Chapter 39

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The days passed by peacefully. I went to school every day according to schedule and the twins also went to work every day according to schedule. If they didn’t have any other social obligations during lunch, they would give me a call and have me eat together with them. In the evening, we all came home according to schedule. We’d enjoy Mama Yu’s exquisite cooking, and after dinner there would be passionate lovemaking.

In a blink of an eye, two years passed by. They now were eighteen years old and they officially took over the Zhao family business, becoming the president and vice-president respectively. As for me, I was faced with the important choice of searching for work or to continue onto postgraduate studies.

Yesterday, they brought up what I had promised back then — that when they became eighteen, I’d publicly announce that I was their girlfriend. I was struck dumb as I had completely forgotten about that.

I still didn’t completely understand what they meant. Did they want me to publicly declare that I was bed partners with both of them simultaneously? With their habit of adamantly trailblazing their way around, this was entirely within the realm of possibility. However, I knew I couldn’t do this. If I publicly spilled this completely immoral relationship of mine to the public, I’d definitely die. I wouldn’t be able to bear all the pointed fingers and sneers.

I didn’t want to publicly announce our relationship, but I knew they wouldn’t agree. My limit was being recognized as the girlfriend of only one of them. In either case, they looked exactly the same, and outsiders had no way of telling them apart. If they switched identities for a day, nobody would know.

“Which one of us are you going to pick?” During lunch I told them my decision and they laughed as they asked me this in return.

To me, there wasn’t much of a difference. They both were my masters after all. The relationship between us wouldn’t change regardless of my choice.

“I don’t care. You might as well draw slots to decide.” After interacting with them for so long, it seemed that I had been infected by their frivolous way of conducting themselves in the world, and I came up with an absurd suggestion.

“Sure.” They agreed enthusiastically. The result of the lot drawing was that Zhao Yi Xuan gloriously became my honorable boyfriend.

The next day, Zhao Yi Bo went to work alone, and Zhao Yi Xuan drove his luxurious sports car to send me to school. Sure enough, this drew pretty much everyone’s attention. Although they had already stopped coming to school frequently, every single one of their actions always attracted everyone’s interest. After all, they weren’t ordinary people.

“I’m still busy at work so I won’t be coming to class. When school is over, give me a call and I’ll come pick you up.” Zhao Yi Xuan gently helped arrange my hair and left a kiss on my face. Immediately, intense commotion sounded all around us.

“Mhm.” I nodded.

He turned around, got in the car, and left.

In truth, I had always felt that Zhao Yi Xuan was the relatively gentler one of the brothers. Although Zhao Yi Bo always wore a friendly smile and looked extremely easy going, that was just his act. When I first got to know them, I also thought that Zhao Yi Bo was rather extroverted and sociable, but later I discovered that he was the kind of person to hide daggers in his smiles. His methods were extremely cruel, and people who irritated him never had a happy outcome. He was heavily guarded psychologically, and aside from Zhao Yi Xuan, there wasn’t anybody he fully trusted. Even to me and Mama Yu, he still had his reservations. Zhao Yi Xuan on the other hand, even though he always looked reserved and silent, his heart was much softer than Zhao Yi Bo’s. However, he was still absolutely brutal and frightening nonetheless.

I walked into the classroom and my classmates appeared to have seen the scene that had just transpired. They gazed at me with eyes brimming with curiosity, skepticism, envy, and disdain.

“Hey, Qing Xia, when did you hook up with the celebrity twins?” Xia Mei Wei huddled close to me and hit up the gossip with excitement.

“Can you not be so crude all the time when you’re talking?” I unhappily glared at her. However, I knew she didn’t mean it, she was just purely curious.

“Whether I’m crude or not isn’t important. Hurry up and spill it, when did you get so close with them? And which twin was it who kissed you downstairs when he sent you?” She menacingly grabbed the collar of my shirt and her attitude looked as if she would use extreme methods to extract a confession if I didn’t speak truthfully.

“It was Zhao Yi Xuan, and we’re currently dating.” I was slightly glad that Zhao Yi Xuan was officially my boyfriend. His coldness was always perceived as haughty, and he wasn’t easy to get along with. Even the girls at school who had been infatuated with him at first later cooled down because of his attitude. A majority of the adoration was focused on the gentle and prince-like Zhao Yi Bo.

“Wow! That’s rave!” She cried out in astonishment. “You’ve really struck it this time, catching such a golden goose.”

Her shocked look of admiration caused me to laugh. She really was too adorable. I envied her incorrigible optimism.

I hoped that one day I would be able to lightheartedly face all of this.


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