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Using the QQ number his mother sent him, Feng Jing added the Heavenly Master’s secretary into his QQ.

ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: Hello, I am Changxin Studio’s secretary Little Honey Tangerine, how may I help you? ^_^

Feng Jing: “……”

They actually blatantly opened a studio!

ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: Hello? ^_^

F.J: Hello.

F.J: It’s like this. I have a friend, who’s recently been turning into a dog every night.

ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: Turning into a dog? What are the specific details?

F.J: Everyday, around twelve o’clock midnight he would turn into a dog, and then he’ll turn back around six in the morning.

ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: Uh……are you sure he really changed into one? Was it not a dream?

F.J: It’s certain……in addition, I helped him record a video. When he possessed the dog’s body, the dog also entered his.

ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: (⊙o⊙) Looking at your description, do you mean to say that your friend switches souls with a dog?

F.J: Yes.

ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: I’m sorry, soul swapping isn’t part of our business scope. [☞☜]

Feng Jing: “……”

So it was possible for a Heavenly Master’s range of services to be this distinctly divided!?

F.J: Have you ever thought about broadening your business?

ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: Not at the moment. [☞☜]

Feng Jing: “……”

ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: However, I can register you first. When the boss returns, he can make the decision.

F.J: Alright then.

ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: Then I’ll first assign a number to you. Your number is 12, when the boss comes back he will go through the jobs according to the numbered order. ^_^

F.J: ……Is there a VIP fast pass?

ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: (⊙o⊙) Are you talking about jumping the queue?

Feng Jing: “……”

Do not confuse the VIP fast pass with jumping the queue, alright! This VIP is paying money to jump the queue!

F.J: You can charge more in service fees, my friend is rather anxious.

ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: How about this, your situation is rather unique. I do not know if the boss will take you on. When he returns, I’ll give your information to him first and see what he says. Is that okay?

F.J: Alright then. Is your boss on a business trip?

ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: No, our boss went to Europe for his vacation. A tour of eight countries. ^_^

Feng Jing: “……”

Can you please come back and work seriously!

F.J: Right, you won’t leak your customer’s details?

ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: Please feel assured in this, we are a professional studio and would definitely not disclose a customer’s information. If you require it, we can even sign a confidentiality agreement.

F.J: En, then that’s good.

ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: But on the other hand, in order to help you solve the problem, we also hope that our customers won’t try to cover up the truth. ^_^ For example, when all is said and done, are you talking about your friend, or yourself? Please believe that we are your friends, not your enemies. ^_^

In that split second, he thought that the one sitting on the other side of the cellphone was a psychologist, and not a secretary.

F.J: Understood. ^_^

ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: Another problem is, if the boss takes on this job, we will need information about that dog. Do you know which dog exchanges souls with you?

Feng Jing: “……”

He only knew that it was a neighbourhood in Linghe, and there was probably someone selling barbeque nearby……A neighbourhood like that would be hard to find even if it was just in City A, not to mention that, he was completely unable to determine what city it had been in.

And that woman was speaking in Mandarin, with no strong and distinct dialect.

The information he acquired was too little; to find it really wouldn’t be easy.

F.J: Before your boss comes back from his vacation, I’ll do my best to find out.

ChangXin Studio Little Honey Tangerine: Alright. If you have something to discuss you can contact me anytime. ^_^

Mi Xie Er, who was driving the car, found the time to glance at Feng Jing’s cellphone screen. “Mister Feng, who have you been chatting with all this time?”

Feng Jing locked his phone screen before returning the cellphone to the pocket in his pants. “Nobody.”

Mi Xie Er sized him up in doubt. “Mister Feng, if you’re dating, you know that you need to tell the company.”

Feng Jing silently turned his head back to the front. “Mi Xian Er, don’t glance around when you’re driving.”

Mi Xie Er thought for a moment. He kept close to Feng Jing all day long and never saw him walk close to any woman, so he laid his worries to rest and continued driving.

Today the production team was filming the scene where the vampire sucked blood from his victim, and thus there were rather a lot of night props. The stage prop team even bought an item specifically for Feng Jing——an European-styled wooden coffin, in which they scattered a lot of red rose petals inside. Feng Jing had long heard of this matter, however, when he thought about how he would need  to lie in it later, his mouth couldn’t help but twitch a bit.

Was it because he had acted in this kind of project, which resulted in him encountering those evil occurrences!?

“Film Emperor Feng, Little Zhu, come here,” the director called. Both the male and female leads walked towards him before he began telling them the details. “Later, Little Zhu will walk from this point to the coffin. The speed doesn’t have to be too quick. Then, you will look into it with some fright and curiosity. At that time we will give you a cue. When Film Emperor Feng hears the cue you will open your eyes and give her a smile, one that will reveal your sharp fangs. Understand?”

Both the male and female leads said they understood and thus the director told them to do their preparations. Feng Jing waited until Zhu Shuyan left before he asked the director: “Can we finish before twelve o’clock today?”

The director replied: “If everything goes smoothly, then we should be done before then. But if you two perform badly, then it’ll be hard to say.”

