5-1: Lily’s Simple & Easy Recipes

TL: Krrizis

Editor: Me3

First published on Ainushi


The next day, I was immediately faced with a predicament in the kitchen.


「Oh dear…」
「Okaa-san, what’s wrong?」
「Hmm~ We’re out of wheat flour」


While I replied to Jill’s question, I brooded about it with my arms folded. How did it get to this point? How did I manage to use it all up even though I had gone out specifically to buy that? Still without wheat flour, it’ll be hard to make any of the recipes in my repertoire.


But Sid-san has gone out for a job this time around, so he can’t help me with the shopping. Besides if he could, I would have wanted him to get other stuff for me as well. Hmm…


「But I don’t really want to go out though…」
「Why not?」
「Until Leonard-sama’s work is finished, it seems it’ll be a little dangerous」


I mean, even though he gave me a bracelet that was enchanted with a protection spell, he still went out of his way to give me a pendant. Doesn’t that mean that the danger is real?


「Okaa-san, did you get them too? I got those as well」
「Oh my, you’re right. Then it’s even more advisable that we shouldn’t go out…」


As she mentioned, Jill also had a pendant just like mine dangling from her neck. However, what am I going to do about the wheat flour…


「What’s bothering you?」
「Ah, Milis!」


When she saw Milis’ sudden appearance, Jill quickly hid behind me. She was probably frightened of her because of the bad first impression she made.


Even so, we’re going to be living together as a family from now on. It’s best if she gets along with her.


「Well actually, I ran out of wheat flour. I really must go out and buy some, but Leonard-sama said today there might be trouble afoot so…」
「Yeah… Well in that case, I can guard you. Despite my appearances, I’m quite strong」


The sweet smile Milis made drew Jill’s attention and she quietly stuck her head out. Then looking back and forth between the both of us, she tilted her head lovingly to the side, slightly doubtful.   


「Okaa-san, are you good friends with onee-san?」
「Yes, we’re friends. That reminds me, you haven’t been properly introduced to her yet. This is Leonard-sama’s contracted water spirit, Milis」
「It’s a pleasure to meet you」


So as not to frightened her, Milis crouched down to meet her eyes. Jill timidly drew closer and bobbed her head.  


「I’m… Jill. It’s nice to meet you」


Immediately after she said it, she hid behind me once again. Hmm, maybe she needs a bit more time to adjust.


You too, Milis. You don’t need to make such a sad expression.


「Does she not like me?」
「She’s probably still a little scared of you. Just give her a bit more time」


As I was comforting Milis while she smiled bitterly, I noticed a figure crossing outside the window.




Whereupon Amdo-san, who was in the form of a small bird, curiously halted in his tracks, puzzled by my sudden call.  


「I’m sorry to bother you. Did Leonard-sama ask you to do anything earlier?」
「Then, would you mind coming with us as a guard with Milis? I really need to go shopping」


When I said that, Amdo-san came in through the window. Yes, I know she’s happy but Milis, aren’t you behaving out of the norm? If you act like that, won’t your feelings be exposed?


「You’re heading out?」
「Yes, so we might be in danger. Milis is coming as well but it would be reassuring having a man along with us」
「Wow, that’s absurd. I’m strong, you know?」


Oh no, sorry. I didn’t mean that I felt unease having just Milis alone but my words must have come across as such when I said it earlier.


「That’s not it, Milis. If there’s a group of just girls walking around, men might try making passes at us. Especially since you’re a beauty, Milis so there’s a higher chance of them making a pass at you」
「A, a beauty!?」
「Yeah. Right, Amdo-san?」
「Definitely. Milis is cute」


Amdo-san agreed as well. This, in turn, made Milis’ face light up till her ears turn bright red. Isn’t it lovely? Hearing the person you love say you’re cute.   


「That’s why, if possible, won’t you come with us?」



So if these two spirits were to escort us, I’m sure Leonard-sama won’t be mad about it.

Moreover, with both Milis and Amdo-san going together with us, it’ll be nice if it furthers their relationship as well.  

Well then, now that it’s been decided, I’ve got to make the shopping list.



「What’s that? It’s so sparkly!」

A short while later, we finally went out to shop. Milis’ eyes twinkled at the spectacle of downtown, her eyes restlessly roaming everywhere. Holding her by the hand affectionately as she acted that way, Jill was going「That over there is—」whilst explaining away.      

Although it was an unforeseen development, I’m okay with it since they’re getting along.

「I’ve known her for quite some time but this is the first time I’ve seen Milis act like that」
「Really? Isn’t it cute how she’s so excited?」

Oh, he’s not saying a thing. Wondering why he clammed up, I glanced fleetingly at him to deduce it and saw Amdo-san slightly smiling with his cheeks a little red.


「I understand her feelings. She barely goes out to places like these unlike Sid」
「Are you the same as well, Amdo-san?」
「I dislike places that are messy」

However the words he mumbled afterwards, I was certain, weren’t meant for my ears.

「… If she likes it this much, maybe I should bring her out here next time」

I tried immensely hard to keep my expression in check.

I mean, isn’t that like a date? It’s a date! Does that mean that the two of them have unrequited love for each other!?

