Chapter 7:  Warm. And Soft.

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It started after the two people separated their interlocked lips. The surrounding air started swelling up firmly. Their hearts became jelly-like. Even their blood seemed to have become sticky and flowed slowly. More than that, the atmosphere became dangerous. It was the atmosphere where if anything untoward happened between a male and female, it wouldn’t be strange. It was the type of atmosphere where it would be natural for more to happen. Ji-On grabbed a hold of her hazy mind and focused on the person in front of her… Dae-Shik with red lips was standing in front of her. With the same expression as Ji-On.  


“You… why haven’t you changed?”


Ji-On, who had been scared stiff, was barely able to move her mouth to ask. Dae-Shik, who had been standing scared with an innocent face, also had to exert strength to move his lips.


“It seems if it’s a ki…ss, I don’t change.”


Kiss, right, the two of us just kissed. Ji-On’s heart was about to melt away just from hearing that word. Dae-Shik and I ki…ssed. Her face became flushed and a fever rose up throughout her whole body. Dae-Shik, who tried to defend himself in any way, ended up kissing her.


“You’re not-not changing. That’s unfair!”


As Ji-On’s wavering eyes avoided eye contact, Dae-Shik didn’t know where to look as well. The two acted like two innocent high schoolers floundering about after having their first kiss.


Uah, what should I do?’


Ji-On covered up her blushing face with both hands. I wanted to hide in a mouse hole last time, too. I thought my hands and feet would disappear through a black hole from embarrassment. Wait! How did I recover from the situation last time? That time Dae-Shik became a dog so it wasn’t embarrassing. A puppy is fine. It’s looking at human Dae-Shik’s round eyes that’s mortifying and bashful right now. So a bbobbo1 changes him, and a kiss doesn’t? Okay, let’s try a bbobbo one more time. Changing him into a dog will end this embarrassment! Ji-On put down her hands that covered her face and went up to Dae-Shik. No mistakes this time! Uahhhh! Charggeee! Right as she squeezed her eyes shut and tried to collide lips!


“Wha-what! What are you doing?!”


This time Dae-Shik was able to properly defend against her. He spread out his arms and yelled as he desperately blocked her.


“No! If you try to give me bbobbos, then… I’ll kiss you from now on!”


What? Ji-On’s shut eyes jumped open. In front of her was Dae-Shik desperately holding her two arms.


“Why?! There isn’t a law that says I have to always be victim!”


Dae-Shik’s yells still had some quivering within.


“From now on, if you want to keep kissing me! And touching me!”




“Then come at me! I’ll do it all for you!”


Ji-On, with an unbelievable expression, stuttered.


“What? Does that make sense…?”


“Why, do you want to feel me and stuff?”


“Are, are you crazy?”


Ji-On had nothing more to say. Because this kiss was definitely an ‘accident’. It wasn’t because she wanted to feel him or anything. Eventually, she stepped back. It couldn’t be helped since he was going to defend with a kiss. She couldn’t go charging in with that condition. The submissive Ji-On and confident Dae-Shik. This round’s winner… was Dae-Shik. Even during a nervous situation, his boldness and bravado was the primary reason for his victory. He proudly sat at the table.


“Then I will be eating this!”


He acted as if the bowl with cereal and milk was the prize for this battle’s winner.


“Hing, then what do I eat.”


All that was left was the dog food floating in the milk-filled dog bowl. Dae-Shik shrugged his shoulders as if he was saying it couldn’t be helped. What? This bastard! Ji-On glared at him with tear-filled eyes. Unfair. She had cowered under his aura and was unable to turn him into a dog. I feel like I fell into my own trap. The thing that makes me most angry is that only my heart seems to have ran at the deep kiss. He doesn’t seem to be affected at all. Am I the only one whose heart was beating from the kiss?


“Mean bastard.”


Ji-On, filled with anger, spun around. Her foot caught on the lump of thin blanket.


“Oh, right. Why did we switch spots last night?”


