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Chapter 80.2 – Tower of God: Gnome Ruins

(Warning: BL NSFW)

Although the thought wasn’t appropriate, Du Ze thought that this kind of Moe Lord is somewhat pitiful and also … adorable? A silly, cute person suddenly had the impulse to reach out to pat the other person on the head.

His fingertips touched something velvety soft. By the time Du Ze came to his senses and realized what he was doing, his hand was already on Xiu’s head, touching his round lion ears.

Xiu’s ears twitched when they were touched. They felt itchy and trembled, either to avoid Du Ze’s fingers or to rub themselves against his hand. Finally, he broke down and softly rubbed his head against Du Ze’s hand.

Growls poured out from Xiu’s throat. They sounded like suppressed roars which drew Du Ze’s attention to what he was doing to the beast’s ear. Just as Du Ze realized how much trouble he was in, he was suddenly pressed down to the floor by Xiu. The beastkin rubbed his body against Du Ze and something hard and hot slid back and forth along his thigh.

“Let’s do it, okay?”

Xiu held Du Ze and rubbed against the spot that had reacted. The beastkin’s golden eyes were shiny and he was like a big puppy running around his master excitedly, acting like a spoiled child.

“Come on, ~ ”

… How can this young man possibly refuse!

Xiu’s enhanced eyesight let him see his own silly, cute person nod in slow motion. His animal ears twitched, then perked up in excitement. Xiu licked Du Ze’s lips – like a predator tasting his prey before eating it. The delicious taste seemed to be to his liking. The beast began to eat his prey.


This was the first time Du Ze saw his clothes torn apart so thoroughly and even his headphones had difficulty surviving. Xiu smiled, exposing his sharp teeth, seemingly ready to take a bite. He leaned over and put his head on the hollow of Du Ze’s shoulder then took a deep breath.

Du Ze seemed to hear the roaring of a wild beast. His hair stood up instinctively.

Xiu began licking and sniffing him. Du Ze felt it was strange; the soft, thick tongue seemed to have countless small bumps on it, like a brush, that swept over and stimulated his skin. As Xiu worked his way down Du Ze’s body, Du Ze couldn’t help but start to struggle.

“Don’t …!”

Xiu held down the struggling Du Ze, enthusiastically licking his lower body, his flexible tail pulling open Du Ze’s legs that were trying to close. Xiu’s hair spilled over Du Ze’s thighs. The beastkin roared deep in his throat, stimulated by the taste and scent of his prey. His fiery hot breath scorched Du Ze as he turned the black-haired youth over then pressed their bodies together.

Kneeling down and unable to see what Xiu was doing made Du Ze lose his sense of security. Du Ze wanted to turn around to see the situation behind him but he suddenly felt a dull pain on his neck – Xiu bit him.


Xiu bit the back of Du Ze’s neck but he didn’t use much strength, it was more like an animal holding someone by the scruff of his neck. Du Ze had no choice but to comply. Xiu’s fingers were preparing his backside but there was something else there, too. He felt something soft and fluffy trying to squeeze into his body from behind.

Du Ze only realized it was Xiu’s tail when most of it had already entered. The tip of the lion’s tail was fluffy and as it rubbed his inner walls. It felt as though a tongue was licking his insides. It tickled him so much that Du Ze couldn’t help but try to reach out to pull it out; however, Du Ze was pressed down, unable to move. He could only instinctively contract his inner walls to stop the tickling feeling.

Xiu’s breathing was becoming more and more unsteady. His excitement made his pupils contract, almost becoming a straight line. His movements were now very impatient and urgent, like a fierce animal that wants to devour Du Ze. He licked Du Ze’s neck and the barbs on his tongue made the neck and shoulders of Du Ze a colorful red and purple.

It feels like I’m being eaten.

That’s what Du Ze thought. Then he really was “eaten” by Xiu behind him.

As a result of his 0-point restore skill, even though he has done it several times with Xiu, Du Ze’s body still resisted Xiu’s intrusion just like the first time. Du Ze breathed deeply. Although his body was still unused to this, he more of less knew how to relax his body in this situation. There was the ache of tearing then the expression on Du Ze’s face became indescribable as he felt something strange. He sensed that the thing that had completely filled his insides without a gap seemed to be different from before …?

