Chapter 5: The Male on My Bed is Human Dae-Shik Again?

Translator: Isabel

Editor: Kai

Quality Check: Draygan

First published on Ainushi.


At that moment…! Dae-Shik’s body started shrinking.


“Wh-what is this!”


His body was changing back into a small Pomeranian. This time, Ji-On saw the whole process. The tall man changed into a small, little puppy. His body got covered in furry, snow white fur and his puppy-like features really turned into a puppy’s face. Like popcorn, with a pop, the transformation finished! Oooh, this is such a cute and fascinating process. Ji-On’s face which had frozen from embarrassment filled with glee. This is it, this is what I wanted! I succeeded in changing him back to a puppy. This is the happiest event in the world!


“Kaang, kekang¹!”


Dae-Shik realized his situation and slowly crept backward. Ji-On swiftly grabbed the scruff of his neck and snapped on a dog collar.


“Caught you, you bastard!”


Dae-Shik wiggled and squirmed to get out of the collar, but she was firm.


“Do you now know who’s the master and who’s the pet? A butler? Who do you think you are, trying to order me around?”


The procedure to make him revert to a dog was really embarrassing and awkward, but it succeeded. Wasn’t success all that mattered? Muahahaha, a proud smile spread across Ji-On’s mouth. Hey, couth dog² Dae-Shik. Now I will train you. Ji-On grabbed a few pieces of dog food and spoke charismatically.




However, Dae-Shik barked crazily at the top of his lungs.


As if he was saying ‘Crazy, why should I listen to you.’ Perhaps it was because she experienced human Dae-Shik. Now that she looked, puppy Dae-Shik and human Dae-Shik seemed to have the same expression.


“Ssp³! You better sit!”


Ji-On forced Dae-Shik to sit and shoved a piece of dog food into his mouth. Then she petted his fur multiple times and tickled his chin to show him love.


“Ah, my Dae-Shik. Good job. That’s how you do it.”




Dae-Shik ground his teeth and gave her a glare that said ‘You bitch, how dare you treat me like this! I’m going to bite you!’


“My Dae-Shik, you look so cute as a dog.”


It was so cute seeing the tiny puppy throw a fit. You go ahead and throw a fit, see if I care.


“If you sit when I tell you to, I’ll unleash you.”


However, Dae-Shik started howling like a wolf.


‘Sung Ji-On, see the havoc I can create!’


His vigor was about to wake the whole neighborhood.


“Hey! You said you wouldn’t bark!”


As Ji-On used both hands to cover his muzzle, Dae-Shik put on his evilest expression and bit her finger. But, perhaps it was because he was still a puppy, his bite didn’t hurt at all. Tsk, easy little thing.


“I didn’t want to have to go this far…!”


A little later, Dae-Shik’s mouth was covered in a rubber muzzle that was shaped like a duck’s beak.


“Puhahaha, it was a good thing I accepted when the veterinarian offered it.”


Dae-Shik could no longer bark or howl louder, and only whimpered through his throat. He looked so cute that she wanted to take a picture.


“Will you listen to your master now? Dogs must submit to their owners!”


Ji-on became intoxicated on the feeling of victory and raised her voice in elation.


“Hey, dog Dae-Shik. Now, where should you go sleep?”


Nng, nng. Dae-Shik tried his hardest to stay put, but eventually, he was dragged and placed into the towel-covered cardboard box.


“Sleep here from now on! Don’t you dare covet the master’s bed!”


Ji-on leashed and tied Dae-Shik so he couldn’t even get close to the bed. All done! She finally dropped onto the bed and stretched out her body. My bed, I never thought my space was this precious. Ah, my soft blanket. I’m so happy, I’m happy! I’m going to make this a space where no man may invade it from now on! Ji-On easily ignored Dae-Shik’s evil glare and rolled around in her blankets to get ready to sleep.





Suddenly Ji-On remembered. She had forgotten about that man, Im Tae-Shik. She had been busy fighting with Dae-Shik. She forgot that they had broken up because he ghosted⁴ and she forgot that she was having a hard time because of the breakup. Is it okay for me to feel fine when I think of him? Even though I really liked him? Ji-On fell asleep while contemplating her wishy-washy and complex feelings… The sunshine shone through the next morning. This is my bed. My precious bed, I protected my space. Ji-On woke up with a smile on her face at that thought. However, Ji-On felt something soft on her arm again. Wait, what’s this! This is the same feeling as yesterday! That means! Is the human Dae-Shik sleeping on my bed? Please, please! Let it rather be puppy Dae-Shik! Ji-On slightly opened her eyes to check if the hair was black or white… Uaaaahhh, it was black. This is human Dae-Shik! Even though Ji-On frowned fiercely as she was getting up, she still froze for a second at the gorgeousness. Heaven’s theme song made a reappearance. He seemed like ‘The God of Morning Sunlight’ right now. His high nose was magnified by the morning sunlight. His skin was too pure and white to be called a man’s skin. He had a hint of a warm, friendly smile on his lips. He breathed soft breaths like a sleeping baby. His wide shoulders reflected the sunlight and glowed. Even the warmth that came off of him and touched her where their bare skins touched. If yesterday, he overwhelmed her with the sexy ‘God of Water’ version, today he dazed her with this irresistible innocent version. The relief was that he was not completely naked, but only topless today. Yesterday, I pulled him to my chest and cuddled, but today I haven’t done anything yet. Haaa, what happened. I’m sure I made him a dog yesterday. With the embarrassing lip tackle…! Since he said that he changed back and forth without a pattern, even if she turned him into a dog last night, it was unpredictable when he became a human again.  