Suddenly, puhp! Dae-Shik almost spat out the cereal he was eating. The atmosphere felt like the situation took a turn. As Ji-On looked at Dae-Shik wondering why he was so surprised, Dae-Shik rapidly gulped down the cereal, stood up, and tried to explain.


“Well, yesterday you!”


“Yesterday I what?”


“Slept a bit weirdly.”


“Huh? How?”


Weirdly… cute. Dae-Shik saw when he suddenly woke up at dawn. Ji-On was sleeping soundly with her cheek squished to the floor. What the heck, why is that face… so cute?


No! Not cute! That’s just… a funny face!’


Dae-Shik tried to deny his heart by turning Ji-On’s cuteness into comedy. Pft. Look, don’t I keep laughing? Sung Ji-On, you’re hilarious! I praise your face! The evil thought of torturing the soundly sleeping Ji-On, and the desire to protect her delicate puppy-like breaths disappeared. Ah, I want to tease her. Oh, still, let’s not wake her up. She could take revenge on me, too. Huk, huk. He agonized over that for quite a while. Thankfully, the latter won and Dae-Shik quietly moved her over to the bed. As if she was the puppy and he was the owner.   


“Weirdly, how?”


In front of the table, Ji-On rushed the flustered Dae-Shik. Why, how did I sleep?


“Weirdly funny! Weirdly disgraceful!”




Dae-Shik could never say that she was weirdly cute.


“I couldn’t look at you anymore so I put you on the bed. Ugh, my heart shook.”


“What, you bastard?”


I was that unsightly? Those words were like pouring oil2 to the already boiling Ji-On.


“You, jerk. You don’t know how scary I am, huh? Do you want a taste of my fist?”


However, Dae-Shik regained his mind and shouted to not lose.


“Sung Ji-On, you. If you hit me, you become an animal abuser! Do you want a taste of bean rice3?”


An-animal abuser? M-me? Th-that’s true. Can’t hit a pet. Again, Ji-On was lost for words. Two losses in a row. Ha, this morning, the one second of fluttering I felt from the thought of ‘Did Dae-Shik princess-carry me to the bed in the middle of the night?’ makes me resent myself. My heart is still thumping as well. Uahhh. Ji-On couldn’t contain her anger and hyperventilated as she turned around.


“Finish your food and get ready to go out. We’re going to the market.”


“For real? I have a lot I want to buy. Oh yes!”


Still? Even though you ordered a ton online? Wow, there’s a huge pain that comes with taking responsibility over a life even if it’s temporary. Also, it requires a whole lot of patience. Ji-On exhaled a sigh.


‘What kind of male did I pick up?’


This was a different type of lamentation. This kind of extraordinary male, how did I even?


“ Just change into a dog .”


Ji-On said sulkingly while turning around, with all the pent up resentment and anger. However, a surprising event occured.


Ang, ang, ang’


A wonderful sound came from behind her. This… is the sound of a dog! The surprised Ji-On turned around to see that the cereal-eating Dae-Shik had turned into puppy and was having trouble reaching the table from the chair. He’s returned! My heart attack worthy puppy! Ah, the beast who is sad for having short legs! Ji-On stretched out her hand as if she found a treasure.


“Wow, were my words originally this omnipotent? Does speaking affect the transformation as well? Ah, become a person. Hey, hey! Oh, speaking doesn’t work.”


It seems like it was just a coincidence. I just happened to speak when he was randomly changing.


“Aww, you can’t reach the table because of your short legs~?”


“Ing, ing, ing’


Ah, the wonderful sound of a dog! Finally, Dae-Shik can’t talk back to me. Ji-On widely grinned and sat in front of her stolen cereal. Wow, I really wanted to eat this a while ago. She didn’t care that it was leftovers from Dae-Shik. The important thing is that you can eat this now!


“Eat, Dae-Shik!”


Ji-On brightly smiled as she placed the dog bowl under the table.


Grrr, arf, arf!’


Crazy, why would I eat this?! Give me my cereal!’


