Chapter 26 – I can’t believe it even if you tell me! Because only an idiot…

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Just as a subtle air had begun to form between Mooks-san and me, the voice of a third person could be heard.


[That issue is, well, fine, but have you disposed of that problematic baron and his dogs?]


Now that I realised it, there was another person in this room, right next to me. But to say dispose of…


[Ahh. The baron seems to have been personally imprisoned by the General and his henchmen were apprehended by the Agency and the Knight Corps.]


I’m glad that’s the case. Kei-san and Ani-san will be safe with this as well. I can finally have peace of mind. I can go to Tournons without any worries.


[The General personally moving is amazing. But how can you say that those are all the members? I can understand the small fries, but there may be other men in black that just can’t be found? Normally, those kinds of guys scatter and do their jobs, although I assume that someone like you already knows that.]


[……. I don’t know if you’re underestimating me or not. Regarding of their numbers, you can find out easily if you investigate, as you probably already know.

Well, it’s fine. I’ll be continuing from what I said before. It was in the information the spy leaked. There was information that all of them would be gathering at the mansion today, but that would normally be impossible, so I thought it was a trap. However, it wasn’t a trap in the end, because I was able to imprison all of them along with the mastermind.]


[It’s an unlikely story. They should be a famed group in the underworld. For such a thing to happen… it would be possible if that was common, but it was only this time, so it’s unusual.

The gathering at the mansion today was probably because of me. Besides, it’s true that those dogs have been acting strange this half month. I got the same feeling as when I was moving. I wasn’t able to find out whether something happened, though.

However, I’m sorry to pour cold water on you, but you’re wrong if you think the Baron is the mastermind. I don’t think those dogs are obeying that guy. Even if they are obeying him, at best, other than the dogs, the small fries are probably moving because of the money. That man is the tail of a lizard. There’s no evidence, but my intuition has never been off before. …You should understand even without me telling you]


The air became momentarily cold at Suou’s words. I became stiff and Mooks-san narrowed his eyes.


[That, what does that mean. What do you know?]


Mooks-san lowered his voice, which echoed in the room. That low voice seemed to resound heavily from deep within. I have never heard Mooks-san’s voice like this before, nor have I ever seen such a cold expression on his face. Unconsciously, I held my breath while Suou remained aloof as usual.


[There’s no other meaning, it is as I said.

I came to the royal capital to listen to a request. The client was the imprisoned baron. Although it was before he was caught, I actually met and spoke with him. I have seen several types of clients by taking on various requests, but he isn’t one that can pull off being a mastermind. I don’t know the nature of the offence he’s being charged with, but if it was such a crime that the General would personally take action, it’s definitely impossible for him.

I just thought that since you had been working on it for a long time, there was no way you would not have noticed. You should already have a clue on the mastermind.]


Mooks-san was looking at Suou with his cold expression unchanged. The room was deathly silent. Because of the quietness and tension in the air, I thought that the sound of my heart beating was echoing in the room.

[What was the request from the baron?]

Suou sighed as he said this sentence. It seemed as if he was declaring that he wouldn’t allow the other to deceive him. Although it already became like this, it didn’t feel like he noticed this tension in the air. I would really like to see how his head worked at least once. I’m absolutely sure his nerves were steel!


[Being the Baron’s bodyguard, as well as helping his escape and eliminating any hindrances. I wasn’t intending to accept in the first place, so I refused it. Then it lead to the situation as you saw.]

Suou responded while snorting, as if it was a really interesting story. Looking at him, Mooks-san’s expression changed into one of bewilderment. The air in the room somewhat returned to normal and I unknowingly relaxed my body a little.

[Why did you bother to meet the baron if you intended to refuse?

Also, for a guy like you, you could have escaped without any injuries. Rather, instead of escaping, you should have been able to beat them easily. What exactly happened for you to be helped by someone?]



Eh? Is this guy that strong? Hmm? Was him being injured an act? But there’s no reason for him to act in front of me. Moreover, he was dazed the whole time as well.

[As you know, I’m… somewhat different and known as “one with closed eyes (heigan)”. How much do you know about the ”one with closed eyes”? There aren’t many in recent times who know of us.]

Nn~? What is heigan?  Joint application (heigan)…military application (heigan)… flat face (heigan)? I don’t know! It’s also not a mood I can ask in. Wuu I’m curious. Well, will I be able to know if I listen to them talk? I can smell some fantasy scent and it might be a bit imprudent but I’m getting a little excited!


[Indeed, I don’t hear about it much. I also only heard about it when there was the war with the empire. Even then, there weren’t many people who knew about it.

