5-2: Lily’s Simple & Easy Recipes

TL: Krrizis

Editor: MochiMochi95

First published on Ainushi


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―― Ah, yeah, um… What should we do about this situation?


When we reached the mansion gates, a hilarious comedic act was being carried out in front of us.


「Damn, it just won’t break!」

「Then we’ll have to use our last resort, a human bomb… 」

「Stop! Don’t be so hasty!」

「We have no other choice!」


… Ummm. So judging by their conversation, these men were agonizing over how to demolish the barrier right now, but the exchanges they’re having were extremely comical.


「… Don’t tell me those are the people that Leonard-sama was worried about since they’re trying to break the barrier?」

「I don’t think so…」


Even though Amdo-san said that, he was watching them doubtfully. Well, he’s also making that kind of face, huh… That’s probably the same expression that I was having right now as well.   


「For the time being, let me deal with them」



When Milis made light of it and uttered a dry laugh, Amdo-san held her back.  



「I’ll do it」


As soon as he said it, Milis looked like she was about to burst into tears.


「… Do you have that little faith in me? I can floor scums like them in the blink of an eye. Don’t treat me like a fool!」


Ah, she shook him off and took off. She got mad, huh.


I was sure Amdo-san wanted to chase after her but because he couldn’t leave us alone, he just gazed frustratingly at her back.     


I, who possessed no means of defending myself and Jill, who had no experience fighting. We were highly in danger if he left us. Therefore taking into account the odds, Amdo-san was correct in not moving. However――

「You didn’t know what those sort of men were going to do to a beautiful girl like Milis. That’s why you said you were going to handle it, didn’t you?」

「… Yes」


Even though Amdo-san bit down hard on his lips, he shook his head slowly.


「But, Milis has made up her mind」

「No. I think she just replied like that because of your words」


I felt words weren’t enough. They just kept missing each other’s intention.  


「Milis called her existence heretical」


Oh! Amdo-san’s angry. He hadn’t said a thing but the aura that he’s radiating was impressive.    


「It’s because she thinks she’s a heresy that she’s reliant on her abilities. Whenever it’s being questioned even in the slightest, it’s like denying her reason for living, which surely scares her」

「She’s not heretical」

「Then, what is she?」


I asked Amdo-san that question, my eyes were fixed intently on him.


Both of them had probably repeatedly misunderstood each other. Thus the reason for the expression Milis had on earlier.


But I don’t want her expressions to be mired with anxieties and fears any longer. However for that to occur, the words she needs right now has to come from Amdo-san and not from her friend.   


「Just think about it. My words won’t do anything to help Milis. It’s not just mine alone, neither will Leonard-sama’s」

「Why are you helping her like this?」

「Oh, is it strange for me to wish for my friend to be happy?」

「You’re a strange fellow」


Pfft, he let out. The smile he wore was a tender, affectionate smile that I had never seen before. Uwaa~ If Milis saw this, she’d faint. What a hottie~


The gap moe, how spectacular~ … Even my heart throbbed a little from that. Though that wasn’t going to blossom into love.


「I’ll just give you one piece of advice」


I laughed at Amdo-san as he looked slightly confused. I was deliberately meddling in hence I informed him.  


「I won’t spare any effort in helping my dearest friend. Which is why I’m telling you about Milis」


Well? I wonder if Amdo-san got the hint?


Before I could get an answer out of him, I heard a dreadful thunderous roar resounding nearby. When I looked in the direction of the sound, Milis was smiling triumphantly having imprisoned the men from earlier in a mass of water.   


「See? It was that easy!」

「Yup. I got it so just get their heads out of the water!」


They’d drown like that!


Since I didn’t know what was the best course of action to take, I had Milis and Amdo-san watched over those men whilst Jill and I headed inside.


Amdo-san used his wind magic to notify Leonard-sama about it. It’s really handy, wasn’t it? Magic.


