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Currently, Jiang Ran was awfully busy. The number of purchase orders had increased significantly with the approaching Chinese Valentine’s Day. She had no choice but to stay up the whole night and finish collating the purchase orders received today, so that she could pack and mail everything out the next day.

In the silence of her room, her phone pinged, indicating a new message on WeChat.

Small Sweet Potato: Dear, you haven’t gone to bed yet, right?

DaKeKe Proxy Service: No, I’m pulling an all-nighter to finish accounting for all the purchase orders. ?

Small Sweet Potato: Oh oh, it’s hard on you ? . Um… I wanted to ask you if you’ve used the 0.01 mm condoms you ordered last time? (>///<) Do they really not break? (>///<)

DaKeKe Proxy Service: I…haven’t had the chance to use them yet…

Small Sweet Potato: Hahahahahaha! Don’t feel discouraged. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, go go go!

Jiang Ran: “……”

DaKeKe Proxy Service: Those condoms have been tested under high performance, so the quality is guaranteed. If you want to buy them you should do it quickly! They’ve been selling a lot these days and there’re only three boxes left in stock. ?

Small Sweet Potato: …Seems like everyone is trying very hard. Give them all to me ah. ?

DaKeKe Proxy Service: Alright.

Jiang Ran had just pressed the enter button when she heard some noise behind herself. She turned around and realized that her little dog had sneaked into the room.

“Er Huang, didn’t I already tell you that this room has all the goods and you can’t come in here?” Jiang Ran stood up and picked him up.

Feng Jing: “…..”

Wait a moment ah! He was so close to seeing the address!

“Go out and play! Oh, that’s not right. Go to sleep early ah.” Jiang Ran placed the dog outside and closed the door the moment she got the chance.

Feng Jing: “……”

He stared at the tightly closed door and, for the first time in his life, felt bottomless despair.

However, he was not the kind of man who would easily admit defeat. If he wasn’t allowed into THIS room, there were still other rooms he could enter. He wagged his tail and ran into Jiang Ran’s room.

The master bedroom only had the bedside lamp on, which wasn’t particularly bright. A big wardrobe was placed beside the wall, and then came the bed, followed by a dressing table. What was originally supposed to be a balcony had been transformed into a study room instead, with only a desk and a bookcase. Feng Jing padded over to the bookcase to take a closer look. It had many professional translation books and two extremely thick Japanese dictionaries.

A Mo Zhen poster was pasted on the side of the bookcase.

Feng Jing: “……”

He should have guessed that she was Mo Zhen’s fan the day he saw her watching “Ghost School”.

Feng Jing felt a sudden and extreme surge of anger like a volcano about to explode. It could be said that his grievances against Mo Zhen didn’t start when Mo Zhen’s fans started to diss1 him, BUT during his days at the film academy.

Then, he hadn’t graduated yet but his sister had already submitted his resume to Kai Huang. She did that to gain an opportunity to come in contact with Mo Zhen through him.

Heh, what a dear sister!

Feng Jing was furious when he discovered this. Rebelling against his sister’s action, he unhesitatingly signed a contract with Kai Huang’s rival company, Tian Qin Entertainment.

When he became the Film Emperor, he was verbally abused by Mo Zhen’s fans. And now, he got to see Mo Zhen’s poster in this woman’s room.

Why was Mo Zhen’s influence still lingering to such an extent!

Feng Jing felt his temperature rise. With a ‘woof!’, he sprang and tore down a strip of Mo Zhen’s poster with his sharp teeth.

By the time Jiang Ran entered the room, Mo Zhen’s poster was already torn to the point it looked like it had been through a paper shredder.

Jiang Ran: “……”

“Dog Egg! You want to rebel, is that it?” She placed the laptop in her hands on the desk, so angry that she nearly had a heart attack. “Do you know how dry and boring it usually is when I work? Every time I couldn’t translate anymore, I would look at this poster to motivate myself!”

Feng Jing: “……”

He believed that looking at the view from the window would have been better.

