Chapter 6:  Huk? Aren’t These Sex Toys?

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‘[Special] Photo of Executive Director Song Yoon-Hyuk! Exclusive Information! Exclusive Report!’


While the thumbnails of other articles had black silhouettes covering the face, this article seemed to show his face. Dae-Shik unconsciously clicked on the article.


First, the article reported on Song Yoon-Hyuk’s flashy feats. The only son of Korea’s economy-controlling Future Group’s CEO Song Byung-Suk. Receiving the most inheritance, the only heir, Song Yoon-Hyuk, was the greatest golden spoon. However, until now, his face had been completely concealed.


‘If I’m a human, I think I’m at the least this type of human.’


Dae-Shik pondered as he glanced at the mirror on the desk. This clean face that looks like I grew up without hardships, this devilish charm that drips off this innocent puppy-like face, this elegance and luxuriousness that just flows off me. Kuh¹, even the name fits. Song Yoon-Hyuk. The name also sounds familiar.


However, as he continued scrolling down, the described Song Yoon-Hyuk was totally different. A gambling addict, drug addict, and even a playboy? A different woman every night? The epitome of corruption and promiscuity?


Even his cause of death was surprising. It wasn’t confirmed yet, but it’s said that he went to pleasure parties every night and gambled up a debt in the Philippines. The mafia became annoyed at his reluctance to pay up and did him in. This person really is worthless trash. Let’s at least see the face of this type of bastard. As Dae-Shik scrolled down further… his jaw dropped.


“Oh? This is?”


His voice rose from the astonishment. The face was so familiar.


“Looks the same!”


Incredibly, similar…! To the person up North².


“Wow, complete lookalike.”


The full double chin, the round body, even the hairstyle, aura, and gaze. It was a shock. The Future Group’s heir, whose appearance was well-hidden up to now, looks like this. Well, he looks like he would get worshipped if he goes to North Korea. Or would it actually be harder for him to live in North Korea? I may be claiming to be a golden spoon, but there’s no way I could be this type of trash. Dae-Shik shook himself once and closed the article.




With that one word, Dae-Shik turned back into his soft ‘God of Morning Sun’ persona. The frowning face instantly broke out into a sunny smile.


“Woah, they really do have lightning-fast delivery.”


Even though he lost all his memories, the feelings of delight and thrill that the delivery man brings were engraved in his bones.


“Are you Sung Dae-Shik?”


“Yes, that’s me!”


While the delivery man was putting down several boxes, Dae-Shik started opening them in excitement.


“These are your products, correct?”


The delivery man hesitated as he asked the perfunctory question. Oh, wait. Aren’t these pet products?


“Yes, they’re mine!”


The reply was bright and untainted. Dae-Shik beamed as he took out a golden dog collar engraved with ‘Daesiggi’ from a box.


“Wow, I like the bling on this.”


As Dae-Shik leashed and unleashed the collar on himself, the delivery man’s expression started to change. Is he crazy? Is it now trendy for people to be wearing dog collars? A black leather collar with spikes, a bulky chain, a metal chain, and etc. continued coming out of the box. Huk! Aren’t these sex toys? What was more surprising was that Dae-Shik was happily wrapping a chain around his neck.


‘This kid… is a pervert.’


Is a whip going to come out next? Ah, I didn’t want to see this. This kid is even licking a gold painted spoon. What? Is he sucking on it? Ewww. The delivery man turned his head to the side and stuck out his device.


“Please sign here.”


“Yup. Thank you. Seems like we’ll be seeing each other often now.”


Uhh. The delivery man wasn’t pleased to hear that they would be seeing each other often.


‘Ding dong’ Ji-On, who was making coffee in the breakroom, was slightly surprised to hear the notification of a delivery on her phone.


‘Wow, how did he receive the package?’


I was just wondering if he was in dog form or human form. Seeing as he safely received the packages, he’s probably in human form right now.




Ji-On clicked on a photo of puppy Dae-Shik on her phone and pondered for a bit. At first, I thought this puppy was abandoned.