「Which reminds me. Jill, can’t you do what you did when we were in Leonard-sama’s room last time?」

「You mean like the other day when I called otou-san? Well, I can’t use it unless we’re in danger. Otou-san made me promise him that」

「I see… So you felt we were in danger that time」

「Yeah. But this time, Milis onee-chan and Amdo-san are here, and those people couldn’t break otou-san’s magic so I’m not scared. That’s why it’s fine」


The unwavering trust she had from her words to her expression all pierced my chest. When did she become so strong?


Not a sliver of the frail child when we first met could be found now. The person standing in front of me now was certainly『the magician Leonard Mariel’s』daughter. I was proud but at the same time, I felt slightly downhearted.


But, with this, Jill has found the place where she truly belongs.


「Lily, sorry to disturb you」



When I was tidying up after making a snack for Jill to eat, Milis suddenly appeared in front of me.   


Incidentally, Jill was on the sofa having her afternoon nap. Once she’s asleep, it’s rare for her to wake up in the middle of it. Because of that, I was grateful that Milis kept her tone in check when she spoke to me.


「Is it alright to not stand watch over them?」

「Yep. Leonard-sama’s received Amdo’s report so he’s sent an envoy to greet them」

「An envoy?」

「The young magician from the other day」


Young… Oh! You mean Cedric-kun? Right, with his griffon, he should be able to easily carry two or three adults on it. Perhaps I ought to go out and greet him.  


「It seems like he wants to say hello. He’s waiting in the entranceway right now」

「Got it. I’ll be there soon」


Hmm, did I have any premade confections… Ah, the madeleines! If I gave this to him, he could take it back with him and it’d keep for a few days.  


「What are you doing?」

「Previously, I told him I’ll have tea and snacks brought out the next time he comes around. Tea is out of the question though but if it’s snacks, he could take it with him」


When I went to the entranceway with Milis, Cedric-kun was there.


At his feet were the men from a while back, collapsed and lying limp on the ground.


「That’s strange, they were awake just a moment ago」

「Oh, they were annoying so I put them to sleep for a bit」


I was just going to ignore that dark aura emitting from behind Cedric-kun’s pleasant smile. Yup.


「Hello, Cedric-sama. Thank you for taking the trouble to come all the way here」

「Not at all. I’m relieved that neither you nor Jill-san was harmed. Mariel-dono was rather worried when he received the report」

「I see. Please tell him that Jill and I are fine」

「I will」


The embarrassing laugh he had was sweet and appropriate for his age, but the fact that he came alone with his griffon, was evidence that Leonard-sama acknowledged his abilities.


Mmm, my worries of whether it was wise to hand them over had vanished.  


「We’ll be taking them to the royal palace’s guardroom to question them. We need to find out who they are in order to begin our investigations」

「I don’t really know anything about them. So it’ll depend on Leonard-sama」


I really don’t know much though. Whether it had any relations to Leonard-sama’s work or whether they had attacked for other reasons. Whichever it was, there’s probably no need to worry about if they weren’t able to break past Leonard-sama’s barrier. So I’ll let Leonard-sama decide on how to deal with them.  


「I see. Well, it’s unlikely that they’ll threaten you again so there’s no need to worry」

「Yes, thank you. Um…」


I interrupted Cecil-kun as he was about to straddle the griffon. Curious, Cecil-kun looked back. He stared blankly when I handed over a small bag filled with madeleines.


「This is?」

「The other day, I promised that I’ll have a delicious cup of tea and snacks prepared the next time you swing by. Tea is definitely a bit much but at least, take these snacks. They’re madeleines so you can have them during your break」

「Ah! Sorry for troubling you… They smell nice. I love sweet things so thank you for these」

「I’m glad to hear that」


Cedric grinned delightedly as he got on the griffon’s back this time.


「Well then, I hope we meet again. Next time, I’ll come visit you for a lot longer」

「I look forward to it. Please take care」


I waved at the griffon flapping its’ wings in the sky. Yup, though he was manly and handsome, there was just one quip I had to interject. I was convinced that those men earlier would be carried on its’ back.   


「… I bet those people would never expect they’ll be carried away like that by its claws」


I hope they won’t regain consciousness mid-flight. They would most certainly scream.

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