Chapter 44

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Yan Shui Lin’s house was also on Mt. Yangming, but it was quite some distance away from the Zhao family home. It didn’t take long for us to arrive at the Yan estate. Only after the car speedily drove into the Yan estate did I suddenly feel a little anxious. Some of the Yan family members must have been there on the day of that engagement party, and even if Yan Shui Lin herself didn’t feel embarrassed about what transpired then, did her family members really feel the same way?

“Actually, I think it’s better if I go home,” I said hesitantly. I had no intention of being murdered by her family members to be turned into a corpse, and I hadn’t specifically told Zhao Yi Bo that I had gone out with Yan Shui Lin. If some kind of mishap happened, they wouldn’t even know who to take revenge on.

“Don’t worry. My family isn’t home, and besides, they don’t blame you,” Yan Shui Lin said. However, I wasn’t sure if this was a lie that she spun out of thin air to comfort me, or if it was actually the case.

“Really?” I asked uneasily.

“Really. You saved me from a bitter ending, so why would they blame you?” She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the living room.

The living room was extremely quiet. Indeed, there was nobody around. However, she did not loiter for long in the living room and very quickly pulled me along with her upstairs.

Her bedroom wasn’t like a girl’s room at all. Rather, it was more like a library. Huge bookshelves that went all the way to the ceiling were jammed full with books, and there were many thickly bound original texts that could crush somebody to death. On the desk was a computer, and there were a couple documents and books scattered beside the computer. It looked like she wasn’t a pampered rich girl who spent her days lazily wasting time.

Seeing the complete disarray on her desk, Yan Shui Lin was a little embarrassed and she hurried to clean it up. “Yesterday I was helping my second eldest brother deal with some stuff, and I didn’t have time to put things away. That’s why it’s such a mess.”

Because there might have been some confidential business documents amidst it all and the fact that my relationship with the two Zhao family business chairmen was quite close, I didn’t go forward to help in order to avoid arousing any type of suspicion. I turned my attention around to the other furnishings inside the room.

My gaze was drawn to a picture that was on the wall, and I approached it to look at it more carefully. The people in the photo must have been her family members, and it seemed like it was a photo that was taken a long time ago. Everyone in the picture was really young.

In the picture was a very handsome husband and pretty wife, as well four adorable children — two boys and two girls. The youngest among them looked around four or five years old, and from the way she looked, I guessed that this was Yan Shui Lin. The girl that was slightly older must have been her sister, so Yan Shui Lin was probably called the second young mistress by others.

“That’s my mom, dad, eldest brother, second brother, and my sister.” Yan Shui Lin had finished cleaning up, and she walked over to my side. Seeing that I was single-mindedly focused on that photo, she helped point out who was who.

“Are your mom and dad close? It looks like your family is very intimate,” I muttered. In the photo, the husband and wife looked extremely affectionate towards each other. Their faces clearly expressed the profound love they had for one another.

“Mhm. They’re disgusting. After all these years, they’re still slobbering over each other all day.” Yan Shui Lin had a face full of disdain, but I think she must have been very happy to have parents who were so full of love. Because of that, she was able to grow up in a household that brimmed with affection.

“Your oldest brother looks familiar. Was he there on the day of your engagement party?” I pointed towards the only face in the photo that looked vaguely familiar.

“Nope. Because of some reasons, he left home a long time ago.” Her expression dimmed slightly, as if forced to recall something unpleasant.

I didn’t pursue this subject any further. It wasn’t nice to touch other people’s raw nerves.

“Let’s go make sweets.” I changed the topic.

“Sure.” The smile returned to Yan Shui Lin’s face, and she walked over to the enormous bookshelf. She pulled out cooking books on how to make pastries. She happily pulled me along towards the kitchen.

That afternoon, we made many, many sweets, but the majority of them were failures. By the very end, I finally learned how to make one tasty, delicious pastry.

I took these handmade sweets and went home, thinking to give them to Mama Yu and the twins to try.


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