“I just drove you out of the storage room so you’re angry. Is that right? Now you won’t be getting your biscuits tomorrow!”

Hearing that the next day’s share of dog biscuits were gone didn’t move him a bit and he even wagged his tail.

Jiang Ran: “……”

What happened to her dog? He wasn’t like this before!

“They’re the biscuits you like to eat the most oh!”


Feng Jing still had an ‘it-doesn’t-matter’ attitude as his tail continued to beat the air.

Jiang Ran: “……”

Heh, what a little dog!

She cleaned up the poster “remains” before putting on a headband and washing up. Feng Jing jumped onto the bay window seat and watched Jiang Ran eat a bag of different vitamins. Then, she started rubbing make-up solutions onto her face, essence water, night lotion, night protection skin cream and finally, applied some lip balm to her lips.

She was indeed a proxy service girl, and sure enough, lived with finesse.

However, judging from her previous words and the books in her bookcase, the proxy service must have only been her part-time job; her real job, along the lines of a translator.

Jiang Ran finished her nightly skincare treatment routine. Noticing that her dog was still lying there instead of having left the room already, she frowned and called out, “Dog Egg.”

To be honest, Feng Jing still wasn’t clear whether this dog was named ‘Er Huang’ or ‘Dog Egg’.

“Why are you still here? Return to your kennel.”

“Woof.” Feng Jing lazily barked once as he lay motionlessly on the bay window seat. The bay window seat in Jiang Ran’s master bedroom was covered with a tatami mat and was extremely comfortable. Feng Jing simply didn’t want to return to the kennel in the living room.

Jiang Ran: “……”

THIS wasn’t her dog; her dog was very obedient!

However, seeing how he had already closed his eyes and begun dozing off, Jiang Ran didn’t think it was good to continue disturbing him. She switched off the lights and wore her night mask, yawned and finally, slept.

The Feng Jing on the bay window seat opened his eyes in the dark, glanced at her, and closed his eyes once again.

When the alarm clock rang the next morning, Feng Jing lazily reached out to turn it off. He hadn’t even touched his phone when the ringing stopped. He opened his puzzled eyes and saw Mi Xie Er standing beside him—with a very dark face.

“…….Mi Xian Er, giving me such looks this early in the morning is very scary.”

“Last night was what one would call scary, alright!” Mi Xie Er rolled up his sleeve indignantly, before thrusting his arm in front of Feng Jin. “Look, you gave me this bite last night!”

“……” Feng Jing silently sat up, and sure enough, saw two teeth imprints on Mi Xie Er’s fair arm. “These teeth marks don’t look like they came from a human ah.”

“Right! Last night you hadn’t taken off your makeup, and so, you were biting away with your vampire fangs!” The first time Mi Xie Er saw Feng Jing ‘become’ a dog, he had thought Feng Jing was just sleepwalking. But yesterday, Feng Jing had clearly been awake. One second he had been removing his makeup, and in the next, he had suddenly gone crazy! Mi Xie Er did some online research and found some information about people who were under too much stress during the daytime and used this way to vent it all out at night.

Was Mister Feng really under so much stress? It seemed that he (Mi Xie Er) hadn’t been taking enough care of Feng Jing!

All Feng Jing could come up with was a row of ellipses. He thought it was quite probable that his stage costume had scared the dog. He muttered to himself for a moment before replying, “Sorry, I think I’m really too into my role.”

“Even if you’re too into your role you should have bitten my neck ah…” Mi Xie Er released his sleeve before he remembered. “Yesterday we made too much of a ruckus and drew over Zhu Shuyan.”

Feng Jing knit his brow and asked, “She didn’t see anything, right?”

“Don’t worry ah, I didn’t let her in. However, we can’t go on like this.”

Feng Jing raised his head and ruffled his own hair. He sighed, “Filming for this advertisement will be over very soon and it’ll be fine once we return to City A.”

Mi Xie Er also sighed along with him, “I hope so ah, but I still think you should see a doctor.”