‘Looking for Owner’


I had contemplated putting up flyers around the neighborhood. And then ask the landlady for an extra week of time. However, now the situation is a bit awkward. He isn’t an abandoned dog or an abandoned human either.


‘An abandoned human.’


Ji-On realised that that phrase was very saddening. Abandoned… that means thrown away. Abandoned pets are saddening, but when talking about humans, a part of my heart throbs in pain.


She remembered Dae-Shik’s face darkening when he said ‘Do I not have family.’ His facial expression back then made her heart stop. No, he’s just temporarily staying at my house because he lost his memory. He will definitely have a place to return too. I hope the police hurry and contact me.


Up to now, Ji-On’s thoughts were on how to send the were-dog off as soon as possible, but now her thoughts have changed. She wanted to take good care of him until he had to go back. Even though he was rude when he was a human, he was still half puppy. A weak puppy.


“Kya, Unni, you have a puppy?”


Yoo-Jung spoke as soon as she entered the break room and saw the photo of the puppy.


“Why didn’t you tell me! You know I love dogs.”


“Ah, it just somehow happened. It’s only temporary.”


“Wow, it’s sooo cute. It’s the handsomest dog I’ve ever seen. Total heart attack!”


You may not believe it but this pup suddenly turns into a fully grown adult man and walks around yelling. Ji-On couldn’t possibly tell her that and awkwardly smiled.


“Wow, so, so cute. I want to kiss it.”


Ah! Seeing as when I kissed the human Dae-Shik to turn him into a dog, if I kiss the dog Dae-Shik, will he turn into a human? That’s still unknown. Should I try? Is it possible that I’ll get that strange feeling of fluffiness from kissing puppy Dae-Shik like I did when kissing human Dae-Shik?


Right then, across the glass wall, Vice-President Song Hee-Yeon and other board members walked down the hall. Every one of them had a frown on their faces without any exceptions.


“Ooh, look at that atmosphere. Haven’t the board members been meeting quite often as of late?”


The cold atmosphere turned the hallway into a scene from Frozen. And in the center of it all was the Elsa, Hee-Yeon. Yoo-Jung whispered in Ji-On’s ear.


“They say they made an emergency TFT team in that group. Because of Executive Director Song Yoon-Hyuk’s death case.”


Aah, I think I saw an article about that.


“Ah, that unstoppable, inhumane, dog trash³?”


He even looked like the North…oops. No more.


“It’s horrifying thinking that that kind of trash almost became our company’s leader.”


“Yeah, total chills!”


Song Hee-Yeon’s face wore a brief, faint smile as she heard Yoo-Jung and Ji-On’s discussion over the glass wall. They said that Yoon-Hyuk was worthless trash. This was exactly what she wanted to hear. Now the whole world is cursing Yoon-Hyuk. They’re saying that he deserved to die.


Hee-Yeon erased the happiness naturally blooming on her face and objectively formulated out a plan. I have to act extremely upset at the meeting today. Right now, I’m an aunt who’s just lost her precious nephew. I have to act protective. Even though he was a piece of trash, I wanted to help him. Hee-Yeon marched up to the discussion room and spoke to the lanky man next to her.


“Wait here.”


As if she was commanding a dog.


“Yes, I understand.”


The man who received the command spoke concisely like a loyal dog. After all the board members rushed into the room, the man slowly turned around.




The man discovered Ji-On chatting in the break room across the glass wall. He witnessed the clueless Ji-On giggling with Yoo-Jung. At that moment, ‘pff’, his mouth moved up into a grin.


‘Never thought I’d be seeing you here, Sung Ji-On.”


That man… was Im Tae-Shik…


Upon arriving home, Ji-On decisively made up her mind and opened the front door. Like she decided during the day, she was going to treat Dae-Shik well.


However, perhaps it was because she clocked out of work slightly late, but human Dae-Shik was already asleep. Hey, this jerk? The decision she made almost melted away. This bastard is sleeping on my bed again? Wow, on top of that, his master came home and he doesn’t even wake up.


