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Idle Talk 1 : The Case of Kano Hiro(43).

Told 「You’re blessed nowadays!」by her girlfriends every time they convened, Kano Hiro(43) was a 『Housewife』.
Her role wasn’t all too serious. Due to an early marriage, her children were already independent, and her husband making a beeline for work was still in his prime. She thought…… “If so, I’ll also go out”…, but somehow, she lacked the motivation to do so.
She thought something to do, a hobby or something to keep her busy would be nice, but there was nothing that caught her fancy.

(I wonder if I’m a boring person……)

Her kind husband said 「You have perfectly raised the children and done housework till now, so it’s fine to enjoy your freedom.」, but in the end, she consoled herself, saying that there must be many people who don’t know what to do with all the freedom they are suddenly given…….

Luckily, she and her high school friends had promised to have tea. Elated at going out after such a long time, she saw her friend in a suit; unsuitable for a Saturday.

「Even though we are meeting after such a long time, you still went to work?」

「Sorry Kanohi, its actually a holiday today, but……I couldn’t help it, you see. But it was only for the morning, so it’s fine!」

Her peers from when she was a student called her Kanohi. They had only removed the 「Ro」from her full name, but it was a nickname for the very reason that they had shortened it. It was a nickname that even she liked to hear.

「Well, it’s not something for me to forgive or not forgive. It’s not something that I, who don’t work, can say.」

「No, housework is something I absolutely cannot do. I look up to Kanohi for that.」

「Oh, pleaseー」

Finding a cafe that was open for lunch on a Saturday, they ordered the trending one plate omlette hayashi set[1]. They recounted the lack of development in their lives while waiting. Suddenly, her friend broached the topic of her current job.

「There’s this model who’s just debuted, he’s the creme de la creme in popularity in our company. Like that, I don’t know if it’s his aura, or should I say the vibe he gives; it’s just wonderful……」

「Well, well, that because you’re putting forth a young kidー」

「That’s another misconception. His name’s Miroku, and he’s 36, you know.」

「Eh? But that magazine’s target audience is……」

「That’s right. Scarily, his external appearance is just like that of a undergraduate.」

「That’s ridiculous!」

Seeing Hiro laugh, her friend took out a magazine from the bag she was carrying. That man was featured on the front cover.


While she gazed intently at it, her friend’s smartphone rung and she caught her mutter 「Damn, its a call from my colleague.」, she thought it must be something about work.
Many of her friends were quite busy, there’s no use trying to be together for the whole day.
While she was thinking「Today was short, but I guess we’ll part here」, her friend said something outrageous.
「So this is the person who requested for us. Are you all right?」

「Sorry, it seems like I’m all worn out. ……I’m sorry, look around at your leisure, please.」

A woman younger than her friend was lowering her head apologetically.

「No no, I’m also thankful for the valuable experience!」
To Hiro, who had spent a very ordinary life, to not just see a few illustrations from a magazine, but to visit a shoot was like a dream come true.

「Miroku here.」

For a moment, she could see the atmosphere change.
This place that had once been surrounded in a tense atmosphere, had now transformed into a gentle scene.
The man who entered was tall, slender, and had well proportioned muscles.
He had curled his slightly long black hair at the tip; it was a hairdo that had some motion.
His well-featured face with tender eyes, his perfectly straight nose, and his thin lips that were wearing a smile.
He seemed like a student at glance, but his calm aura was befitting his age.
Calling out to the staff with his refreshing tenor one by one, he showed them a smile. The staff who were spoken to, also began smiling.
The scene rapidly became bright and warm with just his appearance.

「……Miroku-san sure is amazing.」

「You’re right.」

Hiro was completely enchanted.
She gave a wry smile to her friend, who had her eyes glued onto every action of his all throughout the shoot after that.
It was probably the first time she had felt this engrossed in something, and she earnestly felt excited……something was budding within her[2].

「So then, give one last pose!」

「Umm, what should I do?」

The troubled Miroku placed his finger on his thin lips (While everyone in his vicinity was thinking ‘I want to become that finger’) and thought, but the girl who was costume in charge said 「What about a flying kiss?」; making a practical joke-like request.
Miroku thought for a while and nodded deeply.

「There’s a guest here today, so let’s send it toward that person.」


Suddenly brought into the conversation, Hiro’s voice flipped over.

In the end, she got a smile of the finest quality from Miroku, who was right in front of her; and he placed his index and middle fingers on his lips, making a sound from his lips smacking 「Smooch[3]」, pointing and holding it out towards Hiro he blew his breath over it. 「poof」over it.
He made a slight embarrassed smile,

「Did it reach?」

The moment he said that.
Hiro’s capacity overloaded, and she sprouted a nosebleed…… .
「Are you all right?」

Her consciousness resurfaced, hearing that voice that had a pleasant tenor. When she realised it, Hiro was laying flat on the couch.

「I-I’m fine.」

Even if it meant snorting through the tissues stuffed into her nose, she somehow managed to let her voice out.
「Thank goodness!」

When she looked towards the source of the voice, a beautiful smiling youth was there.



「Please get some good rest. I have to return to the office, so please excuse me for leaving early……」

「D-Don’t worry about it! I’m fine!」

「I see, please take care.」

After smiling sweetly, Miroku got up to leave the room.
Hiro, for some reason, called out to Miroku, who was already leaving; she had something she wanted to say.

「Um!! D-Do your best!!」

The words she had said resolutely were too ordinary. Hiro felt down reflecting on what she’d said.

「……Thank you.」

Turning back, Miroku showed a smile like a blooming flower, and left the room.


From there on, her friend who had always been by her side kindly began handing over tissues to Hiro, who now had spurt a second nosebleed.

T/N –
1.Omuhayashi is a savory rice dish topped with an omelet and robust sauce of red wine, beef and mushrooms.7A73B861-1AC2-4CC8-995F-D445E1DD615E

2. The raw had 燃え……萌え上がっていた。here 燃え and 萌え are pronounced the same (moe) but mean something different as translated. It’s something in jp that doesn’t carry forward in eng.

3. Originally チュッ (chuu).

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