“……En, I will.”

Although yesterday he was as rowdy as flying chickens and jumping dogs, filming scheduled for the day had to be completed. Feng Jing didn’t know if it was his delusion, but he felt that the gaze Zhu Shuyan had been giving him and Mi Xie Er today was weird. He took advantage of his break to enquire about it. “Mi Xian Er, do you think that the way Zhu Shuyan’s gazing at us today is very strange?”

“Really?” Mi Xie Er subconsciously glanced in Zhu Shuyan’s direction where she sat pleasingly on a chair as she got her makeup done. “I don’t think so. You must have imagined it.”

“……” Was it? “In the end, what did you tell her yesterday?”

Mi Xie Er thought back for a moment before saying, “I didn’t say much ah, I just said we were in the middle of killing a cockroach.”

Feng Jing: “……”

Why didn’t you say we were killing a mouse?

“Let’s start!” The director announced and Feng Jing entered his work mode once again.

Compared to the previous day, they finished slightly earlier today and thus, Feng Jing took off his makeup as soon as he could. The dog’s heart was fragile and he couldn’t upset it anymore—not to mention, today the dog probably hadn’t received any of his biscuits.

Feng Jing took a quick shower, put on his pajamas and lay properly and decently on his bed.

Meanwhile, Mi Xie Er was walking towards Feng Jing’s room, holding a rope he had borrowed from the filming props. He had decided that allowing Feng Jing to be rowdy throughout the night wasn’t plausible any longer. If they again got noticed like the previous night, something wrong might happen. So he borrowed this rope. If he took advantage of the moment Mister Feng fell asleep and tied him up, then there shouldn’t be any problems right?

Zhu Shuyan had just returned to the hotel. When she saw Mi Xie Er approaching in the corridor, the corners of her eyes moved slightly as her eyes locked onto the rope in Mi Xie Er’s hands. “Mister Mi, this is…”

“……” The corner of Mi Xie Er’s mouth jerked once. Why did he keep running into Zhu Shuyan? Fortunately he was quick-witted and quickly spouted an excuse, “Oh, are you talking about this rope? Film Emperor Feng suddenly wanted to skip rope. At this time even I can’t find a skipping rope for him, so I could only borrow this rope from the filming props.”

“……Oh, so it’s like that.” Zhu Shuyan smiled on the outside, but inside she couldn’t help but scorn him. Who are you trying to lie to? Skipping rope in the middle of the night?

“I’ll first send over the rope to Film Emperor Feng, he’s still waiting for it.” Mi Xie Er laughed out loud, his footsteps as quick as the wind. Zhu Shuyan’s eyes narrowed as she stared at his retreating back.

Mi Xie Er entered the room and made a beeline to Feng Jing’s bedroom. Seeing him lying there with his eyes closed, he called out softly, “Mister Feng, are you asleep?”

Feng Jing’s eyes opened with a swish. “I was about to fall asleep but was woken by you.”

“……Oh, then I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

Feng Jing noticed the rope in his hands. “What are you doing with a rope?”

Mi Xie Er twisted his hands, hemming and hawing as he said, “Just… I have an immature and brazen idea. How about I tie you up when you are asleep? This way you won’t run around recklessly.”

“…Don’t even think about it!” Feng Jing unhesitantly rejected him. “Your idea was indeed brazen. You want to tie up your own boss?”

“No no no.” Mi Xie Er was scared into gesturing with his hands. “I’m just scared that you’ll make a big ruckus like last night. I don’t dare to hit you, so without any other options I can only suggest this bad plan.”

“This is far from a bad plan; it’s the WORST plan,” Feng Jing said before his head suddenly tilted and he dozed off.

Mi Xie Er: “…”

This was … the long lost skill of falling asleep in one second?

Feng Jing had already calmly accepted the situation of turning into a dog. Taking two seconds to adapt, he realized that the living room today was very lively and there was even a man standing in the room.

Why was there a man here?

Translator’s Note:

1. The word ‘diss’ was spoken in English!

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