Chapter 49 – Sequel: 「Class Rep’s Observation Diary 『Asakura-san』」

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Editor: Kai

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My name is class rep. I do have an actual given name however nowadays, everyone calls me class rep so I’m fine with being called that.


「Asakura-san, good morning.」

「Class rep, good morning.」


This is Asakura-san. Referred to as the prettiest girl in school, she’s popular. As to how ‘popular’ she is—


「Asakura-san! Good morning! Good morning! It’s me, Yamada! Good mor–」

『Fuck you, Yamada! How dare you get a head start of us over us and greet Asakura-san! Come here, you!』

「Class rep, as soon as Yamada-kun came over, he was dragged off by several guys……」

「Isn’t it always like this……」

「Yeah, you’re right.」


Well~ That’s how popular she is. Many male students idolize Asakura-san hence the boys in our school have a silent pact that they would not carelessly approach her whether they were a part of it or not…..


「U, Um……Asakura-san, good morning!」


「G- good morning! Asakura-san!」



「Kyaaa~~! Asakura-san greeted me!」

「Me too! Me too! Did you see it? Asakura-san smiled at me!」


By the way, the girls don’t have a pact like the guys. Nevertheless, 『Asakura-san』 was highly regarded so there were very few amongst the girls that would be bold enough to converse with her.


「Are you going to the cafeteria for lunch today as well?」

「Yep, that’s what I’m intending.」


「Look, look~~class rep’s speaking intimately with Asakura-san ……」

「How nice– I’m envious of her…… That’s just like class rep, to be so close to Asakura-san.」


Pooh! Hence, anyone who is simply able to speak to Asakura-san is also highly regarded by the other girls. Yup, just like me! As one would expect of Asakura-san! The benefits of being the school’s top are huge!


「Morning, Sakura!」

「Ah, Momo! Morning.」


That girl is Momoi-san, Asakura-san’s best friend and the only girl that calls Asakura-san by her nickname. Momoi-san is that chummy with Asakura-san precisely because she’s also the second most popular person amongst the boys and girls in the school.


「Oh! Good morning to you too, class rep.」

「Morning, Momoi-san.」


And, thanks to being good friends with Asakura-san recently, I get to interact with Momoi-san too. Hence my position in school is secured…… It’s also because of the default setting as class rep that I score brownie points with the teachers and the students, which now makes me the tenth most popular in school. All of that, is also thanks to Andou-kun.


「Hey class rep!」

「What’s the matter, Momoi-san?」

「Be more moderate with your tricks…… ’kay?」*pat*


「Just~kidding! Teehee♪」

「What what? What were you talking about, Momo?」

「No~thing! It’s got nothing to do with you, Sakura!」



Momoi-san……Surprisingly, I can’t underestimate you, can I?


「Wait! What was that about! Tell me~~」


However for Asakura-san, something interesting happens whenever she swings by the classroom.


「Yesterday, you know at the game centreー」

「Are you for realー? You lucked outー」





「Sakura, are you listening?」

「Yes, yes. I heard you……」




(((Ah! It’s Asakura-san!))) *vssshhh!*


「What are friends after all? Momo.」

「Really? It’s just like you, Sakura. You understood what I was on aboutー」



Amazing! All Asakura-san did was walk into the classroom and all our classmates that were making a racket simultaneously shut up and gave way to her as if she was Moses parting the sea…… which gave rise to the『Asakura-san Miracle』 every morning.


「Andou-kun, morning!」

「Morning, Asakura-san.」


And, this is where my hardships begin …… in class.


「Alright, for today’s art class, I’ll have you all paired up into groups of two to sketch a 『portrait』 of each other. As always, you may begin forming your pairs now.」


Here it comes!




I- If it’s possible, I want to be with Andou-ku—–


「Sa~kura! Let’s pair up together?」

「Oh, Momo! Eh, yeah…… Right――」

「Momoi-san! T- Today, why don’t you pair up with me?」

「Class rep!」


Class rep……Don’t tell me, you――

Asakura-san! Leave this to me. Go ask Andou-kun out!


「With youー……Yeah, alright! Sakura, is it alright if I pair up with class rep?」

「Sure, go for it. T- Then I’ll――」


All right! With this, Asakura-san and Andou-kun can be a pai――


「Andou! Pair with me, will ya!」

「Eh? Me……?」


YAMADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Why do you always get in my way each and every time! You block headed daft!


「Oh――Then, I’ll do it with someone else……」


Look at that! It’s all because of that block headed daft that Asakura-san’s giving up……AH!


「Ya-ma-da? What are you on about? Aren’t you supposed to group up with us?」

「Eh, Yoshida?」




Yo, Yoshida-kun, Sawatari-kun! Nice going!


「But, we can’t be a pair if there’s 3 of us? Sensei said that it’s two to a group ……」

「Yamada, you’re an idiot…… Listen? An idiot + an idiot equals 『1』. Basically, that means if it’s me, you and Sawatari together, it’s exactly 『2』」

「Ummm…… Cools!」


No no, it’s not “cools”! However, with this――


「Sorry, Andou…… The three of us are going to group up. So, you’re going to have to find someone else to pair up.」

「Ah, okay……But who would――」


「A, Andou-kyun!」


「Um, do you want to team up with me……? D- don’t misunderstand! I’m just pairing up with you as a last resort because you’re my friend and I pity you.」



「Class rep?」

「……What, Momoi-san?」

「Are you satisfied now?」

「Who knows?」


But Andou-kun…… Why can’t you realize Asakura-san’s intentions whatsoever?


…………Seriously, why aren’t you noticing it at all? (all of classmate)


「Ufufu, Andou-kun. Draw me beautifully, alright?」

「Of course!」


Incidentally after this, it goes without saying that Andou-kun conjured up a gremlin again.

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