Feng Jing considered himself to be quite reliable, and was just afraid that Zhu Shuyan would let them down. Fortunately, this was only an advertisement and the expectations the director had for Zhu Shuyan wasn’t terribly high. Thus, the filming could be considered to have gone smoothly. But despite that, when they finished, it was already eleven-thirty.

With only half an hour left, Feng Jing didn’t even take off his makeup before getting Mi Xie Er to quickly drive him back to his hotel.

That night, Zhu Shuyan went out with the crew members to get a drink. When she returned to the hotel and passed by Feng Jing’s hotel room, she vaguely heard some ‘slam slam crash crash’ sounds coming from within the room. It sounded like someone was chasing another person vigorously, and what followed it was a man’s sharp scream, scaring her out of her skin.

What was going on in there? The person who had just screamed sounded like Feng Jing’s assistant, so what were the two of them doing inside?

Zhu Shuyan hesitated a bit in front of that door. Because of what had happened previously, she had certain misgivings about knocking on Feng Jing’s door again. But because of what she just heard, she couldn’t suppress her curiosity. The sound of ‘slam slam crash crash’ seemed to be even more intense now. In the end, she couldn’t resist and boldly knocked on Feng Jing’s door.

After waiting for a moment in front of that door, the door finally opened a bit. Mi Xie Er panted in the doorway as he used his body to block her view. “Miss Zhu, it’s this late. Is there something wrong?”

Zhu Shuyan stared at his messy clothes with slight surprise, before she asked him in a voice containing a few notes of concern, “I just heard you screaming. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I just saw a cockroach.”

Zhu Shuyan: “……”

There are cockroaches in such a high-class hotel? In addition, he was a big man. Just seeing a cockroach made him scream like that?

She had thought that he had been raped.

“May I ask if there’s anything else wrong? If there isn’t anything else, I’ll return to kill that cockroach.” Although Mi Xie Er had asked the question, he didn’t wait for Zhu Shuyan’s reply and immediately closed the door with a ‘slam’.

Zhu Shuyan’s delicately painted eyes narrowed a bit. She stared at the closed door and gave it a few more glances before she stepped on her high heels and left.

At this moment, Feng Jing once again appeared in that living room. This time, his mood was exceptionally calm. In order to figure out where he was, he walked onto the balcony again to try and get some clues from his surroundings.

As far as his eyes could see, all around him there aren’t any buildings that were significant landmarks. There also aren’t any real estate logos in the neighbourhood. The only clue was precisely that river that flowed adjacent to the building. Feng Jing didn’t know which river this was; however, his country’s terrain was higher in the west and lower in the east. Thus, most rivers flowed from the west to the east. If he took the direction of the river flow into consideration, this should be north of the city. In addition, you could still smell the scent of barbeque in the air, so it seemed that there really was a barbeque shop nearby.

It would be good if he could go out and take a stroll.

This idea was somewhat impractical. He always switched souls with the dog in the middle of the night. Who would take the dog out for a walk in the middle of the night?

After being silent for a bit on the balcony, he decided to go back into the room and walk around. Perhaps he would even find some clues.

The light in the living room was off again today. In the room near the entrance of the hall, the same clicking of the keyboard from last night could be heard again. Feng Jing began walking in the direction of that lit room before realizing that the door wasn’t closed. He peeked through a crack at the door and then flexibly squeezed through.

The moment he walked into the room, he felt a bit surprised.

This wasn’t the bedroom he had thought it was, and was instead……a storage room?

The room was only about ten square meters. There were three small shelves beside the walls. Many things were neatly placed on those shelves, and all of it were foreign goods. Feng Jing walked over to take a look, and found out that these things were sorted by their categories. There were cosmetics, skin care products, snacks, daily necessities, and…..condoms…

He very naturally and not fakedly moved his gaze away, imitating the manner of a true, undisturbed gentleman.

There was also a computer and desk in that room. The woman was currently sitting in front of the computer and using a table to compute some kind of statistics. Her hair was down today, the long hair curled a bit so it was only shoulder-length. Because Feng Jing could only distinguish between black, grey, and white, he did not know what colour her hair was. However, that wasn’t too important, because his attention was already completely attracted by the halterneck dress with straps on her body.

……No, he was a gentleman, and shouldn’t show such immoral and lustful behavior.

He once again averted his gaze, looking elsewhere.

There were a lot of shipping boxes and plastic bubble wrap on the floor, as well as a lot of scotch tape. All these signs indicated that the owner of this room was an x-bao seller, or a daigou, someone who provides purchasing services on behalf of other people. Feng Jing thought that the probability of her being a daigou was a bit higher, because if she was a x-bao seller, the goods in this room was a bit too few.

In the centre of the room was a big box that hadn’t been opened yet. It should be a package that someone sent over. Feng Jing looked at it for a moment, before the whole dog suddenly brightened——an address! Shipping something must have an address!

He was excited to the point where his paws were even trembling a bit. Step by step, he walked over to the big box.

But the first thing that caught his eyes wasn’t the address, but the recipient’s name——Jiang Ran.


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