All that returned was painless nibbles and cute yelps. Tsk, easy.


“Don’t eat if you don’t want to. I’ll throw it away then!”


As the relaxed Ji-On acted like she was going to take away the bowl, Dae-Shik came forward and started lapping up the milk. He ate while frequently checking on Ji-On.


“It’s okay, I won’t steal it. I wouldn’t eat that. Huhuhu.”


Uahahaha, this is great. This feeling of being on top just by being a human! Man is lord of all creation! Does lord4 mean the best? Ji-On felt happiness at the fact that she wasn’t a weredog and scraped clean the cereal bowl. Bleh5, Sung Dae-Shik!I washed the dishes, got ready to go out, so now I should go to the market. Since she lived alone, the proper products for a weredog were lacking. And there was nothing to eat at home as well. The first problem was leaving without getting caught by the landlady. Whether he was a man or puppy, it wouldn’t be wise for her to see them.


“Did the landlady leave?”


Wearing a large khaki jacket, Ji-On carried Dae-Shik at her side and scurried to a corner of the yard.


She left a while ago. Shooting a show all by yourself.’


Dae-Shik heard the landlady leave earlier with his sensitive dog hearing, but he couldn’t tell Ji-On.


“First, since you can’t be caught, hide in here.”


Ji-On moved Dae-Shik from her side to inside her jacket.


‘What are you doing right now?! Shit, I said the lady left already! Where are you telling me to go in?!’


Inside the jacket? In your embrace?


“Ssp, don’t bark, Dae-Shik. Be still!”


Hey, I’m Sung Dae-Shik! I may be a dog right now, but I’m originally a human male! A man! However, it seemed that Ji-On did not see him as a man when he transformed into a dog.


‘Uah, I hate this! I hate this!’


Without his consent, Dae-Shik was caged inside the jacket. Our snow white Pomeranian, Dae-Shik, used all his strength to wriggle and squirm his way out. However, he soon… felt it. They were soft and tender. Dae-Shik’s frantic movements to leave her embrace started slowing down. Why don’t I hate this feeling? Aah, don’t turn me into a pervert! This feeling is so warm. It makes me want to cuddle up and sleep. Is this what my mother’s embrace felt like when I was younger? Warm and spacious?  


‘Ah, I’m not this type of male…’


However, despite his strong will, his body was already unwinding in her embrace. Ooh, warm. And soft. This feeling… isn’t bad. At first it was shameful… but who cares if it’s a bit shameful. Let’s just go like this for a while. After Ji-On finished scanning the yard, she hugged Dae-Shik to her chest and sprinted for the gate.


‘Jiggle, jiggle’


Dae-Shik went off to a distant place. Oh, Lord! Thank you for giving me the ability to change into a dog… this isn’t right. Ah, I am a Korean citizen filled with manners… no, I want to live as a dog. Ah, Sung Ji-On is more voluptuous than I thought… this isn’t right. Sung Ji-On, why do you give me, a being with a normal human’s spirit, such a hard time? She definitely doesn’t see me as a man when I’m a dog. She blushed so severely when we kissed. But when I change into a dog, hmph. It can’t be helped. There’s a saying that if you can’t avoid it, enjoy it. Since it’s like this, I will carefully lean my head on the plump area. This is unavoidable.


“It’s stuffy, isn’t it? Want to come out?”


After a while, Ji-On arrived at the neighborhood market and tried to take out Dae-Shik. Dae-Shik did a move he didn’t expect as well when he heard the sound of a zipper opening and light shined into the dark jacket.




He acted like he was asleep.


“Sleeping already? I guess sleeping is easier.”


Ji-On tapped on his cheek as if he was too cute and walked into the store. Please understand, Sung Ji-On. I am also a helpless male… After a while, ‘arf, arf, arf’ started up again. Everytime Ji-On tried to buy something, Dae-Shik would pop his head out of the jacket and yelp. All that could be heard was yelps but why did his human voice come out and translate it to ‘Hey, why are you buying something so cheap. Buy this! This!’   