“You’re up?”


He had opened his eyes already. What’s this? What is this over-the-top kind voice?


“Did you sleep well?”


Ji-On was befuddled by his tender voice. This sounds like a conversation between lovers who spent the night together. Haa, he is so calm. Even though he rudely climbed into my bed! Finally, unfrozen⁵! This is totally unforgivable! This is my area! Just as Ji-On was getting ready to rocket out her high kick like yesterday…!


“No, bad girl!”

Kack⁶! Something was caught on her neck. This… is a leash?! This bastard leashed me during the night. I don’t know how he tied me up, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll be easy to undo these ties around my arms. Dae-Shik leisurely laid his back against a cushion. Shiik⁷, the ends of his mouth went up devilishly. A chilling sentence followed shortly.


“What did you do to me yesterday?”


Hey, this devil dog! Take this off right now!… is what Ji-On was about to shout, but she changed her thoughts when she checked the clock. Should I beg? Will he forgive me if I beg right now?


“Excuse me. I don’t have time for this. I have to go to work.”


Yeah, there’s no importance in resisting in this situation. Ji-On used her best pleading voice.


“That’s your problem.”


However, all that returned was the cold response. Urrrrggg, it was servile but there was no method except begging.


“Yesterday’s events was my wrong. Ah, why did I do that? I’m really, really sorry.”


“What did you say to me yesterday? Was it, ‘a dog submits to its master’?”


“Urg, annoying! Then what should I do!? You don’t listen to me at all!”


As Ji-On barked out her anger, Dae-Shik’s expression grew more strict.


“Uh-heo⁸! No loud barking in this household!”


“Huuurrrryyy! Release me.”


“Uh-heo! Listen to me! If you keep doing this!”


A while later, Ji-On was wearing the duck muzzle she put on Dae-Shik yesterday.

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“Mmmm! Mmmm!”


Uahh, what is this! Why am I wearing a dog’s duck muzzle on a busy morning! This was degrading!


“Whmmaryodon (What are you doing)?”


Her pronunciation was ruined because of the muzzle. What kind of dog’s appearance⁹ was this, ung, ung¹⁰?


“Butler training!”


Training? Who is training me?! Why is a dog training a human?! Dae-Shik rose from his seat, went to the fridge, and took out the Vienna sausages.




Then he waved a sausage back and forth in front of her.


“What did you say?”


“Ssp, Ji-On, be a good girl and listen. Sit!”


Arg, I’m gonna burst from anger! However, if I don’t play along, then it doesn’t seem like he’ll untie me and let me go to work. Ji-On pushed down the humiliation bubbling up and obediently sat on top of the bed.


“Good job, Ji-On. Eat.”


Dae-Shik excessively patted Ji-On’s head and forced a sausage into her mouth between the duck’s beak. Chew, chew, it’s degrading, but I can’t not eat what’s already in my mouth.


“Are you or are you not going to treat me like this again?”


“Gosh. I really have to go to work.”




Dae-Shik shook a Vienna sausage again. Fine, it finishes when I cooperate. If not, it won’t finish. Ji-On tried to put on a submissive face and gave him her hand.


“You’re dead if you look down on me for being a dog again. Do you or do you not understand!?”


“I understand.”




What’s this?! I didn’t do that!


“You supposed to act like you’re dead.”


Hello, it’s not that I don’t know! I’m being too lenient with him!




Fine, it finishes when I cooperate. I have to go to work. Ji-On acted like she got hit and fell to the ground. Finally, Dae-Shik took off the muzzle and leash.


‘Grrrrrr, ang, ang!’


Ji-On unconsciously bit Dae-Shik’s hand. So this happens innately. Why do I feel like I’m becoming more and more like a dog?




Dae-Shik slightly flicked Ji-On’s forehead.


“Aren’t you late? Hurry and get ready for work.


It was the sweet voice that greeted her this morning. Don’t act like you care for me now. The now freed Ji-On ran to the bathroom and washed her face. I’m going to be late for work again. As Ji-On came out of the bathroom, Dae-Shik was surfing a pet supplies website on the laptop.


“What are you doing?”


“That snack’s not that tasty. Shouldn’t I be eating more luxurious things than that?”


Dae-Shik calmly put the most expensive dog food in the cart.


“And leaving water like that makes it dirty. We at least need a waterer.”


