Chapter 41

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We took a car and prepared to go to Jiayi first thing in the morning the next day. The twins even specially prepared a few gifts for my parents. It was unexpectedly rare for them to have that much common sense about worldly manners.

Since I was too excited about being able to go home last night, I simply couldn’t sleep. After getting on the car, I started feeling muddy-headed and before long I fell asleep. When I woke up, we were already inside some hotel.

“What’s going on? Aren’t we going to my house? Where is this?” I rubbed my eyes and sat up from the bed.

“You’re finally awake. I was beginning to think you had become Sleeping Beauty.” Zhao Yi Xuan playfully pinched my rosy face after I had just woken up.

I swatted away his large hands with displeasure. I hated that kind of childish treatment the most.

“Weren’t we going to my house? Where are we right now?” I asked again. Please don’t tell me that they changed their plans at the last minute and now we weren’t going to my house. I wouldn’t be able to take such a big hit.

“We’ve already arrived at Jiayi. Seeing that you were still asleep, we decided to find a hotel to rest some, and when you woke up you’ll be able to clean up a little. You didn’t want to go home looking like this, right?” Zhao Yi Bo considerately explained.

I was a little touched. I hadn’t gone home in a very long time and I wanted my parents to think that I was living well in Taipei. Honestly, my life was pretty good in Taipei for the most part. Apart from not having any freedom, I had all the clothing, food, and all the materialistic things I could ever want. However, this wasn’t what I wanted the most.

I hurriedly dug out a clean and neat fresh dress from my suitcase and took off my old dress that had been flattened into crinkles. Then I rushed into the bathroom and began to tidy myself up.

“You two should get ready too. Let’s go to my house right away.”

On ordinary weekends, my parents liked to go out, but in order to welcome their daughter who hadn’t come home in a long time today, they gave up on their routine. Everyone was waiting at home, and even my little brother who had gone to Tainan to study had specifically come home. It made me feel like I was some kind of special guest.

“Sis, did you run away from home? It’s been so long since you’ve come back, I almost forgot that I had a sister.” My little brother complained as he received my luggage.

“You smelly monkey, you wouldn’t dare forget about me, or else you’d be getting a lesson from me.” I smacked the back of my little brother’s head and exchanged our customary greetings.

Yet he didn’t strike back. Rather, he stood there blankly staring behind me, and I curiously turned around to look back. The easygoing feeling of returning home made me totally forget about these two irritating bastards that I had lugged along.

“Sis, they’re…” My little brother asked vacantly as his gaze remained locked on them. However, it wasn’t strange that he had that kind of reaction. It wasn’t every day that you’d be able to encounter such high-class and handsome bishies.

“Uhn… those two are…” I scratched my head in annoyance. How was I going to introduce them? Such a hassle…

“Oh, what’s that fantastic smell? Mom must be making something delicious.” Unable to answer him, I changed the topic and hurriedly made my exit.

Inside the kitchen, my mom and dad were preparing a lavish lunch. Even though my mom was a professional chef and had incredible cooking skills, my dad was never the kind of person who’d leave his wife in the kitchen to sit in the dining room and wait for dinner with legs crossed while reading a newspaper. He would always help my mom in the kitchen even if it wasn’t much more than sprinkling a little soy sauce or salt.

“Dad, mom, what are you making? Smells amazing.” I scooted close and threw my arms around my dad’s thick and burly waist like a spoiled child.

“You unappreciative girl, you finally remembered to come home. If you took even more time, I would have reported you to the newspapers.” My mom turned around, and knocked my forehead with a crooked finger. However, her eyes were full of gratitude and mirth. “Also, hands off my hubby. Don’t go around hugging somebody else’s husband.”

“Mom, you’re so cruuuel, bullying your daughter like this.” I buried my face into my dad’s chest, pretending to cry. “Besides being your husband, he’s also my dad. What’s wrong with hugging him a little? Daddy loves me the most, right?”

“Sorry. The one I love the most is my wife.” My dad hurriedly declared his position.

“So corny! Cheap!” I mumbled, but still refused to let go. It’s been such a long time since I’ve smelled my mom and dad’s scents.

“Mom! Pops! Come out here! Old sis brought back a boyfriend!” A cry like a chicken was being murdered came from the living room. It was my little brother.

My mom and dad exchanged glances then bolted out of there, leaving me blankly in the kitchen like I had been struck by lightning.

I’m so dead!


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