Chapter 48

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As soon as the car stopped in the courtyard, they angrily started to tear apart my clothes. In an instant, my expensive, custom-made French evening gown was turned into a pile of rags.

“Please let me explain.” I frantically tried to squirm away, but I didn’t dare struggle too much. After all, it had been my fault for causing this in the first place, and I had promised them many times before that I wouldn’t try running away from them.

“Do you think we’d believe a little liar that spews out lies like you?” Zhao Yi Bo brutally bit down on my neck, leaving behind a dark bruise.

“I’m not lying. When you came looking for me, I was just about to come back.” I yelped from the tender pain on my neck.

“Why would you want to come back? Weren’t you so desperate to get out of our marriage? Didn’t you firmly resolve yourself to run away from us?” Zhao Yi Xuan began to grope and ravage my chest madly, and my snow white breasts were incessantly contorted in shape under the assault of his hands.

“But I regretted it! Yan Bo Nian told me that I should cherish the happiness while it is in front of me, and not to regret it after I lose it. I didn’t want to become total strangers with you, so I was just about to come back the next day. I realized I do love you two!” I sobbed out.

Zhao Yi Bo and Zhao Yi Xuan’s rough movements paused for a second, and they glanced at each other for a moment. A flash of mutual excitement seemed to flicker through their eyes, but it was quickly suppressed by the two of them.

“You’re trying to trick us again, aren’t you? You’re trying to get out of the punishment that’s coming for you. You say you love us, but at the same time you betray us and hurt us. Is this your way of loving us?” A sneer slipped out of the corner of Zhao Yi Xuan’s mouth.

“But the two of you also hurt me before too. I forgave you two, so can’t you forgive me just once?” I cried as I begged them. I had no idea what kind of methods they would use to torment me, and my past experience only made me feel terror.

“Did you not notice how much we tried to change? For the sake of your happiness, we’ve been struggling to change ourselves. Did you even stop to appreciate how hard we were trying?” Zhao Yi Xuan’s words sounded pained as he spoke.

My mind turned blank. I really hadn’t taken to heart how they had changed over time. I had only been engrossed in my own miserably tragic situation, and I had been single-mindedly focused on running away. I yearned so much for my own freedom that I didn’t even notice that the twins had been gradually changing. I also didn’t appreciate their kind feelings in the slightest. I had no idea I had been such a selfish person all along.

“I’m sorry…” I broke into an avalanche of tears. I shouldn’t have been so selfishly focused on my own feelings, and I shouldn’t have ignored how much effort the twins had spent to try to improve.

“Even if you say sorry now, it’s already too late,” Zhao Yi Bo said emotionlessly. He must have thought that I was apologizing about how I had ran away.

He heaved the nearly naked me up into his arms, and strode towards the basement.

We once again came to that strange room where I had lost my virginity. The room had been decorated with simple furnishings, like a few pieces of plain furniture. However, the tiled mirror along the full length of the four walls and the ceiling hadn’t been removed.

In the middle of the room, there was a bed big enough for five people that was covered with blood red satin bed sheets. It was the only thing in this room that was brightly colored.

I was crudely thrown onto the bed, and even though the bed was cushioned with thick layers of soft padding, the impact still jolted me and made me lightheaded. However, before I could fully recover, the twins had already launched themselves onto my body.


“Little liar, do you think if we punish you like this, it’ll leave a deep enough impression?” Zhao Yi Xuan whispered into my ear, but his voice was deeply pained and full of bitterness.

I really had hurt them this time!

I helplessly sobbed. I wept because of my actions, I wept because their eyes were full of pain, and I wept because I was about to be struck with a stormy nightmare.

They started to wreak havoc on my body.

Zhao Yi Bo abruptly with force kissed me, and his hot, moist tongue shoved its way between my lips and explored the inside of my mouth. His large hands simultaneously followed the curve of my neck as it slid down to my bosom, and his fingers maliciously started to pinch and twist the nibs of my chest, bringing forth a confusing blur of pain and pleasure.

“No…” I instinctively resisted, but I had no idea what I was resisting.

“No refusing! You are not allowed to refuse us.” He commanded with his deep voice.

“Ah…” With a single cry, my body suddenly straightened tight. Without warning, one of Zhao Yi Xuan’s fingers entered my body which wasn’t fully wet yet.

“Sweetie, you’re too sensitive. We haven’t even started yet.” Zhao Yi Xuan crooned, as his hands suddenly started to pick up speed.

“No… too much… I can’t…” I cried out in alarm.

“You can take it.” He mercilessly continued to increase the pace of his hands, and then added the second finger. The two fingers fully stretched my tender hole apart, and it brought about slight pain.

“St… stop…” I helplessly sobbed as I tried to grab his arms with my slender hands, trying to pull him out from within my body.

