Chapter 4 – Memory

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Pretty soon, Song Xiao had thrown the unhappy thoughts about the concubine to the very back of his mind, and concentrated on studying his family’s car.

He felt very curious about this car that could move so fast even without the help of horses, but he only sat on his seat demurely, admiring the high buildings outside in his heart silently, and focused his gaze upon the driver at the front.

Song Zi Cheng, who sat by his son’s side, didn’t know what to talk about with him. He saw a pair of brightly shining eyes watching the driver with the utmost concentration and laughed as he said: “Do you like cars? As soon as you get your driver’s license when you turn eighteen, I’ll get you one even better than this.”

“Alright, thank you very much father.” Song Xiao smiled with his eyes closed. Even though he was a scholar, he enjoyed things related to horses and vehicles very much. When he was still living in the Imperial Academy, Yu Jin Tang had always used the excuse of horse-riding to go out with him.

At the thought of Yu Jin Tang, Song Xiao felt downcast. He was now reborn as the son of the owner of a theatrical group, and he didn’t know how to find him. Don’t tell him he had to wait till he succeeds his father and tour around the country acting out the story of the two of them? Also, there was a chance that the reincarnated emperor did not even retain his past memories.

Lee Wei Wei didn’t board the car with them when he found out that Qiu Ming Yan would also be going to the Song’s house, but he made faces at her car instead. Noticing the paparazzi taking pictures of him, he boldly waved back at them. The paparazzi with the camera smiled and made a few hand gestures towards him, assuring him that his shots are very cool.

“Boss, why are you so courteous towards him?” The amateur paparazzi asked him confusingly. Qiu Ming Yan’s status within the circle is pretty high, but just now the way Da Wei treated Qiu Ming Yan was very disrespectful, and it was even recorded by him. Although it will definitely be a hot topic if it was released, the boss wouldn’t allow him to do it.

“What do you understand,” The veteran paparazzi hit him on the back of his head, “Why do you think Da Wei is so arrogant? He’s the young master of the Wu Jin Audio Cooperation. Would you dare to make them angry?”

The amateur paparazzi opened his mouth widely. He had just started this work, and there were still many things that he didn’t know, but he knew about Wu Ji Audio Cooperation. That record company is second to none in the Chinese country, and its position within the entertainment circle isn’t lesser than that of Xing Hai Entertainment’s. The president was the old Queen of Songs in the nineties, and she was someone who held quite a lot of influence within the industry, so you shouldn’t provoke her so lightly.

A part of the reason why Song Zi Cheng allowed his own son to play with Lee Wei Wei was so that he could be on friendly terms with the Wu Jin Audio Cooperation, except he never thought that Lee Wei Wei would really become Song Xiao’s best friend.

The amateur paparazzi squeezed his brain. The waters within the entertainment industry sure are deep. Who would’ve thought that this second-rate child star originated from such a high position?

The Song family had a few houses in A city, and they usually lived in a tall building at the center of the city. It was a compound around 300 square meters wide, and was convenient for Song Zi Cheng to go to work and Song Xiao to go to school from there.

It is a high quality community, and each floor is an apartment with it’s own owner. Song Xiao felt very amazed by the elevator that could transport them to another place within a flash. Auntie Chen patiently explained how an elevator works to him, as if she was teaching a child who had just learned how to walk, and Song Xiao listened to her explanation seriously.

Qiu Ming Yan at the side blinked. It would seem that this boy really lost his memories, and she let out a breath as she relaxed. Entering the door, she sent a look through her eyes towards the young girl sitting on the sofa.

The living room was one with double-height ceilings, and it looked very spacious. There was a set of sofa situated at the center, and a little girl wearing a pink dress was sitting on one of them. Seeing Song Zi Cheng entered the room, she flung herself towards him and sweetly called him “dad”.

Song Zi Cheng raised his arms to hold the little girl who threw herself into his arms. He smiled and turned his head towards Song Xiao to say: “Xiao Xiao, do you still remember Little Zheng?”

Song Xiao raised his eyes to look at the little girl who was hugging his father in a very spoiled manner. She looked around thirteen or fourteen, and was wearing a close-fitting skirt that brought out her well-developed body. Her petite face, which wasn’t that different with Qiu Ming Yan’s, excluded a kind of charm.

He frowned slightly. The Great Yu counted as an open-minded empire. Not only did it opened trades with the countries around them, it also allowed women to go out on the streets, that’s why he could still accept the way the nurses dressed. But this little sister, she didn’t look as graceful as a girl from a wealthy family no matter how he looked at her, making him feel some dislike towards her.

Song Xiao changed into slippers, and slowly walked towards Song Zi Cheng’s side: “This is the concubine’s child?”

Concubine’s child, concubine’s child… Qiu Ming Yan, who had just adopted a smile on her face, felt her smile turned strained. Song Zheng was just about to open her mouth before she suddenly froze.

Before, others had called her a bastard child, and she already felt insulted by it. She never thought there would be something even more insulting than that! She understood that word means a concubine’s child. That means it’s an insult not only to her, but to her mother as well!

Song Xiao is such a nuisance, why didn’t they beat you to death! Song Zheng stared at Song Xiao hatefully, and turned to look at Song Zi Cheng with a hurt expression: “How could big brother call me something like that?”

The change in her expression was too stiff, and it was way less skilled than the concubine-born little sisters of his house in his previous life. Moreover, those little sisters were all very respectful to him, and would never dare to complain in front of father.

Song Zi Cheng opened his mouth, unsure how to proceed.

“Where do I stay?” At first, Song Xiao wanted to ask where his yard is, but seeing the rooms all around, it would seem that there isn’t a separate yard for him to live in. He sighed in his heart. As expected of a family that runs a theatrical group, they couldn’t even afford a residence with three sections.