A gold-painted waterer was added to the cart. He attentively chose his snacks, food, vitamins, toothpaste, brush, and etc. Where in the world is there a dog like this!? What kind of dog does his own internet shopping?


“Wait, you’re going to buy a bone, too?”


“It tasted better the more I chewed it.”


Yesterday he acted ashamed that he was a dog, but now he’s shameless because he’s a dog.


“Hey, give me your card.”


M-my card? Again?


“Did you leave money with me? Did you forget that you’re only here temporarily?”


“I’m a golden spoon. I’ll repay everything. Give it to me first.”


“You don’t even know who you are yet.”


We could find out that you’re not a golden spoon and actually doggone poor. It could be that your tastes are just uselessly expensive.


“Karma, you need to be kind for good things to happen.”


Because Ji-On didn’t hand the card over, Dae-Shik grabbed her phone that was next to him. He put in the password and fluidly paid through her phone.


“Okay. I’m set for a while.”


Hhuull, where is there a dog like this? What kind of dog does mobile payments? Oi, my head. Ji-On grabbed her spinning head, took her bag, and headed for the door.


“Hey. Aren’t you going to fill my food and water bowls before leaving?”


“You have both hands and feet right now. Do it yourself. Clean up your poop, too.”


“Tsk, tsk. No sincerity in taking care of your pet.”


“Wow. You’re a pet when it’s convenient for you and then you say you’re a human when it’s convenient for you.”


Ji-On took a step towards him and stuck out her chin.


“If being a pet is more comfortable for you, I’ll do as you wish!”


“Where do you think you’re shoving your lips?”


Dae-Shik lightly slapped her lips and used two fingers to push her forehead.


“If you try that one more time, you’re dead!”


Hmph! Ji-On stuck out her lips and walked back to the door.


“You know that you’re dead if you get caught as a human male by the landlady, right? Don’t freely walk around. Don’t make a sound whether you’re a dog or a human.”


As she was leaving, Ji-On said a few more things.


“Ah, since it seems like you know how to use the internet, try searching for your identity. Like possibly your past social networks.”


Ji-On busily waved her hand and left.


“I’ll be back.”


Soon the door was slowly closing. Dae-Shik frowned and looked at the bit of sunlight coming in through the door gap.




Whether a dog or human, it was a moment that was hard to adjust to. The act of someone leaving me behind at home. And the fact that I’m alone in this house. He replayed the last moment of Ji-On leaving and slowly turned back towards the room. It’s a slightly lonely moment. It feels like I’ve been left alone in the world. Like a real pet puppy. He forced himself to be cool and sat back down on the chair. Suddenly, the memory of Ji-On gnawing at the Vienna sausage in one cheek popped up.   


‘She really did as I commanded.’


Pff, a smile spread across Dae-Shik’s mouth. Truthfully, Ji-On seems more like a puppy than me. Her gaze and her actions. What did Ji-On say a while ago? Check for my identity through social media? Truthfully, that was what was curious and frustrating. Who am I? I seem like a respectable person. I don’t have a hard time internet shopping and I’m fluent in mobile payments. Besides ‘my identity’, I remember everything needed to survive this world. Just as Dae-Shik took the laptop and turned on the internet… the homepage was covered with just one news subject.


‘Shocking! Future Group’s heir Executive Director Song Yoon-Hyuk died in the Philippines!’


Song Yoon-Hyuk? Hmm? The name seems familiar? Did I know him before my memory loss? It felt like something was twisting inside his heart. What is this sudden, complex feeling? Then an article caught his eye.


‘[Special] Photo of Executive Director Song Yoon-Hyuk! Exclusive Information! Exclusive Report!’


While the thumbnails of other articles had black silhouettes covering the face, this article seemed to show his face. Dae-Shik unconsciously clicked on the article.


“Oh? This is?”


Translator’s Notes:


1) Kaang kekang: one of the sfx of a dog yelping/whimpering

2) Couth dog: It’s another one of the author’s wordplay on dog. Dog, gae, can also mean big/a lot/end of all in Korean, so it can be used in front of a lot of words. Couth, ssa-ga-ji, is an insult when one says that the other party doesn’t have any. But the pronunciation is strong so it can sound like an insult even when one says that the other party has ssagaji.

3) Ssp: The sfx used when scolding someone, mostly someone younger or below your status.

4) Ghosted: Used to describe when the bf/gf just disappears on you to break up.

5) Unfrozen: The phrase is usually used when playing freeze tag.

6) Kack: The sfx of the getting choked or strength on the throat.

7) Shiik: The sfx of something sliding or going up. Here it’s the sound of his mouth turning up.

8) Uh-heo: The sound an elder makes when displeased. It’s similar to ‘ssp’. It’s more common to hear it in historical kdramas nowadays.

9) Dog’s appearance: Another wordplay where the dog means the end of all. So here she’s saying she’s in the worst situation.

10) Ung, ung: The sfx of sobs.


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