This young man knows that a feline’s thing is barbed! Although the Moe Lord is a lion, the beastkin have barbed … This young man understands but still can’t accept that! Ah! QAQ

Xiu grabbed Du Ze’s waist and began pumping forcefully. Sweat dripped down from the beastkin’s red hair down to his beautifully sculpted muscles then down to Du Ze’s back. Du Ze shuddered, whether it was pain or pleasure, he didn’t know. He thought that the cat’s barbs would cause great pain but didn’t realize that Xiu deliberately drew the barbs back in, like a cat retracting his claws. As Xiu thrust in and out, not only did the barbs not hurt Du Ze, they also kept unexpectedly rubbing his most sensitive spot.

The sounds of heaving breathing and two bodies hitting each other echoed through the workshop. Xiu stroked Du Ze’s waist with his hands and his tail repeatedly caressed Du Ze’s thigh. As Xiu moved, Du Ze’s body involuntarily spasmed and his inner walls contracted.

Du Ze’s neck was bitten by Xiu and his entire body was so violently aroused that he couldn’t help but come.

The beastkin’s golden eyes narrowed. His hands circled Du Ze’s waist and he thrust in deeper into the hot, humid, and soft place, pouring a scalding hot fluid into it.

“Ah …”

Xiu held Du Ze’s limp body in his arms. He gradually applied more force to his teeth that were biting Du Ze’s neck.

Du Ze slowly returned to consciousness after his climax, only to find that the thing which was buried in his body was once again erect.

It is said that cats can mate 50 to 60 times in a row?

This little student can’t handle that! Q口Q

Xiu, behind Du Ze, was acting like a lazy feline. He swung his long tail back and forth cheerfully as he licked and nibbled the curve of Du Ze’s back. The rock-hard thing inside Du Ze began to expand the wet inner walls that, having been used once, were incredibly sensitive. Because of the barbs’ stimulation, the inner walls that were wrapped around the intruder trembled and began to contract as if it was trying to suck that thing like a small mouth.

Xiu could not help but nibble on Du Ze’s neck again. His tongue tasted salty sweat and his nose was full of Du Ze’s scent.

Du Ze uttered a kitten-like whimper. Xiu’s thrusts shook his entire body. He felt like he was feeding a starving, greedy beast who would never be satisfied.

As to how many times Du Ze “fed” Xiu, other than the two parties involved, perhaps only the mechanical puppets wandering the streets know.


Beastkin form Xiu fanart


Du Ze wasn’t able to rest properly and he felt miserable. The beast would not let him rest until he had squeezed out the last bit of energy from Du Ze, forcing him to climax again and again until nothing could come out anymore. Even in his sleep, remembering that feeling of the being exhausted until he was almost dead made a silly, cute person shiver. He turned over in his sleep, lying on a warm and undulating “mattress.”

Xiu stretched out his hand and picked up a strand of Du Ze’s hair that was lying on his chest. The person whose warm, heavy weight was on him was someone he was reluctant to move. Xiu lowered his head. His extremely sensitive sense of smell quickly picked up Du Ze’s scent which made his heart feel intolerably restless.

The long tail flew across the air, landed on Du Ze’s lap, then circled his legs loosely. The tail rubbed Du Ze’s calf then moved up higher and higher. The sleeping Du Ze felt very itchy so he stretched out his hand and grabbed the tip of the lion’s tail. He woke up, still dazed, then looked down at the tail in his hand then at Xiu’s indescribable expression. Xiu’s animal ears were twitching violently; he was obviously greatly stimulated.

In an instant, Du Ze became fully awake because he felt a dangerous hot thing against his waist. A silly, cute person looked at Xiu, whose golden eyes were bright with desire, and put up a last-ditch effort to escape.

“The tower … we should …”

Xiu’s response to this was just a twitch of his lion ears. He said, indifferently: “We can finish climbing the tower later.”

He turned over and pressed Du Ze under him, seizing Du Ze’s thing that was erect because he had just woken up. Xiu’s smile was both joyful and roguish.

“You touched my tail …”

That morning Du Ze learned, through personal experience, why a person should not touch a lion’s tail … As a man from Earth, how was he supposed to know that the tail is one of the beastkin’s erogenous zones?! QAQ


Translator’s Notes:

  • I hope everyone liked this chapter. Thank you for reading and please leave a comment if you can.
  • Remember when Du Ze grabbed Nina’s tail? It’s on Chapter 58. Today’s revelation sheds light on why Nina reacted that way. Naughty Du Ze!
  • I was not expecting those barbs. It’s interesting that Du Ze liked those … How many times do you think they did it?

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