Pet shall wake up and greet thee master’


She contemplated whether she should train him, but she remembered yesterday’s embarrassing events and decided against it.


Should I wake him up saying I’m home? But he’s sleeping so soundly. Uhh, what to do. Ah, did I fail to claim my bed again today? She gave up and decided to just sleep on the floor.


Ji-On washed her face and changed into pjs. She placed blankets on the ground, laid down, and glared up at the comfortably sleeping Dae-Shik. I eventually lost the one place my tired body could rest to Sung Dae-Shik. I hope I dream of getting revenge on him tonight.


Bang, bang… Oh? Isn’t this my fluffy bed? When Ji-On woke up the next morning, she was on her bed. How did this happen? She was sure she had laid down blankets and slept on the floor.


Upon waking up, she saw Dae-Shik rolled up in a blanket on the floor. He even had his head shoved into the box meant for dog Dae-Shik. Maybe he forgot he was a human and his puppy habits made him go for the box. Or perhaps he turned into a dog and then back to a human during the night. But why am I here? Did Dae-Shik feel a sense of duty to his master and move me up here? Did he…carry me? Did he use those arms to carry me?


At that moment, Ji-On’s heart started pit-a-patting. I’m quite… heavy though. I don’t remember, but he could have lifted me onto the bed. So my heart can pit-a-pat even from moments I don’t remember. Eii, that’s not possible, no way. I could have crawled onto the bed myself, right? I could have kicked Dae-Shik off while sleeping. She started feeling uneasy as she watched Dae-Shik, pitifully curled up.


The scrunched up Dae-Shik… still looked like the God of Morning Sunshine. His clear skin tone was almost transparent and his skin glowed with shine. His hair that got flattened by the box stood up like cute cowlicks. His long legs were folded up like a tired deer would elegantly tuck in their legs.




She dragged the blanket off the bed and covered his body. She decided to treat him well. She was going to take good care of him until he had to go back.


‘I should make him breakfast before he wakes up.’


Maybe it is useless motherly love or I’m instinctively a pushover, or perhaps I am naturally kind. It’s probably cause I’m kind. I am a bit pretty and nice. Wait a bit, Dae-Shik. I’ll make you a warm breakfast. Thus, Ji-On opened the fridge door…




She heard the desolate wind sound effect used in Western movies. Huh? Did I get robbed? There was no food in the fridge.


She opened the kitchen pantry… the endless ramen and instant rice that would have lasted through a war had all disappeared. Whish- The empty ramen package pitifully fluttered in the air and then fell on Ji-On’s head. How did this happen? Who did this?


The answer is too obvious! The criminal is in this house. He’s even! Sleeping! Over there! She speechlessly turned around to look at Dae-Shik.


“Yawn, you up?”


Perhaps he felt her cold aura. Our red-handedly caught Dae-Shik shook his body as if he felt a cold breeze and got up.


“When did you eat all this? All the things in the fridge and pantry!”


Now, she couldn’t even speak formally. Dae-Shik yawned once more and changed the subject.


“Have you heard this saying? A person follows his name⁴?”


“Huh? What are you saying?”


“So, why did you name me Dae-Shik⁵? The name’s at fault.”


Hul, you’re saying you’re a big eater because your name is Dae-Shik? Are you perhaps blaming me, the name-giver, for this situation right now? Ji-On looked at the dog chow bag in the corner. What the heck, he didn’t even eat a lot of it. Ji-On thought as she glared back at Dae-Shik again. It seems that this bastard… is more cost efficient as a dog.


All that was left to eat in the house was a bit of milk. Ji-On sat at the table, poured the milk into a bowl, and shook the remaining cereal crumbs into the milk.


“You’re having breakfast?”


Dae-Shik roughly fixed his bed hair and came to the table. Before, even this appearance shined like the ‘God of Morning Sunlight’, but now he looked like a prospective Ssireum⁶ wrestler about to drive a meat buffet restaurant out of business.   


