Chapter 47

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I reflected on Yan Bo Nian’s words for several days. After a while of deep thinking, I finally decided to go back to Taipei. I did love the twins, and even if I hated them a little, if they completely disappeared from my life someday in the future, I would feel hurt. It would hurt like something important had been stripped away from my body.

However, God was never on my side. Before I had the time to make my move, the twins found me. I didn’t even have the chance to surrender myself and submit myself for a reduced sentence.

“You betrayed our trust again.” Zhao Yi Bo’s large hands seized my shoulder and he squeezed it so tightly that it felt like he was going to break my bones.

“No… I was about to go back…” I bitterly said.

“Yes, you’re about to go back. Only because we found you.” He didn’t believe me in the slightest.

“That isn’t…” Just as I thought my shoulder would be cruelly snapped in two, his large hand was suddenly pulled away.

“This isn’t how you treat a girl,” Yan Bo Nian stood on one side and said coldly.

“This is our own business. Outsiders shouldn’t stick their noses in.” Zhao Yi Bo crudely flung off Yan Bo Nian’s hand that had grabbed him.

“If this is the way you treat the person you love, it’s no wonder that she’s run away from you two or three times.” Yan Bo Nian continued to speak without backing off in the slightest.

“Let’s go. I already packed my things.” Seeing the bloodthirsty aura creep out from Zhao Yi Bo’s eyes, I hurriedly broke up their confrontation.

Seeing the anxious and frightened look on my face, Zhao Yi Bo suppressed his anger with difficulty. I rushed back into the small clinic and grabbed my packed things, and then got ready to depart with the twins.

“If you love her, you need to find a way to keep her heart. Otherwise, one day she will leave you for sure, and you’ll never be able to find her.” Before the car drove away, Yan Bo Nian gave one last piece of advice.

“Yan Bo Nian, if you have the energy to involve yourself with other people’s businesses, it’d be better if you went home to help your parents clean up the mess there right now.” Zhao Yi Bo turned his head around and warned him. It seems like he had known since a long time ago that the doctor was the eldest son of the Yan family.

The car once again sped away from this tiny village. However, my heart was filled with fear. Zhao Yi Bo’s tone of voice sounded deeply hurt and was filled with destructive impulses. It gave me an especially bad premonition.

In the Zhao family mansion in Taipei, my parents and little brother were all waiting for me. When they saw me come back, their worry and anger rose to their faces.

“My hopeless daughter is always causing everyone so much trouble. How could you run away the night before your wedding? What in the world were you thinking?” My mom jabbed my head repeatedly with her finger in her anger.

“I just needed time to myself. I wasn’t running away,” I desperately tried to explain. “Besides, I was just about to come back.”

“You’re getting married, what’s with getting some fresh air now?” My mom was still furious.

“Mother-in-law, Qing Xia just got back. We should let her rest for a while. We have the wedding ceremony tomorrow as well.” Zhao Yi Bo smiled as he interrupted my mom’s criticism. However, the smile on his face was completely stiff. Furthermore, the face of Zhao Yi Xuan who had stayed behind to accompany my parents was even more ashen.

I knew it was game over for me this time. They were so angry that they couldn’t even keep up their basic act. The frightening destructiveness of their true nature was going to destroy me, just as it was going to destroy them.

The wedding was punctually held the next day. The wedding had been moved ahead of schedule by one week, but the preparations weren’t rushed at all. It was still majestic and magnificent.

Under the instructions of people I wasn’t familiar with, it was the most important ceremony of my life.

The majority of the attendees of the wedding were important personages of the business and political world that I had never met. What unsettled me the most was that I didn’t see Yan Shui Lin among the guests. She was my best friend, and furthermore, the CEO of Jue Shi Shipping. How could she not be here?

I thought of the words that Zhao Yi Bo had said to Yan Bo Nian, and my heart suddenly froze. There’s no way that the twins would have turned their wrath on the Yan family, right? Yan Shui Lin didn’t even help me run away.

I desperately wanted to ask them whether they had really done anything to the Yan family, but the twins were in the middle of greeting guests. Even though they frequently glanced at me, they ignored me entirely.

Finally, the wedding ended. My mom, dad, and little brother were sent to the flagship hotel to rest. Meanwhile, I changed out the cumbersome bridal gown in the lounge, and returned home to the Zhao residence with the twins.

A tumultuous, violent storm was waiting for me…

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