He used his other hand to forcefully pin down my wrists, trapping my hands above my head. Zhao Yi Bo immediately went to the bedside cabinet and grabbed the necktie that he had just taken off. He violently bounded my hands together and then tied them to the bedpost.

Zhao Yi Xuan’s fingers continued to thrust inside my body, and by this point another one had joined the party. His thumb began to trace circles around my flower pistil, edging my lust and arousal.

His and Zhao Yi Bo’s mouths simultaneously attacked my breasts, and they started to forcefully suck on my right and left nipples in alternation. Immediately, a tingling sensation rippled across my entire body, and I arched my back towards them.

“It hurts…”

Zhao Yi Bo abruptly bit down on one of my nipples, and intense pain burst forward. Tears uncontrollably slid down from my eyes.

“It doesn’t hurt enough. You still haven’t felt the real pain.” With his face directly facing mine, his expression was a mixture of hysteria and lust. Like this, he looked like a dangerous yet sexy person.

“I’m sorry… just don’t torture me….” I pleaded with them as I wept. Torture was a painful experience. Torture that came from people you loved was twice as painful.

“I will make you remember this day forever,” he vowed.

At this point he straightened his body and entered me, ruthlessly filling me with his member. He fiercely picked up the pace as he rode me, and every time I thought that he would stop for a moment, his movements would madly intensify on another level. It was so ferocious that I thought I would be skewered through.

His hand landed on my breast, which he latched onto for leverage. I immediately felt heavy pressure and then intense pain explode from my chest.

“You’re going too hard…” I weakly protested. However, my suffering didn’t evoke any response from him. Rather, he increased his strength.


Just as I shrieked out in pain, Zhao Yi Xuan’s fingers slipped their way into my mouth. He softly touched every corner of my oral cavity. His forefinger and middle finger seized my tongue with a pinch and he pulled it out from my mouth. Then he lowered his head and began to suck intensely on my soft and moist tongue.

It was basically impossible for my body to withstand this confusing mixture of pain and pleasure, and I choked up in sobs as my tears rolled incessantly down my cheeks like strings of broken pearls.

Suddenly, Zhao Yi Bo released the necktie that kept me chained to the bedpost, and he picked me up from the bed. He carried me in front of the enormous mirror on the left wall, and then shoved me against the reflective surface. Then, he once again returned to ruthlessly fuck me from behind.

With my body tightly pressed against the icy cold mirror, the chilly surface caused tiny goosebumps to appear on my body. My plump breasts were flattened into a deformed shape on the mirror, and altogether it was surely a licentious and perverted scene.

“Look at yourself. Aren’t you beautiful?” He wickedly said.

Seeing the indecent and unfamiliar woman completely controlled by lust in the mirror, I could only weep helplessly.

He thrusted forcefully into the depths of my body, and this position allowed him to reach even further inside me, nearly touching the very back. My body wobbled along with his powerful movements.

My body was completely used to sex, and under his mad assault, a familiar hot feeling very quickly arose from inside me, and it slowly encroached my limit.

“Ah…” The wave of heat exploded from my depths, and my back suddenly curled back violently while everything in my head went completely white.

I quickly returned to my senses with the familiar feeling of growing pleasure and animalistic thrusting rhythm. I opened my teary eyes and looked at Zhao Yi Bo, who hadn’t stopped pounding in the fervor of his full gallop, with his face completely masked by pure sensual lust.

“I don’t want anymore…” Feeling my body reach the edge once again, I wailed.

He slightly stopped his movements, withdrew from my body, and then turned me around to face him. Then he entered me once again. He lifted my arms so they wrapped around his neck, and then brought his large hands to my thin waist and propped me up. My feet were completely off the ground and all of my weight rested on his hands at my waist. Like this, he deeply penetrated the depths of my body.

Zhao Yi Xuan’s burning hot member also started to jab at me repeatedly from behind. Without warning, he suddenly pierced me through the other entrance into my body.

“It hurts…” Without having applied any lubricant, it was exceedingly dry and rough. His plunge into me only brought me acute pain. I cried out, flailed with my legs, and my body twitched unremittingly from suffering. Despite this, he only increased his thrusting speed.

He reached forward from behind to grab my snow white breasts, and he squeezed and kneaded them unforgivingly. My breasts contorted under his manipulations, bringing me harsh pain.

“It hurts…”

They started to thrust simultaneously inside me, and my body could only undulate ceaselessly from their movements. My nipples poked out from between the cracks of Zhao Yi Xuan’s fingers, and they chafed nonstop against Zhao Yi Bo’s rugged chest. I once again felt myself climax.

That evening, I repeatedly drifted in and out of consciousness. They took me in countless different positions: on the bed, the chair, the cabinet, and the wall. One orgasm after the other stole away all of my strength, but I continued to shudder and twitch under the intense stimulation they forced onto me.

It felt like the night was never going to end.

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