“Yeah. Come here, Dae-Shik. Let’s have breakfast.”


Ji-On smirked a smile and poured the leftover milk into the bowl across from her. The bowl placed across from her… was a dog bowl! Like she was pouring cereal, she poured in a handful of dog food into the milk.


“Oh my, what to do? There’s not enough cereal. All that’s left is dog food.”


I wanted to live a kind life, but it seems that won’t happen. One must become equally as evil when next to an evil bastard.


“Oh my. Unfortunately, it seems that you will need to change back into a puppy again.”


Ji-On shot up from the chair and started walking step by step to Dae-Shik.


“What are you doing?! Don’t come closer! I told you not to touch me!”


“You messed with me first! Who said you could finish off all the food?”


You, just eat dog food like the puppy you are! Don’t think of touching human food ever again!


She remembered the night before yesterday’s cringe-worthy kiss to make Dae-Shik into a dog. Her heart had thumped so hard she thought it would pop out. But now, the situation is different. I’m sure now. With this one kiss, I can change that bastard into a puppy. My precious breakfast, I can protect my cereal and milk. I have to dispose of this hungry ghost right now. Let’s bear with this split second of embarrassment!


“Sung Ji-On, go away! You were this kind of person? Kissing any random man? Hey!”


“You’re not a random person. Aren’t you my cute puppy? Come here, my pet⁷!”


“Ack! Shove off!”


Ji-On’s eyes were lit with the fires of revenge. The cornered Dae-Shik flailed his hands, but he was unable to stop the Ji-On who had lost all her food supply.


Uhp! In the end, Ji-On’s two hands caught Dae-Shik’s face. Noooo! Let go, Sung Ji-On! I want to eat milk and cereal, too! It’s yummier than dog food! However, it was too late to struggle.


Chok! The distance between the two lips slowly started shrinking and finally touched! The desperate Dae-Shik tried to defend himself by opening his mouth. Ji-On opened her mouth wider to not lose, and the two lips started fighting.


Huk, the situation became even more embarrassing. In a split second, the two lips became erotically entangled.


While fighting with their lips, the two fiercely coveted each other’s lips.


This is! The sticky atmosphere between a male and female’s lips and tongues… is a deep kiss. A ki-ki-kiss! Ji-On’s eyes became as round as a full moon. A kiss is more sensational than a bbobbo⁸.


As his soft lips passionately covered Ji-On’s lips, her mouth felt his hot breath. A shock of electricity passed down Ji-On’s spine and spread through her body. The electricity felt like it was melting her body like butter. His kiss stimulated her like crazy.


Although the strength to stand left her legs, Ji-On desperately clung to his lips. Gahh, even though her heart felt like it was going to blow up, she tried to endure it. If he didn’t turn into a puppy with this, it was going to be an even more embarrassing situation.


However, how could this be?!


Even though the kiss ended and the two unlocked lips, even though the surprised meerkat-like gazes met, even though the hand- and feet-cringing time passed… Dae-Shik was still a human.


He didn’t transform into a puppy! What happened?! He changes with a bbobbo, but not a kiss?      

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Translator’s notes:

  1. Kuh: the sfx of admiration or wonder. It is not used seriously nor in a fancy environment. It’s most often heard after Koreans have a glass of soju at a street stall.
  2. The person up North: Kim Jong Un, the dictator of North Korea.
  3. Dog trash: Another one of the author’s word plays. It sounds like dog trash, but means big/mega trash.
  4. A person follows his name: A Korean saying. Thus, some Koreans go to a fortune teller or name-makers to name their children or change their own names.  
  5. Dae-shik: His name means big eater in Hanja.
  6. Ssireum: A Korean famous traditional sport. Sort of like Japan’s sumo, but not.
  7. My pet: She says that in English.
  8. Bbobbo: In Korea, there are two types of kisses. The first is bbobbo, which is a closed lip, light kiss. Given to parents, family, friends, and lovers. The second is the actual English word ‘kiss’, which is a deep/French kiss. This is obviously only done with lovers.


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