“Your room is upstairs.” Originally, Song Zi Cheng wanted to let Auntie Chen to take Song Xiao upstairs, but seeing that Auntie Chen had already gone to prepare their meal, he let go of Song Zheng who was still in his arms, and personally took Song Xiao upstairs.

Song Zi Cheng patiently explained how the things in the room work to Song Xiao, and emphasized on how to use the bathroom.

After Song Zi Cheng left, Song Xiao carefully looked around the room. This is a small suite, with its own bathroom and dressing room installed. The walls and furniture are all the color of blue, the same shade as the sky.

The scene in front of him were familiar for some unknown reason, and Song Xiao felt a little dizzy as he walked towards the head of the bed to pick up the photo frame situated on top of it.

In the picture was a beautiful woman, holding a child around the age of seven or eight in her arms.

“Mother!” Song Xiao used his fingertips to trace over the woman’s face. Such a clear portrait, something even he wouldn’t be able to draw with such details. The woman within the portrait looked exactly like his mother in his previous life. She too died very early, and while she lived long enough to see him become a Zhuang Yuan, she didn’t make it to see him getting married. Why did his mother in this life die even earlier?

“Uuuu…” A wave of dizziness hit Song Xiao, and he collapsed on top of the bed.

“Song Xiao, you sure are something, to actually bully a delicate little girl, yeah?” Four young men with dyed yellow hair cornered him at a small alley.

“What are you looking at? Little Sister Zheng told me that you took her pocket money, and even hit her! I saw that her thigh was all blue and swollen.” One of the tall boys smiled nastily as he said this.

“You little brat, you actually saw her thigh?”

“Nope. Just slightly above her knees, hehe.”

The four boys laughed and joked around for a few sentences before they raised their hands to hit him. Song Xiao wanted to resist, but his body was unresponsive. He was beaten up by the four of them, and only felt his head hitting something with a resounding “thud” before he blacked out. When he opened his eyes again, he was back to the sky blue room.

Song Xiao sat up and rubbed his forehead. What he just saw was probably the memory of this body. The concubine’s child sure was bold, to actually worked together with outsiders to hurt her legitimate brother.

After he put the photo frame in his arms back to its position, he got up and entered the bathroom. He turned on the shower, took a bath, and found the hair dryer instinctively.

Picking up the hairdryer, Song Xiao stopped for a moment. Naturally, his body recovered some memories, and was able to remember more about this familiar room.

By the time Song Xiao finished changing his clothes, Auntie Chen had already finished making their dinner.

At a long European-styled dining table, Song Zi Cheng sat on the head seat, holding an entertainment newspaper to read. Song Xiao nodded his head towards his father in greeting, and naturally sat on the seat by Song Zi Cheng’s left.

In the Great Yu dynasty, left represents seniority, and as the legitimate son in this house with no elder siblings, it was natural that he should sit on the seat to the left of his father.

Song Zi Cheng raised his head and saw that his son sitting by his side. He couldn’t help but felt a little amazed because before, this child was very closed-off, and had always sat on the seat situated furthest away from him, or even sat on the other side of the table and ate his meal alone. After this kept on happening for such a long time, he had felt his heart become cold.

Even so, no parents would ever feel unhappy if their child were to be close to them, so he smiled as he opened his mouth to say: “Is the things in the room usable?”

Song Xiao looked at his father, nodded slightly, and respectfully replied: “Replying father, after I saw those things, I could remember a little of how to use them.”

Song Zi Cheng saw his son’s movement and felt comfortable for some unknown reason. For his son to actually concentrate on answering his question like this, and the way his son lowered his head slightly didn’t made him look timid, instead it made him felt respected.

“That’s great, I was worried that you wouldn’t even remember how to use the household electric appliance that we use everyday, and it would be inconvenient if it were to continue till the start of your new term.”

Song Xiao’s scores are too low and couldn’t get into high school. Fortunately, the Song family is wealthy, and with enough money they could get him into a private school. The Sheng Meng High School of A city is a very famous aristocratic school, and its education quality isn’t lesser than that of A city’s best public high school.

But because the tuition fee was too expensive, there were only two kinds of student in this school. One of them are students with high enough scores to reach the required standard, who could study here without paying the tuition fee and only pay for the lodging cost. The other are students with bad scores, and needed their parents to pay a large amount of money for them to get in this school.

Qiu Ming Yan and Song Zheng, who were both eager to please by helping to set up the dinner in the kitchen, saw Song Xiao sitting by Song Zi Cheng’s side and couldn’t help but made an eye contact.

Song Zheng held a bowl of soup as she walked towards Song Xiao and shyly said: “Big Brother, your soup.”

Song Xiao frowned slightly and raised his hands steadily to accept that bowl of soup: “Sit down and eat, this isn’t something that you should be doing.” A concubine’s child is still the family’s young mistress, how could she do the work of a servant?

Originally, Song Zheng wanted to curry favor from her father by doing this, but she never thought that Song Xiao would say something like this, so she was at a loss of words.

Song Zi Cheng happily smiled. After his son regained consciousness, he had understood many things, including how he know that he should love and protect his little own little sister.

Qiu Ming Yan put down the dish on her hands and hurried to say: “Look, Big Brother knows to love his little sister. You should sit down and let mom serve the rest.”

After Qiu Ming Yan to finished setting up the dishes, Song Xiao opened his mouth and said: “You should leave, we no longer need you to serve us here.” The situation in this house wasn’t good. To let the concubine to serve them drinks is a must, but he is having a meal with his father, and to allow her to be by their side isn’t appropriate.


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