to deceive, you bastard! T皿T



It’s quite scary.

This man can make him lose control just by saying a few words.

— [black box]


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