Chapter 42

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My mom suddenly barged into the kitchen, seized me by my ears, and dragged me out. “I was wondering why this ungrateful girl never came back. Turns out she found a boyfriend in Taipei.”

Shriveling, I didn’t dare resist or shout out.

The Zhao brothers were sitting on the couch in the living room. My dad and little brother were sitting across from them and were closely examining them.

Mom pulled me over and forcefully pushed me down in between the two Zhao brothers. Then she sat between my dad and little brother.

Zhao Yi Xuan looked at my swollen ears, and his eyes showed how apologetic he was. He raised his hand and gently massaged my ears. His actions once again attracted stares from my family members.

“Alright, let’s hear it, how did you two end up dating?” Mom glared at me with a severe look.

I lowered my head, not daring to make a single response.

Thankfully, Zhao Yi Bo intercepted my mom’s killer question.

“Ma’am, actually, Qing Xia was originally our tutor. At that time, Xuan really liked her. After entering NT University, Xuan started to woo Qing Xia, but Qing Xia refused to reciprocate his feelings because she felt like he was too young for her. It wasn’t until recently that she was finally moved by Xuan’s feelings, so these two lovely individuals finally entered a romantic relationship with each other. This is the reason why we have been so sudden to intrude on your generosity today.” Zhao Yi Bo responded with a brilliant smile. As you might expect from a long-time professional at dishonest business, his execution at a clutch moment was perfect. These words of his relieved the stern look on my mom’s face.

“You two are younger than Qing Xia? How old are you?” Mom continued to ask.

“Ma’am, we’re younger than Qing Xia by a little more than two years. We’re eighteen this year.” Zhao Yi Xuan responded, and his large hand tightly squeezed my ice-cold hands.

“What?” Mom, Dad, and my little brother simultaneously widened their eyes, bewildered from this news. They had no idea that the two of them were only eighteen years old. Would I be considered a cougar?

Three pairs of intense glares once again turned onto me as if to criticize me for my predatory behavior on the innocent youth of the country.

“He was the one who started it!” Confronted with a crisis, my courage once again returned to me, and I unhappily protested. Please, who did they take me to be?!

“Shameless!” The three of them disdainfully snorted at me quietly in unison and they returned their line of sight towards the twins.

“Did you chase her because you were playing around, or were you serious about taking responsibility for the future? Have your parents met Qing Xia? What are their thoughts on Qing Xia?” Mom continued to represent the family as she asked more questions.

“Mom, you make it sound like this is an engagement. I’m still young, why make such a big deal out of it? Besides, I don’t want to get married in my lifetime either,” I protested. These things I said were in fact my true feelings. I didn’t want to get married, and I certainly didn’t want to get married to either one of the twins.

Suddenly, all five glares landed on top of me. Under the intense scrutinization of these gazes, I pitifully closed my mouth, not daring to say any more. Muuu~ this is so sad, even my family won’t help me.

“I hope that Qing Xia and I can spend the second half of our lives together. This was the other reason why I came to pay a visit — I would like to get engaged to Qing Xia. My parents have already met Qing Xia and while they don’t have any particular strong opinions about my marriage, they normally live overseas. If you would like to discuss these affairs in person with my parents, I can ask them to come back to Taiwan.” Zhao Yi Xuan clearly explained his thoughts.

His words caused the final traces of displeasure to disappear from my parents’ faces and they started to treat the twins like they were family.

However, I was completely ashen-faced after hearing Zhao Yi Xuan’s words. Engagement? When in the world had this been decided? How come I hadn’t been told anything? We were going to spend the next half of our lives together? This was seriously too scary and there was no way I was willing to spend the rest of my life with these two demons.

Looking at the smiles on my mom and dad’s faces, I couldn’t help but wonder if they knew that their daughter would actually have two husbands in the future. If they did, would they still look this happy?

After eating dinner, I walked into my old room. It was exactly the same as when I first left it. My favorite toys and books were all in exactly the same spots they used to be. None of the objects had changed, but I myself had changed. Is this what literary people call, “Although people change, their things stay the same”?

Mom arranged for the twins to sleep in my little brother’s room. Our home wasn’t big; it only contained the standard three bedrooms with two living rooms and was roughly 60 ping [1] in size. Of the three bedrooms, there was one for me, one for my brother, and one for my parents. There weren’t any extra rooms. Now that there were guests, the only choice was to have them stay in my little brother’s room while my poor little brother was kicked out into the living room to make his bed on the floor.

The one benefit about being at home was that the twins definitely would not try anything crazy beyond the rules. My mom was firmly against sex before marriage, and they did not want to leave a bad impression in front of my family.

Their actions made me feel very confused. These twins had never felt the warmth or blessing of a family before. For them, parents were disposable entities that didn’t deserve any more respect or politeness simply because they were older or if they were related by blood. Yet they interacted with my family just fine, like they were trying to gain their approval.

Zhao Yi Bo cracked witty jokes and kept my family entertained at the dinner table. After dinner, they offered to clean up the remaining leftovers and dishes.

I couldn’t help but think, perhaps it was my presence that drove them to treat my family so well. Because I was their precious family member, they were willing to treat my family like they were their own family? Was that the case?

Was this their way of treasuring me and expressing their love for me?


Translator’s Notes:

  1. 200 ping: About 200 square meters [back]


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