I’ve heard Milis’ feelings and by looking at Amdo-san, I got it. Oh gosh, it almost spilled out of my mouth!

Gee whiz, Amdo-san. I’m embarrassed, I can’t even look at Milis.  

Speaking of, it’ll be dangerous if we’re too far apart. In a hurry, I called out to Jill and Milis who had been steadily moving away earlier.

「Milis, Jill, don’t run off so excitedly」
「Ah, I’m sorry」
「Okaa-san, don’t be mad」

Seeing them rush back with a dejected expression reminded me of small animals that were chided and it unconsciously brought a smile to my face. I’m aware beforehand that Jill was adorable but Milis’ too was so cute. I didn’t expect such an innocence face from her.    

「If there’s something you’re interested in, we can take a look at it together. The both of you were looking around so much earlier that I’m sure there must be a lot of stuff that you want」
「Really? Can we go to that shop over there that’s selling those shiny stuffs?」
「Shiny? … Oh, it’s a sweets shop! Alright. I’m sure you get tired of just eating the snacks that I make all the time so let’s get some」


“Yeah~”, they both shouted in delight. Seeing them behave like that, I couldn’t help but give in. They really became close, haven’t they? I suppose it needed a bit more time for it to work. As I was deep in my thoughts, I felt Jill suddenly tugging on the hem of my skirt. Hmm, what’s up?  

「But, umm, you know, I’m happy that you’re buying the snacks but I love your snacks too, Okaa-san!」
「… Ah, yeah. Thanks」

What a surprise attack this child launched. How utterly adorable she is. I was so pleased that I hugged her and took the opportunity to tickle her.

「Kyaa~ Okaa-san, it’s ticklish~!」
「That’s cause you said something that brought me joy~」


I noticed when Jill said it. I… seemed to have subconsciously braced myself for the worst to come. So much that I was unnecessarily stressing myself, being on guard for it to happen but Jill’s words just now undid the knots. Since we all came here to shop together, we should have some fun.

「Now, the shiny things decorated there are candies. There are different varieties so if there’s anything you two like just get them」
「Eh? But…」
「Jill, you’ll like it wouldn’t you, if Milis selects a candy and eats it together with you?」
「Yes! Milis onee-chan, come on!」
「Ah, wait a minute!」

Jill started running off, dragging a bewildered Milis by the hand. Even so, Milis looked somewhat happy as she accompanied her.

「Amdo-san, is there anything you’d like to buy too?」
「No… I mean, money-wise…」
「There’s more than enough for us to spend from the allowances that I received. Plus, it’s to commemorate the first time all of us have gone out together. Don’t you think it’ll be nice to get Sid-san and Leonard-sama a present?」
「… Are you sure it’s okay?」
「Of course, we took the trouble to come here after all」

Since Amdo-san gave a slight nod after I urged him, we chased after the other two.

Which by the way, I just realized this but I wonder if Milis is comfortable with me walking alongside Amdo-san. Normally, wouldn’t she hate it? Once we step out of the sweets shop, there’ll be hell to pay.  

At the shop, I bought two bottles stuffed with a variety of candies as a present for Sid-san and Leonard-sama. Jill and Milis bought the same item too. Amdo, as I had expected, chose his own candies.

Do they all like candies that much? I mean for one, they aren’t candies that I have made.  

Incidentally, I bought all my baking ingredients. I wonder what I should make next~ Although when I think about it, the reason why we’re short on wheat flour is because I’ve been baking confections every day. I’m repenting on it now.  

「Lily, aren’t you getting any for yourself?」
「No, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it」
「You sure? … Then, how about sampling one of mine later? After that, it counts as having gotten one?」
「Have mine too~!」
「Thank you, both of you. It means a lot to me」

When I showed a pleasant smile, the both of them exchanged glances and had a smile across their faces. Oh my god, the both of them are seriously so adorable! I just want to wriggle about! As I grinned broadly, Amdo-san called out to me in a calm voice.   

「So, what’s next?」
「Wheat flour, smoked salmon, meat, eggs, milk and probably some bread」


The seasonings are fine. I’d checked on them before we left the house. Ah, but I do want a bit more rock salt. Just getting wheat flour is more than enough to be honest but since we came out all this way, I want to stock up on everything.

「Then, let’s get going. It’s better that we don’t spend too much time outside」
「You’re right」

Per our conversation, we finished shopping and as I was about to request for home delivery, Amdo-san grabbed the paper bags that were stuffed to the brim with our purchases and carried them in his arms.

「It’ll be safer for the time being if I grabbed the stuffs and carry it home」

It alarmed me when he hinted at the possibility that something might occur if we were to have it delivered. Just thinking about it gave me the chills. What if the instant we received the parcel, there was something hidden in the delivery? We ought to be on the lookout for such possibilities.  

Since Amdo-san is the most vigilant amongst us, it’s probably best that I follow his judgement. I do not have a professional hand at these things anyway.    

「I’ll carry them as well. Jill, hold on to Milis’ hand tightly so you don’t get lost」

With that in place, it felt safer for me to follow Amdo-san’s lead as Milis looked after Jill. Even if something were to happen, I’m sure we’ll overcome it somehow.  

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