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Part 2.3

There were still a few vacation days left. The weather wasn’t extremely cold. Occasionally, a few flakes of snow fell to the ground and soon melted. The wind was very strong. Because New Year had just ended not long ago, the festive feelings were still lingering. There were still quite a lot of people out and about.

Fan Yuan was forced to wear two woolen sweaters and a heavy down jacket 一 wrapped into a zongzi[1], leaving only the eyes visible. Only then did the Gu couple let him out of the door.

Gu Qi only wore a slightly thin, black coat and black denim slacks, and then went out.

Gu Qi took Gu Yuan by his small, woolen glove-covered hand, and led him to the car. He was very considerate and even helped Gu Yuan fasten his seat-belt.

Fan Yuan, faced with the male lead’s flourishing beauty, couldn’t help but silently sigh. After all, protagonists were protagonists. He would keep his handsomeness, regardless of the weather. While we, mere mortals, had to properly wear cotton-padded clothes and trousers, so as not to have rheumatism in our legs.

However, as the extremely handsome and gentle male lead started up the car in such a cool fashion and sped away, there was only one question in Fan Yuan’s mind.

“Xiao Wu, this male lead…… does he have a driver’s license?”

Ding. The male lead is still two months away from turning 18. He shouldn’t have had a license.”


Fan Yuan checked his seatbelt in silence to see if it was fastened. The tears in his heart flowed into a river. Not in possession of a driver’s license, and still drive so fast…… He could break the law just because he’s the male lead?! Ah, since Gu Qi had the protagonist aura, even if he got into a car accident, he wouldn’t die. The most common plot was amnesia. But he, Fan Yuan, had yet to finish the plot. He couldn’t allow himself to die so easily!

Gu Qi was not aware that even though his little brother currently had a quiet appearance, his brother’s heart felt like a grassland being trampled by a large number of grass-mud horses, a scene too horrible to watch. He only thought that his passenger looked exceptionally well-behaved, sitting mutely in the passenger seat. He couldn’t help but free one hand, gently pat him on the head and laughed lightly, “Feels nice.”

“Fuck ‘nice’! Look at the road, big bro!”

Of course, as a bro-con otaku, in love with his big brother, he only dared to roar in his heart. On the surface, he was but an obedient rabbit, smiling gently at Gu Qi in embarrassment. “Brother,” he whispered. “Pay attention to the road.” Don’t keep staring at me. You’re not gay. And I’m not a woman. Can’t you be more professional?!

Seeing his brother being so thoughtful, Gu Qi’s lips were raised and he said softly, “Alright. Brother will listen to you. We’ll find a place to have breakfast first. You can check your phone if there’s anything around here you want to eat in particular, and we’ll go there.”

Fan Yuan’s eyes brightened up. Silently swallowing his saliva, he pretended to casually ask Gu Qi, “I can eat anything I want?”

Gu Qi nodded without hesitation. “Yes, of course! Brother will pay.”

Xiao Wu knew this was bad and immediately made a sound of protest. “Ding. Would Master please not overdo it.”

Fan Yuan replied miserably, “Xiao Wu, the original character in this world, was imprisoned in a mental hospital for three full months. Do you know what kind of place a mental hospital is? It’s filled with crazy people! Not only are you forced to drink all kinds of strange medicine everyday, but you also have to endure being tortured by your sick roommate. It’s even worse than the cancer chemotherapy in the last world! The plot is so short this time that I only have few days left to enjoy. Do you really have the heart to stop me? I promise you, I will work hard after today and never do anything unnecessary!”

Xiao Wu: “……” Why does the last sentence sound so familiar? →_→

The conscientious and responsible Xiao Wu, ultimately failed to stop the master’s gluttonous soul from awakening. It could only light up a row of candles for the male lead. He really did his best. Amen.




Half an hour later……

Fan Yuan carried a bag of shell crab in one hand. In his arms was a bag of nanxiang steamed buns[2]. In his mouth, he was currently munching on a flaky, lotus seed bun. His greasy paw held a piece of paper, and his mouth mumbled the contents to Gu Qi. “Next, we’ll buy deep fried scallions, crab meat shaomai[3], a Chinese chestnut cake, five-spiced pig’s trotters, and a thousand-layer fruit and ice cream pastry……”

Xiao Wu: “……” This was utterly humiliating. Whose master is he? Hurry up and lead him away! It doesn’t want him anymore.

Gu Qi deserved to be the male lead. From the shock in the beginning, he had slowly settled down. Now he only laughed in a pampering manner, and said, “Okay, let’s go buy.”

# The little brother whose foodie attribute awakened, became cute moe~ 🙂 #

It took nearly all of morning. But, at last, they bought all the snacks listed in Gu Yuan’s paper. Gu Yuan excitedly gave the male lead a big, big hug. There were not a lot of big brothers who’re so patient and warm these days! The male lead could go compete for China’s best big brother! Even if Gu Qi was going to confine him in a mental hospital in the future, he could still forgive him ^0^

Gu Qi didn’t mind Gu Yuan’s oily claws on his clean coat. The instant his little brother threw himself into his arms, he felt his heart beat a little too fast. He coughed a bit, took out some tissues out of his pocket to help Gu Yuan clean his shiny little paws.