“Will you shut up? Shut up, shut up!”


Ji-On became flustered and grabbed onto his muzzle. Although the market allowed pets, it was unacceptable to be an inconvenience. Eventually, the two arrived at the meat corner. Dae-Shik barked as if he would shoot out like a rocket towards the beef.


‘Hey! Sung Ji-On, let’s eat this! Beef! Beef!’


“You… want to have beef?”


Urg, Ji-On drenched in cold sweat growled at Dae-Shik through the side of her mouth.


“With the status of a dog, you’re demanding beef?! Do you want to die? Do you not remember how much you devoured?”


The butcher who saw the quarrel chuckled and spoke.


“Your dog has expensive taste.”


“Yes, it makes me crazy.”


“You can cut off bits of here and here to feed the dog. It’s good to make soup as well.”


“Sorry. I don’t even have enough to feed myself as it is.”


Ji-On bowed to express her regret and spoke to Dae-Shik with a Buddha-like gentle expression.


“I’m sorry, Dae-Shik. I’ll buy some the next time there’s a big sale. Let’s have beef at that time.”


However, Ji-On’s expression changed as soon as she took him out in a corner.


“Dog Dae-Shik! Are you not going to be quiet? How can you bark so much in a store?! Beef?! Do you really want to die?”


She showed her teeth and growled like Dae-Shik. However, just like Dae-Shik’s painless bites, Ji-On’s scary expression just looked cute with her swelling cheeks.


‘Arf, arf, arf, arf!’


“Shut it! You money-eating ghost!”


Right then, one lady on the other side looked in Ji-On’s direction over the heads of many people.


“Oh, Ji-On came to the market. What is she doing in the corner?”


The landlady was shopping at the market. At that time, Ji-On was in the middle of teaching Dae-Shik about manners while shopping at the market. A person must shop based on their budget. A dirt spoon like me can’t have beef whenever I want. A dog can’t be a gold spoon when the owner is a dirt spoon. Thus, you can only have dog food. This was the main gist of her teachings. Right then…!


Dae-Shik, who was in Ji-On’s embrace, started emanating a weird aura. Flinch, flinch! Something was growing inside the jacket! Oh? This feeling? No, no! Dae-Shik was turning back into a human. Here? Noooo! Even though we’re in a corner where people can’t see, this is inconvenient. What if he’s naked again?! A pervert in the market. Uah, that can never happen! How do I fix this? However, without care for Ji-On’s desperate wish, the cruel event happened. Ji-On immediately hugged him. For a second, she became dazed.




When she focused, a tall man was hugging her. Inside Ji-On’s jacket, dog Dae-Shik had turned into Sung Dae-Shik. He had turned back into a human. Ji-On who had squeezed her eyes shut opened them when her hand touched something sleek. Thank God! He was not naked. He was wearing the clothes that he was wearing this morning before he changed into a dog. Haa, he doesn’t become naked everytime he transforms. Similar to when Hulk’s pants don’t rip even though he gets angry, Dae-Shik also changes with his clothes. The things that need to be protected are protected. Wait! When she focused, the two of them were too close inside her jacket. As the surprised Ji-On raised her head! Ji-On’s and Dae-Shik’s face became too close. As if their lips would touch. Hup, Ji-On sucked in her breath at the small distance between them.




She could not ease her tension for one bit when she was with him.

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Translator’s Notes:

  1. Bbobbo: a light kiss
  2. Pouring oil: A common phrase used to describe a person fueling another person’s irritation or anger. The lesser magnitude of this phrase is ‘fanning the flames’.
  3. Bean rice: A word used to describe jail or prison. In Korea, prisoners were fed rice filled with beans because rice was rare until the 80s. Quite different from the modern healthy bean rice, there was barely any rice and mostly wild grains and hard beans.
  4. Lord: The Korean phrase uses uncommon words. Thus, it isn’t abnormal for her to not know the exact definition.
  5. Bleh: The sound effect for sticking out one’s tongue.


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