One with closed eyes…they have hair stained red with blood spurted from their victims, and their eyes are always covered with a black eye band. Therefore, as their eyes are kept closed…they are called as one with closed eyes. Well, there are other meanings as well though. They use arcane magic and bring a storm of death. After that person has left, only a blood-soaked ground will remain. There were others as well. They obtained eternal life from their arcane magic and those who look at their eyes only end with death…or so I’ve heard.]

Suou listened to Mooks-san’s explanation uninterested as if it was boring…though you’re the one who asked in the first place!! What a guy. Naturally, I was listening excitedly.



[It seems that the “one with closed eyes” on the battlefield actually did not age. Some people miraculously survived even after looking at their eyes, and according to them, their eyes were a deep scarlet crimson colour. However, due to the overwhelming fear, people warned others not to get close to the scarlet eyes…so it was said that their scarlet eyes were a taboo. Nowadays, normal people wouldn’t know why they were considered a taboo.

I also have never encountered one with closed eyes until this year, and the story I heard from before was… a long time in the past. But to have actually….]



What’s with that, it’s so chuunibyou!? What arcane magic? And blood-soaked ground!? You face death if you just look at their eyes!? It would be really scary if it was true! As expected of fantasy…eh? This guy’s eye was a deep crimson colour!? I saw it but I’m still alive! What…am I an idiot? It’s a rumor, just a rumor. If you died by just looking at his eyes, then he wouldn’t be human.

[You would’ve been in your teens during the Imperial war. You sure remember it well.]

For a moment, Mooks-san’s gaze became sharp, but Suou continued on unconcerned.


[That’s right, that is how I am thought of by the people who know about my hair colour and eye band, and it is actually all true. But now there are only a few people who knows about the “one with closed eyes” correctly and in detail. Even if they know about it, they only know about the characteristics like you.

Normally, you wouldn’t believe in eternal life right? I think you understand it, but I am not the same age-wise as the rumored “one with closed eyes.” I am 23 years old. I wasn’t born at that time.

In the first place, the “one with closed eyes” isn’t one person, although the leader is by inheritance. If I were to say it, they would be “people with closed eyes.” Society in general believes it is just one person, but the clan made it so that they think like that… 『Wait a minute ! !』 …what is it?]


This guy just easily acknowledged that he’s one of the “people with closed eyes”! I can’t believe it. To me, he is just a fool. After all, would you normally admit it that easily? Ordinarily, you wouldn’t admit it right? Moreover 23 years old? Thinking from all my personal experience so far, I thought he would be older. I got fooled by his appearance! Or so  I thought, and above all else, he had a big attitude!! While I was surprised, Mooks-san stopped Suou’s story. His face was ghastly pale, so I became even more surprised. Was Mooks-san also surprised by his age??

[You! Can you talk about the clan so much? If you talk about it as you please and we decide to exterminate the clan after listening to you, it’s not an issue you can handle!!]


Wha, there’s no way! But what’s with that! Scary, scary, I’m really scared. Uwaah~, when I unconsciously tried to make a little distance from Suou I slipped off and he held onto my waist and pulled me towards him!!

Why!? Is this necessary right now? What, you won’t let go!? Ahh…I, saw his eyes. Just when I was panicking by myself,  he applied more power to the hands on my waist and I could hear laughter from next to me. Nn? Laughter??

[Haha! Kid, why are you in such a panic? Even though you made such a mess of the group of men in black. I can’t believe it’s the very same person. Relax, I won’t kill you. I don’t have any plans to kill. Moreover, I don’t fundamentally undertake any “killing”]



When I looked towards Mooks-san, who let out an idiotic voice, he was looking this way with his mouth open. This time, he was pointing this way while gaping. It was kind of interesting. It was the same for Suou, he was laughing evilly. I could feel the vibration from his body, so I knew it without looking at him. I don’t like using this kind of method to find out, but it couldn’t be helped since I couldn’t remove his hands.

[Yo, you! You just admitted that you are a person of “one with closed eyes.” So it’s a lie that you fundamentally don’t undertake killing!? What kind of idiot would be deceived by such a lie that would be exposed immediately!?]

The vibrations of his laughter became stronger as Mooks-san keeps talking. Even though Mooks-san is so desperate, this guy is…somehow.


[I’m not trying to deceive you, it’s all true. Just don’t misunderstand. I don’t take on killing requests, but I never said I don’t kill people. I don’t kill people easily, but I do kill if it’s necessary. The killing by the one with closed eyes you are thinking of is of the previous era of predecessors, and other…portion of people. That portion of people don’t have the characteristics of the one with closed eyes. They are different from me.]

Suddenly, the air Suou was emitting changed. I knew without looking. Mooks-san also seems to have felt it, as he became serious and put up his guard. …I also want to put up my guard, but this hand on my waist is a bother. I can’t keep up with the gap between this tension and the hand on my waist. Seriously, what the hell is this?!



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