His hands wiped, then it was his mouth’s turn. Fan Yuan made a pout to let him wipe his mouth. This was a bad habit he picked up after getting used to being spoiled by Gao Yu in the last world……

Gu Qi glanced at his shimmering pink lips with a complicated look. Suddenly, he felt his hand tremble. Pausing for a moment, he placed the tissues on Gu Yuan’s hand, leaving only three words behind.

“Wipe it yourself.”

Gu Qi quickly turned around, so as not to see Gu Yuan’s confused face. For a brief moment, he had the urge to kiss him. He must be mad! That’s his little brother……

Fan Yuan took the tissues and wiped his mouth, thinking that the male lead was acting weirdly 一 blowing hot and cold. Was it because of puberty?

He was thinking of whether to enlighten Gu Qi or not. After all, he was a man of experience. But saying too much would ruin his character. It’s really a problem. Suddenly, Xiao Wu reminded him loudly.

Ding. Master, please note that, according to my sensors, the female lead and the male supporting character are 100 meters northwest, and continuously approaching.”

“How can I have such bad luck? Even with a casual stroll, we can still come to meet. Don’t tell me that this is the law of attraction towards that stupid protagonist?! Isn’t this the time she and the male supporting character should be helping a little boy look for his parents? What are they doing, coming here instead of concentrating on the plot?”

Ding. According to the plot, it should be when the child wanted to eat KFC. So the female lead and the male supporting character took him out to eat together.”


Fan Yuan looked up and saw the familiar, white-haired old man 一 KFC, the letters came into view. They were at the door of KFC! What kind of sh*tty fortune is this!?

He spat angrily, “The female lead and the male supporting character aren’t too sensible, surprisingly 一 bringing the child to eat such unhealthy food, not knowing how it impacts the child’s development! It’s not good to drink soy milk and eat deep-fried sticks!”

Ding. Master, please don’t dwell on these details, and quickly take the male lead away to avoid them. The male lead and the male supporting character are acquaintances, which can lead to an early encounter between both protagonists 一 which can seriously affect the plot.”

“……Fine.” He only wanted to eat quietly, HOW DIFFICULT WAS THAT?!!

Gu Qi was still struggling. He was never an indecisive person. He always knew what to do if it was any other girl instead of Gu Yuan. Even if it was a boy, he would not hesitate to pursue him. Just that, this boy was someone he had seen growing up as his little brother……

His right hand was suddenly pulled by a soft and delicate hand. Gu Qi blankly gazed over. Gu Yuan was looking at him, his lips curved into a smile. His skin was white and seemed transparent under the sun. And his eyes were bright and keen, more gorgeous than the stars.

For a moment, Gu Qi’s heart suffered a heavy blow. And something was emerging from the bottom of his heart.

“Big brother, there seems to be a good movie recently. Would you watch it with me?”


Gu Qi heard himself answer. Whatever Gu Yuan’s problems might be, his answer would always be this word.

As if, spoiling him, following him, loving him 一 had become a habit. An instinct.

Two minutes after they left, the female lead, Qiu Mimi, and the male supporting character, Zhao Yuhao, led a young boy of five or six, to the doors of KFC.

According to the original plot, the first person the female lead fell for was not the male lead, but the male supporting character with a princely temperament and a gentle personality.

Because of this lost boy, the two got to know each other. Qiu Mimi had never seen such an excellent man, and her heart was moved. Especially after she went to school, and found out that he was a senior there. The girl’s romantic sentiments played a role, believing that this man must be the Mr. Right destined for her. Thus began the pursuit of this secret love.

But the male supporting character, Zhao Yuhao, was dense. He was too slow to realize Qiu Mimi’s state of mind. And from the beginning, she had always kept their junior-senior relationship harmonious and mild, so when he finally came around and recognized his feelings, the female lead had already fallen in love with the male lead. His beloved woman had already thrown herself into the arms of Gu Yuan’s brother.

So the gentle Zhao Yuhao could only send his blessings silently, always watching over the female lead.

Altogether, this was the greatness and deep affection of the male supporting character! The average person wouldn’t understand!

At the moment though, they had only just met for the first time. Thus those love and hate disputes hadn’t happened yet.




And the male lead went into the cinema with Fan Yuan. At the moment, he was in a trance. Someone tell him, what just happened to the male lead who had been holding his small, dainty hand all along ever since just now?

Was it because his skin was delicate and smooth? That’s not a reason for him to hold onto it all this time, okay?!! This was really disturbing to the public eye! Doesn’t he see the girls next to them, looking at them with unspeakable, obscure eyes? From time to time, they would cover their mouths and laugh in such a creepy manner…… Do your families know how ‘savage’ you are, girls?

What a shame!

Ding. Master, as the gay minor character secretly in love with the male lead, please show the original character’s happiness and shyness. Do not put on a face as if you were being molested. This will cause a deduction in your reward.”

“…… Fine.”

Yes, that’s it! There’s no limit to how much one can lack moral integrity!

Unseen by anyone, Gu Qi gently raised the corners of his mouth. A smile quite different from his usual gentle and indulgent smile. There was a sense of determination in it.


Translator’s notes:

[1] glutinous rice and choice of filling wrapped in leaves and boiled

[2] Shanghai Nanxiang dumplings, also known as Nanxiang dumplings, originated Nanxiang Town , Jiading District, Shanghai.The quality of the skin is thin, stuffing, halogen heavy, delicious and famous, is loved by consumers at home and abroad one of the traditional snacks.

[3] Dumplings, crab meat and pork variety.


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